David West went south

There were only 5 games in the NBA last night which means it’s almost like a day off for me today. Next year it’s going to be sooo much easier when there’s not 11-13 games a night 4 times a week. That’s a lot of blurbing to do, son! Since last night was a bit slow I want to take the opportunity to thank those of you who have donated to hecmanhoops to help keep this blog going. I know the site looks fancy with all the ads and stuff but the truth of the matter is I make like .06 cents a month from them before taxes! That means that your support is vital to help me keep going and is very much appreciated. With your help, I can continue to dedicate myself to bringing you the best fantasy basketball insight and entertainment on the web, period!  If you help me, I can continue to help you! If you’d like to support hecmanhoops there is a little donate button on the left sidebar, just click the button and all the magic will happen. Thanks and god bless. Now can I get an amen? Amen. Now give me an hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you. If you’re atheist or agnostic just ignore that last part. Anyway, here’s what I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

David West – 13/3/1 with a steal and two blocks in 33 minutes. Candidate for bust of the year. He plays so many minutes and does so little, it’s almost unbelievable. Let’s blame it on Darren Collison. Hell, let’s blame everything on Darren Collison!

Jrue Holiday – 8/5/3 with a steal in 31 minutes. Speaking of disappointments. With 1 3pm, 1.5 spg, 13.4 ppg, 4.4 apg, he’s been useful but I expected a whole lot more from Jrue this season and his production has been poor vis-a-vis his average draft position. Don’t forget he’s only 21 though so there’s hope. Oh, and yes, I just used vis-a-vis. Deal with it!

Omri Casspi – 11/4/0 with 3 steals and a block in 37 minutes. Speaking of disappointments. Remember when you drafted Omri as your small forward sleeper waaaay, waay back in December? Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. Monitor Alonzo Gee to see if he’s going to miss anymore games and consider streaming Omri in deeeep leagues if your desperate. I said deeeeeep.

Antawn Jamison – 3/4/2 on 0-10 FG. On the bright side he’s actually still playing which, frankly, has kind of shocked the hell out of me.

Brandon Knight – 28/2/7 with 4 threes on 11-12 FG. Over his last 5 he’s at 18.8/3.6/6.4/ with 2.2 3pm and 1 spg. Will be interesting to see where I have him ranked next year. I’ll consult my Magic 8 Ball in the off season about all these guys. I bought him on eBay, he specializes in Pistons.

O.J. Mayo – 5/3/4 with 3 steals and a three in 24 minutes. Umm, didn’t you people notice Tony Allen came back on Saturday? Please don’t tell me you thought O.J. was going to continue his hotness once everyone was back healthy. Lose for a hot free agent getting burn.

Mike Conley – 16/5/8 with 2 steals and 2 threes in 38 minutes. Little story for you: I have a reader, he prefers to DM me on Twitter when he has a question as many of you do. He owned Conley but couldn’t stand him for whatever reason and wanted to drop him for so and so but I would never let him over the past couple of weeks. Finally, the other day he said how about for Jameer Nelson? I could see the guy was clearly hot to finally lose Conley and Jameer has been playing well so I said ok, fine, lose Conley for Jameer and then Nelson went out and had a big night for him Monday so I was happy for the guy. Then yesterday he asked me about Conley playing 4 games verse so and so playing 3 games, I think Danilo Gallinari. I said go Conley as much as he probably hated to hear that. I don’t know what he ended up doing. You know who you are! Let me know if you grabbed Mike and got his nice game last night. I care, man. I want you to win. Hell, I want all of you to win! I love you. Tear drops. <so gay>>>

Anthony Randolph – 4/3/2 with a steal and two blocks in 19 minutes. After his first big game, I warned you not to do it. Then after his second big game, I relented but with a caveat by telling you this: Anthony Randolph – 5% owned. I ripped on him yesterday but you can’t argue with his last two games so go ahead and give Ant-Rand a whirl if that’s your thing. I will pray for you that he doesn’t fart on your pillow and stink up all your fantasy hopes and dreams. All the praying didn’t help, it’s time to change your pillow case. Can’t say I didn’t warn you, man.

Kevin Love – Hoping to return Sunday for the final two games of the season. He said he’s dying to play alongside Anthony Randolph while Ant-Rand is in his prime. Prime being 6/4 averages.

