T.J. McConnell is a good man!

Is it me or does T.J. McConnell (ESPN 14%/Yahoo! 33%) remind anyone else of another white point guard? White Chocolate! Stereotypes, baby! Gotta love them but whatever, it’s true. Yes, yes, I know Kendall Marshall and Tony Wroten loom in the not too distant future but, you know what? (hecman changes to Jack Nicholson voice) We live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by guards who run the point. Who’s gonna do it? Kendall Marshall? Tony Wroten?? You, Isaiah Canaan? No, the point guard position is a greater responsibility than any of you can possibly fathom. You weep for Michael Carter-Williams and you curse the GM. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know but I’ll share it with you. That, while tragic, the Carter-Williams trade probably saved turnovers and poor field goal percentage. And my existence, while often non-existent, is necessary to help you win your fantasy basketball league because I care. Sniff. You don’t want the truth about T.J. McConnell because deep down you probably think Tony Wroten will steal his job but the truth is the Sixers want McConnell on that wall, they need him on that wall! We use words like assists, threes and steals. We use these words as a backbone of a fantasy basketball team in a lifetime of trying to win a championship. Tony Wroten uses them as a punchline! Kendall Marshall? Please, we’ve been down that road before, son. I have neither the time nor the inclination to continue bashing Wroten and Marshall, I would rather you just pick up McConnell now, say thank you and be on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up Isaiah Canaan and stay in need of dimes!

Hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday here at hecmanhoops! The first of the year! Here are your top adds for the week based on players 50% owned or less. Please note all percentages are from ESPN and Yahoo! I don’t make the percentage ownerships so don’t laugh at the low ownership of some of these guys …


Darren Collison –  ESPN 48%/Yahoo 68% – The Yahoo! owners are on the ball but he’s on the list because ESPN players are missing on him like Rajon Rondo misses free throws. Let’s talk about his competition at both guard positions for a sec. Even if Rondo plays 27-30 mpg, you don’t think DC is gonna get run? Ben McLemore and Marco Belinelli aren’t exactly Reggie Miller and Pete Maravich. Belinelli isn’t even Serbian!

Dennis Schroder – ESPN 45%/Yahoo 30% – I was talking to my friend the other day about Dennis and he said, “Yeah, I like Schrader”. I was like you mean Schroder? And he said, no fool, it’s pronounced Schrader! Oh. … Combo minutes!

Wilson Chandler – ESPN 44%/Yahoo 65% – He’s due back next week and should immediately kill the value of Will Barton. Insert sad face emoticon here.

Joe Johnson – ESPN 44%/Yahoo! 72% – What’s up with the ESPN crowd?

Marcus Smart – ESPN 42%/Yahoo! 69% – What’s up with the ESPN crowd?!

Kent Bazemore – ESPN 37%/Yahoo! 43% – I think he should be owned more; he’s pretty good for some counting stats. Semi-colon alert!

Bojan Bogdanovic – ESPN  16%/Yahoo! 42% – A fairly useful, yet overlooked player. Is it because he’s balding? Could be, said Manu Ginobili.

Arron Afflalo – ESPN 61%/Yahoo! 37% – My guess is in a week’s time these ownership percentages will be up so get on board if you’re in need of threes! Or don’t. Your call. I think I would.

Kosta Koufos – ESPN 9%/Yahoo! 35% – Kosta Koufos!! Should be owned for as long as Demarcus Cousins is out which could be three days or longer. I wouldn’t know exactly, I’m not his doctor. I’m not anyone’s doctor!

Courtney Lee – ESPN 5%/Yahoo! 32% – The guy is averaging 30 minutes a game, man. That’s not bad, said Jeff Green!

Zaza Pachulia – ESPN 28% /Yahoo! 31% – Look at the depth chart at center. Look at it!

Marcus Thornton – ESPN 16%/Yahoo! 23% –  May as well. For now anyways. Or is it anyway?

Nik Stauskus - ESPN 14%/Yahoo! 23% – Short term, yes. Long term with Tony Wroten back? Meh.

C.J. Miles – ESPN 18%/Yahoo! 22% – Mr. Miles hits threes! He will continue to hit threes as long as he’s healthy.

Ian Mahinmi – ESPN 12%/Yahoo! 19% – I can see Jordan Hill cramping his style some but he should get enough minutes to be useful.

Isaiah Canann – ESPN 8%/Yahoo! 11% – See the Nik Stauskus blurb an inch or two above. That!

Jordan Hill – ESPN 13%/Yahoo! 15% – Last year when he started he threw up 27 mpg/12.3 ppg/8 rpg/.8 bpg/.475 FG/.756 FT. Who does he have ahead of him? Ian Mahinmi and Paul George playing out of position at the 4. I don’t know, sounds like a remedy for minutes to me.

Corey Brewer – ESPN 7%/Yahoo! 9% – I’ve been getting questions on Corey Brewer. It’s very hard to get excited about him on that team when everyone is healthy. Serious blurb alert!

Will Barton – ESPN 8%/Yahoo! 8% – See the Wilson Chandler blurb like 6 inches above (depending on the size of your screen).

