FlavaFavors aint my taste

Ever hear of Al Jefferson? How about a guy named Paul Milsap? These guys are also known as the 35 minute per game guys no matter how much you may read Derek Favors is the “starter” over Milsap. By now Favors has been snatched up in even your grandmother’s 4 team league. It used to be an 8 team league but, well, nevermind. Anyway, here’s the deal, good peoples, FlavaFavors isn’t really all that just yet, he’s a raw talent and last night, despite starting, he played 19 minutes and dropped 8/6/0 with nothing else. The optimist in you will say, hey prorate those numbers to 36 minutes and you have 15/11. The pessimist in me says FlavaFavors isn’t going to see anywhere near 30+ minutes a night as long as the big boys are both healthy.  In 10 team leagues, he’s not startable, in 12 team leagues, he’s startable if your desperate but you’ll be looking to upgrade. In 14 team leagues, ditto. Go ahead and hold him for now to be sure Al’s knee is fine and Milsap’s quad is all healed up but after a week or two, if you’re not enjoying 24-26 mpg/9/5/1 type lines, feel free to go ahead and cut bait for a hot free agent. We cool, Joe? Alrighty then Snoopy, here’s what else I saw in fantasy hoops last night.

Gordon Hayward – Got the surprise start over CJ Miles and posted 7/3/2 with a block in 24 minutes. CJ dropped 4/1/0 with 2 steals in 18 uninspired minutes. If you’re sitting with Hayward or CJ, just hold for now and wait to see how it plays out. I’m not sure what the heck Tyrone Corbin is doing with his lineup but I’m not liking the little circus that’s already starting to be created. Doesn’t he realize us fantasy players need for him to pick one guy to play 30+ minutes? The nerve.

Norris Cole – Some headlines I considered for today’s post were Santa brought you Cole, Cole is burning up and The Cole PG survivor but in the end I decided to headline Derek Favors because I like the nickname FlavaFavors for whatever reason. Anyway, by now he’s probably gone in your active league and if you’re league is sleepy, go ahead and feel free to grab him but I warn you to temper expectations. A team with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh only allows for a player like Cole or Shane Battier to contribute in specific categories. Think James Jones last year when he hit a ton of 3s and did little else. That said, Cole seems like he could be a legitimate 4th option so that makes him worth an immediate add. Go ahead, grab him, don’t be shy. Ewww.

Brandon Bass – 13/5/1 with 2 blocks in 32 minutes. Glenn Davis got all the headlines when these two were swapped but Large Mouth could emerge as a decent deep league front court option for those of you who are desperate. Let’s see, after Kevin Garnett, there’s Jermaine O’Neal and Chris Wilcox to contend with for minutes. Blech. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out why they traded Kendrick Perkins last year. Sigh.

J.J. Barea – Suffered the dreaded hammy pull and is “day to day”. Hopefully, he won’t pull anything else while he’s recovering.

JJ Hickson – Run on JJs, y’all! 10/5/1 in 28 minutes. Unfortunately, he’s droppable in shallow leagues, barely a bench guy in 12 team leagues but cuttable if you must and barely hanging on in 14+ team leagues but should probably be rostered there for his upside. Po’ JJ.

Luke Ridnour – Took advantage of JJ’s pulled hammy and dropped 17/0/3 with a steal in 34 minutes. I wouldn’t be running to the waiver wire to grab him, I’m not sure I would even walk.

Stephen Jackson – Dropped 16/5/2 with 3 steals and a three in 36 minutes. This is a typical SJax line, especially the 7-20 FG. If I’m sitting with SJax, which I’m not in any of my leagues, I’m looking to move him if he strings together a couple of typical SJax lines.

Mike Dunleavy – 5/5/8 with 2 steals in 32 minutes. He’s really not very good, in case you didn’t know. You’re welcome, anytime, amigo.

DeMarcus Cousins – Posted 16/11/0 with 2 blocks. Expect a lot of these if he can keep his head on straight. I’m a fan. I still wonder how the heck Kentucky didn’t win a national championship with John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, DeMarcus Cousins and Patrick Patterson. That damn Calipari.

John Salmons – 2/2/1 in 20 minutes. Here’s what I said in my pre-season draft guide about Salmons, “Not sure he’s big enough to play the 3 in Sacratomato. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Travis Outlaw steal some minutes here. Yes, that Travis Outlaw.” Oh by the way, that Travis Outlaw played 24 minutes last night. You best avoid both, you hear. No, I’m not from the south.

Nicolas Batum – I say Bay-tum, you say Ba-tooom, can we just call him Nic? Ok, cool. Nic dropped 15/4/1 in 29 minutes last night. Three of the five games on tap last night were blowouts so minutes in general were kind of evenly distributed in these games. Last year, I was super high on him then came the Gerald Wallace trade and it suppressed Nic’s value.  Or is it oppressed his value? Hmm. Let’s go with suppressed, that sounds right. Anyway, I think his name precedes his fantasy value at the moment. Just saying. Sorry!

Vladmir Radmonovic – 17/3/5 with 4 steals and 3 threes. Remember a long, long time ago when he was kind of useful? It’s a distant memory. Raise your hand if you had him active. None. Raise your hand if you had him rostered. None. Ok, let’s move on then, shall we?

Marshon Brooks – 17/3/1 with a steal and a block. Wait, who?

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