Chris Bosh is a butter face but I’ll date him!

All I know is that Chris Bosh’s wife didn’t marry him for his good looks. The man is ugly! Not as ugly as Willie McGee or anything like that but, let’s face it, he was born so ugly his parents almost named him Shit Happens. Anyhoo! If you read my pre-season rankings, you probably noticed that I had Chris Bosh ranked higher than other, um, experts. In fact, I had him ranked 13th overall ahead of such handsome men as Serge Ibaka and Blake Griffin. Last night Chris went off for 26/15/4 with a block, steal and 3 threes on 9 of 15 FG and 5 of 5 FT. If you managed to grab him in the second round, congrats! If you managed to somehow grab him in the third round, you’re playing with a bunch of silly people and you should assume you will easily crush them all this year. If you didn’t grab him, well, you can always grab him in the first round next year! Sigh. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Jabari Parker – 8/4/1 with a steal in 37 minutes. Let’s, um, focus on the 37 part. Keep the faith! Oh, in one of my leagues, there is a team name called Kareem Abdul Jabari. Cute!

Cody Zeller – 11/2/0 with a steal in 20 minutes. I can see him getting a little burn this year. The Hornets don’t have much up front. He also looks pretty good in blue! Deep league consideration only. Like 16+ at this point but keep your eye on him.  One eye!

K.J. McDaniels – 2/2/1 with a steal and a block in 20 minutes. Not exactly what owners were hoping for but it’s a long season and you’re going to need some patience with him. If you’re in a shallowish 12 team league or a 10 teamer, I wouldn’t hesitate to lose him for someone getting burn. Fo’ shizzle hold onto him in anything deeper though.  What’s shallow you may ask? IDK, like 150 total players or less. Something like that.

Alexey Shved – 18/3/5 with 3 threes in 24 minutes. Here’s what I told you in the pre-season point guard rankings Michael Carter-Williams blurb: If you want a sneaky pick in the meantime, take a look gander at Tony Wroten and in deeper leagues, Alexey Shved. That said, we’re talking short shelf life. Say that 4x fast!

Chris Copeland – 11/2/2 with a block and 2 threes in 27 minutes. He was one of my favorite deep sleepers this season. Indiana aint that good! That’s where sleepers come from. Shitty teams! Let’s see how he looks when David West comes back though. Keep your eye on him or grab him if you have room.

Mirza Teletovic – 20/6/1 with 2 blocks and 4 threes in 23 minutes. I really don’t trust Brook Lopez’s foot. Not that foot, the other foot!

Kelly Olynyk – 19/6/2 with a 3 in 20 minutes. Here’s what I told you in the Draft Guide last week: 123. Kelly Olynyk – When he plays, he produces. And he should get minutes this year! So you do the math. I use a calculator! I suck in math. Hope you targeted him late. He’s gonna be on a lot of winning fantasy teams this year. I want you to win! I really do care. Sniff.

Drew Gooden – Started and dropped 18/5/1 with a 3 in 34 minutes. Can be largely ignored despite the line. Pay attention!

Norris Cole – 23/3/2 with 3 threes in 28 minutes. He also shot 9-15 FG. The kid was hot last night and is the starting PG. I’m still not losing Mario Chalmers though. Don’t you lose him. Mmm mmm.

Mike Scott – 20/4/1 with a 4 threes on 8-11 FG in 20 minutes. If you told me he will shoot 8-11 FG and hit 4 threes in just 20 minutes every night I’d recommend him. But he won’t so … Deep league grab only.

Andrew Wiggins – 6/3/1 with 2 steals and a three in 19 minutes. If he continues starting slow then go ahead and buy him low this month. The old buy low – sell high play!

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 7/7/3 with no steals and a three on 3-19 FG. At what p0int does it just get obnoxious that he keeps shooting? The sound of clank isn’t very appealing! Don’t fall in love with the minutes long term, Jody Meeks looms but you’ve got time.

Patrick Beverley – 7/2/2 with a steal and a three in 31 minutes. I avoided him in every league I’m in. He’s not exactly a stat sheet filler upperer. Or something like that.

Perry Jones – 3/3/0 in 31 minutes. I love the burn but once Jeremy Lamb and Reggie Jackson are back he could become a drop candidate if they decide to go smallish. Ride him for now and watch! Oh, it’s Perry Jones III. Can’t forget that part!

