This Rose has a thorn

In December you were delighted to come away with Derrick Rose as your first round pick. You figured you got yourself a stud point guard who does it all even while he looks like he just woke up from an afternoon nap with that sort of droopy look of his. It’s not quite Tracy McGrady level but I wouldn’t say Derrick looks like he’s always all there either. Anyway, fast forward to last night and Rose missed his 8th straight game with a sore groin. In the process he’s wrecking the hopes and dreams of all his owners who seeketh fantasy glory. Seeketh being an S.A.T. word but Derrick wouldn’t know anything about that. To make matters worse, the friggin’ Bulls keep winning games so there doesn’t seem to be any real urgency for their star point guard to get back on the court. Here’s the deal though, good peoples, time to get busy living or get busy dying. I know it’s super duper tough to lose him but if you’re in a playoff battle right now and next week does you no good if you lose then you may have to bite the bullet and grab someone who can help you win now and worry about next week next week. Not sure if I need a comma there, if I do then just imagine it. I know it blows to possibly have to lose Rose but what’s you gonna do? Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Austin Daye – 8/2/2 with 2 steals, 2 blocks and a three in 29 minutes. Disappointing isn’t the word for Austin this season. Go ahead and stream him while Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon remain sidelined.

Alonzo Gee – 3/9/4 with a steal, block and a three on 1-6 FG in 35 minutes. Over his last 5 Alonzo is averaging 33 mpg/8.8 ppg/7.6 rpg/2.6 apg/1 spg/.8 3pm/.261 FG/.842 FT. The culprit is the vomitatious FG and possibly some fatigue but I’m still rolling with my man, Alonzo. His game is fantasy friendly, don’t you know?

Iman Shumpert – 25/7/4 with a steal and 4 threes on 10-21 FG in 37 minutes. Yeah, he’ll be the pick up of the day and that’s all good but let me ask you, lady and gentlemen, what happens when Jeremy Lin returns? Keep it realz, yo! Stream him while wonder boy is out.

J.J. Redick -15/4/1 with 3 threes in 26 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the Disney Castle, Jason Richardson dropped 5/1/0 with a steal and a three in 21 minutes. I’m hearing rumblings out of the Mickey Mouse Club that J.J. may replace JRich in the starting 5. Go ahead and spec add the pretty boy if you have the room. Worse that happens is you lose him. Best that happens is you fell into a guy averaging 13.8 points/3 assists/2.5 threes per in 12 starts this season.

Gary Forbes – 11/10/2 with 3 threes in 19 minutes. That’s about as efficient as you’re gonna get in 19 minutes of burn. James Johnson sat this one out so I’d say it’s all down hill from here for Gary. Keep riding him in deep leagues though … for now.

Martell Webster – 8/6/1 with 2 threes and a block in 41 minutes. Anthony Tolliver dropped 11/11/2 with a block and a three in 30 minutes. Michael Beasley sat with a sprained toe. J.J. Barea sat out. Wayne Ellington played 24 minutes and Derrick Williams played 23 minutes; both did squadoosh. That boys and girl is your T-Love roundup. I don’t know, outside of Derrick Williams I’d probably just stay away from this mess all together.

D.J. White – 14/5/2 with a block in 32 minutes. Meanwhile, Byron Mullens saw 12 minutes of burn and Bismack Biyombo played just 21 minutes. All this with Tyrus Thomas a DNP-Elbow bone. Raise your hand if you predicted any of this. One guy raises his hand. F’n liar.

Kemba Walker -20/3/4 with a steal and 2 threes in 24 minutes. D.J. Augustin posted 0/2/8 in 24 minutes. If Kemba takes over the reigns as the starting point guard it’s only because DJA is hurting with his knee tendinitis. It could happen but my guess is these two just continue to split minutes making both a tough play for your playoffs. Uptick Kemba a bit and downgrade D.J. a bit. I’d add Kemba if he’s floating around out there just in case Augustin needs to miss time though.

Ronnie Brewer -4/7/4 with a steal in 37 minutes. Rumor has it that Rip Hamilton may be back this weekend so be ready to launch Ronnie. At least until Rip gets hurt again anyway.

Kirk Hinrich -3/3/2 with a three in 28 minutes. Here’s what I told you back on March 19: Over his last 5, Kirk has averaged a whopping 39.2  mpg. What has he done in those 39 minutes of burn? Good question, excellent question. Let’s take a look-gander: 11.4/2.6/3.2 with 8 threes and 2 steals. 39 minutes to get to that?! Blech. Don’t go dropping anyone solid for him but he’s getting minutes so go ahead and take a whirl if you’re sitting with a schmoe like, oh, I don’t know, like Corey Brewer or Rudy Fernandez on your reserves. I don’t know why I always pick on the Nuggets’ guys. Habit I guess. I’m not telling you to lose Kirk but keep your expectations real. He’s good for some 3’s and close to three boards and three dimes per. If that floats your boat then float away.