Tony Wroten – ESPN 9%/Yahoo! 6% – When Tony eventually gets back on the floor I see the new White Chocolate, Wroten, Robert Covington, Jalil Okafor and Nerlens Noel having the most value. Good luck with the rest of the group! Just my .02. Nik Stauskus lovers may object. Overruled!

Jerryd Bayless – ESPN  3%/Yahoo! 4% – Streeeeammeerrrrrrr.

Clint Capela – ESPN 4%/Yahoo 4% – Streamerrrrrrr. Like tonight!

J.J. Hickson – ESPN  4%/Yahoo! 2% –  The whole Denver front court is the walking wounded right now so give J.J. a look-gander if you’re desperate for some boards and a smattering of other stuff.


I’m tempted to lose anyone in the Boston front court but will probably just monitor a bit longer.

Does Joakim Noah really need to be owned in 76% of Yahoo! leagues?

Jeff Green, you old, she pregnant!

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Stanley’s Johnson went flaccid!

Someone forgot to tell Stanley Johnson that Halloween is only one day out of the year. He was masquerading as a Rookie of the Year candidate all month! Problem is, that award has already been sewn up by Karl-Anthony Towns, barring injury! KAT won it so fast that for his next trick he’s going to solve world hunger. Anyways, where were we? Oh, right, Stanley’s Johnson! Or something like that! Through three games, Stanley is at a disappointing 18.7 mpg/8.3 ppg/4.3 mpg/1.3 apg/.321 FG/100% FT/.7 3pm/.03 spg/0 bpg. Meanwhile, back at the ranch Marcus Morris is off to a blazing start posting 38 mpg/19.3 ppg/7.7 rpg/2.3 apg/.477 FG/.667 FT/1.3 3pm/0 spg/0 bpg. It doesn’t hurt his cause that Detroit is also off to a 3-0 start so Marcus isn’t going anywhere whether at power forward or small forward. Sooo, where does that leave Stanley?, asked Ersan Ilyasova. Oh, funny you asked, Ersan! I was just about to mention you! You see, Ersan, you’re a bit injury prone and inconsistent. In fact, the only thing you have going for you is Stan Van Gundy likes you more than the per diem he gets to buy his three lunches. It’s not about anything more than spacing the floor for Andre Drummond with playing time for Ersan, or Marcus Morris as a stretch 4 for that matter. Last year, the Greg Monroe/Drummond combo didn’t mesh well so Monroe was ejected! Having Marcus, Ersan or Anthony Tolliver play at the 4 makes more sense for what they are trying to accomplish which that leads me to believe Stanley will eventually get his chance at the 3; it’s a long season, man! For those of you who drafted Stanley with high hopes right off the bat, remain calm and vote Trump/Bush/Carson! (or Hillary!) His time will come but it may be awhile, unless Ersan hurts his back or something. I know he’s an iron man and all but one can always dream!

Instead of writing daily detailed fantasy basketball player blurbs, this year I’ll be posting short thoughts on a player or two who you guys are wondering what to do with. I’ll also be throwing an Add/Drop Friday post out there every couple of weeks. Due to time constraints, I won’t be posting everyday so follow me on Twitter for all new posts and, of course, you can always hit me up with questions on Twitter or in the comments section of the post. I still want you to win, I care! sniff.

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2015 NBA Mock Draft! Fantasy style!

Zzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Don’t say peeeeeeeeee! That’s gross. What we’re going to bring you here, boys and girls, is a slow 2015 NBA Mock Draft … with a fantasy basketball slant, of course! The way it’s going to work is it’s going to be like a slow leak. Like a helium balloon that slowly sinks out of the sky day after day until it’s just sitting there on the floor all sad looking and shit. We have assembled a tidy little crew of fantasy sports writers to participate in this slow mock NBA draft. Such luminaries as @jfort753, @wetlkftsysprts, @fantasynomad@afeingold, @MatthewRBeck, @Mike_WeTalkFS and others will be taking their sweet ole time researching each team’s needs, player’s skills and what not before making a distinguished pick. As each said luminary makes his said distinguished pick, I’ll be updating the mock draft and tweeting to let you know a new pick has been made so you can come back and read all about it. Groovy!

I’ll be picking first on behalf of the Minnesota Timberwolves and, let’s face it, only Flip Saunders knows who he’s going to take. He may take Jahlil Okafor or he may not! Does Flip want immediate gratification like a two minute sex session or does he want to be groped a little bit like a girl trying to get some sleep only to ultimately wake up in the morning and have sweet, sweet love made to her over and over again all day long? Say whaT?????

Okay, off we go, here are the first fifteen picks of the slow 2015 NBA Mock Draft! (With my own personal alternate selections as an added bonus) !

1. Minnesota TimberwolvesKarl Towns – PF/C.

hecman @hecmanhoops

With the first pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select … Karl Towns from the University of Kentucky. (Crowd cheers: Yay, woo hoo and what not!)

Mr. Towns only played 21 minutes per game as a freshman but on a per 40 minute basis averaged 20 points (52% FG and 82% FT), 13 boards, 4.4 blocks and 2.2 assists. Ah-choo! Oh, no, you didn’t! You didn’t sneeze, son!

