Maggette’s got back (pain)

Well, it was a good run for Corey Maggette while it lasted but the inevitable happened last night. Here’s what I said last week about our buddy Corey:  Corey Maggette – 25/7/1 on 6-12 FG and 13-14 FT. Here´s what I said back on February 14: Corey Maggette – Posted 22/2/0 with 3 steals in 32 minutes. I had him as an Add on Friday and hope you grabbed him. He’s going to be a fine source of points, FT and a smattering of boards until he hurts his nose hair and misses 3 weeks. Over his last 5 he´s averaging 21.8 ppg and an astonishing 11.4 free throw attempts and hitting at an .860 clip. He also hasn´t hurt his nose hair or chest hair but he´s a walking infirmary, man. Sell him high, y´all! Or ride him out if you´re desperate for points and FT but, well, you know. There’s a first, I actually quoted myself twice. Two for one special! Anyway, I hope you sold him high when you had the chance. Remember fantasy basketball is a buy low/sell high game and Corey had been sky high; too high like Bob Marley back in the day. I guess you can consider Corey day to day but in the meantime go ahead and grab yourself some Reggie Williams who posted 6/4/4 with 2 steals on putrid 3-13 FG in 32 minutes last night. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy hoops last night:

Beno Udrih – 15/3/7 with a steal in 33 minutes. The past couple of weeks I’ve been telling you to roll with him in deep leagues but now he has to be a strong consideration as an add in standard leagues too with Sean Livingston sidelined at the moment. Go ahead and take a whirl, Beno produces when he gets minutes. Minutes, y’all! That’s Solid Gold! Just ask Dionne Warrick.

Bismack Biyombo – 12/7/1 with 4 blocks in 33 minutes. Basically he could be Serge Ibaka light, or Serge Ibaka lite if you’re from Europe. Yes, a Diet Coke in Europe is called Coca-Cola Lite. See, you learn something new everyday.

Jimmy Butler –  8/2/1 with a steal in 29 minutes. He’s on the Bulls in case you don’t know. That’s a fantasy basketball public service announcement. That’s what I do, I make fantasy basketball public service announcements. Deeeeep league consideration only while Luol Deng remains sidelined. I mean deeeeep with all the eeees.

Baron Davis – 7/3/4 with a steal and a block in 18 minutes. Do you remember him? Yep, he’s still a bit fat and still has a beard. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 20 mpg/6.5 ppg/5.4 apg/1.2 spg/.6 3pm. I suppose you could do worse in leagues with 16+ teams. I think he’s settling in to his roll though he probably would view it as more of a cinnamon bun.

Jordan Crawford – 19/4/5 with 3 threes in 35 minutes. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 30 mpg, 15 ppg and over a three and a steal per. If you can carry his putrid .394 FG he’s a nice grab. Just be aware, the boy shoots a lot so that .394 could hurt and not so good like John Cougar Mellancamp would say. I’d sell him high anyway. Nick Young lurks enough to make owning JC a bit annoying.

Rodney Stuckey – 29/4/7 with 2 steals on 10-17 FG in 37 minutes. Rodney has been on fiya over his last 5 averaging a whopping 37.6 mpg/22.8 ppg/3.2 rpg/5.4 apg/1.4 spg/.6 3pm. Numbers that are way way above his respectable season averages so go ahead and try to  sell him high if you can. Don’t give him away for a rusted tricycle and an ice cream or anything like that though.

Wayne Ellington – 15/0/2 with 3 threes in 34 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Martell Webster dropped 2/2/6 in 20 minutes while attempting just two field goals. Here’s what I said just yesterday about Wayne: Two others to consider grabbing in deep leagues are Wayne Ellington who I slightly prefer over Martell and the ever disappointing, never riveting Wesley Johnson. So there you have it, last night’s minutes kind of confirm my gut’s feeling. My gut has feelings so be gentle.

Derrick Williams – 19/8/0 with 2 blocks in 21 minutes. I’d add him in standard leagues if you have room. Derrick been ballin’ lately and Michael Beasley is hurt. God, I hate Michael Beasley, or gosh if you’re not religious.

Jose Juan Barea – Returned and posted 3/3/8 in 15 minutes. Last week I told you to go grab him in standard leagues because he’s a pretty good little ball player. He’s actually 6’0 feet tall but you know what I mean. It’s called relativity. Not the theory.

Wesley Johnson – Hell I’m covering all the T-Loves today so what’s one more, right? I go the extra mile for you. Wesley dropped 9/3/1 in 23 minutes and over his last 5 has averaged 25 mpg/.471 FG/.100 FT/8.4 ppg/2 rpg/1.4 apg/1.6 spg/1 bpg/1.6 3pm. Numbers that I don’t know if he can continue to produce but if that flies your kite in deep leagues, then start unspooling the spool or whatever it is you do that makes the kite fly.

Jared Dudley – 28/9/1 with a 2 threes, a block and a steal. Jared been ballin’ lately and is finally living up to his pre-season sleeper hype. Hopefully, you stuck with him in February. He’s also at .495 FG. Daaamn, Sam. I don’t know who Sam is but it rhymes nice. If your name is Sam, then you’re in luck today because I’m talking directly to you. Hi!

Caron Butler – 7/9/2 on vomitatious 3-13 FG in 33 minutes. Sadly this game qualifies as one of his better lines over the past month. Caron, you peaked buddy, you peaked. sigh

Spencer Hawes – Due back tomorrow but I’m not starting him until he proves healthy and gets real minutes. You’ve been behooved!

Jeremy Lin – 15/1/8 with 3 steals, 3 blocks and a three. Jeremy Lin can whistle while he talks.

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  1. FWIW, thought I’d post some thoughts on the bucks-dubs trade. On the Bucks side it reduces the fantasy value of Gooden and Ilyasova – with Jennings & Ellis they’ll hardly get a touch of the ball. Also Udoh may take some of their minutes. Harris probably drops to the bench, Delfino to SF and Dunleavy’s minutes reduced. Unless Skiles decides to start him or one of Gooden/Ilya is traded, Udoh has no value.

    On the Dubs, Klay Thompson is now the starter at SG. He didn’t do great in his first game, but will his shot start falling? He certainly took enough of them. Wright & Rush also fired up. Will Curry return or be shut down? If the latter, Nate is looking grate. Warriors have a sweet run into the finals too – 5,4,4,4,5,2

  2. Just to add to the above, this leaves GSW with just Biedrins at C, and Lee when they go small, which they’ll doubtless do a lot. When Lee is C, Wright will be PF. What other options do they have? I can really see this boosting Wright’s value in what’s left of the season.

    I really doubt Jax plays, have to wait & see I guess.

  3. After some more reading, Wright’s value depends a lot on how the Warriors value him. Will they be trading him, or does he have a future where he currently is? Given the way their roster’s currently constructed, it’d make a ton of sense to move him to a SF-lacking team (eg Lakers or Kings) in return for a PF/C (McBob and Hickson spring to mind). If this happened, Wright’s fantasy value would probably increase – he’d start on either of those teams and would probably get more consistent minutes. Back @ the dubs, Rush would jump to starting SF (assuming they didn’t play Jax).

    The flipside though is – what if they don’t see Wright as part of the club’s future, but don’t pull off a trade? That could end up seeing him dropped as a starter & lose all fantasy relevance this year. Maybe.

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