Luke Ridnour – Looking to return for the final two games of the season. He said he’s dying to pass the ball to Anthony Randolph for a missed layup.

Nikola Pekovic – 16/11/1 with a block in 37 minutes. News out of Minnesota is Nik may be shut down so start making contingent plans. Contingent means alternative plans. You know Plan B.

Derrick Williams – 2/2/0 in 7 minutes. Meanwhile, fellow number 2 overall pick Michael Beasley posted 7/1/0 in 18 minutes. Nice to see the top picks making mom proud. Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet, both top picks in the 2009 draft were recently traded for Marcus Camby. Marcus Camby! Scouting anyone? And don’t even get me started on Wesley friggin’ Johnson.

Stephen Curry – Will not play again this season. The Warriors needed a press release for that? I’m so relieved to finally know.

Avery Bradley – 17/3/0 with 5 threes while Ray Allen sat again. Choo, chooo. Keep rolling him out there, peoples, but you already knew that. You’re so astute.

Steve Novak – 25/0/2 with 8 threes on 8-10 FG, all moon ball attempts. After the game, J.R. Smith said Novak is the best three point shooter in the NBA. J.R. Smith is a smart man, I think he even has fractions tattooed on his neck. Give Novak a whirl if you need threes.

J.R. Smith – Speaking of J.R., he dropped 25/4/6 with 7 threes. I hope you listened to me last month and grabbed him. How many times do I have to repeat myself? I don’t Monday morning quarterback, I actually try to predict the future for you so you can be ahead of the curve but I can’t actually make the pickups for you!

Matt Barnes – 16/6/4 with 2 threes. Kobe Bryant may be back Friday so ride Barnes and Metta World Peace one more time then go to Plan C. I know Barnes and MWP were never plan A so I jumped right to C for you. I’m clever like that … sometimes.

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  1. What are your thoughts regarding Stephen Curry next season. He slipped to the 4th round of my 13 team roto league this year. if he slips that far again next season I was thinking of grabbing him. is that a good idea? His glass ankles are scarry, but the gamble of getting 1st round value in the 4th sounds to good to pass up on.

    also, my list from yesterday changed slightly. who would be the safest bet to sit for tonight (one player). I was leaning towards benching C.PARSONS

    Thanks again for all your help. I’m starting to really depressed that the season is coming to an end.

  2. @Adge: Curry in the 4th round is a no brainer. I’d take it a step further for you and say if you got him there then wait for him to start hot and move him for first or second round value. As for your other question, I’d probably bench TY, Cleveland doesn’t look too interested lately and it may be a blow out. Good luck and, don’t worry, basketball season starts again in only 7 short months!

  3. You are such a terrible sports writer your pathetic how at all did David west play bad with those numbers and how is it darron collisions fault if he didn’t play last night before you express your retarded thoughts on the Internet do some research first.

  4. Err, compare those numbers (and his numbers this season) with his projected numbers/preperceived fantasy value. Now read again, and understand. Then develop humor. :)

  5. Ok well answer why its darron collisions fault when he has been injured and was David wests 22 point double double the night before not good enough either

  6. @Clayton eckert: Even though I may get yelled at by you for this I’m going to go ahead and point out that Darron is actually spelled Darren and Collision is actually spelled Collison. I should also point out that in this post I insulted Anthony Randolph, Michael Beasley, Wesley Johnson, Derrick Williams, Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet. Why are you only upset about Darron Collision?

  7. And if you read this blog more than once a month you would realize he burns on Darren quite often. Mainly because he plays 30+ minutes per night and averages less than 5 apg and under 1 steal/3 pointer per game. AKA he was a one hit wonder filling in for Chris Paul back in New Orleans

  8. Automatic spell check messed his name up…I’m upset cus ima pacers fan and you obviously have no idea what your talking about when it comes to basketball…I guess I shouldn’t have expected you to since you has to beg your readers for donations since no one else wants to support you

  9. @Clayton

    So…what you’re saying is that you’re extremely biased? This is a fantasy basketball blog. Real basketball doesn’t equal fantasy basketball. While DC and David West might be a good players in real basketball, they just have not given much fantasy value.

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