Top 45ish Small Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Ok, ok, thus far we’ve covered the rankings for the Top 40ish Point GuardsTop 45ish Shooting Guards and the Top 50ish Power Forwards for fantasy basketball 2014. Today we’re going small, small forwards that is! I look at this group and I don’t think it aint so bad. Double negative! There are a bunch of guys middle to late who I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on and neither should you. Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Lebron James – I think he really went back to Cleveland because he couldn’t take people hating on him anymore for the way he left. His ego is too big!

2. James Harden – Went over him in the Top 45ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball.

3. Kevin Durant – 5 months of KD is still better than anyone on this list below him. And don’t forget, it’s not like you’re going to be plugging in zero stats until he comes back. Unless you’re in a super deep league. Then maybe.

4. Paul George – Went over him in the Top 45ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball

5. Carmelo Anthony – He had 21 FGA per last year and averaged 27.4 ppg. Anything less than a .450 FG and you’re really flirting with FG disaster … but I’m just quibbling!

6. Kawhi Leonard – There is nothing he can’t do. He’s actually Superman but walks around looking like a regular black guy. He’s that amazing!

7. Nicolas Batum – You wouldn’t really know it by looking at his numbers but Nic is a pretty damn boring player to own. He can bore me to death anytime!

8. Rudy Gay –For a guy who averaged 20/6 with around a block, three and a steal per last year, nobody seems to really show him much love. Fine, I’ll take him! You don’t have to twist my arm or anything.

9. Klay Thompson –  Went over him in the Top 45ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball.

10. Chandler Parsons – I wouldn’t mind owning some Chandler Parsons. Cat’s long out of the bag though so gots to pay!

11. Gordon Hayward – Very solid all around but watch that FG. You better watch it!

12. Josh Smith – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball.

13. DeMar DeRozan – Went over him in the Top 45ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball.

14. Jabari Parker – Ladies and germs, I present to you the 2014-15 NBA Rookie of the Year, said the guy who told you Michael Carter-Williams would win Rookie of the Year last year.

15. Tobias Harris – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball.

16. Luol Deng – To all the newbie Heat fans since 2010, go get your Luol Deng jersey over at! What are you waiting for?

17. Jeff Green – I’m a Jeff Green fan. I would like to own Jeff Green. I would not like to own his .412 FG from a year ago though so I’ve got a problem. I’m gambling he shoots better this year!

18. Andrew Wiggins – He may struggle with percentages but should be an immediate fantasy contributor. He better be for Minnesota’s sake! (and maybe yours)

19. Kyle Korver – Went over him in the Top 45ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball.

20. Tyreke Evans – Went over his ass in the Top 45ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball.

21. Andre Iguodala – He took a career low 7.3 FGA last season and now he’s just become the dirty work guy. IDK, nice guy to have for the counting stats I guess.

22. Paul Pierce – 14/5, a steal and a three and a half per sound about right for him. You know, sort of like last year!

23. J.R. Smith – Went over him in the Top 40ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball.

24. Danilo Gallinari – I wouldn’t expect the production from 2012-13 when he averaged 16/5 and almost a steal and two threes per. Maybe a slow start could lead to a buy low situation. If you draft him, that means don’t sell him low if he gets off to a slow start. Reverse psychology!

25. Trevor Ariza – I don’t know, Trevor hit fantasy lightening a year ago. Last year he shot .456 FG against a career .434. He shot .407 from three against a career .347. He shot .772 FT against a career .696. I can’t see him doing it again on a different team. Ergo, I see him being over drafted! Don’t be that guy who overdrafts him! You’ve been warned, son.

26. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Sometimes I wonder if his name was something like Mike Smith, would he really still get all the hype he gets? Probably not! Still another one with decent counting stats to go along with, most likely, poor percents and playing time issues. Sigh.

27. DeMarre Carroll – Percents. Check. Threes. Check. Boards. Check. Points. Ok. Steals. Check. Lots of checks and an Ok. Okay!

28. C.J. Miles – He’s never sustained minutes when he’s had the opportunity and I can’t really see it starting now. Crazier things have happened though! Doubt it. You’ll get threes in a worst case scenario at least. Probably.

29. Tony Wroten – I could see him around 13/3/3 with 25ish mpg. If he’s getting north of 30 mpg consistently then 16/4/4 is likely. Unlikely!

30. Matt Barnes – Wow, he’s really crapped his bed this pre-season but, for me, that just means more draft value as he slides. It’s a loooong season, boys and girls.

31. Marvin Williams – I look at Charlotte’s front court and see Al Jefferson, Noah Vonleh and and Marvin Williams! I see small window of opportunity here for Marvin. Hmmm. Don’t go cray cray though, he’s still Marvin Williams!

