The beginning of the End!

It’s that time of the year where we try to end our fantasy basketball seasons strong and get ready to go to battle in the playoffs. How’s your team right now? Hopefully, it’s strong. Real strong. Come Sunday, we will be making those decisions on what players to ditch and what players to hang on to throughout the duration of the playoffs. It looks like we’ll have a few good players back this week like an Eric Bledsoe, which is perfect timing, but we know they all won’t be like that. It’s also bad news for Gerald Green owners so there’s always another side of the story. Anyways, lets dive into some player news and finish this week out strong! Together……

Tyson Chandler – Out on Monday due to personal reasons. I expect him to be back later this week.

Gerald Henderson – Out again Monday but could be close. Chris Douglas-Roberts has been playing well in his stead.

Victor Oladipo – Is playing through an ankle injury. He should be fine.

Avery Bradley – Sounds like he could return Friday. Jerryd Bayless’ value may not drop much considering he should get more looks in a bench role.

Jonas Valanciunas – 4/9/2blks JV has been one of the bigger disappointments this year.

Evan Turner – 2 points yesterday in 25 minutes. What a critical move by the Pacers. Those Heat are really shaking in their shorts now……

Andrew Bynum – Could play this week. See Evan Turner blurb.

Nerlens Noel – Sounds like their is a possible return in April but I doubt the 76ers front office allows it.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett – Both playing Monday.

Dwyane Wade – Also playing Monday.

Anderson Varejao – Returned to action this weekend and will be eased into playing time. Sounds like he will play around 15 minutes on Wednesday.

JJ Reddick – Increasing his workouts as of late. Could be a great add if we luck out and get a return in the next week or two. Could be a good stash if you have a first round bye in the playoffs.

Steve Novak – 15/1 with 5 treys. Need cheap threes?

Demarcus Cousins – 28/20/3/1/1 Managed to foul out without getting a technical foul. So,  theres that.

Marcus Thornton – 27/3/1/2stl Played motivated against his old team. Where’s the motivation every night Marcus?

Jodie Meeks – 42/2/4stl with 6 treys. Jodie had himself a game yesterday. Looked as if he was throwing a beach ball into the ocean all game. One thing is true, he should get plenty of shots up the rest of the way.

Tony Wroten – 30/1/4stls This kid can score. Hope you listened to hecman a week before the trade deadline!

Kyle O’Quinn – 9/5/1/1/1 Got a start on Saturday but only played 17 minutes. If he ever gets 25-30 minutes down the stretch, watch out!

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me  throughout the playoffs through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck to everyone! Let’s go get those championships! See you next weekend!

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Fantasy Basketball Playoffs to Payoffs!!

What’s up my fellow fantasy basketballers! It’s getting to be that time of year again where we fight for those fantasy basketball championships, it’s crunch time! Today, I will be breaking down the three weeks in which most of us will be participating in the first three rounds of the fantasy basketball playoffs. I will also break each week down by number of games for each team and go over some players that could be available to stream on a week to week basis. Since NBA teams do not play the same amount of games from week to week, we would rather run guys out that have 4-5 games per week over some guys who only play 2-3 times that particular week. If you are set and ready to rock for the playoffs, I would suggest doing some proactive planning and determine who you may drop or add in the next 3-4 weeks depending on that particular week. You’ll also want to decide on what days you will make the switch, which will depend on how many free agent adds you are allowed per week or per playoffs. For example, in one of my leagues we are allowed four adds per week and if only two or three are used, it could be wise to use those moves on a Sunday if needed before the end that round. This is especially recommended for those in weekly leagues which makes it tough when locking players in for the entire week, so were here to help you make those educated decisions. There’s a plethora of injury news and playoff breakdown to get to, so lets get down to business….

Round 1 - March 17th through March 23rd

Four Games - Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Indiana, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Toronto, Washington.

Three Games - Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, Golden State, Houston, Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, Utah.

Two Games - Los Angeles Clippers.

Round 2 - March 24th through March 30th

Five Games - Portland.

Four Games - Atlanta, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, Los Angeles Clipper, Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis, Miami, Minnesota, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, San Antonio, Toronto, Utah.

