Top 20 Small Forwards for 2011 Fantasy Hoops

Ok, ok, thus far we’ve learned about the Top 20 Point Guards, the Top 20 Shooting Guards and the Top 20 Power Forwards for 2011 fantasy hoops. Today we’re going small, small forwards that is! Today I give you the Top 20 Small Forwards for 2011. Actually, I should really say 2011/12 but I’ve got the lazies. Here in small forward land you’ll find the top two kings of fantasy. If you land either of them, you’ll be a very happy camper. Unless you’re camping in the winter in which case you’ll be a very cold but still possibly happy camper. Be forewarned though, you get into the teens on this list and it’s timmbberrrrrrrrrrrrr. Look out for your tent!

1. Kevin Durant – 28 ppg. hecman drools. 88% FT 8+ attempts per game. hecman drools some more. Almost 2 threes per game. hecman drools some more. Damn my shirt is all wet now. Fn Durant.
Projections: 28.5 ppg/7 rpg/2.7 apg/.470/.880/1.2 spg/120 3s/65 blk/3 tov

2. Lebron James – The main amigo of the three amigos played a hefty 38.8 minutes per game last year and gave away some shots to his brethren Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh so his days of scoring 30+ per are probably over. His 3s also dipped but his FG rose for the 4th consecutive season. Now that he’s had a year to settle in Miami, I think he’ll be better than last year, for what it’s worth.
Projections: 27.5 ppg/7.5 rpg/7 apg/.505/.765/1.6 spg/80 3s/40 blk/3.5 tov

3. Carmelo Anthony – Melo now plays for the Moustache Man and that’s definitely a great thing for his fantasy prospects. Like you needed me to tell you that, you astute fantasy player you. However, looking at his Denver/NY splits, Melo averaged about the same number of FG attempts (19ish), went to the line 1.3 times less in New York and hoisted 2.1 more threes per game (4.6!) in the Madison Round Garden. Yes, Madison Square Garden is actually  round, I swear, it’s definitely not square. Trust me, I know. Now you know, too. You’re welcome.
Projections: 26.5 ppg/6.5 rpg/3 apg/.455/.825/1.1 spg/115 3s/35 blk/2.7 tov

4. Rudy Gay – Quick pop quiz. Other than Kevin Durant who was the only player to average more than 1 block, 1 steal, and 1 three per game last season? If you get this wrong I’m going to be seriously pissed. Don’t say Andre Iguodala or Danny Granger man, don’t say it. Don’t even say Gerald Wallace either. I will let you think about the answer a bit. I’m a patient man.
Projections: 19 ppg/6 rpg/3 apg/.465/.785/1.5 spg/75 3s/70 blk/2.5 tov

5. Danny Granger – Danny isn’t the most durable man despite playing in 79 games last year. The two prior years he appeared in 62 and 67. Basically, he’s hit or miss on the health front. Sorry, I know that doesn’t help much. Anyhoo! I do have a problem with his FG% which is historically low mainly due to his insistence on hoisting 3 ball after 3 ball. He’s a nice player but I’m not reaching for him. Heck, I may not even lean over for him.  I mean for where he’ll probably be drafted, of course.
Projections: 20 ppg/5.2 rpg/2.5 apg/.435/850/1.1 spg/120 3s/60 blk/3 tov

6. Andre Iguodala – Iggy played 3 straight seasons of 82 games before playing in only 67 games last year due to an injured achilles. You can say it was his Achilles heel, doh! Ugh. Much like David Lee, I expect Iggy to slightly slide but not too far, it’s not like a mud slide or anything.
Projections: 16 ppg/6 rpg/5 apg/.455/.720/1.5 spg/66 3s/35 blk/2.5 tov

7. Paul Pierce – You really can’t go wrong with Double P. He’s going to give you solid percents, solid points, reasonable boards, a steal a game, a bunch of 3s and he’ll even block the ball here and there and there, but not over there. Looking at his minutes log, I noticed for you that he’s averaged about 3 less minutes per over the past two seasons from 37.5 prior to 34.5. That’s just an FYI. It’s all about you, I want you to win!
Projections: 18 ppg/5.5 rpg/3.3 apg/.480/.850/1 spg/100 3s/33 blk/2.2 tov