32. Wes Johnson – People are giving Draymond Green all sorts of love this pre-season but, hey, guess what? Wes also can get you over a steal, three and a block per. Just thought I’d mention it.

33. Marcus Morris – He’ll compete for minutes with P.J. Tucker and Gerald Green but could wind up being the best of the bunch. Most likely, he’ll have to be efficient because 30+ minutes of regular burn will be hard to come by unless he’s just soooo good.

34. Doug McDermott – White guys can shoot! They can’t really jump though.

35. Ersan Ilyasova – Went over him in the Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball.

36. Terrence Ross – I see improvements on his 11 ppg/3 rpg from a year ago. Modest improvements! Threes!

37. Gerald Green – Will have to produce at the three this season if he’s going to produce. It’s a bit crowded, y’all!

38. Vince Carter – I see old Vince still doing his thang, man. You know, a smattering of points and close to 2 threes per. What else did you expect? He’s ranked 36th! Feel free to drop him down into the low 40s and grab higher upside guys if you’d like. It’s not like I’m related to the guy or anything.

39. Rodney Hood – Not to be confused with his more famous sibling, Robin. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. He’ll be minutes challenged behind Gordon Hayward though. As if you didn’t know!

40. P.J. Tucker – It’s going to be difficult for him to replicate those numbers from last year. 30 mpg and what not. Regression!

41. Otto Porter – I like his upside and he’s having a great training camp. Now if Paul Pearce could just retire!

42. Wilson Chandler – Should start off ok but I’d move him if he does. In two shakes! Shake him off, shake him off. Like Taylor Swift!

43. Hollis Thompson – Everyone on the Sixers deserves consideration!

44. Corey Brewer – I think he’s proven he’s not a 30+ minute starter type. But! If utilized correctly he can produce in small doses for you. I’m talking about the coach utilizing him correctly, not you!

45. Evan Turner – I just can’t imagine Evan Turner as a Boston Celtic but I must! Can he do some damage with 25ish minutes of burn? I really don’t know. Outside of a smattering of points, probably not.

46. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – He’s having a nice training camp but whatevs.

47. Harrison Barnes – Burp.

Next up: Top somethin’ somethin’ Centers

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Top 50ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Now that we’ve got the 2014 rankings for the Top 40ish Point Guards and the Top 45ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball in the can, let’s move onto the big boys, the power forwards! I want to remind you that I try to list just players whose primary position is power forward on this ranking. The guys who primarily play center will be listed on the center ranking. Also, remember this list is subjective and to be used as a guide, not a hard and fast ranking. Go with your gut if you like someone who is lower than you see here. Aiggght!? Ok, off we go to the top 50ish power forwards for fantasy basketball 2014. Time’s short!

1. Anthony Davis – The only thing that could hold him back is his durability. He’s played in 64 and 67 games his first two seasons. I’d like 75 this year. He better get me at least 75 games this year!

2. Kevin Love – We know Chris Bosh’s numbers took a hit playing with Lebron James so it’s reasonable we can expect the same from Kevin. Just how much of a drop off? Only my Magic 8 Ball knows and he’s not giving interviews!

3. LaMarcus Aldridge – I see other, um, experts not as high on LA but that’s just being foolhardy! 20+/10+ with a block and steal a game And 82% FT? Yeah, baby, gonna get me some cold cuts today! Gimme some!

4. DeMarcus Cousins – His free throw attempts and percentage are almost identical to Blake Griffin’s but he’s got the edge in blocks and boards by that much. Imagine Get Smart saying it.

5. Chris Bosh – Where’s the weak point? WHERE IS IT!?

6. Serge Ibaka– Does everything you’d want out of a big man except steals. But you’ll live!

7. Dirk Nowitzki – Dirk assisted me to second place in a tough high stakes money league last season. Got a 4 figure pay out. My point is, Dirk is welcome back this year too! I do see a slight dip in his 21.7 ppg though.

8. Blake Griffin – I’ve seen other, um, experts rank him higher but, for me, he still doesn’t block enough to offset his poor FT. Yes, his FT is now up to 71%. That still blows, especially at 8+ FTA per. He’s still a beast though but I’m just saying.

9. Al JeffersonAl, DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin all have similar games. Poor FT. It’s like they are triplets or something! Except Blake Griffin is like mulato or something.

10. Paul Millsap – Paul oddly hit a three a game last year and I do expect a hit to his overall numbers with Al Horford now back in the lineup. I’m not really worried much about it though and you shouldn’t be either!