Three Games - Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Milwaukee, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Washington.

Two Games - Golden State.

Round 3 - March 31st through April 6th

Four Games - Atlanta, Brooklyn, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Golden State, Houston, Indiana, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Antonio, Toronto, Washington.

Three games - Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Utah.

Now, obviously the Clippers and Warriors are teams you will want to stay away from in round one and two, but it will also depend on the player. You won’t want to run Jared Dudley or Draymond Green out that week if you have a similar option with one or two more games. As for your studs, like Chris Paul and Steph Curry, they need to in starting lineups at all costs. Stay tuned, as I will be breaking down each round weekly and going over players to add and player to stay away from that particular week. Recognize and Strategize!

Eric Bledsoe – Is currently participating in five on five drills and I would be surprised to not see him in the lineup in the next week or so. The Suns are still positioning for playoffs so he should have the motivation to return as soon as possible. Im holding.

Joakim Noah – Is beasting right now and playing through a bothersome ankle. He is playing today and should be fine.

Anderson Varejao – May be close to returning but wouldn’t blame you for dropping him. We have no guarantee on his health, when he returns, or his playing time when he returns to action. I’m just monitoring for now.

Tobias Harris – Congratulations for those who hung on to Harris through the tough times. He’s heating up with Glen Davis out of the picture and has dropped at least 20 points in four of his last six games.

Tony Parker – TP returned on Sunday and a big way going for 22 points, 3 boards, and 7 dimes. Looks like he’s good to go for fantasy playoffs.

Miles Plumlee – The Suns have been going small lately and Plumlee’s production has suffered severely. He should only be owned in very deep leagues.

Anthony Davis – Is dealing with a nagging shoulder injury right now, but should break out of it with no setbacks.

Amir Johnson – Playing better as of late, while fighting through ankle injuries. He’s a nice add right now if you need a big man.

Jimmy Butler – Playing well after returning from the rib injury. He contributes across the board and probably should not be available right now in your league.

Dwyane Wade – Out Monday due to rest. Monitor his back to back games each week and expect this to be a normal thing the rest of the way.

Martell Webster – Out Monday with a nagging back injury and is day to day.

Gerald Henderson – Also out Monday with a calf injury and is considered day to day right now.

Kevin Garnett – If there are better options out there, I would make the switch while you can. KG will be rested often down the stretch.

Kevin Seraphin – Out for Monday’s game. Upgrade Trevor Booker as long as Seraphin sits.

Tyreke Evans – Has been moved to the starting five in place of Al-Farouq Aminu and it sounds like it will stick for the rest of the season. This is great news for Tyke owners as he is averaging 18/7/4.5 so far as a starter.

Chandler Parsons – Was out with an illness but practiced Monday and sounds probably for Houston’s next contest.

Steve Nash – Likely out for season and may be retiring. Drop. It was fun while it lasted Steven!

Caron Butler –  With Thabo Sefolosha out for a month or so, Butler is expected to jump right into the Thunder’s starting lineup. He should be a decent source of threes.

Russell Westbrook – Looks to be knocking the rust off. Westy owners can exhale…..

Kawhi Leonard – Is paying off for owners who held on to him. He should be a nice player for the playoff stretch as long as he stays out of Popovich’s dog house.

Danny Green – Continues to struggle. I officially have no more patience for the sharp shooter. Which hasn’t been very sharp this year.

Gerald Wallace – Crash is out for the season with a torn meniscus.

Dion Waiters – Day to day with a balky knee, but is expected to returnTuesday.

Kenneth Faried and Ty Lawson – Both played Monday. Phew.

George Hill – Left Sundays game with a left shoulder injury. Upgrade Evan Turner. Hopefully the injury isn’t too serious.

Nick Young – Is not playing Monday.

Larry Sanders – Return is expected in late March but I’m not counting on it considering the Bucks are merely playing for the worst record right now.

Jrue Holiday – Is officially out for the season after leg surgery. Drop.

Jameer Nelson and Aaron Afflalo – Both are day to day so look for them to return this week.

Jason Richardson – Has been shooting and may return mid March. Lets just monitor him for now.

