Was Franco baked?

Did anyone watch the Academy Awards a/k/a the Oscars last night? My wife likes to refer to it as her “Super Bowl” which always cracks me up. Instead of having a comedian host the awards, this year the Academy gave the nod to two actors, James Franco and Anne Hathaway. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure James Franco was totally baked the whole show. He had that silly grin on his face and that sparkle in his eyes that made you want to protect your pizza and chips. Am I right? Anyhoo, there were some highlights and some lowlights that I would like to share with you. First, the good stuff, how about that Kirk Douglas, man? The guy is like 94 years old and came out cracking joke after joke, he really stole the night. My only problem was the amount of botox his face had. I mean, does a 94 year old guy really need botox? He’s 94! I’m just saying. As for the bad, the lowlight had to be Gwyneth Paltrow attempting to sing country music live. First of all, why is she singing country music? I am no music coach but my ears do work. It was really pitchy, off tune and bad. Honestly, it was like watching a bad American Idol audition, singing just aint for her, dawg. On the bright side, she’s a helluv an actress which brings me to my next point … Have you noticed recently that actresses now calls themselves actors? It’s like they are offended if they are called an actress. News flash, ladies, an actress is the same thing as an actor, it just means you are female! Lighten up, girls, sheesh. Lastly, I have to note that I disagree with the best picture winner. I think the Social Network should have won over the King’s Speech and that, my friends, concludes the Hollywood entertainment portion of this post. Now let’s get to the important stuff, shall we? Here’s what I saw in fantasy hoops this weekend:

Grant Hill – Exploded for 34/9/4 with 4 threes, a steal, block and only 2 tovs in 44 minutes. Daaaamn, Sam! Anyhoo, me thinks you should sell Grant high after a game like this. Aaron Brooks will get backcourt minutes which means Vince Carter could push Grant for minutes at the 3 which means Grant won’t get as many minutes as he once was which brings us back to what I really meant to say which is you should sell Grant high. No, I don’t mean to be mean. It’s just a means to an end. Enough!

George Hill – Here’s what someone wrote on February 9: His true value lies if/when Tony Parker misses time but that hasn’t come to fruition. In the meantime, Hill’s owner’s must be frustrated with his lack of production. Such words never rang so true, who wrote that? Oh, wait, it was me. Nevermind. Anyway, guess who got hurt last night after 14 minutes of burn? And guess who dropped 14/2/3 with 2 threes and a steal in 36 minutes? If the other point guard is hurt then pick up their new point guard in all leagues. Why am I being so coy? I really have no idea, man.

DeJuan Blair – 8/5/1 with a steal and a block in 20 minutes. His reduction in minutes is directly correlated with Matt Bonner’s (14/3/0 with 4 threes, a steal and 2 blocks in 25 minutes) return to full health and condition. I’m just saying.

Tony Allen – As I noted Friday, give Tony Tony Tony a few games to confirm his new reduced roll then cut bait. Well, is 16 and 19 minutes of burn since the Shane Battier trade enough to confirm? I’m just confirming that you have confirmed. See, who looks out for you, man?

Hamed Haddadi – Did you know they speak Farsi in Iran? That’s true. It’s also true that Hamed is a large, large Iranian man. What is not true is he should be considered for pickup in anything but the deepest of leagues. I prefer Darrell Arthur if both are out there. That’s true.

Serge Ibaka – Dropped 6/13/1 with a steal and 2 blocks in 37 minutes yesterday. I told you last Wednesday and again on Friday that Kendrick Perkin’s strained MCL didn’t sound very good and my suspicions turned to reality over the weekend when it was announced his 3 game absence would be more like 3 weeks. Not really shocking if you read hecmanhoops. Toot toot! But enough about me, no, really, stop, it’s all for you, I want you to win!

James Harden – I identified Jimmy Beard as a winner in my post on Friday and this weekend he did nothing to dispel that he is, in fact, a winner. Yesterday he went 14/3/3 with 3 steals in 28 minutes after dropping 16/3/2 with 3 threes on Friday night. By the way, are there really any losers in the NBA? Even Jerome James and Eddy Curry are winners, man!

Nick Collison – Dropped 5/6/2 with a steal in 32 minutes on Sunday. On Friday he produced 8/2/1 with a block and a steal in 25 minutes. The Durants are a bit short up front at the moment so Nick should continue to see minutes. Does that mean you want him on your fantasy team? Um, not really. Ah, that’s just me being polite. The real answer is no!