11. David Lee – David isn’t getting much love and I can kind of understand why. He’s less than a block, steal and three per game so he’ll need to be close to 20-10 with strong percents to really make his ADP worth while. In other words, he’s solid, but his upside is limited. If you want to bump him down a bit, I won’t cry or anything.

12. Derrick Favors – I was expecting more from Flava Favors last season but all in all I think he did well considering he only averaged 30 mpg. Consider him Cousins, Griffin, Jefferson light! You know bad FT and what not.

13. Thaddeus Young – I don’t see any reason why he can’t repeat his numbers from last year. He’s going from one building team to another so enjoy! Another one with poor FT. Sigh.

14. Pau Gasol – If you think Pau is going to stay healthy then feel free to bump him up to 11th on this list. And by healthy I mean 70+ games. It’s possible!

15. Tim Duncan – Timmy Tim Tim definitely exceeded expectations last year, shocked the hell out of me if you want to know the truth. That said, I can’t see him doing it again at that level. I dare you Timmy, I triple dog dare you, Timmy!

16. Jared Sullinger – I’d love to see him north of 30 mpg this year. Last year he averaged 27 mpg. The Celtics really need to let him play. Like the Bad News Bears! They better let him play more.

17. Greg Monroe – He doesn’t block and can’t hit free throws. Perhaps he’ll be moved during the season. Perhaps not!

18.. Josh Smith – It’s tempting to fall for the sexy counting stats but those percents are scaaareeee. .419 FG at 16 FGA per last year aint no joke!

19. Kenneth Faried – I’m seeing other, um, experts giving Faried a lot of love but let’s face it, his big season end was directly related to J.J. Hickson going down. This year J.J. will be back along with JaVale McGee. Not to mention Timofey Mozgov isn’t’ all that bad. There’s only one ball! He’s solid but I’m not reaching.

20. Tobias Harris – I loves me some Tobias Harris. In fact, I’d like to rank him even higher but my Magic 8 Ball talked me out of it. Post hype sleeper alert.

21. Zach Randolph – He has no neck! Points and boards machine. Blocks and steals? Meh, not so much. Like hardly any! Maybe a few steals.

22. Ryan Anderson – Man, Ryan was rolling last year before he went down for the count. If he’s healthy, he’ll definitely exceed this ranking.

23. Markieff Morris – One of my top candidates for a breakout season. He just needs to sustain his production. Can he do it? My Magic 8 Ball says … probably!

24. Terrence Jones – He’s another breakout candidate and should topple his averages of 12 points, 7 boards and 1.3 blocks per from a year ago. He better!

25. Nerlens Noel – He has more upside than Markieff Morris and Terrence Jones but I’d like to see him stay healthy for a full year before I start automatically bumping him up. Gots to earn a little credit!

26. David West – I look at the Pacers’ roster and, outside of the great Chris Copeland (Sleeper alert!), there aren’t many scorers. Sooo, expect Mr. West to get back close to his 2012-13 levels (17/7). Assuming he can stay healthy! I think he’ll be ok.

27. Carlos Boozer – Think of him as like Zach Randolph light. Figuratively and literally!

28. Amir Johnson – For a guy who has never averaged more than 10.4 ppg and had one year averaging over 6.6 rpg (7.5 in 2012-13), he’s pretty hyped up. He is what he is, probably a 12ish/7ish guy with hopefully a 1.5 blocks per. I’ll pray for his cankles!

29. Taj Gibson -Once again, he’ll be valuable off the bench and if Pau Gasol gets hurt (as if!), then you’ve got yourself a little stud muffin.

30. Josh McRoberts – Despite having a career year last year, let’s keep McBob’s numbers in perspective. He still averaged only 8.5 ppg/4.3 rpg/.6 bpg/.7 spg/.436/.729. His best attributes were the three ball and his 4+ dimes per. If he does similar this year, that would be great! He’s whitey challenged. Racist!

31. Andrea Bargnani – Saying he will stay healthy is like saying a bear doesn’t shit in the woods. It’s an impossibility! That said, he should produce when he’s on the floor in the triangle offense. Whenever that will be.

32. Nene Hilario – My kids are Brazilian so I have to rank Nene. You know nene means baby in Portuguese, right? Well, you do now!

33. Draymond Green – He’s a bit of a fantasy media darling this season but I’m not reaching for him. His game is fantasy friendly though! When he plays I mean.

34. Ersan Ilyasova – Just typing his name makes me feel a little ill. He can stop living off his big second half from 2011/12 now. Get over it! I can’t really see him doing better than his 11/6 averages of a year ago.

35. Anthony Bennett – Gimme his upside on a pretty poor team. Sounds like last year! No, really, he should do better this year. He couldn’t do any worse!

