Sloan’s revenge!

Somewhere Jerry Sloan must be laughing his ass off right now. You see, while Deron Williams was home relaxing, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and probably watching some show like The Price is Right, he suddenly was told to turn on ESPN. It was then that he found out that he was traded to one of the most glamorous and legendary organizations in the NBA … the New Jersey Nets! I wonder what went through Deron’s mind at that moment. Probably something like, “Holy @$%!, I was just kidding about Sloan, man. Can’t they take a joke?”  I’m sure Deron doesn’t want to hear this right now but Newark, New Jersey has several fine things on offer. For example, he will now have a fine view of the Manhattan skyline, he can meet Martin Brodeur if he so chooses, he can get some fine Brazilian food and he’s only about a 90 minute drive to Atlantic City. Does Utah have any of those things? I think not! Stay positive Deron. See, Newark isn’t that bad, man. Ha!

Anyhoo, now that D-Will and his well manicured beard have been banished to the perpetual Eastern Conference cellar dwelling Nyets, let’s take a quick look gander at the fantasy ramifications of the trade and what else I saw in the NBA last night:

Deron Williams – D-Will is a superstar and that won’t change in Newark. No change in value.

Devin Harris – D-Harris is not a superstar but you already knew that. That said, I would give his value a slight uptick now that he’s throwing the ball downlow to Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson. I gather his owners are pleased with this deal, I know I would be but then again I wouldn’t know since I don’t own him. Phew.

Derrick Favors – Let’s see, Flava Favors was starting in New Jersey and, for lack of a better word, stunk. Now he can stink on Utah’s bench. Hold him through tomorrow’s deadline then feel free to cut bait.

Marcus Thornton – Poor, poor Jermaine Tayler. I really thought Jermaine could make a fantasy impact sans Tyreke Evans but the Jesters just traded Carl Landry for Marcus. Me thinks you have to grab Marcus in all leagues right now in the event ‘Reke misses more than his original projected three weeks. MT can light it up and the Jesters need a lighter upperer.

Carl Landry – Carl averaged 26 mpg/11.9/4.8/1 for the Sacra-tomatoes this season but those minutes per were largely inconsistent thanks to Paul West-fall’s general cluelessness. Perhaps he can have similar numbers in similar minutes off the bench in New Orleans but I wouldn’t count on better so just assign him the same value as yesterday and monitor.

Josh Howard – Dropped 14/5/3 in 29 minutes while Rashard Lewis recovers from knee issues. I’m not sure if there are two good knees among the four between these two. Anyway, go ahead and grab Josh in deep leagues since he’ll probably be getting consistent 25 minute per game burn until he gets hurt again.

DJ Augustin – Produced 23/1/8 with 2 threes in 36 minutes. I’m sure his owners breathed a sigh of relief as the window of opportunity to buy low will close with each game he proves healthy. Better hurry along now and make an offer just in case there is still a crack to let the wind in. Wait, that totally came out wrong.

Aaron Brooks – Oh man, is this guy maddening. Last night he dropped 9/4/6 with 2 steals and a three in 28 minutes. Not a fabulous line by any means but productive and the minutes were encouraging. Maybe he gets moved, maybe he doesn’t. If he stays put, I think this is a line that would be considered quite good for him going forward. That’s just me, i’m just saying.

Tayshaun Prince – Vomited 1/1/3 with no steals, blocks and obviously no threes on 0 of 9 FG. Guess he ate too much of his mother’s cooking. You ever do that? It really can’t be good for you sometimes, makes you fat and shoot 0 for 9 FG.

Will Bynum – In 23 minutes he managed 14 shots and connected on 9 of them. On the season he’s averaging 6.2 shots in 18 mpg. Hmm, one of these doesn’t belong, can you guess which one before I finish this song? I can’t even sing.

Jason Thompson – Started at center and went 13/7/0 with no blocks in 32 minutes. He’s going to be up and down, hot and cold, yes and no, etc, etc, yada, yada, yada. Can you guess which night is which though? Mwaaaahaahh. Yeah, me neither, sigh.

Michael Beasley – Returned after missing 5 games with an ankle injury and dropped 21 points on 10-17 FG with 5 tovs. After the game he said his ankle only hurts when he tries for rebounds, assists, steals, threes and/or blocks.

Wesley Johnson – Started at shooting guard and dropped 14/8/3 with a three, steal and block in 38 minutes of burn. Martell Webster was iffy with a bad back and only saw 16 minutes of burn while Wayne Ellington saw only 19 minutes of run. This situation remains fluid but go ahead and give Wesley a whirl in deep leagues and consider grabbing him in standard leagues too if you have the room. Just don’t be surprised to see Martell and Wesley trading off on minutes if both are healthy. Grrr.

Tony Allen – Started at small forward and exploded for 26/8/2 with a steal in 31 minutes. He’s a must grab in all leagues and will continue to be a steals monger. Whatever that means. You know what I mean, right?

OJ Mayo – I don’t think the Memphis Presleys should sell OJ low but that would be a boon for his owners. Anyway, he dropped 21/3/1 with 2 threes and a steal. That’s what his owners were expecting all season. Pray for a trade but the Rudy Gay injury gives him new fantasy life in any event. Unless the Presleys trade for Jason Richardson I’d go ahead and play him in deep leagues. Oh and if Zach Randolph is moved, don’t forget to give Darrell Arthur a whirl in deep leagues even if they add Brandon Bass. Aiiggggghttt?

Ty Lawson – It’s really a shame Denver may keep Raymond Felton because Ty would otherwise elevate himself instantly into a top level fantasy point guard. Last night he exploded for 21/5/7 with 6 steals and a 3 in 39 minutes. Oh, what could have been. In any event, as I indicated yesterday, he will get an uptick in value since Ray Ray won’t be seeing similar minutes that Chauncey Billups had. Feel free to use Ty in standard sized leagues (12 teams) and beyond no matter what.

Glen Davis – 12/10/0 with 3 steals and a block in 26 minutes. Kendrick Perkins will miss at least 3 games with a strained MCL. I don’t know about you but that don’t sound no good to me. Go grab Big Baby and stick him in there quick, quick. Hey, a double negative equals a positive! I think.

Paul George - Mike Dunleavy is out indefinitely with a broken left thumb so the door is wide open for the fifth Beatle  to gobble up some more minutes. I would not hesitate to grab him right now. He could easily be George Paul and Xavier Henry could easily be Henry Xavier. How about ‘dem apples!?

Brandon Rush – See one quarter-inch above except Rush isn’t really a first name and Brandon really isn’t a last name. I mean Rush is a nickname like George “Rush” St. Pierre.

That’s all for today, good peoples. Remember to follow me on Twitter for new posts and other random thoughts. Peace out! 

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