Nik Stauskas – 9/o/0 in 26 minutes. Terrible line but I like that he got 26 minutes of run. Keep your eye on him. Ben McLemore isn’t exactly James Harden.

Marcus Morris – 21/1/1 with a steal and 5 threes in 29 minutes. Here’s what I told you last week: 140. Marcus Morris – He’ll compete for minutes with P.J. Tucker and Gerald Green but could wind up being the best of the bunch. Most likely, he’ll have to be efficient because 30+ minutes of regular burn will be hard to come by unless he’s just soooo good. Once P.J. Tucker is back I do expect a minutes crunch but great start!

Jeremy Lin – 6/2/1 in 21 minutes but don’t forget when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he had 3 missed calls from Jeremy Lin.

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Top 180ish Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Ok, the free hecmanhoops Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide for 2014 is almost complete! You can click on the link for all the position and overall rankings with player blurbs. Now that we’ve got the Top 125 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014 taken care of, let’s move to the Top 180ish! I look at this next bunch and still see fantasy production. This part of your draft is pretty important since grabbing a guy getting burn and producing over a loser can make all the difference for fantasy glory. You’re still looking for guys getting burn here. After all, you can’t produce if you’re not on the floor! Ok, let’s get to the Top 180ish Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014, shall we?

126 . Avery Bradley – He’s aigght. A repeat of his numbers from last year would be just fine and dandy. You know, 13ish points, 4ish boards, a steal and a three per. Useful!

127. Andrew Bogut – I wouldn’t let his poor FT deter me from drafting him since he went to the line, um, once per last year. Once!  Maybe he smells or something.

128. Jarrett Jack – Combo minutes in Brooklyn. Yeah, baby! By the way, I’m writing this portion of the post around 5 minutes from the Barclay Center in a Starbucks. Just an FYI!

129. Enes Kanter – Close to 13/7 and a close to a block per would be nice. I don’t see him cracking 28, 29 mpg though.

130. Draymond Green – He’s a bit of a fantasy media darling this season but I’m not reaching for him. His game is fantasy friendly though! When he plays I mean.

131. Henry Sims – He’s a popular late grab and for good reason! Don’t forget Joel Embid looms though. Could be a great trade high candidate early on. Let’s see!

132. Spencer Hawes – He’ll need to produce without starter’s minutes. Can he? Maybe!

133. Ramon Sessions – When he plays he produces. Problem is he never gets long term burn with starter’s minutes. Sigh. That said, he’s in a pretty decent position to get 20-25 minutes of burn per so that makes him draftable late in 12 teamers and beyond.

134. C.J. Miles – He’s never sustained minutes when he’s had the opportunity and I can’t really see it starting now. Crazier things have happened though! Doubt it. You’ll get threes in a worst case scenario at least. Probably.

135. Tony Wroten – I could see him around 13/3/3 with 25ish mpg. If he’s getting north of 30 mpg consistently then 16/4/4 is likely. Unlikely!

136. Matt Barnes – Wow, he’s really crapped his bed this pre-season but, for me, that just means more draft value as he slides. It’s a loooong season, boys and girls.

137. Ersan Ilyasova – Just typing his name makes me feel a little ill. He can stop living off his big second half from 2011/12 now. Get over it! I can’t really see him doing better than his 11/6 averages of a year ago. Feel free to bump him up for his upside, name or because you think he’s handsome.

138. Marvin Williams – I look at Charlotte’s front court and see Al Jefferson, Noah Vonleh and and Marvin Williams! I see small window of opportunity here for Marvin. Hmmm. Don’t go cray cray though, he’s still Marvin Williams!

139. Wes Johnson – People are giving Draymond Green all sorts of love this pre-season but, hey, guess what? Wes also can get you over a steal, three and a block per. Just thought I’d mention it.

140. Marcus Morris – He’ll compete for minutes with P.J. Tucker and Gerald Green but could wind up being the best of the bunch. Most likely, he’ll have to be efficient because 30+ minutes of regular burn will be hard to come by unless he’s just soooo good.