36. Amar’e Stoudemire – That apostrophe is almost as annoying as his knees! Not quite as annoying though. He did manage to play in 65 games last year and averaged 12/5. Meh.

37. Kevin Garnett– Oldie but goodie run! Well, the former anyway. Feel free to drop him down below some or all of the younger guys just below here.

38. Julius Randle – Playing behind Carlos Boozer on a rebuilding team. I smell minutes on the horizon!

39. Chris Copeland – I like him as a late sleeper. You can always lose him!

40. Kyle O’QuinnChanning Frye will play a lot of PF so deeep league grab only.

41. Noah Vonleh – Rookie alert! Gonna take time. Better for dynasty.

42. J.J. Hickson – Very risky pick with JaVale McGee also back and the rising star known as Kenneth Faried. He’ll probably split enough minutes to cock the blocks of Kenneth Faried. Similar joke as last year!

43. Jason Thompson – He’s Jason Thompson! You know, 8ish and 7ish with close to a block per. Ho him. Not hum!

44. Perry Jones – Should have some value while Kevin Durant is out.

45. John Henson – It’s pretty damn crowded in Milwaukee, man. Proceed with caution! Like you didn’t know that. He’s ranked low!

46. Patrick Patterson – He’s one sore Amir Johnson foot/ankle away from getting decent burn.

47. Jordan Hill – Hopefully, he doesn’t kill Randle’s value.

48. Brandon Bass – Low level boards. Ho hum.

49. Luis Scola – Can find value if David West gets hurt but I’m hoping Chris Copeland steals his thunder. And his lightening!

50. Carl Landry – Carl f’n Landry, man!

51. Reggie Evans – He might be the greatest rebounder in the history of the NBA.

Next up: Top 35ish Small Forwards

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Top 45ish Shooting Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014

With the rankings and projections for the Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014 in the books, let’s move onto the sharpshooters of the NBA, you know, the ones who like to mostly say, “Ole!” on defense, the Top 45ish Shooting Guards! Unlike the point guard position which is fairly deep, the shooting guard position, while a bit deep in numbers, is kind of meh in talent with time shares and what not toward the end of the list. After intense consultation with my My Magic 8 Ball, who moonlights as a crystal ball in Manhattan on weekends, here are the rankings. Player blurbs are all his!

1. Stephen Curry – I went over him in my Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball. Sorry to make you chase links but if you click it I’ll make like a quarter of a cent.

2. James Harden – You want to rank him number 1 I’m fine with that but I can’t see his numbers getting better but who knows. With that beard anything is possible!

3. Paul George – He’s fucking awesome. 

4. Kobe Bryant – Kobe is one of my favorite players of all time but that’s mostly because he can speak Italian. Ignore his numbers from last year. He’s back!

5. Monta Ellis – I loves me some Monta though I do expect his FG to take a slight dip from his .451 last year. That’s really the worst thing I can say about him!

6. Klay Thompson – I considered ranking Dwyane Wade here but ended up going with the guy who has only missed one game the past two seasons combined. Go figure! 

7. Dwyane Wade – He misses games, he has a poor FT, he doesn’t shoot threes and when he played last year he averaged a career low 32.9 mpg. Nice endorsement! In theory I do expect a slight uptick in minutes and numbers but I’m not reaching for him … in case you couldn’t guess.

8. DeMar DeRozan – While you generally want to get your threes out of this position, I’ll make an exception for DeMar. He was close to 1 three per last year anyway! (.81)

9. Victor Oladipo – I went over him in the Top 40ish Point Guards for 2014. If you’re queazy about this ranking then bump him down below Lance Stephenson. Wuss!

10. Wesley Matthews – The thing I love about Portland is all their starters play like 34+ minutes a game. They never come off the floor! His 2.5 threes per and 16 ppg also aint too shabby.

11. Arron Afflalo – In 2011 he averaged 15 points and 33 minutes per game in Denver. I could see similar.

12Lance Stephenson - I don’t see him shooting .491 FG again especially if he shoots more threes and his FT is quite poor but purple is his color!

13. Jimmy Butler – He’s just a solid little player. Unspectacular. Hey, not everyone can be spectacular!

14. Tyreke Evans – He’s still kind of living off his amazing rookie year. If you’re old enough to remember his rookie year I mean.

15.  Bradley Beal – He’s already hurt but should be back by the end of November. I see value here but caveat emptor. He’s starting to get a rep as a bit of a poontang.