Nene Hilario – Out 4-6 weeks with a sprained MCL. will likely not be available until playoffs are over. Upgrade Marcin Gortat, Kevin Seraphin, and Trevor Booker.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck to everyone in the upcoming playoffs! Let’s go get those championships! See you next weekend!

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Start Mullens picking up Byron!

Let’s talk about the Philadelphia 76ers! As predicted, there was plenty of movement down in Philly. Or up in Philly if you’re south of PA. Obviously the biggest loser here is Evan Turner (82%) who was shipped to Benchville, Indiana. I immediately dropped him in a shallowish 12 team league for Tim Hardaway, Jr. (21%) It was tough to see him go after his significant contributions this season but, hey, there’s no loyalty in fantasy basketball! I also own him in a 14 team league but will not hesitate to lose him for a hot free agent. Until then, I’m parking his ass right where the Pacers are, on the pine. As far as Spencer Hawes is concerned, I don’t see any reason why he can’t produce in Cleveland. The Cavs are trying to make the playoffs to appease Kyrie Irving and Spencer seems like the most useful guy up front to help do that. He and Anderson Varejao will probably co-exist, if Anderson ever gets back that is.

Moving onto the Sixers, we are looking at a fantasy basketball harvest! Maybe you’ll get a rotten potato or maybe you’ll get a a nice shiny apple! Whatever that means. Anyway, last week I told you to go ahead and spec add Tony Wroten (9%) in the event ET left home. I didn’t see the Sixers landing Danny Granger (55%) but there are rumors of a buy out and even if he sticks I can’t see him having an expanded roll. Or it is role? I think someone is hungry. Go ahead and hold onto Tony if you grabbed him to see if he can get some extra burn, I think he will and should be good for some points at least. James Anderson (11%) is also another beneficiary as I mentioned the other day and should be grabbed, I think he can do some nice second half things. Up front, Byron Mullens (6%) is suddenly worth a look-gander, just don’t look at his percents. You’ll vomit! That said, Byron was pretty useful last year when he logged minutes in Charlotte and I think we’re looking at a possible repeat of that once he gets up to speed. Arnett Moultrie (3%) is also definitely worth a look see if you have the room. His upside aint bad. His downside is fat though so let’s see. Hollis Thompson (0%) and Elliot Williams (0%) are other guys you’ll want to keep an eye on. Just one eye is sufficient. Use the other eye to watch curling in Sochi or something. Or are the Winter Olympics over? I wouldn’t know. Boring! Hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday! This week I’ll group by position eligibility. Here are some other suggested Adds for this week. And some Drops! As always, all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!


Tim Hardaway, Jr. - 21% – I went over him Wednesday.

Tony Allen - 29% – Tony Tony Tony has done it again! You know what he did. Old joke. He should be back soon to help in what he do.

Kevin Martin - 82% – Time to grab him if he’s still floating on your wire and you need the 3s. Best hurry, son!

Ramon Sessions - 8% – On Monday I told you to spec grab Nate Wolters assuming Luke Ridnour and Gary Neal were both launched. I called the post Good Ridnour! Thought it was pretty clever. Anyway, the problem is they were both launched for a guard better than either one of them. That leads me to temper expectations on Wolters. Sigh. Both worth a look gander though in deeper leagues.

Nate Wolters - 12% – See Ramon Sessions blurb 1/4 inch up. Depending on the size of your computer screen, of course!

Patty Mills - 33% – Went over him on Wednesday. Same opinion!

Corey Joseph - 1% – Went over him on Wednesday. Same opinion!

Evan Fournier - 5% – Went over him Wednesday. It was a pretty good post! My mother said so.


Tobias Harris – 73% – I think we could see a second half surge like last year. Just maybe. I’d grab him in 10 team leagues if he’s floating out there to find out.

Josh McRoberts – 30% – I still can’t believe he’s just owned in 30% of leagues. He’s pretty sneaky useful if you can live with his points per game totals.

P.J. Tucker – 21% -Went over him Wednesday.

DeMarre Carroll - 33% – At 10 ppg/5 rpg and over a steal and three per you could definitely do worse, said Evan Turner (82%)!