141. Terrence Ross – I see improvements on his 11 ppg/3 rpg from a year ago. Modest improvements! Threes!

142. Gerald Green – Will have to produce at the three this season if he’s going to produce. It’s a bit crowded, y’all!

143. Gerald Henderson – He might be good for some low double digit points but I don’t see much help from him anywhere else. Probably best to pass unless you’re desperate. Oh, I will never be desperate. I’ve never had 8 bucks to buy 7 guys before or something like that. Gulp.

144. Courtney Lee – How many god damn years do we have to expect shit from Courtney Lee? He’s friggin’ Courtney Lee! IDK, man. He should get minutes at least so he’s worth keeping on your radar.

145. Doug McDermott – White guys can shoot! They can’t really jump though.

146. Miles Plumlee – Lack of front court depth helps his value tremendously. Hey, whatever works!

147. Vince Carter – I see old Vince still doing his thang, man. You know, a smattering of points and close to 2 threes per. What else did you expect? He’s ranked 36th! Feel free to drop him down into the low 40s and grab higher upside guys if you’d like. It’s not like I’m related to the guy or anything.

148. Chris Copeland – He’s had a nice pre-season and only really C.J. Miles stands between him and minutes. You know, the C.J. Miles who has never been able to sustain a starting job long term? Yes, that one. Like there is any other!

149. Wilson Chandler – Should start off ok but I’d move him if he does. In two shakes! Shake him off, shake him off. Like Taylor Swift!

150. P.J. Tucker – It’s going to be difficult for him to replicate those numbers from last year. 30 mpg and what not. Regression!

151. Randy Foye – He’ll get his usual combo minutes and have his moments. He’s Randy Foye, damn it! Don’t be fooled by his numbers and minutes per last year, that was opportunity knocking and the door seems closed … for now.

152. Anthony Bennett – Gimme his upside on a pretty poor team. Sounds like last year! No, really, he should do better this year. He couldn’t do any worse!

154. Timofey Mozgov – You could do worse at center toward the end of your draft.

155. Amar’e Stoudemire – That apostrophe is almost as annoying as his knees! Not quite as annoying though. He did manage to play in 65 games last year and averaged 12/5. Meh.

156. J.J. Hickson – Very risky pick with JaVale McGee also back and the rising star known as Kenneth Faried. He’ll probably split enough minutes to cock the blocks of Kenneth Faried. Similar joke as last year!

157. JaVale McGee – He’ll never get big minutes but can do some damage.

158. John Henson – He definitely has the ability to be much better than this ranking. That’s all I’m saying, man..

159. Marcus Smart – If you’re feeling adventurous I have no problem if you wanted to leap frog Smart ahead of more established guys like Collison and Nelson for the upside. He’ll have his chance to make a dent in November and if he plays well then the season bodes well for him to get minutes even when Rajon Rondo comes back. If he blows, well, then it’ll probably be a bit of a longer season for him. Insert sad face emoticon here.

160. Kevin Garnett– Oldie but goodie! Well, the former anyway. Feel free to drop him down below some or all of the younger guys just below here.

161. Julius Randle – Playing behind Carlos Boozer on a rebuilding team. I smell minutes on the horizon!

162. Rodney Hood – Not to be confused with his more famous sibling, Robin. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. He’ll be minutes challenged behind Gordon Hayward though. As if you didn’t know!

163. Jordan Hill – Hopefully, he doesn’t kill Julius Randle’s value.

164. Otto Porter – I like his upside and he’s having a great training camp. Now if Paul Pearce could just retire!

165. Rudy Gobert – Playing behind Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors but should see an uptick in burn this season.

166. Kyle O’QuinnChanning Frye will play a lot of PF so deeep league grab only.

167. Jason Thompson – He’s Jason Thompson! You know, 8ish and 7ish with close to a block per. Ho him. Not hum!

168. Marcus Thornton – Now in Boston he could do some damage with 20-25 minutes of burn. I could see him around there. Let’s see!

169. Perry Jones – Should have some value while Kevin Durant is out.

170. Corey Brewer – I think he’s proven he’s not a 30+ minute starter type. But! If utilized correctly he can produce in small doses for you. I’m talking about the coach utilizing him correctly, not you!

171. Evan Turner – I just can’t imagine Evan Turner as a Boston Celtic but I must! Can he do some damage with 25ish minutes of burn? I really don’t know. Outside of a smattering of points, probably not.

171. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – He’s having a nice training camp but whatevs.