Towns’ defense should make an immediate fantasy impact but expect his offensive game to come along slower while he develops more low-post moves and improves his foot work. He will also have to learn to stay out of foul trouble (he fouled out 6 times this past season) and will have to work on the mental part of his game. Night in and night out consistency may be an issue so expect some disappearing acts his first season. Like Houdini!

Combined with young exciting players Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio, Shabazz Mohammed, Zach Lavine, Anthony Bennett and Gorgui Deng and a few veterans I don’t really care to name right now, the T-Wolves look to be a perennial playoff caliber team. Get your jersey now!

My college buddy (and fraternity brother) Larry Berger from USA Today Sports interviewed Towns on lottery draft night. Here’s what he had to say.

Alternate pick: Jahlil Okafor. As if you didn’t know!

2. Los Angeles Lakers – Jahlil Okafor – PF/C
Keith Lott @wetlkfntsysprts

Okafor led Duke to a NCAA National Championship and even though he was deemed the #1 pick heading into the season, Karl-Anthony Towns stood out thanks to his defensive prowess.  Okafor will have no problem scoring the basketball, shooting 66% from the field at Duke, but he will get the Hack-A-Howard/Jordan treatment due to his poor free throw shooting (51%).

Okafor will definitely have an impact on fantasy basketball next season.

The Lakers drafted Julius Randle with the 7th overall pick in 2014.  Unfortunately, he suffered a broken leg just 14 minutes into his NBA debut and missed the rest of the season.  6’11 (7’5 wingspan, 9’2 ½ standing reach) Okafor will have to play Center next to 6’9 Randle, but together they will give the Lakers one of the most talented front courts in the NBA.

It is doubtful that Ed Davis picks up his $1 mil player option, leaving the Lakers with a Randle coming off an injury, Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly, Tarik Black and Jordan Hill if they decide to pick up his $9 mil team option. Okafor is HUGE need, plus the best player available.

With the inevitable retirement of Kobe Bryant in the near future, the Lakers are a few years and a free agent signing away from being a playoff team with title aspirations.  Kevin Durant?

hec’s alternate pick: Karl Towns or D’Angelo Russell - G

3. Philadelphia 76ers – Emmanuel Mudiay – PG
Michael Pichan @fantasynomad (write up by hecman)

Eschewing (eschewing!) the more popular mock draft picks of D’Angelo Russell or Kristaps Porzingis, Michael Pichan a/k/a the Fantasy Nomad, is predicting that the Philadelphia 76ers will select 6’5, 19 year old point guard Emmanuel Mudiay with the number 3 pick. Bold! While I don’t necessarily think Mr. Pichan’s prediction will come true, let’s talk about Emmanuel anyway. Like a bunch of gossip mongers!

Rather than head to SMU for his freshman season, Emmanuel found 1.2 millions reasons to head over to China instead. The man knows how to count! I’m assuming. Anyhoo! After just 9 games of a 37 game season, Mudiay injured his ankle and missed the rest of the regular season before returning for a couple of playoff games. Ho hum. Small sample size! That’s what she said! His strengths appear to be his size, speed and athleticism. He’s shown the ability to play physical basketball and take the ball to the hoop. His ball handling and transition game are above-average and he’s always played the point guard position so distributing the basketball isn’t something unusual for him. His greatest weakness right now is his outside shooting and he appears to have gone to the Rajon Rondo School of Free Throw Shooting on a full scholarship. Hopefully, these weaknesses will improve over time.

Whoever lands this kid could have a real franchise type point guard on their hands …  over time.

hec’s alternate pick: D’Angelo Russell or Kristaps Porzingis

4. New York KnicksWillie Cauley-Stein – C
Matthew Beck @MatthewRBeck

Write up to follow!

hec’s alternate pick: D’Angelo Russell or Emmanuel Mudiay

5. Orlando MagicJustise Winslow – SF
Mike Lott @Mike_WeTalkFS

With the #5 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Orlando Magic select Justise Winslow from Duke University. It’s hard to pass up on guard D’Angelo Russell, but he was not a fit for the Magic. Winslow will fit nicely in Orlando and give the Magic a ridiculously talented, youthful, 1-2-3 punch of Elfrid Payton, Victor Oladipo and now Winslow.

With his ability to play defense, and his improved offense that we all saw when he helped Duke win a National Championship, Winslow is a potential star in this league and could be the best player in this draft class. Winslow shot 42% from 3pt range in his one year at Duke, which will allow the Magic to space the floor, something they desperately need.

The Magic have been setting a trend, by picking the best athletes and the guys who show the most heart on the court. Let’s not forget that they drafted Aaron Gordon who also has potential to be a very good player in the NBA.

Orlando could be a huge threat in the East in a few years, once their young core of players begin to mature.

hec’s alternate pick: Kristaps Porzingis - C

6. Sacramento KingsD’Angelo Russell – G
Donovan James @donjamessports

Write up to follow!

hec’s alternate pick:  Willie Cauley-Stein, Justise Winslow or Emmanuel Mudiay (sorry!)