16. Joe Johnson – He’s actually lost some respect in fantasy media circles but I’m still showing Joe some love, man.

17. Kyle Korver – Kyle gets no respect because he’s white but draft him!

18. Kevin Martin – Here’s what I told you last year when I ranked him 17th best shooting guard: I know he seems kind of high but I’m willing to give him a second (third!) chance playing alongside Ricky Rubio who I would like to dry hump. The dry hump part is purely gratuitous!

19. Jamal Crawford - He always seems to get his, doesn’t he? I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and predict he keeps getting!

20. J.J. Redick – For a white guy who went to Duke he’s doing pretty good! I mean well. No wonder why they didn’t accept me.

21. J.R. Smith – Could be a value pick coming off his somewhat disappointing season last year.

22. K.J. McDaniels – A run on initials! In case you haven’t noticed he plays for the Sixers. You know, the team that turned Evan Turner into the second coming of Allen Iverson last year. Then Evan was traded to Indiana and turned into a pumpkin. Sigh.

23. Rodney Stuckey – Speaking of Indiana. Rodney should do some damage with minutes but he’ll probably get banged up or something. Definitely worth drafting this year!

24. Eric Gordon – He played in 64 games last year which is like Damian Lillard playing in 100! Impossible!

25. Alec Burks – I like him as a sleeper this year so keep your eye on him. Just one eye is sufficient.

26. Danny Green – He only averaged a disappointing 24 mpg last year and, as a result, he turned out to be a major let down. Sooooo, I see value this year. !

27. Manu Ginobili – Even in the playoffs last year he averaged just 25 mpg so I’d expect him to continue to average around 23-25 mpg this year again. He can still do some damage though! He’s fringe though for you at this point in his career. As if you didn’t know!

28. Jarrett Jack – Combo minutes in Brooklyn. Yeah, baby! By the way, I’m writing this portion of the post around 5 minutes from the Barclay Center in a Starbucks. Just an FYI!

29. Dion Waiters – With Lebron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving on the same team, I’m not even sure Dion will be allowed to touch the ball. Dion, rebound the ball! I’m talking about the pre-game shoot around.

30. Gerald Henderson – He might be good for some low double digit points but I don’t see much help from him anywhere else. Probably best to pass unless you’re desperate. Oh, I will never be desperate. I’ve never had 8 bucks to buy 7 guys before or something like that. Gulp.

31. Courtney Lee - How many god damn years do we have to expect shit from Courtney Lee? He’s friggin’ Courtney Lee! IDK, man. He should get minutes at least so he’s worth keeping on your radar.

32. Avery Bradley - He’s aigght. Nothing special even with burn.

33. O.J. Mayo – I admit this is a pretty damn generous ranking but it says more about what’s behind him I suppose. Feel free to drop him a few spots if you feel like it. Your call!

34. Evan Turner – If he can get some run at the two at Avery Bradley’s expense and play a little bit at the three he can do just enough to not completely suck. Ringing endorsement!

35. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Or KCP for short! Draft him and, if he gets off to a good start, move him before Jodie Meeks comes back from injury. !

36. Jodie Meeks – Even though he has a girl’s name I would recommend drafting him if you’re in need of the three ball. The man hits the three ball! When he’s not hurt I mean. (Out a few months)

37. Nick Young – He’s hurt but I can see him doing some damage on the second unit when he’s back.

38. Nik Stauskas – He’ll fight it out with Ben McLemore for burn. You’ll probably end up going down in flames though. This year anyway.

39. Marco Belinelli – I really hate owning Spurs players.

40. Marcus Thornton –  Now in Boston he could do some damage with 20-25 minutes of burn. I could see him around there. Let’s see!

41. Ben McLemore - He was underwhelming last year and now has to contend for minutes with Nik Stauskas. Doesn’t seem very exciting to me! Upside is there though …

42. Jared Dudley – Might start at the three in Milwaukee but it’s crowded, y’all!  :(

43. Andre Roberson – Should get burn until Kevin Durant comes back. For whatever that’s worth! By the way, if I were to rank Reggie Jackson at SG, I’d probably throw him in the low 20s. Just an FYI in case you were wondering!

44. Elliot Williams – He’s on the Sixers and anyone on the Sixers is worth monitoring because they, um, suck? Sucky teams equal fantasy sleepers!

45. Tony Allen - Steal Tony, steal!

46. Thabo Shefolosha – The saddest part of my day is knowing how to spell Shefolosha without looking it up. Sigh.

Next up: Top 40ish Power Forwards for Fantasy Basketball

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Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Hey, how are ya, man? I was actually planning on getting around to this in September but, well, that didn’t happen. Life, you know how it is! Anyway, we’ll kick off the free 2014 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide with the Top 40ish Point Guards with comments but, for the time being, no projections because I don’t just give projections willy nilly you know! After that we’ll move to the Top 30ish Shooting Guards, then the Top 25ish Small Forwards, then the Top 30ish Power Forwards and, finally, the Top 25ish Centers. Then I’ll give you my Top 70ish Guards and Top 60ish Forwards. After that I’ll see if I can get you a Top 200ish Overall but, honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll have time so let’s see. Lots of ishes!