172. Hollis Thompson – Everyone on the Sixers deserves consideration!

173. Noah Vonleh – Rookie alert! Gonna take time. Probably better for dynasty.

174. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Or KCP for short! Draft him and, if he gets off to a good start, move him before Jodie Meeks comes back from injury. !

175. Jodie Meeks – Even though he has a girl’s name I would recommend drafting him if you’re in need of the three ball. The man hits the three ball! When he’s not hurt I mean. (Out a few months)

176. Nick Young – He’s hurt but I can see him doing some damage on the second unit when he’s back.

177. Nik Stauskas – He’ll fight it out with Ben McLemore for burn. You’ll probably end up going down in flames though. This year anyway.

178. Brandon Bass – Low level boards. Ho hum.

179. Luis Scola – Can find value if David West gets hurt but I’m hoping Chris Copeland steals his thunder. And his lightening!

180. Carl Landry – Carl f’n Landry, man!

181. Reggie Evans – He might be the greatest rebounder in the history of the NBA.

There are more players worth drafting, if you don’t see him here just ask in the comments or hit me up on Twitter. I want you to win, I care! Sniff.

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Top 125 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Ok, now that we’ve got the Top 100 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014 taken care of, let’s move to the Top 125! I look at this next 25 and see a bunch of guys who can easily be ranked in the top 100. It’s all so subjective! The truth is, nobody is ever going to completely agree with any, um, expert’s rankings. But, that’s the beauty of it, you’re you and I’m me! We are all individuals and it’s ok! At least that’s what my mother told me when I got made fun of at school for wearing a bow tie. So painful. Anyway, off to the Top 125 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014! Wheeeeeee.

101. Jamal Crawford – He always seems to get his, doesn’t he? I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and predict he keeps getting!

102. J.J. Redick – For a white guy who went to Duke he’s doing pretty good! I mean well. No wonder why they didn’t accept me.

103. Tyson Chandler – Close to double double and a block. Tyson isn’t the most fun to own but, hey, somebody’s got to do the dirty work!

104. Patrick Beverely – Based on draft boards and given a choice between Patrick and say, Mario Chalmers, I’d rather go with Mario for where they will be drafted. Just saying!

105. Darren Collison – I’m not a big fan but the guy should get minutes in Sacramento. I’d rather see Ramon Sessions get all the minutes but that’s probably because I’m half hispanic and biased! In any event, I think Ramon is going to cut into DC’s minutes enough to make Collison an annoying guy to own.

106. Channing Frye – Possible knee issues but if he’s healthy, he’ll do what he do. Slang! You know, low double digit points a shit load of threes and, of course, poor FG out of the center spot. Hey, you gotta take the good with the bad!

107. Jameer Nelson – Jameer should see 27-30 mpg as Dallas’ starting point guard. Some nights he’ll see more but, for me, he’s not much more than a late round fill up that roster type with a “starter”. As a late grab, you could do worse though. Just ask Raymond Felton or Devin Harris!

108. Taj Gibson -Once again, he’ll be valuable off the bench and if Pau Gasol gets hurt (as if!), then you’ve got yourself a little stud muffin.

109. Omer Asik – He should average less than 10 points per game and maybe, just maybe, more than 10 boards per game. Note, I said maybe!

110. Gorgui Dieng – He’s the best Deng since Luol! Oh, wait. Blocks! Oh, and Nikola Pekovic isn’t exactly a pillar of health.

111. Rodney Stuckey – Speaking of Indiana. Rodney should do some damage with minutes but he’ll probably get banged up or something. Definitely worth drafting this year!

112. Eric Gordon – He played in 64 games last year which is like Damian Lillard playing in 100! Impossible!

113. Anderson Varejao – Fittingly, he’s ranked right next to Eric Gordon. Since 2010-11, he’s played in 31, 25, 25 and last year 65 games. He’s a buceta! Look it up

114. Alec Burks – I like him as a sleeper this year so keep your eye on him. Just one eye is sufficient. Maybe both eyes!

115. Danny Green – He only averaged a disappointing 24 mpg last year and, as a result, he turned out to be a major let down. Sooooo, I see value this year. ! It’s not like I didn’t predict it last year or anything. Oh, maybe I did! I did!