7. Denver NuggetsMario Hezonja – SG/SF
John Fortney @jfort753

With the 7th pick Denver Nuggets select Mario Hezonja from Croatia. Mario, or “The Beast” is a 20 year old 6’8” 200 lb wing who has all the tools to be a game changer for any NBA squad. The kid has played sparingly for FC Barcelona this year, but if you were to go check out the tape, he is very impressive to say the least. Hezonja has the size, speed, and strength physically to be a very poor man’s Lebron James. His shot resembles a Klay Thompson, which is very fluid and repetitive. If he can come anywhere near of Thompson’s accuracy, he can be a very good two guard in the league at worst. He has the ability to play the one, two, or three and has the ability to play solid defense while racking up the steals and blocks with his athleticism.

Mario is also a very good finisher around the rim and is the ultimate competitor who will back down to no one which could possibly be one of his downfalls. His Ego. Here’s a quote from Hezonja in 2014 – “Respect? No, I never had respect to anybody on a basketball court,”  “I heard about: ‘If they smell blood, you get eaten.’ I’m not like that. I don’t care. Whether it’s a veteran or a young player standing in front of me, I always have the same goal. I want to run over everybody.” Take this as you will, but to me it shows he’s fearless, competitive, and motivated, unlike a Darko Milicic type. Hopefully maturation and leadership comes along as he is only 20 years old. It also could be the death of him if it hinders his relationship with his coaches or teammates.

As for the Nuggets, they should be looking for a culture changing player to build around as they rebuild themselves. After just hiring a new coach in Mike Malone, the front office must be looking to concentrate talent with the hodge podge of “just above average” players they possess. I expect the Nuggets to make a move or two in the draft and possibly offload a Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried, or Wilson Chandler to improve their rosters with draft picks. If the Nuggets do indeed stay at the seven spot I would expect them to take the chance with the huge potential in Hezonja.

hec’s alternate pick: Justise Winslow or Stanley Johnson- SF

8. Detroit PistonsKevon Looney – F
Michael Pichan @fantasynomad (Write up by hecman)

While most mock drafts don’t have the 6”9, power forward (?) from UCLA going anywhere near number 8, Mr. Pichan (like his number 3 pick) has again zigged when everyone else is zagging. The biggest issue with Kevon is he’s seen as a possible tweener. Nobody likes a tweener! That’s what she said! Anyhoo! He will need to build upper body strength to bang with the big boys in the NBA. I see him as more of a reserve initially in his rookie year so his fantasy upside is limited. Boo hoo.  The more likely Detroit pick, IMO!, could be Stanley Johnson or whoever slides from the picks above. Obvious!

hec’s alternate pick: Mario Hezonja or Stanley Johnson 

9. Charlotte HornetsFrank Kaminsky – F
John Fortney @jfort753

With the 9th pick in the NBA draft the Charlotte Hornets select Frank Kaminsky from Wisconsin.

The Hornets could use another big man and will get a very versatile big man in Frank Kaminsky. The former Badger is polished and improved every year at Wisconsin and will produce immediately. With the aging Al Jefferson’s contract expiring after the 2015-2016 season, this would be a perfect fit to an already young Hornet team. In the NCAA National title game, the big man held his own against arguably the best player in college basketball, Jahlil Okafor, going for 21 and 12 and contributing across the board. Frank shot 41% from three his senior year so he should be a legit pick and pop guy wherever he lands. Kaminsky is a legit seven foot with no shoes on, but will need to develop his body more to take the beating of playing down on the block on a regular basis. Kaminsky also needs to improve his footwork and low post defense which can be developed in his first few years in the league. If the Hornets are smart, they will take the more developed and instant contributor in Frank Kaminsky.

hec’s alternate pick: Cameron Payne G or Devin Booker SG

10. Miami HeatStanley Johnson – F
Andrew Feingold @afeingold

To me Johnson is a least a Top 8 pick so I viewed this as a value selection. Dwayne Wade could be leaving in free agency and Luol Deng has a player option. What Johnson brings is positional versatility and defense. The Heat averaged the fewest rebounds per game (39.1) last regular season. Granted this number should go up with Hassan Whiteside available for a full season. In terms of skill set and size the former Wildcat has been linked to the style of Draymond Green.

hec’s alternate pick: Willie Cauley-Stein or Devin Booker

11. Indiana Pacers – Myles Turner – C/PF
hecman @hecmanhoops

Hey David West, you old! Roy Hibbert, you pregnant! Or something like that. While both West and Hibbert are fully expected to pick up their player options for 2015/16 (duh!) the Pacers must secure their front court future and the 19 year old University of Texas product fits the bill. Mind you this pick portends (portends!) that Kristaps Porzingis was already selected even though this mock draft doesn’t have him picked yet (as if!). Anyway, let’s talk about Myles! Coming in just shy of 7′ and with a 7’4 wingspan, Turner’s shot blocking ability (2.6 BPG) should make an immediate impact when he’s on the floor but he’ll need to toughen up in the paint against more athletic big men and learn to defend the pick and roll better. Offensively, his shooting range is an asset and he’s a solid free throw shooter for a big man (83.9% FT). His weaknesses are a concern over his mobility which he attributes to poor running mechanics and his tendency to settle for mid-range jump shots instead of utilizing his size around the basket. Like most young big men, he’ll also need to develop more low post moves which should (hopefully!) come over time.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add Indiana is also very high on guard Cameron Payne and if he’s not already gone, it would not surprise me if they went small and grabbed Payne over Turner. These mock drafts really suck. Anything can happen!

