Bismack is no BiyUMbo!

Ok, fine, it´s Biyombo with an O but that didn´t fit into the headline so I had to finnagle it a bit. It´s still pronounced the same way I think. To remind you, here´s what I said about Bismack back on February 24: Let’s start with Bismack Biyombo who’s currently owned in 14% of Yahoo! leagues. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 26 mpg/5.6 ppg/8.4 rpg/3.4 bpg. I don’t know about you but 8.4 rpg and 3.4 bpg can definitely help my standard league roster. Isn’t that kind of what DeAndre Jordan does? Just sayin’. DON’T expect a bunch of points, DO expect crap free throw, DON’T expect more than around a half a steal per, DON’T expect him to be on the waiver wire much longer if he continues to see 26-33 minutes of burn like he has been. Ha, tricked you, I threw two consecutive “donts” in there. So go, go, go, better hurry and grab him before he’s gone. He’s 19. He’s got pimples. He probably even eats Big Macs before games. Nutrition? What’s that? Oh, to be young again. Last night Bismack returned froma sore shoulder and dropped 10/15/0 with 7 blocks and a steal in 32 minutes. Hopefully, you grabbed him weeks ago like I advised but if you haven´t there´s still time because, at the moment, he´s still only owned in 24% of Yahoo! leagues. Hell, Jeremy Lin is owned in 178% of Yahoo! leagues which I know you think isn´t even possible but then again it´s Jeremy Lin! <sarcasm, sort of> Anyway, go grab Bismack now and I´ll wait here patiently eating my milk and Oreo cookies. I love milk and Oreo cookies, nothing better. Ok, you´re back. Great! Here´s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Byron Mullens – 8/13/2 in 25 minutes off the bench last night. Byron was fantasy relevant earlier in the season before he fell off a cliff or something like that. It looks like he grabbed onto one of those trees sticking out of the side of the mountain and climbed back up so go grab him in deep leagues if you´re in need of a center. On another note, he´ll be playing in the Olympics this summer for Britain. I think Lebron just pee´d his pants in fear.

D.J. White – Started at power forward in place of the disposed Boris Diaw and posted 8/0/1 in 22 minutes. Disappointing but he´s someone to definitely keep on your deep league radar. In 8 games as a starter this season, he´s averaged 26.9 mpg/11 ppg/5.6 rpg/.8 bpg. Not too shabby for deeep leaguers. I´m not sure if Harrison Ford plays fantasy basketball. You make the connection.

Boris Diaw – DNP-CD and has asked to be traded or released. First of all, I know what you´re all thinking: How the hell did a French guy get a name like Boris. I mean he doesn´t even look Russian or anything. Unfortunatley, I can´t answer that for you, only his mother knows. What I do know and what you already know is you have to get him benched pronto. The next question is should you just outright drop him. No question mark used, I use way too many question marks. The short answer is if you can stash him in deep leagues for another week to see where he lands, I´d stash him. It´s only another week. If you must lose him elsewhere, I´m cool with that too. It´s not like he´s going to see the 28 mpg of run he saw in Charlotte anyway.

David West – The good news is David dropped a season high 24 points last night. The bad news is he had to shoot 10-13 FG to get there and he only registered 3 boards. Owning him this year is like watching paint dry on the wall. I´m sorry if that´s an insult to paint drying on the wall.

Metta World Peace – Typing his name I just realized I don´t know if World is his middle name or if it´s the start of his last name. If it´s the start of his last name then shouldn´t it be World-Peace? Interesting questions raised up in here at hecmanhoops. We´ll have to come back to that some day. Anyway, over his last 5 Metta is averaging 31.4 mpg/10.6 ppg/4.6 rpg/3.4 apg/1.8 spg/1.4 3pm. I´d go ahead and add him in deep leagues but those last 5 may be his best 5 game stretch of the season. You´ve been warned, son! By the way, I thought about it, I guess it would only be hyphenated if he married Mrs. Peace.

Brandon Knight – 0/2/3 on 0-6 FG in 25 minutes. Burp. Keep rolling him out there, he´s been playing pretty well but he does have games like this every now or 5 or 6 games or so.

Ian Mahini – 9/6/0 with 3 steals and 2 blocks in 27 minutes. He had to make 4-5 FGs to get to 9 points but go ahead and stream him Thursday if you´re desperate for a big man should Brendan Haywood sit out again.

Lamar Odom – 3/4/1 with a block in 23 minutes. I warned you man, I warned you. I´d still invite his sister-in-law to my bbq though. I´d just have to hide the ribs.

Amare Stoudamire – 26/7/1 with a steal. I think Amare is one of the more overrated superstars for fantasy these days. He was beasting before they traded for Carmelo Anthony last year but he´s slowed down a bunch since then. His numbers this season are down from his career averages by 4 points, .8 boards and .5 blocks. If you can get full value for him based on his career averages, I´d strongly consider moving him. Don´t get me wrong, I wouldn´t kick him out of the fantasy bed or anything but you get my drift. Fantasy bed didn´t sound so good but that´s the best I could come up with. Sorry.

Jeremy Lin – 14/3/7 with 2 steals, a three and 2 tovs on 4-13 FG. Jeremy Lin was to star in Mission: Impossible but they had to recast because they would have had to change the name of the movie to Mission: Accomplished.


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