115. Dion Waiters – With Lebron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving on the same team, I’m not even sure Dion will be allowed to touch the ball. Dion, rebound the ball! I’m talking about the pre-game shoot around.

116. J.R. Smith – Could be a value pick coming off his somewhat disappointing season last year. You know how I feel about value! I hope you know how I feel about value anyway.

117. Manu Ginobili – Even in the playoffs last year he averaged just 25 mpg so I’d expect him to continue to average around 23-25 mpg this year again. He can still do some damage though! He’s fringe though for you at this point in his career. As if you didn’t know!

118. Josh McRoberts – Despite having a career year last year, let’s keep McBob’s numbers in perspective. He still averaged only 8.5 ppg/4.3 rpg/.6 bpg/.7 spg/.436/.729. His best attributes were the three ball and his 4+ dimes per. If he does similar this year, that would be great! He’s whitey challenged. Racist!

119. DeMarre Carroll – Percents. Check. Threes. Check. Boards. Check. Points. Ok. Steals. Check. Lots of checks and an Ok. Okay!

120. K.J. McDaniels – In case you haven’t noticed he plays for the Sixers. You know, the team that turned Evan Turner into the second coming of Allen Iverson last year. Then Evan was traded to Indiana and turned into a pumpkin. Sigh.

121. Andrea Bargnani – Saying he will stay healthy is like saying a bear doesn’t shit in the woods. It’s an impossibility! That said, he should produce when he’s on the floor in the triangle offense. Whenever that will be.

122. Nene Hilario – My wife and kids are Brazilian so I have to rank Nene. You know nene means baby in Portuguese, right? Well, you do now!

123. Kelly Olynyk – When he plays, he produces. And he should get minutes this year! So you do the math. I use a calculator! I suck in math.

124. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Sometimes I wonder if his name was something like Mike Smith, would he really still get all the hype he gets? Probably not! Still another one with decent counting stats to go along with, most likely, poor percents and playing time issues. Sigh.

125. Elfrid Payton – Because he’s so raw it’s hard for me to put a lot of fantasy faith in Elfrid at the moment so, for me, he’s definitely someone you want to target late but not reach for. The dreaded Luke Ridnour looms to cut into his minutes but also keep an eye on Evan Fournier. Evan could be a little sleeper in deep leagues I tells ya.

Next up: Top 150 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014

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Top 100 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Ok, now that we’ve got the Top 75 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014 in the books, let’s move to the Top 100! I look at this next 25 and see a lot of nice value. The middle and late rounds are where leagues are usually won and lost so pay attention! A reader asked me to put actual player blurbs instead of the links to the player blurbs so, like Lt. Aldo Raine once said to the Bear Jew, “Oblige him!” You have to say it with a southern accent. Ok, off we go to the Top 100 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014!

76. George Hill – His numbers last year, how can I say it … blew! Ok, they didn’t completely blow but underwhelming would not be an inappropriate description! I see value here based on what Indiana is running out there this year.

77. Larry Sanders – Peek a boo, value, I see you!

78. Nerlens Noel – He has more upside than other young power forwards like Markieff Morris and Terrence Jones but I’d like to see him stay healthy for a full year before I start automatically bumping him up. Gots to earn a little credit!

79. Nikola Pekovic – FG, points and boards won’t be the issue. Blocks and his health probably will be. You feeling lucky? Punk!

80. Arron Afflalo – In 2011 he averaged 15 points and 33 minutes per game in Denver. I could see similar.

81. Lance Stephenson – I don’t see him shooting .491 FG again especially if he shoots more threes and his FT is quite poor but purple is his color!

82. David West – I look at the Pacers’ roster and, outside of the great Chris Copeland (Sleeper alert!), there aren’t many scorers. Sooo, expect Mr. West to get back close to his 2012-13 levels (17/7). Assuming he can stay healthy! I think he’ll be ok.

83. Carlos Boozer – Think of him as like Zach Randolph light. Figuratively and literally!

84. Roy Hibbert – I’m seeing value on Roy this season. Value wins leagues!

85. Isaiah Thomas – IT2 will get enough run in that Phoenix backcourt to slightly annoy Dragic and Bledsoe owners but that’s life, man. Just don’t draft him based on his silly fantasy friendly numbers from last year!