hec’s alternate pick: Cameron Payne or Frank Kaminsky

12. Utah Jazz – Devin Booker – SG
Keith Lott @wetlkfntsysprts

The Utah Jazz lost Alec Burks last season to injury, and that led to Joe Ingles making 32 starts.  With Gordon Hayward locked in at the SF position, a PG duo of Trey Burke and Dante Exum and Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert in the front court, the Jazz have a bright future.  Adding Kentucky product Devin Booker to Rodney Hood off the bench as lethal knock down shooters, the Jazz are ready to compete in the Wild Wild West.

Booker may not get the necessary minutes required to be fantasy relevant during the 2015-16 season, but when he does earn that time, he will be a 3pt specialist.

Utah could draft a backup big man here like Bobby Portis or Trey Lyles, but they are better suited finding one via free agency like Brandon Bass or bring back Carlos Boozer for one last hurrah!

hec’s alternate pick: Trey Lyles – PF

13. Phoenix Suns - Bobby Portis – PF
Matthew Beck @matthewrbeck

hec’s alternate pick: Devin Booker (if the pick isn’t traded)

14. Oklahoma City Thunder – Kristaps Porzingis – F
Andrew Feingold @afeingold

The 7’1 European is going Top 5 in most mocks and you can see this is another value selection. The Thunder already have bigs in Enes Kanter, Mitch McGary, Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams but none are Porzingis. The Latvian has received rave reviews from his recent workout for the Lakers. After watching workout videos on the 19-year old I can see why scouts feel he has tremendous potential. If Porzingis is gone as we all expect, I can see OKC grabbing Wisconsin SF Sam Dekker or Kansas SF Kelly Oubre. As hec might say, “Let’s see!”

hec’s alternate pick: Sam Dekker or Kelly Oubre (if the pick isn’t traded)

15. Atlanta Hawks – Trey Lyles – PF
Mike Lott @Mike_WeTalkFS

Write up to follow!

hec’s alternate pick: Bobby Portis

Here are the rest of the projected picks

17 Milwaukee Bucks R.J. Hunter
18 Houston Rockets via New Orleans Tyus Jones
19 Washington Wizards Jerian Grant
20 Toronto Raptors Kevon Looney
21 Dallas Mavericks Montrezl Harrell
22 Chicago Bulls Bobby Portis
23 Portland Trail Blazers Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
24 Cleveland Cavaliers Justin Anderson
25 Memphis Grizzlies Rashad Vaughn
26 San Antonio Spurs Delon Wright
27 Los Angeles Lakers via Houston Terry Rozier
28 Boston Celtics via LA Clippers Anthony Brown
29 Brooklyn Nets (Swap with Atlanta) Jarell Martin
30 Golden State Warriors Jonathan Holmes

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Lou Williams sells high, Raptors team name so 80’s

Last week here’s what I told you about Lou WilliamsLou Williams – 16% – Oh, I know, the one you’ve been scanning down the list looking for, right? I know! I don’t believe. If you do though, give him a whirl! I’m fine with it. Not exactly a ringing endorsement! The reason was simple, son. Minutes! But now that DeMar DeRozan has been deep sixed for the next 4 weeks or so, Lou is a clear must add. Right now he’s only owned in 53% of Yahoo! leagues. What, you peoples don’t like 22.6 ppg/1.6 rpg/1.4 apg/3.2 3pg/2.2 spg/.493 FG/.939 FT? That’s what he’s done over his last 5 games. The kid is hot tonight, oh, so hot tonight, but where will he be, where will he be, tomorroowwwoh? On your team in your sleepy league! That’s where! I will say this though, Lou gots to slow down even with minutes. If you did grab him already than go ahead and try to sell him high. Try for something like a two for one with Lou as the second player for an upgrade somewhere. You’ll thank me later! For those of you who missed the boat on Lou and there are many of you then go ahead and take a look-see at Greivis Vasquez. Right now he’s only owned in 14% of Yahoo! leagues but should get some combo burn behind Lou and Kyle Lowry. Hey, it’s Add/Drop Sunday! What you’re going to get here, girls and boys, is a long list of players under 50% owned in Yahoo! leagues who are currently getting burn. Maybe some of these guys are sitting on your waiver wire. Maybe they’re not! If so, then you can use this list to scoop and keep or to just stream if you’re implementing a streaming strategy with your worst roster spot. For you DFS derelicts, this list will also help you identify some possible cheap plays when you need to compliment your dream combo of Anthony Davis and Lebron James. Doh! Ok, ok, off we go to the top adds of the week for fantasy basketball.


Ersan Ilyasova - 50% – He’s not getting huge minutes but seems to have found a role in the Bucks offense. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 15 ppg/6 rpg with 1.3 threes per. Not too shabby!, said Harrison Ford. Or is it Adam Sandler?