Moving to the point guard rankings, what I’m seeing up in here is some depth. I go down the list and say to myself, “Self, this list is pretty deep!” Of course, this ranking is subjective and to be used a guide and not a hard and fast ranking when drafting. For example, if you feel Patrick Beverely is better than George Hill then draft him first! Your team, man! Anyhoo, let’s get to the rankings, shall we?

1. Stephen Curry – Last year I ranked him second just behind Chris Paul because “I still can’t rank him number 1 based on injury history but you can if you want. Hey, it’s your team!”

2. Chris Paul – All I know is I owned CP3 in one H2H league last year and I really enjoyed it. He was even more fun than a cheap hooker!

3. Russell Westbrook – It’s hard to believe he’s just 25 or maybe it’s not. He does it all, he even turns it over a lot!

4. John Wall –  Here’s what I told you last year when I ranked him 6th best PG: He’s still lacking the threes to get to the next level so plan accordingly if he’s your number 1 PG. Well, last year he got to the next level averaging 1.3 threes per! His career FG% didn’t even suffer. Impressive!

5. Kyrie Irving – 51, 59, 71. Those are the number of games he’s played in since 2011 not to mention he hardly played his one season at Duke due to injury. If you feel he’s going to stay healthy then bump him up ahead of Wall. If you feel he’s going to continue to be a pussy then bump below Damian Lillard. Your call. I’m taking the easy way out!

6. Damian Lillard – I don’t believe he’s ever missed a game in his career so that means I just jinxed him! Anyway, for a guy who plays around 36-37 mpg, his TOV’s are impressive. Only 2.4 per last year. Not bad! His ranking is based on that awesome durability. I like durability.

7. Mike Conley – You might be thinking, “Oh, it’s just Mike Conley, ho hum.” And you might be right! I’ll let him ho hum me to the money any day!

8. Derrick Rose – Is he better than Mike Conley? Hellz to the yes, son. But it goes without saying that Derrick isn’t exactly a pillar of health. Personally, I’m passing on him unless he really slides and that’s probably not going to happen. 

9. Jeff Teague – Here’s what I told you last year when I ranked him 14th best PG: He’s not a sexy name but has a sexy game! I see him leaping a bit. Like a frog! Or something like that. He jumped! Ribbit.

10. Deron Williams – If you like names, then here you go. I got Deron Williams, yeah baby! Oh, wait. Anyway, I can see slight value here. Maybe.

11. Ty Lawson – He brings nice percents for a point guard which makes him attractive but he’s only played in 61, 73 and 62 games the last three years and that really concerns me, said Kyrie Irving. I could see some value here.

12. Kyle Lowry – Here’s what I told you last year: Kyle broke many a heart last year and like a cheated on girlfriend, I’m willing to give him one more chance because “I love him, Maury”. Value pick! Hey, if you listened to me last year and grabbed Goran Dragic and Lowry late, you probably did pretty good! (Well).

13. Goran Dragic – Here’s what I told you last year about Goran: Could be looking at a nice value pick here. I like value. This year, um, not so much. You gots to pay! Don’t reach, with Eric Bledsoe healthy and ball hog Isiaih Thomas on board to steal some minutes I expect some slight regression. He still aaigght though!

14. Jrue Holiday – Not that I’m down on Jrue but don’t forget that his one really big year in 2012-13 was on a pretty bad Philly team that also starred Spencer Hawes. Thee Spencer Hawes! He still solid though! Yo and what not.

15. Kemba Walker – He’ll bring you nice points, dimes, steals and threes. His FT is even solid! His TOVs are solid! His FG isn’t solid. Not solid, not solid, said Rainman. Rainman says there is a lot more good than bad so don’t be so  damn picky!

16. Brandon Jennings – If you can stomach his 39ish FG then I see slight value with Jennings this year. His numbers took a dip last year across the board (except for the dimes) and I think that’s his floor. He also has a gold tooth and everyone should have at least one player with a gold tooth and their fantasy team!

17. Tony Parker – Tony Parker’s shit doesn’t stink! Really, it’s true. He’s that good! An oldie but goodie. Here you’re trading off steals and threes for his percents. I know. Boring!

