And so it begins …

Pre-season drafts and auctions are complete. You’ve done your homework, drafted your team and now your players dance in your head as you lay your pretty head down to sleep at night. The chase for fantasy championship glory has commenced! You will spend the next 4 months staring incessantly at StatTracker if you’re in a Yahoo! league or similar from CBS or ESPN. Your eyes will be blurry as you wait for your point guard to record an assist, your center to block the ball and one of your perimeter players to drain a 3. You want instant gratification! Your personal relationships will be tested at night, your work will suffer as you troll the free agent wire day after day. You are a fantasy basketball team owner! You’re in bliss, enjoy the season. Let’s get started with Daily Fantasy Player Notes, shall we?  Here’s what I saw on day 1 of the NBA fantasy season:

Rajon Rondo – Rajon woke up on Christmas morning and decided to reward his peeps with a monster fantasy day. 31/5/13 with 5 steals aint no joke, yo! A couple of things to remember though, boys and girls. First, of course Paul Pierce sat out. Second, there are two teams that most every player will have their best statistical games against this season: Golden State and the Moustache Men. My pre-season projections had Rajon at 12.5 ppg and that still seems about right.

Paul Pierce – Day to day with a bad heel. In his absence, Sasha Pavlovic started but only saw 15 minutes of run while Marquis Daniels posted 4/6/5 with a steal and block in 30 minutes. Marquis is the guy you want in the event The Truth were to miss any significant time but the truth is you probably still don’t want him. See what I did there?

Iman Shumpert – Out 2 to 4 weeks with a sprained MCL not to be confused with an LED or an LCD which are actually types of flat screen televisions. At the time of his injury he was getting minutes  ahead of Landry Fields but now Fields should be set for 30+ minutes a night until further notice. If Landry is still available in your shallow league, consider grabbing him, quick, quick. I’ll even wait while you scan your waiver wire, go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back.

Landry Fields – Posted 7/2/3 with a 2 steals in 34 minutes of run. A bit disappointing considering the run but you already know the good news, arrow pointing up for young Landry. Yahoo! (the exclamation, not the website)

Shane Battier – Returned from a quad injury and played just 4 minutes. 0/o/0 with no steals or blocks. Keep him benched or feel free to drop him for a hot free agent in 14 team leagues or less.

Lamar Odom – 4/4/1 with a steal in 13 minutes before being ejected with two technical fouls. His wife tweeted asking why Lamar got kicked out of the game. The wife is always the last to know. Typical.

Richard Hamilton – 6/2/3 with 2 threes in 23 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ronnie Brewer played 25 minutes and is considered a better defensive player. I still expect Rip to be 30+ minutes but this situation bears worth watching. Or is it bares? Hmmm.

Carlos Boozer – Booz-her posted 15/6/2 with a steal and a block in 33 minutes. I warned you pre-season to be ready for some putrid rebounding games and while 6 boards isn’t totally pathetic, it has to be considered disappointing. I’m not a big fan as long as Son of Yannick is healthy.

Josh McRoberts – McBob started and posted a sort of useful line of 6/8/2 with 2 blocks in 35 minutes.  He’s got 3 more games in which he’ll start before Andrew Bynum comes back so ride him while he’s, um, luke warm.

Devin Ebanks – Despite being announced as the starter, Devin only saw 23 minutes of hardwood and posted 8/1/2 with no threes, steals or blocks. He’s just got too much competition to be useful in anything but 20+ teams leagues at the moment.  Oh, since we’re at it, I won’t waste a full blurb on Metta World Peace so ditto for him.

Troy Murphy – Posted 7/8/1 with a block in 23 minutes. Here’s the thing about Murphy. When he was a good fantasy player, his real life team was bad. Now that Murphy is on a team that is expected to win, he’s not a good fantasy player anymore. Ironic!

Ryan Anderson – Dropped the most surprising line of the day by going 25/10/2 with 2 steals and a whopping 6 threes. My pre-season intel had Glenn Davis starting but that rasky Stan Van Gundy chose last minute to start Anderson at power forward. Obviously, Ryan is an immediate add if by some miracle he’s still available in your sleepy league but doubtful. That said, I expect Davis to have his moments too so keep your expectations for Anderson in check. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the word “rasky” means, don’t worry, so am I? Maybe I meant to type rascally. Yes!

Jason Richardson – 2/3/2 on 1-10 FG. Merry Christmas! Burp.

Serge Ibaka – The antithesis of Ryan Anderson as he dropped the most surprising line of the day but in the not so good way. 0/6/4 with 2 blocks in 23 minutes. It happens, if he has another couple of games with low minutes, then it behooves me to behoove you to go ahead and try to pounce on him. You’ve been behooved!

DeAndre Jordan – 6/5/0 with a whopping 8 swats. That’s the good news. The bad news is a putrid, putrid 4-12 FT. I took the liberty of checking his per game FT attempts last season as a starter for you: 2.8 attempts per game. If he goes to the line 4 times per game and goes 2-4, you can live with his FT but if he starts to go to the line 6, 7+ times at less than .500, you’ll have to start thinking seriously about your free throw percentage team. Remember, DeAndre is basically a two category player. You’re welcome.

Caron Butler – Dropped 11/10/4 with 3 steals and a three in 36 minutes. Nobody talked about Caron in pre-season and he’s cool with that. I mean I didn’t talk to him about it or anything but I’m sure he was cool with it anyway. While Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan garner all the fantasy headlines, Caron is going to silently have a very nice season if he stays healthy.

Dorrell Wright – 8/9/1 with 1 three in 31 minutes. It’s one game, it’s one game! Come back off the ledge, man. It’ll be ok.

Andris Bierdrins – 10/8/0 with 3 blocks. Last night Twitterland was all aflutter over Andris’ line and I thought, are you kidding me? Come on, chillax. Don’t go dropping anyone half decent for Bierdrins and his .160 FT in 09/10 and .323 FT in 10/11.

Brandon Rush – Dropped 12/3/0 with two threes and a steal in 28 minutes. He’s an interesting deep league pickup because he can play some 2 and some 3. If I’m sitting with Stephen Curry and have room to stash Rush, I’d strongly consider it. Keep your eye on him, y’all.

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