Mike Dunleavy – 50% – Here’s what I told you back on November 1Mike Dunleavy – 32% – While everyone is talking about Doug McDermott, why don’t you grab the guy getting the minutes instead? Just thought I’d throw it out there for your consideration. While Mike isn’t setting the world on fire, he is averaging over 26 mpg over his last 5 and is worth streamer consideration if you need threes. Then lose him! Ewww, wwww.

Danilo Gallinari – 48% – I don’t think Gallo has ever dropped under 50% owned when he’s been healthy so he’s taking the walk of shame I guess. You don’t want to be taking the walk of shame, man! I’ve been there before and it’s just plain embarrassing. Anyhoo! For those who have room to stash him, go ahead, but you’ll need patience. Otherwise, just use him as a streamer if he’s floating around on your wire. Then drop like a hot potato! Someone will end up grabbing and stashing probably.

OJ Mayo – 47% – Can someone be on both the Add and Drop list in the same week? Yes! Streamer!

Evan Fournier – 43% –  He got hurt and owners jumped ship on him quick quick. You guys are so fickle!

Mirza Teletovic – 48% – He only played 16 minutes on Sunday but is usually closer to 28-30 per. That’s aigght.

Mo Williams – 38% – He’s averaging 16.3 ppg and 10 dimes over his last 4. Mo’s got his groove back! Or is that Stella? Both!

Donald Sloan – 37% – Still averaging over 29 mpg and around 10 points and 5 dimes per. Useful!

Brandon Wright – 36% – The man doesn’t get burn but he gets blocks! (and some rebounds). Sunday is fun day if Dallas is playing! (and you need some boards and blocks)

Corey Brewer – 36% – Last week Corey was the lead player in my Add/Drop post. It was called Corey, Brewer of fantasy production! Over his last 5, he’s at 13.6 ppg/4 rpg/4.2 apg with 2.8 spg while getting 31.8 minutes of burn per. That’s, um, fantasy production!

Josh McRoberts – 36% – Baby steps, man. I mean like fucken, crawling on your god damn belly.

Tristan Thompson – 35% – Worth streaming when Anderson Varejao misses games. Even when Anderson doesn’t miss games! Sometimes.

Rodney Stuckey – 32% – Averaging 28 minutes and 16 points per over his last 5. Scoop before he gets hurt again. Oh, he will get hurt again. That’s what he do! Please don’t get hurt, Rodney.

Henry Sims – 30% – He’s coming on his last 3 with double digit points and a few steals in there. A few rebounds too. No blocks though. The man can’t block!

Shawne Williams – 27% – Cheap threes here, get your cheap threes here.

Solomon Hill – 28% – Ownership went down this past week. Where’s the loyalty, man?! That’s not very biblical of you.

Wesley Johnson – 27% – Kind of a boringish friendly fantasy game with some threes, some steals, a few boards and a block thrown in here and there, said Nicolas Batum.

Ben McLemore – 25% – I don’t know, has Ben finally figured out how to play in the NBA? It’s looking like it. Better late than never! He’s still behind. But it’s a start!

K.J. McDaniels – 24% – I thought short and soft about leading in with K.J. McDaniels today but I didn’t. Wanna know why? Because Tony Wroten will rain on his parade eventually. That said, I think he’s a must add for the next month. Go!

Chris Kaman – 24% – Still doing what he do. I’m waiting for a bad game but he’s been pretty steady. Like the ship! Or something like that.

Boris Diaw – 23% – Getting burn in San Antone’.  He’s also a world champion! Everyone saw that coming. Boris Diaw. Champion of the basketball world.

P.J. Tucker – 23% – You need some extra threes and boards to win your H2H league? Stream away!

Mareese Speights – 22% – I think Cinderella’s carriage is about to turn into a pumpkin. But it’s still only 11:30 pm and you have a half an hour left. Enjoy!

Kevin Garnett – 21% – Just useful for some cheap boards at this point. Very sad, said Jason Thompson.

Jarrett Jack – 21% – Getting combo minutes. But you already knew that!

Steve Adams – 17% – He gets more boards then Kevin Garnett! Barely. Sometimes. Wheeeeeee.

Devin Harris – 15% – You’ll have to pay attention. When Jameer Nelson is healthy, play Jameer (at your peril). When Jameer is hurt, play Raymond Felton (your problem, not mine). When Jameer and Raymond are hurt, play Devin Harris. That’s what’s happened the past week.

Donatas Motiejunas – 14% – Averaging over 32 mpg over his last 5. All while Terrence Jones’ foot is stuck up his owners’ ass.

Nikola Mirotic – 14% – Let’s call him the white Taj Gibson. Same guy!

Shawn Marion – 13% – He’s averaging around 27 minutes per over his last 5 while doing a little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat. No, he’s not Irish!

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 12% – His recent production coincides with Brandon Jennings’ injury. Coincidence? I said coincides!

Patrick Patterson – 10% – Double-doubled on Friday night while getting minutes over the loquacious James Johnson. I don’t even know what loquacious means! Keep your eye on James (9%) too … I guess. They both probably suck. Prove me wrong, Raptor guys! Dumb team name. It’s so 80’s!