18. Victor Oladipo – A true rising fantasy star. Don’t look at his overall numbers from his rookie year when evaluating him. In the 44 games he started last year he averaged 35.5 mpg/14.7 ppg/4.5 apg/4.6 rpg/1.9 spg/.9 3pg/.5 bpg/.400 FG/.789 FT/3.4 TOV. Consider that his floor and he should easily exceed those numbers, health permitting. Keep an eye on that knee! Just one eye is sufficient. Maybe both eyes!

19. Rajon Rondo – Yeah, I know this ranking is a bit on the low side for the great Rajon Rondo but I thought to myself, how can I justify throwing Rondo so much higher than a guy like Ricky Rubio? I mean, aren’t they kind of similar players? If you value those elite dimes and want to take the short term hit in November then go ahead and bump him up. You so cray.

20. Ricky Rubio – At this point in his career, even though he’s still a youngin’, we pretty much know what we’re going to get. He’s not suddenly going to become a 14 ppg guy and his FG% is worse than a 7th grade girl’s hoops game. He’s tremendous for steals though! Oh, and his dimes are pretty good too, not elite but good at 8ish per. Oh, and discount his 80% FT while you’re at it since he only goes to the line around 3.5x per. He’s like a butter face. Nice body though!

21. Eric Bledsoe – Here’s what I said (warned!) about Eric last year: I see him being over drafted, I really do. I don’t know, maybe it’s me but I see position and size issues. If he was so good as a two then why didn’t he play regularly alongside CP3 last year? Hmmm. I’m not reaching but that’s just me. It’s all about me! It’s still about me. Listen to me! While I do like him, with his injury history and now with IT2 on board, I’m not reaching … again. He’s a fantasy media darling but I suggest you let the game come to you!

22. Trey Burke –  Poor steals and FG slightly diminish his value but would it surprise me if he can get to close to 1 spg and his FG over 40? Naw. I like his upside! Who doesn’t like upside?

23. Michael Carter-Williams – Here’s what I told you about MCW last year: Remember what Jrue Holiday did last year in Philly? Now MCW fills those shoes. Or at least he’ll have every opportunity to do so. His numbers are a bit hard to project because the kid turns the ball over more than 4 year olds playing a soccer game. Boom or bust, I’d love to have him late for the large upside. Oh, and I also correctly predicted he would win the NBA Rookie of the Year!  But it’s a new year, man and he’s probably not back before December 1 at this point. Grab and stash, y’all! If you want a sneaky pick in the meantime, take a look gander at Tony Wroten and in deeper leagues, Alexey Shved.

24. Jose Calderon – Don’t let his paltry 4.7 dimes per last year fool you. He’s closer to 7 in New York. Throw in solid percents and a three or two per and you’ve got yourself a nice play. Bueno!

25. Brandon Knight – Last year I told you to grab him while other, um, experts largely laughed and ignored him. Here were my exact words:  Let’s not forget that BK burger is still just 22 and outside of Luke Ridnour has little competition at point guard for the Buckaroos. Well, who’s laughing now!? Hope you listened to me and grabbed him late. That said, I see some regression this year. It’s a year to year thing! It’s called value picking, y’all. 

26. Isaiah Thomas – IT2 will get enough run in that Phoenix backcourt to slightly annoy Dragic and Bledsoe owners but that’s life, man. Just don’t draft him based on his silly fantasy friendly numbers from last year!

27. Jeremy Lin – I really wouldn’t let the specter of the ghost of Steve Nash prevent me from drafting Jeremy. In fact, Jeremy Lin can run as fast as the speed of light … backwards!

28. George Hill – His numbers last year, how can I say it … blew! Ok, they didn’t completely blow but underwhelming would not be an inappropriate description! I see value here based on what Indiana is running out there this year.

29. Mario Chalmers – I’m not gonna lie, Mario is one of my favorite sleepers this year. Help fill that void, Mario! That crevice is pretty fucken’ deep! Yeah, I cursed. Deal with it!

30. Reggie Jackson – I likes me some Reggie this year! He has a nice all around game except he doesn’t block. He’s short! 

31. Patrick Beverely – Based on draft boards and given a choice between Patrick and say, Mario Chalmers, I’d rather go with Mario for where they will be drafted. Just saying!

32. Darren Collison – I’m not a big fan but the guy should get minutes in Sacramento. I’d rather see Ramon Sessions get all the minutes but that’s probably because I’m half hispanic and biased! In any event, I think Ramon is going to cut into DC’s minutes enough to make Collison an annoying guy to own.

