J-Kidd went south so I went West

Jason Kidd strained a groin while his owners strained their brains trying to figure out how to replace his assists, threes and steals totals this week. Look, I realize J-Kidd isn’t all that no mo’ but at 4 rpg/5.2 apg/1.7 spg/1.5 3pm/.864 FT, he was definitely contributing in a solid yet unspectacular manner. Your immediate add is Delonte West who posted 6/1/4 with a block in 36 minutes. For you deep leaguers go ahead and take a whirl on Rodrique Beaubois if he was recently rightfully dropped but me thinks it’s really going to be West’s show to run. After the season Delonte can go back to selling furniture if he wants since he gots to feed his family! Anyway, hurry along now, grab him quick quick. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Randy Foye – 28/3/0 with 2 steals and 8 threes in 35 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Nick Young dropped 10/1/0 in 19 minutes. Randy was en-foye-go last night so he wasn’t about to come off the floor. You like that one? Look for more of an even minutes split going forward but I told you last Monday and Tuesday to grab Randy with Mo Williams out. Early bird gets the worm, you know. You can thank my Magic 8 Ball, he’s a big Villanova fan.

Kevin Seraphin – 15/3/2 with a steal in 33 minutes. Trevor Booker and Nene Hilario both sat and discussed the merits of buying matching designer footwear for their plantar fascitiis. Too gay, not too gay? Can I even say the word gay anymore or is that too un-PC? Keep rolling with Kevin but you already knew that.

Jordan Crawford – 25/5/6 with a steal and 3 threes. The day after the trading deadline here’s what I told you: Jordan Crawford – Go, go, go grab him quick, quick, quick. I’ll wait here while you’re gone, I promise, I won’t move a single word. Then a few days later I felt like getting you a bit excited about your newest pick up so here’s what I told you: I want you to get a little excited so I decided to dig up Jordan’s numbers as a starter last year. You ready? Here goes: 18 games/39.5 mpg/.392 FG/.866 FT/19.3 ppg/3.6 rpg/4.7 apg/1.3 spg/1.2 3pm/3 tov. Hooray if you grabbed him! Yes, the field goal is in the toilet but you can’t have it all, man. Greedy. Those are mighty fine numbers from last year so let’s check in on Jordan’s last 5 to see if he’s living up to my lofty expectations: 19.6 ppg/3 rpg/3.8 apg/1.4 spg/2 3pm/.447 FG/.857 FT. hecman salivates. Fantasy glory!

Jan Vesely – 14/7/0 with a steal and a block in 39 minutes. Went over him yesterday. I’m not Tuesday morning quarterbacking over here you know. I could say more but I’ll leave it alone.

Terrence Williams – 12/12/3 with 2 steals in 32 minutes. See Jan Vesely 1/4 inch above. Take a whirl!

Ekpe Udoh – 15/8/5 with a block in 21 minutes. 5 assists, not bad!, said Yinka Dare. Ekpe is a little too up and down for my taste in standard leagues but you could do worse in deep leagues for some boards and blocks.

Sam Dalembert – 2/1/1 in 5 minutes. I’m pretty much sick of Dalembert or Dalembear, if you want to go all French. Consider losing him for a hot free agent if you haven’t already.

C.J. Watson – 2/1/2 with a steal in 25 minutes. Exposed! C.J. is being lost faster than a 4 year old in Century 21. In case you don’t know what Century 21 is, it’s a discount clothing store with racks and racks of clothes. Very easy to lose your kid. God I hate explaining my jokes. Feel free to lose for a hot free agent in shallow leagues if you’ve been running him out there.

Richard Hamilton – 6/1/3 in 20 minutes. It’s hard for me to get excited about Rip so he will get no recommendation from me or my Magic 8 Ball!

Marreese Speights – 9/13/1 with a steal in 21 minutes. I’m focusing on the 21 minutes more than the 13 boards, I suggest you do the same, son!

Devin Harris – 9/0/4 with 2 steals in 14 minutes before exiting stage left with a cankle injury. You know what cankles are? It’s a major insult to tell a woman she has cankles, don’t do it, you’ll get slapped right upside the head. Anyway, stream Earl Watson if Devin is to miss time, he’s probably better anyway.

Marcus Thornton – 4/2/1 with a steal in 8 minutes before leaving with a calf injury. Anyone like veal? When I think of the word calf, I think veal. Those poor little fellas. Anyway, tough break for his head to head owners. Stream Jimmer Fredette and pray Marcus is back after only one game or so. Sigh.

J.J. Hickson – 4/5/2 in 28 minutes. That’s more like it, J.J. Continue to roll him out there since he should be better than this but not nearly as good as he was last week. I’d say he’s closer to last night but that’s just me, I’m a hater like that.

Luke Ridnour – 13/2/6 before leaving the game with an ankle injury and early reports are that he will miss at least one game. Go ahead and grab yourself some J.J. Barea who, himself, is a pussy but a pussy with talent. Who doesn’t like a pussy with talent?


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