Shabbazz Napier – 8% – He can be so much better than Norris Cole if they continue to give him burn. I hope that genius two time champion coach over there realizes that sooner than later. I guess Mike Brown was a genius too. Whatevs.

Cody Zeller – 8% – It’s sad that the 4th overall pick from 2013 can’t beat out Marvin Williams for the starting power forward spot. Marvin isn’t even a power forward! Sigh. Keep your eye on him. Just one eye is sufficient. Keep the other eye on Noah Vonleh (1%). Keep your ear to the grindstone. Whatever that means.

Kris Humphries – 6% – He literally doesn’t do anything but rebound. I’m serious. 0/7/0 every game. May as well be anyway.

Zack LaVine – 6% – If he can shoot 11-14 FG every night then he’s welcome on my team any time! Belch! 

Bojan Bogdanovic – 6% – Good for some threes and a smattering of points. You know, like a lot of other guys on this list. Take your pick!

Kyle O’Quinn – 2% – Jump on the train before it leaves the station. The train isn’t moving that fast.

Austin Rivers – 5% – Burp.

Kostas Papankikolau – 4% – Donatas

Gerald Henderson – 3% – Gary Neal’s ugly twin.

Hollis Thompson – 2% – Give him a look-gander with Tony Wroten down at the Chinese massage parlor for the next month.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 2% – Getting burn for the Sixers.

Brian Roberts – 2% – Worth considering as a desperation stream only if Gary Neal remains sidelined. I said desperation!

Tyler Zeller – 2% – Ladies and ants, I give you the new starting center for the Boston Celtics! Celtics fans swoon.

Quincy Acy – 1% – Getting a bit of burn with Andrea Bargnani still wetting the bed.


Here are a few examples of guys you can consider dropping to stream players on the Add list. They just aren’t getting enough big minutes to be reliable and I’d rather have 5 games streaming players than 3 from most of these guys. Just saying.

Andre Iguodala – 58%

O.J. Mayo – 47%

Elfrid Payton – 43%

Josh McRoberts – 36%

Eric Gordon – 39%

Randy Foye – 33%

Mason Plumlee – 30%

Spencer Hawes – 30%

Marco Belinelli – 28%

Many others under 30% who you’ll be able to get back as a streamer. Use your best judgment. You know what that is.

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Corey, Brewer of fantasy production!

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Just look at my fantasy football team for proof! Raise your hand if you think fantasy football is the least skill fantasy game of all. hecman slowly raises hand. Anyhoo! Let’s talk about a fantasy game that actually requires skill to win … fantasy basketball! First, Ricky Rubio went down but Kevin Martin was still standing. Womp! That didn’t last long. With Kevin Martin now hanging with Ricky in the massage parlor for the next month or so your Huckleberries in Minnesota are Corey Brewer (30%) and Mo Williams (30%) A couple of weeks ago, I told you to grab Mo only to be shabazzed by Zach LaVine pissing on his parade. The problem is Zach also pissed all over your fantasy team so now he’s been regulated to bathroom cleaning duties. As for Corey, he’s quietly scored in double figures in 6 of his last 8 games and now should see an uptick in burn for the foreseeable future. I don’t expect a whole lot but 11 ppg/2.5 rpg/2 apg with close to a three and 1.5 steals per seems like a reasonable expectation with 28-30 minutes per game. If that floats your boat then float away! For you deeper league gluttons, take a look gander at Shabazz Muhammad (3%). You know the bad Shabazz! Hey, it’s Add/Drop Sunday! Here are your top waiver wire adds for the week who are under 50% owned in Yahoo! leagues. I note most of these guys on this list are averaging at least 25 mpg over the past week. Minutes equals production. In theory anyway.


Mario Chalmers – 67% – He’s up to 67% now and here’s what I told you in my Draft Guide93. Mario Chalmers – I’m not gonna lie, Mario is one of my favorite sleepers this year. Help fill that void, Mario! That crevice is pretty fucken’ deep! Yeah, I cursed. Deal with it! Then when he was sucking balls in early November, here’s what I told youMario Chalmers – 12/4/3 with a steal and a three in 24 minutes. Whoa, we’re half way there, whoa, livin’ on a prayer, take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, whoa, livin’ on a prayer. That was my way of telling you, through Bon Jovi, to keep the faith. I hope you did!

Evan Fournier – 51% –  I’ve been telling you to grab him since he was 6% owned, 14% owned and 41% owned. He’s just over the 50% threshold now but I’ll remind you anyway. Pas de quoi.

Mirza Teletovic – 46% – Averaging almost 28 mpg over the past week. It’s been pretty friendly to boot!

Harrison Barnes – 45% – To be clear, I’m not a fan but with David Lee still learning to walk with his new hamstring, Harrison is getting burn.

Donald Sloan – 40% – There’s no truth to the rumor he hit George Hill with a baton after ice skating practice.

Brandon Wright – 36% – Only averaging 20 mpg but doing damage. Like Chris Kaman! Or something like that.

Shawne Williams – 31% – You want cheap threes, son, you get ‘em! His value will slowly erode with Josh McRoberts’, um, un-eroding. New word!

Solomon Hill – 30% – Still playing big minutes. I’m not very afraid of C.J. Miles. C.J. Miles stinks! Except for threes. He’s ok for threes.