Kyle Singler - 8% – Went over him Wednesday. Getting burn!

Draymond Green -2% – Getting a little bit of burn with Andrew Bogut out. Could make for a decent streamer in H2H if you’re in need of a body.

Wesley Johnson - 30% – Has been playing huge minutes with Nick Young out but Nick is back in 3, 2 …

Khris Middleton - 28% – Been pretty solid all season. Better than that yutz Ersan Ilyasova! I’m not Jewish so I hope I used that word right.

Kyle O’Quinn - 1% – He’s averaging over 7 boards and a block per over his last 4 games and now Glen Davis was carted off. They couldn’t launch Glen, he was too fat!

Andrew Nicholson – I prefer Kyle O’Quinn but Nicholson could and should pop in a few decent games here and there too. Good luck on when!


Greg Stiemsma – 1% – You want cheap blocks, you can’t get cheaper! Why his name reminds me of smegma, I don’t know.

Pero Antic - 1% – Should be back soon. Go ahead and give him a whirl if you like cheap threes and some boards out of the center spot, said Channing Frye!

Enes Kanter – 71% – He’s already owned in a high percentage of leagues but he seems to be excelling with Derrick Favors out lately.


Ryan Anderson – 45% – Officially done for the year.

Kelly Olynyk – 28% – I told you to spec grab him just in case Brandon Bass was moved. Coulda been a boon! Instead it’s a poon.

Glen Davis – I assume he will ignore the California health craze.

Evan Turner – I find it odd that other, um, experts get excited over Jordan Hamilton being traded to Houston but, at the same time, tell you to lose ET. Aren’t they both playing limited minutes? Whatevs.

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If Patty is Milling around the wire then stream him!

When Tony Parker went to the doctor the other day I imagine the conversation went something like this:  ”Where does it hurt, Tony?” … “Well, Doc, it kind of hurts everywhere.”… “Does it hurt here, Tony?” … “Ouch, ouch, yes, yes.” … “How about here, Tony?” … “Ow! Yes!” … “And here, Tony?” … “No, not there, um, that’s my nut sack, Doc.” … “Oh. How about here?” … “Ee-ow! Oui!” … “Tony, I am diagnosing you with general soreness!” That’s exactly how it happened so it looks like he’ll be out awhile, whatever that means. In the meantime, Patty Mills and Corey Joseph will take over the point guard reins in San Antone’. Or is it reigns? I can never remember. Anyhoo! Improper English aside, last night Corey Joseph actually started but quickly succumbed to a bad case of Millsitis as Patty went out and dropped 25/5/5 with two threes and a block in 27 minutes. As for Corey, he posted 7/3/1 with a steal and a three in 24 minutes. Could it be a case of these two canceling each other out? Probably. But for now I’d go ahead and stream Patty since he’s got a little momentum going.  If you want to go ahead and grab Corey in deeper leagues, give him a whirl. Your call! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Mike Scott – 13/7/1 with a three in 25 minutes. The return of DeMarre Carroll and Pero Antic will probably burst his bubble but keep blowing until then.

Jeff Teague – 8/2/2 with a steal in 33 minutes. On the season he’s averaging 15 ppg and 7 dimes yet everyone and their mother says he sucks. My mother and I, on the other hand, say he doesnt suck! Doubt he gets traded too.

Tyler Zeller – 18/15/1 with a block in 25 minutes and he did it all with one hand tied behind his back! Well, he was playing the Sixers so it’s half believable. Jump on until Anderson Varejao is back. Whenever that will be.

Anthony Bennett – 10/11/2 in 24 minutes. See Tyler Zeller above.

Tony Wroten – 12/3/1 with a steal in 24 minutes. He and James Anderson will be the biggest beneficiaries if Evan Turner is shipped. Grab and stash, y’all! You can always launch Friday if ET stays home.

Greivis Vasquez – 14/7/0 in 26 minutes. I mentioned yesterday I’m holding him in a 14 team league but will consider launching him if Kyle Lowry isn’t moved by the deadline tomorrow. Go ahead and stash him for a day if you want. It’s called spec! It looks like Toronto is going to hold onto Kyle though for now. Sigh.