86. Andrew Wiggins – He may struggle with percentages but should be an immediate fantasy contributor. He better be for Minnesota’s sake! (and maybe yours)

87. Tyreke Evans – He’s still kind of living off his amazing rookie year. If you’re old enough to remember his rookie year I mean.

88. Andre Iguodala – He took a career low 7.3 FGA last season and now he’s just become the dirty work guy. IDK, nice guy to have for the counting stats I guess.

89. Robin Lopez – fRoLo is probably a better gamble than BroLo but we’re such suckers for upside. Aren’t we?!

90. Paul Pierce – 14/5, a steal and a three and a half per sound about right for him. You know, sort of like last year!

91. Danilo Gallinari – I wouldn’t expect the production from 2012-13 when he averaged 16/5 and almost a steal and two threes per. Maybe a slow start could lead to a buy low situation. If you draft him, that means don’t sell him low if he gets off to a slow start. Reverse psychology!

92. Amir Johnson – For a guy who has never averaged more than 10.4 ppg and had one year averaging over 6.6 rpg (7.5 in 2012-13), he’s pretty hyped up. He is what he is, probably a 12ish/7ish guy with hopefully a 1.5 blocks per. I’ll pray for his cankles!

93. Mario Chalmers – I’m not gonna lie, Mario is one of my favorite sleepers this year. Help fill that void, Mario! That crevice is pretty fucken’ deep! Yeah, I cursed. Deal with it!

94. Reggie Jackson – I likes me some Reggie this year! He has a nice all around game except he doesn’t block. He’s short!

95. Jimmy Butler – He’s just a solid little player. Unspectacular. Hey, not everyone can be spectacular!

96. Bradley Beal – He’s already hurt but should be back by the end of November. I see value here but caveat emptor. He’s starting to get a rep as a bit of a poontang.

97. Trevor Ariza – I don’t know, Trevor hit fantasy lightening a year ago. Last year he shot .456 FG against a career .434. He shot .407 from three against a career .347. He shot .772 FT against a career .696. I can’t see him doing it again on a different team. Ergo, I see him being over drafted! Don’t be that guy who overdrafts him! You’ve been warned, son.

98. Joe Johnson – He’s actually lost some respect in fantasy media circles but I’m still showing Joe some love, man.

99. Kyle Korver – Kyle gets no respect because he’s white but draft him!

100. Kevin Martin – Here’s what I told you last year when I ranked him 17th best shooting guard: I know he seems kind of high but I’m willing to give him a second (third!) chance playing alongside Ricky Rubio who I would like to dry hump. The dry hump part is purely gratuitous!

Next up: Top 125 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 

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Top 75 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Ok, now that we’ve got the Top 50 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014 in the can, let’s move to the Top 75! I look at other, um, expert’s rankings and they are all so wildy different. It’s just a reminder that these rankings are very subjective. Sooo, go with your gut and, of course, feel the flow of your draft. It’s all about the flow, baby! Ok, ok, off we go to the Top 75 Overall for Fantasy Basketball for 2014!

51. DeAndre Jordan – If you don’t want to reach for Andre Drummond then DeAndre is a great fall back! Or is it fallback?

52. Rajon Rondo – Went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

53. Ricky Rubio – Went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

54. Eric Bledsoe – Went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

55. Tim Duncan – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

56. Wesley Matthews – Went over him in the Top 45ish Small Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

57. Jabari Parker -Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

58. Marcin Gortat– I had him is a sleeper last year. Go see for yourself! Heck, check out the whole list of predictions from that post last year. Most were right! Mmm hmmm.

58. Jared Sullinger – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

59. Josh Smith – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

60. Jeff Green – Went over him in the Top 45ish Small Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

61. Kenneth Faried – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

62. Tobias Harris -Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

63. Jonas Valanciunas – Continued progression. Double double and a block would be nice. Let’s see!

64. Zach Randolph – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

65. Luol Deng – Went over him in the Top 45ish Small Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

66. Ryan Anderson – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

67.Trey Burke – Went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

68. Michael Carter-Williams – Went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

69. Greg Monroe – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

70. Jeremy Lin – Went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

71. Markieff Morris – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

72. Jose Calderon – Went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

73. Brandon Knight – Went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

74. Brook Lopez – The talent is way higher than this ranking but injury concerns. Or maybe you didn’t notice?

75. Terrence Jones – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014.

Next up: Top 100 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014

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