Chris Copeland – 28% – I mentioned last week he’s better for points leagues but still useful if you can stomach his percents. Looks like a lot of people couldn’t stomach his percents! As hecman vomits 

Matt Barnes – 28% – Averaging around 27 mpg over the past week. Take that for what it’s worth. Hasn’t been worth much. I hear he’s going through a divorce. Many divorces!

Wesley Johnson – 25% – Can you do any less with 31 minutes of run per? I don’t know, can you?, said Marvin Williams.

JaVale McGee – 24% – Not getting minutes but if you need cheap boards and blocks give him a whirl.

Boris Diaw – 22% – Did some damage this week with around 30ish minutes per. Give him a look gander! Or is it look-gander?

Jarrett Jack - 22% – Here’s what I told you back no November 1Jarrett Jack – 20% – The Nets have no backcourt depth. You want to know what the Nets backcourt depth is? Jarrett Jack! Combo minutes. 28 combo minutes per game this past week! How do you like ‘dem apples?

Chris Kaman – 21% – Boss is doing work! Looks like he’ll keep doing work at this rate. Sample size is getting bigger.

Ben McLemore – 21% – Averaged over 33 mpg this past week. He even actually looked like a useful fantasy player too! hecman needs smelling salt 

Steve Adams – 19% – Nothing spectacular but blocking the ball. If he’s not doing a ton without Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook then, let’s face, he won’t be doing a ton with them back. Am I right or am I right? Rhetorical!

K.J. McDaniels – 18% – Only averaging 20ish mpg over the past week. I’m not sure why I even listed him. Habit!

Anthony Morrow – 17% – Keep streaming him if you need a, um, streamer.

Lou Williams – 16% – Oh, I know, the one you’ve been scanning down the list looking for, right? I know! I don’t believe. If you do though, give him a whirl! I’m fine with it.

Kirk Hinrich and Aaron Brooks – 15% – If Derrick Rose is out then pick up Kirk Hinrich. If Kirk Hinrich is out then pic up Aaron Brooks. It’s simple really. Oh, and damn you, Derrick Rose!

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 14% – Watching him shoot is kind of like watching a girls 7th grade basketball game. You don’t know where it’s going!

Mareese Speights – 12% – Another beneficiary of David Lee’s old hamstring.

Alex Len – 11% – Mild recommendation. I know he can be good with minutes. But that’s the rub! For now anyway.

Gary Neal – 11% – I told you to lose Gerald Henderson for Gary Neal last week. Then he went out and averaged 17 ppg per game this past week. Not too shabby! Oh, and Charlotte has 4 games this week. Just an FYI!

Nikola Mirotic – 10% – Go grab Nikola. Imagine me saying it like Ivan Drago would. Except Nikola isn’t Russian.

Bojan Bogdanovic – 9% – His minutes are down a bit the past two games but he still averaged 34ish this week due to a 47 and 41 minute bonanza to start the week.

Shabbazz Napier – 8% – Oh, the good Shabbazz! Go! RIP Norris Cole.

Luis Scola – 7% – Feel free to stream as long as David West remains out. In case you haven’t noticed!

Kris Humphries – 6% – Nene is a buceta so Kris may get some minutes but I like Drew Gooden; he’s an oldie but goodie! Bad joke alert! Like being relative. Of course!

Anthony Bennett – 6% – Only if Thadeus Young misses more time which I’m hearing he won’t. Oh, well.

Caron Butler – 4% – Minutes. Sometimes. Depends on which meds Jason Kidd is taking that day.

Marvin Williams – 4% – If you need a streamer getting some burn, here you go. Production sold separately.

Kostas Papankikolau – 3% – You see his minutes lately? Not 3% owned type minutes!

Andrea Bargnani – 3% – Had a set back on Friday. You don’t say? How do you say pussy in Italian? I know but my mother might be reading this. She’s Italian!

Donatas Motiejunas – 2% – Will probably ruin Kostas’s minutes and vice versa. Sigh.

Derrick Williams – 2% – Too bad the Kings absolutely need to play Carl Landry and Reggie Evans. Those guys are winners!

Kyle O’Quinn – 2% – Getting set to come back. Someday!

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 2% – Getting burn for the Sixers.

Quincy Acy – 1% – Getting a bit of burn with Andrea Bargnani still wetting the bed.

NoahVonleh – 1% – Made his NBA debut this week. Go ahead and monitor. Like your screen! Do they still call it a monitor?

Lance Thomas – 1% – Not easy to find guys only 1% averaging 27ish mpg. You found one!

Drew Gooden – 0% – My Magic 8 Ball predicts an uptick to at least 1% owned next week. He’s cray!


Gerald Green – 66% – I don’t have anything against Mr. Green. I love Mr. Green. Just not the one’s named Gerald. Far too owned for a guy averaging 20ish minutes per game over the past week. IMO!

Andre Iguodala – 59% – What’s in a name? Echo!

Eric Gordon – 54% – Ouuuut.

OJ Mayo – 47% – Jason Kidd is a douche for fantasy. Except when it comes to Brandon Knight. All Brandon Knight owners love Jason.

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