Kyle Singler – 13/2/3 with 3 steals and 3 threes in 40 minutes. He’s actually averaged 40 minutes a game over his last 5 while averaging 12.2 ppg/4.6 rpg with 2 steals and almost 2 threes per. Not too shabby for the only white kid on the team! Racist!

Tim Hardaway, Jr. – 23/1/0 with a steal and 4 threes in 23 minutes. The Knicks are like the wild west, you just don’t know what the hell is going to happen next. Over his last 10 he’s averaging almost 30 minutes a game and probably will see significant run the rest of the way so go ahead and give him a whirl if you’re in need of the cheap 3 or two. See what I did there? Double entendre!

Courtney Lee – 6/2/4 with 2 steals and a block in 37 minutes. Tony Allen is back soon but he’s rumored to be shipped with Tayshaun Prince to Minny for J.J. Barea and Chase Budinger. A whopper of a deal! In any event, I think CLee has seen his best consistent moments this season.

Victor Oladipo – 6/1/3 with a steal in 22 minutes. While he’s having a nice Rookie season, here’s what I told you in the 2013 Draft Guide: 31. Victor Oladipo – So far he’s having a nice pre-season but Jameer Nelson still looms as does Arron Afflalo so temper expectations. Until Jameer gets hurt that is. Yowzaaa! That reasoning is exactly why I predicted Michael Carter-Williams would win ROY. In that same post, I also predicted Taj Gibson and John Henson would compete for 6th Man of the Year Award. Mmmmmhmmm. Oh, by the way, I can’t wait to own Victor next year when Nelson won’t be around to ball block him anymore!

Nate Wolters – 15/7/8 with 2 steals and a three in 40 minutes. On Monday I told you to spec grab him quick, quick. Early this morning, I saw another huge fantasy site told you to grab him after last night’s game. Um, thanks for the expert advice, sport, I read the box score too. Sigh.

Mario Chalmers – 10/2/9 with 4 steals and 2 threes in 30 minutes. He’s a guy who just helps your team without being noticed. Gimme 5 dimes, almost 2 steals and over a three per all year baby. Unfortunately, he’s also a guy owners tend to consider losing for a hot free agent but they usually end up regretting it.

Shawn Marion – 7/7/0 with a steal and a three in 28 minutes. I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about Shawn Marion lately like I’m related to the guy or something. But over his last 10 he’s still averaging 31 minutes per game so until I start to see a consistent dip in his minutes I can’t really recommend a drop.

P.J. Tucker – 13/11/1 with a steal in 37 minutes. Over his last 5 he’s averaging just shy of a double-double with a steal and a three to boot. Am I the biggest fan? Hellz no but I’ll ride that puppy until I can’t ride no mo.

Evan Fournier – 25/8/4 with 2 steals and 3 threes in 33 minutes. He needed OT to get to 33 minutes but I’d jump on his band wagon and stream him for as long as Ty Lawson remains sidelined. May as well.

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How’s hecman doing in his leagues? Come find out!

Yesterday I promised I would update you on how I’m doing in all 4 leagues I’m in this season and so here I am coming to you with Open Arms. Like Journey! Or is it With Arms Wide Open? Creed! Ok, enough of the musical references, sometimes I just can’t help myself. That Arnel is a cute kid but he’s no Steve Perry! Anyhoo! I figure it’s reasonable that you might wonder if I’m actually as good at playing fantasy basketball as I am at dishing out advice and insight. That’s assuming I am actually good at dishing out advice and insight in the first place. Presumptuous!

But seriously folks, since I’m a fantasy basketball writer I try to play in as many leagues as I can but this year I had to limit myself to four due to time constraints. I take all the leagues I play in seriously and don’t like to throw any away, it’s not fair to the other members of the league so I figured I could handle four without being neglectful. To the many readers who invited me into their league before the season started I thank you, I really wish I had the time to do more. As far as the types of leagues I do, I try to mix it up so I can better answer your questions from experience. With that in mind here are the four types of leagues I’m in this year:

1) 14 team ESPN Rotisserie Style Auction League (Private league)
2) 12 team ESPN Rotisserie Style FSWA Experts Auction League (Public league)
3) 14 team Yahoo! H2H Draft League (Private league)
4) 12 team Fantrax Dynasty H2H Points Draft League (Private league)

As you can see, I’m in 4 distinctly different leagues to get the flavor of different formats you guys play. I feel this helps me to understand you better. Like boyfriend-girlfriend, I want to be in touch with your feelings. I care! Sooo, how am I doing 65% through the season? Let’s take a look-gander with some strategy advice thrown in just because.

