Not Green with envy

Have you ever wondered why it’s green with envy? Why green? Who came up with that? Was it someone Irish? I mean nobody is a shade of green, right? There are shades of brown, shades of red and I’ve even seen shades of an orange tint but never green. I don’t know, another unsolved mystery of life, I guess. Anyhoo, Jeff Green entered the season as what I would call a silent assassin. You know, a solid fantasy player who always went a bit under the radar due to lack of “sexiness”. A year after averaging 37 mpg/15.1/6/1.6 with 1.3 steals, 1.3 threes and .9 blocks per, Jeff found himself on a lot of fantasy wish lists this past October but it was always with the “sssh” attitude, maybe he’ll slip. Despite high hopes and similar burn this year, Green’s production slightly regressed to 15.2/5.6/1.8 with 1.1 threes, .8 steals and only .4 blocks per. While these numbers are disappointing vis-a-vis his numbers last year and the lofty expectations entering this season, his owners would kill for them after he was traded yesterday to the Boston Celtics along with Nenad Krstic for Kendrick Perkins. Suddenly, Jeff finds himself backing up Paul Pierce and perhaps Kevin Garnett instead of playing alongside Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant for 37 minutes a night. Needless to say, opposing owners are not green, red or any other color with envy. Look for 26-30 mpg/11.5/4.5/1 with hopefully close to a steal and three per. That’s just me, I’m just saying.

Anyway, there were a ton of trades yesterday, here’s what else I saw in fantasy:

Winners (winners always go first):

Chase Budinger – The kid was hot last night as you know if you read my post yesterday, even Loverboy got into the act. With Shane Battier now traded to the Memphis Presleys, there is a big gaping hole at small forward for Houston. In 18 mpg Chase has averaged .419 FG/.824 FT/8.2/3.5/1.3 with a three and half a steal per. If he gets 30 minutes of burn a night, I see no reason why he can’t be 14/5/2.5 with 2 threes and a steal per. Go ahead and grab him but be ready to carry a poor FG if you do.. Hey, he could be money in the bank. See what I did there?

Terrence Williams – The time is now for T-Will to possibly show his wares. Or is that wears? I think it’s wares. Anyway, I identify him as a winner simply because an opportunity is possibly there for minutes. Stash him in deep leagues if you have room and monitor elsewhere. Remember the early bird gets the T-Will.

Gerald Henderson – Coach Silas said he expects to get G-Hen 30-35 minutes of burn nightly. Sounds good to me. Grab a Hendy! Um, that was a spin-off from yesterday’s Grab a Hiney post.

Boris Diaw – With Gerald Wallace now out of the picture, Boris should be in line for a bigger offensive workload. He’s probably owned in all leagues so this is just good news for his owners. You’re welcome, his owners.

Aaron Brooks – This is a big one for his owners. Vince Carter is in a dead tailspin and Aaron should be primed for big minutes which means lots of points and threes. If you kept the faith, good on ya! He should be grabbed in all leagues me thinks.

Troy Murphy – Let’s see where he ends up but it looks like he’ll be plying his craft, or is it trade, in Miami or Boston. Go ahead and scoop him up and give him a few games to see how he fits in. Obviously the Nets were just too good for Troy to crack their their rotation. Right?

Hasheem Thabeet – When I saw this guy play in college I have to admit I was shocked that he was going to go in the top 3 of the draft. I saw a big, slow, unathletic guy who I was certain would get eaten up by the big boys in the NBA. I haven’t seen anything yet that has proven me wrong and I don’t see him making a fantasy impact in Houston. I threw him on the winner’s list because his mother offered to buy me some double stuff Oreos and some milk and I’m a sucker for that.

James Harden – I was tempted to put him onto the no change in value list but after hours and hours of deep thought and meditation I determined that James and his beard are winners. I’d expect a slight uptick to about 12 points per game with maybe 2 threes and a steal per.

Glen Davis – Big Baby will certainly see an uptick in minutes and I’d consider grabbing him in standard sized leagues and beyond. He could be around 11/5 with a smattering of blocks. Come on, you think Shaquille O’Neal is going to play more than 22 minutes per even when he’s healthy? As if!

Losers :(

Nicolas Batum – Ze Frenchman is weak, ze Frenchman is soft, he even calls French fries, Freedom fries. Anyhoo, Nic got punked bad by the Gerald Wallace acquisition. I have to admit I was a big fan for his ability to fill up the box score in a very fantasy friendly way but them days be over, my brutha. Don’t cut bait just yet but if he isn’t getting 25+ minutes of burn consistently, go ahead and do the needful. No, I’m not Indian.

OJ Mayo – He’s still on Memphis and the Presleys added Shane Battier to boot. What does “to boot” even mean? All these weird English phrases. Anyway, it’s not looking so good for OJ to be very fantasy productive outside of deep leagues at this point. Cut for a hot free agent. OJ got squeezed!

Tony Allen – Tony Tony Tony got boned again! First, he lost his job to Sam Young for really no good reason then he starts a few games at small forward and plays well only to lose his job to Shane Battier. I’d still hold Tony for his steals potential in deep leagues and would probably cut bait in standard sized leagues after a game or two just to confirm his most likely new role. Bah humbug! By the way, does anyone pronounce Battier, Batty-er? That would be weird.

Rip Hamilton – Still on the Pistons and still wearing that ugly mask even when he sits on the bench. You see that?

Vince CarterThe Moons saw it in the stars that Vinsanity was nearing the end of the road so they brought in Aaron Brooks to fill the void. Me thinks Vince won’t be hoisting up 15+ shots per game on a regular basis anytime soon.

No change in value:

Kendrick Perkins – His role won’t change for the Durants. You can still expect boards and blocks out of Kenny when he’s healthy. However, like I said the other day, a strained MCL don’t sound no good to me. I’d consider selling him high once he’s back on the hardwood. I’m just saying.

Gerald Wallace – He’ll get big run in Portland just as he was in Charlotte.

Shane Battier – I honestly can’t see Shane producing more in Memphis than he did in Houston but he should continue to match his fantasy friendly stat lines. Stick with him and expect the usual host of threes and blocks with close to a steal per. Is it host? Did I use the word host in the right context? I’m not even sure, I’m just confused. Simon says yes. Who is Simon? Oh, nevermind.

Joel Przybilla – Why isn’t it Pryzbilla? Shouldn’t the Y come before the Z? I’m just saying. Anyway, blocks and some boards. Yep, same as before.

Goran DragicKyle Lowry is technically a winner but I can’t list like every guy or I’ll be here all night. You feel me, homey? Dragic is going from being a backup in Phoenix to being a backup in Houston. Without having to even take a logical reasoning course you can reasonably deduce that Goran’s value hasn’t changed much. By the way, I took a logical reasoning course in college and it made me dumber.

Nazr Mohammad – Was a backup in Charlotte and will now be a backup in Oklahoma City. I’m not going to get into the whole logical reasoning thing again. See one inch above. Thank you for your understanding.

Nenad Krstc – Shouldn’t there be an I in between the R and the S? I feel like someone in his family tree just got lazy and figured it all sounds the same anyway. Yes, I’m sure that’s what must have happened the more I think about it. Anyway, see Goran and Nazr blurbs for the logical reasoning joke and backup analysis, yada, yada, yada.

Well, that was one crazy-ass trade deadline, man! Good stuff. I’m out till Monday but remember to follow me on Twitter for new posts and other random thoughts. Peace out!

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