8. Gerald Wallace – The numbers aren’t the problem for Crash, it’s his ability to stay healthy which makes me a tad bit wary. In short, he misses games and he will certainly miss games in this sprint season. It’s not like he misses half the season games, he misses just enough to make you go, grrrrrr.
Projections: 16 ppg/7.5 rpg/2.5 apg/.485/.770/1.5 spg/70 3s/60 blk/2.2 tov

9. Dorrell Wright – Here’s a hecman special strategy tip for you: When looking for sleepers, look for them on bad teams where opportunity is most likely to present itself. Simple, straight forward common sense strategy. Scour dem bad teams man, I’m serious, you better do it. You can also read hecmanhoops and I’ll do it for you during the season. It’s all good. Anyway, Dorrell came out of nowhere last year because opportunity knocked. He opened the door and said, “Hello, opportunity, you’re a lot shorter than I expected but glad to meet you anyway, shall we dance?”. I imagine that’s what the conversation went like, I’m not sure, I wasn’t actually there.
Projections: 16 ppg/5 rpg/3 apg/.430/.790/1.5 spg/140 3s/50 blk/2.0 tov

10. Luol Deng – Mr. Deng played all 82 games for the first time since 06/07 and averaged 39.1 mpg. That’s a lot of minutes to accumulate stats. It’s like a guy in baseball who gets 700 plate appearances, at some point just the sheer volume of at bats is going to lead to him doing something. Maybe you sense I’m being negative here and my mother is very negative, she’s Italian, she’s negative, it’s just like that so I have a built in excuse if I really am being negative here. Anyway, a healthy Rose, Boozer, Noah and now a scoring shooting guard in Rip Hamilton lead me to believe Luol may see a slight regression in his stats. Sorry to disappoint but, hey, he’s still decent. Keep your chin up.
Projections: 16/5.5/2.8/.460/.765/1 spg/80 3s/35 blk/2 tov

11. Danilo Gallinari – Did you know that gallo means rooster in Italian? That’s how Galo got his nickname. Now you know. You’re welcome. Listen, I’m a fan and it has nothing to do with my aforementioned Italian mother. Actually, maybe it does but I don’t realize it. That’s what we call an “inherent” bias. But thinking about it if I realize I have an inherent bias, is it still really inherent? Hmmm. Yes! Anyhoo, watch the Rooster fly this year. No really, this rooster can fly.
Projections: 17 ppg/5.5 rpg/2 apg/.430/.86o/1 spg/120 3s/35 blk/ 2 tov

12. Michael Beasley – Beasley started off hot last year through December then slowly, slowly faded to the point where he was really an after thought by the end of the season. He returned to form a bit in 7 April games but the stench in his owner’s mouth by then was somewhat strong and even a two minute rinsing of Listerine couldn’t remove it. There’s an old saying, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. “Here” is New York. Come on BEasy, you’re not even in New York, you’re in Minnesota on a pretty mediocre squad. I’m really not asking for much here, homes.
Projections: 17 ppg/5.5 rpg/2.2 apg/.450/.770/.9 spg/50 3s/40 blk/2.7 tov

13. Hedu Turkoglu -His real first name is Hidayet which kind of sounds like idiot. I’m sure his mother back home in Turkey has no clue so it’s all good.
Projections: 12 ppg/4.5 rpg/5 apg/.435/.775/.9 spg/90 3s/30 blk/1.8 tov

14. Omri Casspi – He definitely had some nice moments last year when he got minutes but Paul West-fall juggled the lineup so much in Sacratomato that nobody knew if they were coming or going. He’s a nice sleeper this year. Remember the mantra: Opportunity knocks on bad teams and the 5 Non-Lebrons are, um, bad. If you want this season’s pre-season Dorrell Wright type breakout prediction at small forward it’s Omri. Shalom!
Projections: 14.5 ppg/5.8 rpg/2.5 apg/.440/.680/1 spg/115 3s/15 blk/2 tov