14 team ESPN Rotisserie Style Auction League.

Team Name: PapaFrogs (This is the only league where I use my private team name, not hecmanhoops)
Current Rank: 2nd place with 80 points, 2 points behind 1st place with 8 games in hand.
Standard 8 categories
11 Active – 4 G/4 F/2 C/ U
4 Reserves
1 IR
82 games cap per active roster spot

Core players: Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki and Goran Dragic were purchased at pretty much full value before I had to start searching for bargains due to spending most of my money on KD. Fortunately, I landed some of my pre-season sleepers on the cheap in Evan Turner, Michael Carter-Williams, Wilson Chandler and Miles Plumlee. I also added some solid veterans like Anderson Varejao, Carlos Boozer and Josh McRoberts for reasonable dollars. Guys I missed on were Greivis Vasquez and Steve Nash but I’m holding onto both, though I may lose Vasquez if Kyle Lowry isn’t dealt this week. I also grabbed Chris Kaman, Tony Wroten and Kelly Olynyk off the wire. Yes, I actually listen to my own advice sometimes!

Strategies to success: First, obviously having KD helps and I targeted him in both auction leagues I took part in this year. Buying him is the easy part, it’s the rest of the auction that you have to be prepared for. You need patience or you’ll end up with a bunch of $1 players and KD. That just isn’t a recipe for success no matter how great KD is. Second, don’t worry about playing from behind if you’re in a games cap league. Pick your spots on when you’re going to start players. If you own a guy like Marcus Thornton, for example, don’t play him just because he’s on your team, keep him benched until an injury occurs and he gets burn or until you see he’s getting hot even in a limited role. The biggest mistake I see owners making in a games cap league is playing guys who are getting no burn. If you’re doing that, you’re just wasting your games. Try to play players only getting quality minutes or sit them until they do. Pick your spots, it’s a long season. Don’t be afraid to play from behind the first 3 months or so. It matters where you end up in April when everything has evened out, not where you are in December or January.

12 team ESPN Rotisserie Style FSWA Experts Auction League

Team Name: hecmanhoops
Current Rank:  2nd place with 68 points, 8 points behind 1st place with 82 games in hand.
Standard 8 categories
10 Active – 1 PG/1 SG/1 SF/1 PF/1 C/1 G/1 F/3 U
3 Reserves
82 games cap per active roster spot

About this league: I actually wrote a post on this auction back on October 31, feel free to check it out. This is one half of a 24 team FSWA Experts Fantasy Basketball tournament. The leagues consist of fantasy basketball, um, experts from sites like ESPN, Rotowire, KFFL, FantasyAlarm (formerly Rotoinfo), FantasyTrade411 and other sites. The two leagues are combined using sophisticated software and a $3 calculator purchased from Staples to declare an overall champion. So basically winning your individual league is only half the battle. Last year, I finished second overall out of 24 which kind of blew since I was so close but I think maybe, just maybe I can do one better this year. It’s not going to be easy though since every, um, expert wants this coveted crown on their resume. Me included! It would look nice next to my finalist nomination for the 2013 FSWA Fantasy Basketball Writer of the Year Award. Didn’t win that either. Bah humbug! Whatevs.

Core players: Kevin Durant, Ty Lawson and Monta Ellis were guys I bought at full value before I again had to dip into the bargain bin due to blowing my load mostly on KD. Fortunately, I grabbed Wesley Matthews, Michael Carter-Williams, Evan Turner and Greg Monroe relatively cheap compared to their average draft position and made some nice free agent pick ups along the way in Anderson Varejao, John Henson and J.J. Hickson. Yes, each one of those guys was cut at some point by other teams, most likely due to injuries and the small reserves we are allowed. The league is on the shallow side so usually you can find some decent players floating out there in a pinch. I have cut guys like Enes Kanter and Joe Johnson along the way. I also traded Greg Monroe for Andrew Bogut which on paper sounds kind of silly but I needed the blocks and Monroe’s FT at over 5 FTA per was killing me so off he went.