Antawn Jamison – Fractured his left pinky but there will be no update on his injury until Tuesday. It’s a shame because ‘Tawn has been ballin’ since Anderson Varejao went down for the count. In 11 February games, he averaged 39.4 mpg/22.6/7.6/1.9 with 11 blocks, 13 steals and 22 threes. Those numbers aint no joke, yo! If he’s going to miss time, I’d say Semih Erden and Samardo Samuels in that order are guys you should keep a close eye on or just grab. I mean grab them in the nicest sense.

Lance Stephenson – Made his NBA debut and produced 2/1/2 in just 4 minutes. If you project that out to 36 minutes a game, that’s 18/9/18. Wow! Oh, nevermind.

Kevin Love – 37/23/1 with 3 threes and 2 steals. Ho hum.

Wesley Johnson – 17/7/3 with 4 threes, 4 steals and 2 blocks in 38 minutes.Yowzaaaaa! I remind you that Martell Webster is still dealing with back pain but Wesley should be grabbed in all leagues with 12 teams or more in the event he is able to hang onto the starting shooting guard position. Maybe he’s finding his groove. No, not Smoove, I said groove. Pay attention!

Roddy Beaubois – Roddy B had a miserable weekend which in turn made his owners miserable and that’s not nice. On Sunday he was 5/0/1 in 15 minutes and on Saturday he was 2/3/3 in 13 minutes. At this point, you can’t really expect more than 24-28 mpg going forward but he can do fantasy damage in that minutes range. Through 5 games he’s at 18 mpg/7.8/1/3.2 with 5 threes and 5 steals. Don’t forget, Roddy hasn’t had any traning camp and me thinks his numbers in this light are pretty darn good. If you own him, just stash him until he gets his minutes up. That’s just me, I’m just saying.

James Johnson – Outside of Chase Budinger, this kid is my favorite free agent pick up of the week. Since being acquired by the Raptors, he’s played 26, 28 and then 36 minutes. Yesterday, he produced a very fantasy friendly stat line of 8/7/7 with 2 steals and 2 blocks. I note Andrea Bargnani was out of the lineup but 30ish minutes per sounds reasonable going forward if he continues to play well. He was a D-League star and just seems to need an opportunity. Minutes, baby, minutes. Go grab him quick quick in standard sized leagues and beyond. By the way, I know I’ve said this before, but isn’t the name Raptors so 80’s?

Rudy Fernandez – Dropped 5/2/3 with 3 steals in 22 minutes. I identified Rudy as the obvious loser at the trade deadline and nothing has really changed. Barring injury, I just don’t see him getting enough run to make a fantasy difference in anything but very deep leagues. To just recap again, Gerald Wallace and Wesley Matthews will maintain their value. Nicolas Batum, ze Frenchman, takes a hit but if he’s at or over 25+ minutes per he should be useful.

Paul Millsap – Paul meet Devin Harris, slam!! On Saturday, he dropped 23/11/6 with 3 blocks. On Friday he dropped 23/18/2 with 2 blocks. In 11 February games, he averaged 19.4/9/2.4 with 12 blocks and 12 steals on .551 FG. It doesn’t look like the point guard change will hurt him in any way so continue to use Pauly as elite forward going, um, forward.

Derrick Favors – Monitor Flava Favors in deep leagues but I can’t see him holding any real value this season. With apologies to his mother, of course.

Jason Thompson – Another hot pickup due to the departure of Carl Landry. On Saturday he managed no rebounds and 5 assists in 21 minutes before turning his ankle and leaving for good. I haven’t heard anything on the injury so I’m assuming it’s just a day to day thing. Then again Anderson Varejao was a day to day thing too until BAM, he was out for the year. Grrr. Anyhoo, if he’s healthy, I like him for immediate pick up in standard sized leagues and beyond.

Marcus Thornton – Dropped 15/2/3 with a steal in 29 minutes as the Jesters got blown out of the water by the Memphis Presleys. Go grab him in standard sized leagues for the scoring potential. Sure he was -27 on Saturday night but DeMarcus Cousins was -34 so he wasn’t even the worst on the team. Ha!

Jermaine Taylor – Remember my post a few weeks ago called “Remember the other Willie Green“? Well, there’s another Jermaine Taylor, too. You know him, the boxer, except he doesn’t use an E at the end of Jermain. I don’t know, I think the E is reasonable, don’t you? Anyway, I’d consider grabbing JermainE in deep leagues and continue to monitor in standard sized leagues in case Marcus Thornton falls out of favor for defenses lapses.

That’s all for today, good peoples. Remember to follow me on Twitter for new posts and other random thoughts. Peace out! 

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