15. C.J. Miles – Me likey some C.J. Miles this season. He should be starting at small forward and has very nice upside. Opportunity is knocking. To give you an idea of what C.J. could do with 30+ minutes a game, I took the liberty of looking at his game log from last year for you. In 14 March games he averaged 30.1 mpg and posted 17.1 ppg/4.1 rpg/2.1 apg/.425/.842/.9 spg/1.6 3s/.3 blk/1.5 tov. You’re welcome. The lengths I go to for you.
Projections: 15 ppg/4.5 rpg/2.5 apg/.430/.830/1 spg/95 3s/20 blk/1.7 tov

16. Corey Maggette – If he’s healthy, he’s definitely better than this rank or he can end up ranked like 40th because he hurt his nose hair and missed 4 weeks. Are you feeling lucky?
Projections: 18.5 ppg/5.5 rpg/2.5 apg/.460/.830/.7 spg/35 3s/5 blk/2.5 tov

17. Nicolas Batum – His talent and age means the arrow is pointing up but I have to hold my metaphorical horses. I really don’t have any horses so it’s metaphorical. However, if i really did have horses I probably wouldn’t hold them anyway. It’s really just a figure of speech. Bay-toom doesn’t have a starting gig but should be Portland’s 6th man and when Crash inevitably misses a few games, Nic should get some spot starts. He’ll also get run when/if Portland goes small or is it if/when? Anyway, he averaged 31 mpg last year so let’s hope he hits that. We’ll see, yeah we will.
Projections: 12.5 ppg/4.5 rpg/1.5 apg/.460/.840/1 spg/95 3s/35 blk/1.5 tov

18. Trevor Ariza – Trevor never met a three he didn’t like. The problem is threes don’t like him! If you’re real desperate for steals, a smattering of boards, an assist or three and a slightly more than a 3 per game late in your draft or auction then Trevor is your man. Just move him along quick quick if he gets off to a hot start. You’ve been warned!
Projections: 11 ppg/5 rpg/2.5 apg/.400/.700/1.6 spg/75 3s/25 blk/2 tov

19. Carlos Delfino – I’ve somehow taken a shine to Carlos Del-fine-O, I’m not sure why, I mean his FG% is in the crapper and he’s an Argentine and my allegiance lies with Brazil, or Brasil if you’re a native but you’re probably not so we’ll just call it Brazil. Any the hoo, he will definitely give you a smattering of points, steals and 3s and he could probably even point you in the direction of a good steakhouse in Milwaukee. I’m willing to bet on it.
Projections: 12 ppg/4.2 rpg/2.5 apg/.405/.790/1.5 spg/110 3s/12 blk/1.5 tov

20. Andrei Kirilenko – I could have easily mentioned how Kirilenko’s wife let’s him sleep with other woman but I won’t go there, old news. What I do want to talk about is how I googled Andre Kirilenko and strangely enough it auto completed “Andrei Kirilenko back tattoo”. Are people seriously interested in that? Damn, strange. Anyway, let’s assume AK47 lands in New Jersey with the Nyets. When the Nyets move to Brooklyn next year AK47 can be known as the Brighton Beach Bomber not to be confused with the Unibomber he of the hoody and the manifesto. Hey, people are interested in his tattoo so I figure I’m definitely allowed to somehow work the Unibomber into this blurb. I thought it flowed well. Anywayx2, he’s a tweak away from getting that tattoo massaged in Chinatown (see I worked in the wife thing anyway!) and missing games. In reverse order from last year, here are his games played the last 6 years: 64, 58, 67, 72, 70, 69. Yep, good luck, amigo. (I would have said friend in Russian but I don’t know the word, sorry)
Projections: 11.5 ppg/5 rpg/3 apg/.460/.760/1.2 spg/35 3s/65 blk/2 tov

Next up: Centers

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