Strategies to success: As I discussed in my October 31 post, the key to being aggressive or somewhat passive early in an auction is to know how deep your player pool is. In this particular league, the player pool for active players was only 120 players (12 teams times 10 active spots) plus another 36 reserves. That meant I was pretty sure I would have some decent $1-3 players out there to choose from if I was left with little money at the end. Soooo, I blew my wad on KD and relied on my experience and know how in the end game. So far it’s worked out. Let’s see how it goes the rest of the way. I’ll keep you posted! Pray for hecmanhoops. Thanks in advance. Now give me an Amen! Amen.

14 team Yahoo! H2H Draft League

Team Name: hecmanhoops
Current Rank: 1st Place
Record: 90-53-1
Standard 9 categories
11 Active – 1 PG/1 SG/2 G/1 SF/1 PF/1 C/2 F/2 U
4 Reserves
4 Moves per week cap

Core Players: This is the only league I don’t own Kevin Durant in but I’m still managing first place out of 14. The team’s core is Chris Paul (1st round, I think 6th overall), Nicolas Batum (2nd round), Jeff Teague (Maybe like 4th round), Nikola Vucevic (3rd round), Ryan Anderson (5th round) and Kyle Lowry (maybe like 6th round). I rounded it out with guys like Taj Gibson, Channing Frye, Kyle Korver, Jared Sullinger, Miles Plumlee, Amir Johnson and Gerald Green (FA). I just recently launched Vince Carter for Kelly Olynyk hoping Kelly gets more 2nd half minutes.

Strategies for success: In short, you need healthy players to succeed in H2H. I was actually cruising at 10-0 winning consistently around 7-2 each week. This was due mostly to the team staying healthy but then it got hit with the Chris Paul and Ryan Anderson major injuries  and Nikola Vucevic missed a couple of weeks. The result: I’ve been playing short since week 11 and have been sub-par. Moral of the story, you don’t want to sit with too many injured guys for too long or you’re going to most likely lose week to week. If it’s late in the season and you need to make the playoffs but are sitting with dead spots due to injury then I would not hesitate to make some tough cuts. If you don’t make the playoffs and hold onto hurt guys too long then what’s the point? In short, I try to win as many counting stats categories as I can, punt TOV and let FG and FT fall where they may. Having depth in H2H is the key IMO, especially in leagues that let you use daily moves.

12 team Fantrax Dynasty H2H Points Draft League

Team name: Hector Roman (I can’t figure out how to change the team name to hecmanhoops because I’m dumb)
Dynasty League
Current Rank: 1st place in Magic Johnson Division
Record: 10-4
Standard Points League – Too many categories to list including fouls, ejections, etc.
12 Active: 2 PG/2 SG/2 SF/2 PF/2 C/2 U
8 Reserves

Core players: Funny story, I drew the 3rd pick overall but the guy with the 2nd pick was hot to trade down so I figured, sure, I’ll take Lebron James and swapped picks with him in exchange for some swapping of picks in later rounds. Well, to my surprise the guy with the first pick took Lebron so I happily took Kevin Durant. I lost Brook Lopez for the year, my bad for counting on his pussy ass. Other players on the team are Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis, Damian Lillard, Rudy Gay, Wesley Matthews, Jamal Crawford, Joe Johnson and a few others.

Strategies to success: This league is a pure volume league with daily transactions. We have 8 reserves so, again, it’s important to have as many players playing as possible and not sit too long with injured guys. Unless a player is a core player, I won’t hesitate to lose a hurt guy for a marginal player getting minutes. It’s just so hard to win if your opponent gets, say, 10 more active games then you. Moral of the story is don’t leave your bench too short unless you really think you can survive the regular season and get into the playoffs anyway.

That’s it boys and girls. Don’t blame me, blame my Magic 8 Ball. It’s all his fault!

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