33. Jameer Nelson – Jameer should see 27-30 mpg as Dallas’ starting point guard. Some nights he’ll see more but, for me, he’s not much more than a late round fill up that roster type with a “starter”. As a late grab, you could do worse though. Just ask Raymond Felton or Devin Harris!

34. Marcus Smart – If you’re feeling adventurous I have no problem if you wanted to leap frog Smart ahead of more established guys like Collison and Nelson for the upside. He’ll have his chance to make a dent in November and if he plays well then the season bodes well for him to get minutes even when Rajon Rondo comes back. If he blows, well, then it’ll probably be a bit of a longer season for him. Insert sad face emoticon here.

35. Ramon Sessions – When he plays he produces. Problem is he never gets long term burn with starter’s minutes. Sigh. That said, he’s in a pretty decent position to get 20-25 minutes of burn per so that makes him draftable late in 12 teamers and beyond.

36. Elfrid Payton – Because he’s so raw it’s hard for me to put a lot of fantasy faith in Elfrid at the moment so, for me, he’s definitely someone you want to target late but not reach for. The dreaded Luke Ridnour looms to cut into his minutes but also keep an eye on Evan Fournier. Evan could be a little sleeper I tells ya.

37. Randy Foye – He’ll get his usual combo minutes and have his moments. He’s Randy Foye, damn it! Don’t be fooled by his numbers and minutes per last year, that was opportunity knocking and the door seems closed  for now. 

38. DJ Augustin – DJA is another one like Randy Foye whose minutes and stat line from last year isn’t going to be a repeat. So why is he on this list you ask? I really don’t know, man.

39. Raymond Felton – He’s nothing more than a hurt back up point guard at the moment but should see enough minutes to aggravate Jameer Nelson owners! Sigh.

40. Isiaah Cannon – Houston doesn’t really have much behind Patrick Beverley at the point so keep him on your list in deep leagues.

41. Steve Nash – Sadly, his fantasy career looks all but over. Just ranking him out of habit. Let’s call it an honorary ranking!

Next up: Top whatever number I decide Shooting Guards.

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A few NBA Rookies to Watch 2014!

Fantasy basketball doesn’t always come down to who has the best talent. It sometimes comes down to who has the opportunity. For rookies, it can be hard to break into the rotation, especially if the team has plenty of depth. For those on teams that are lacking talent, opportunity is everything. Rookies can step in immediately and get plenty of playing time. Plenty of playing time can translate to more shots, points, rebounds, assists and the chance to fill up the entire stat sheet. Here are five rookies who can make an impact on your fantasy basketball team starting on day one:

1.  Jabari Parker

The second overall pick in the draft was widely regarded as the most NBA-ready prospect. In his freshman season at Duke University, he received All-American honors and was a double-double machine. He showcased one of the best inside-outside games in recent memory and was a matchup nightmare on the wing. The six-foot-eight forward is on the Milwaukee Bucks and will instantly become their go-to scorer meaning there is plenty of opportunity. He will be a great source of points and rebounds and while he needs massive improvement on the defensive end, his offensive game is more than NBA-ready.

2.  Julius Randle

Randle will immediately play big minutes for the Los Angeles Lakers whose cupboard is pretty bare. Besides Kobe Bryant, they don’t have many options and Randle is a good scorer underneath. He has an NBA-ready body and can handle himself in the paint. He should be the second rookie off your draft board as he will provide you with a lift in the scoring and rebounding department.

3.  Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins has the most potential of this rookie class and that’s why Cleveland took him first overall. However, he was traded in the Kevin Love deal and will begin his career for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He will get plenty of opportunities with the T’Wolves. Wiggins is not the most polished prospect but has exceptional athleticism and is a very good defender. For a shooting guard, his six-foot-eight frame should grab plenty of rebounds and add some steals and blocks. If he can improve his shooting, in years to come he could become the total package in fantasy basketball.

4.  Doug McDermott

McDermott was the best player in college basketball last season. The four-year starter for Creighton University was a superb scorer, getting baskets in a variety of ways. He isn’t a great athlete though so scouts wondered if he would translate to the NBA game. He won’t be a star in this league, but he is one of the best shooters in the game. He is also on the Chicago Bulls and will be relied upon to knock down his fair share of three-pointers, giving him plenty of fantasy value.

5.  P.J. Hairston

Hairston had a whirlwind of a season last year. He was kicked off the University of North Carolina basketball team following offseason issues and left school to play in the D-League. He was dominant in the D-League and used his NBA-ready body to score. And he scored a lot. He has unlimited range and can get to the basket. On the Charlotte Hornets, he should play quite a bit and be relied on to carry the second unit. He can fill up the scoreboard in a hurry so if you need points and three-pointers, he’s a good bet to provide that.

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