Gordon Hayward – 19/7/5 with a steal and 2 blocks in 37 minutes. Here’s what I told you on Tuesday after Gordo bombed on Monday: 7/1/2 with a steal in 24 minutes. Yesterday somebody asked me if he should start Hayward or some other guy, I can’t remember who the other player was at the moment but I said start the other guy because Gordo played 57 minutes on Sunday. Yep, you could see this one coming. My Magic 8 Ball did anyway, wasn’t me. Assign Hayward same value as you did on Monday morning. I hope you kept the faith. I care man, I want you to win!

Darren Collison – 9/1/7 with a three in 29 minutes. When Jrue Holiday saw the assist total he kicked him out of the “Point guards who get only 4 assists a night club”.

Sheldon Williams – 4/5/0 in 13 minutes before Tyler Hansbrough played hokie pokie on his eye. Sheldon is out until at least April 5 so consider adding Johan Petro who should get minutes by default. Here’s an interesting little tid bit on Johan: in the two games he played 29 or more minutes he dropped 11/8 with 2 steals and 8/7/4 with 2 steals. Just an FYI for you. That’s what I do, I give FYIs but you already knew that.

MarShon Brooks – 17/4/3 in 34 minutes. I’d love to recommend MarShon but he hasn’t been $ and Anthony Morrow is most likely due back Friday. I don’t know about you but I’m also kind of getting sick of looking at that capital S in the middle of his name. It’s just so arbitrary. Monitor the minutes, maybe he’ll get hOt.

Kawhi Leonard -19/9/2 with 2 steals and 3 threes in 33 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the Alamo, Stephen Jackson dropped 8/3/0 with a steal in 28 minutes. What have I been telling you for weeks? Search Leonard in that little search box if you don’t know the answer. Mmmm-hmmm.

Carl Landry – 20/8/0 in 33 minutes. I advised a stream on Twitter last night once Chris Kaman, Gustavo Ayon and Trevor Ariza were all ruled out. Get on Twitter man, if you’re not on Twitter checking your feed before games start for the latest you clearly have a life but that’s not helping your fantasy basketball hopes and dreams now is it?

Nate Robinson – Returned from injury and posted 0/1/6 in 23 minutes. Nate, I say this on behalf of all your H2H owners, “Nate, you f’d me, you suck!”. Just letting off some steam.

Shannon Brown – 10/5/2 with a steal and a three in 38 minutes. The line was just eh but let’s focus on the minutes. 38! Keep streaming while Grant Hill is sidelined.

Jeremy Lin – DNP-Knee bone. Jeremy Lin wakes up his alarm clock.

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  1. your comments about Rose are may have to look up the definition or you could just ask D Rose-sure he knows..seriously-not “all there” because he has sleepy or droopy eyes? Have you ever seen even really watched him play? doess he play like he’s ‘not all there”? are you kidding me?

  2. @MJ Ha, ever hear of a joke. I said “looks not all there”, I didn’t say “is not all there”. Can’t take everything so seriously, son. Lighten up. Wait, is this his brother? wink.

  3. I like what you have done with the place… keep up doing you, hecman, that’s all you can do! Thanks for the follow on twitter! Let’s take over the WORLD! Oh, keeper league owners hold Rose; the rest of you still holding… LET GO! I’m out!

  4. @yamiacubfan: I’ll assume you don’t play fantasy hoops but thanks for reading anyway.

    @FAN2CBasketball: Ha, thanks! Agree on the keeper hold.

  5. no I don’t play fantasy anything, I follow my teams, Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls and Cubs and that keeps me busy enough, they are all I care about, don’t want to have to follow guys I couldn’t care less about, I have better things to do.

  6. Kind of surprised to tbh with all the hate on here. This is a legit post with good content. I had my friend pick up Iman Shumpert to play tonights game. I think he is going really put up some #’s in a back to back setting vs the Hawks and Cavs. In a keeper league.. would you rather keep Cousins or Monroe?

  7. Keep Cousins but I REALLY like Monroe and the potential.

    As for Derrick Rose, he should not be on yoru roster, unless you have a enough bench/ir positions to hold him. Obviously if he doesn’t play he can’t help you and it will be made quite clear when he is ready to return, so you should have time to pick him back up. Just make sure you pay close attention. And if someone else in your league is to pick him up..oh well. There are other players, like Dragic, who are putting up similar numbers every night!

  8. @yamiacubfan: Dad, is that you again? ha.

    @SporsMuze: Thanks! As for Monroe v. Cousins, it really comes down to the percents because the blocks aren’t much different so I’d lean Monroe.

    @KeithyP: Can’t begrudge anyone for going Cousins over Monroe and I agree on Rose.

  9. Damn Shumpert went off…Knew he had it in him.

    Thanks, I am thinking Monroe too because he has less chance of just going crazy on everyone.
    Got both players this year in the draft at $7 a piece. $17 next year for a productive center is LEGIT.

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