Reflections on the 124th day (I’m so deep!)

And on the 124th day hecmanhoops rested, sort of. If I totally rested then I guess I wouldn’t be typing this post, eh? Anyway, what a season! It was such a great season that Robin exclaimed Holy Crap, Batman! and he never says crap because he’s Robin and superheros don’t curse. Everyone knows that. Next week we’ll start our year end awards, you know, best fantasy player, biggest bust, best free agent pick up, best sleeper, hottest coach, etc. Wait, what? Hottest coach? Just making sure you’re paying attention! Everyone knows Mike D’Antoni is the hottest coach with that moustache of his but he’s disqualified from the competition since he was launched early so we’ll pass on the hottest coach contest. Sorry to my one girl reader. By the way, if you’re a girl and actually read would you comment in the post or tweet at me so I feel good about myself. I have low self -esteem and it would make my weekend to know that I have at least one girl reader. Thanks in advance!

Anyway, part deux, where was I? Oh right, the year end fantasy awards thingy that I’ll be doing next week after I have time to digest things this weekend. There were so many injuries this year that I got indigestion but that’s a story for another day. After our, and when I say “our” I really mean “mine” because I’m the show here at hecmanhoops, it’s just me and my 10 skinny piano fingers doing all the typing. My mommy says I have piano fingers which is kind of funny because she never thought to give me piano lessons but whatever, I have no musical talent and I was more interested in playing whiffle ball in my back yard anyway. I would play with my best friend John Sugrue who was a huge Red Sox fan for some reason. These days he even has a Red Sox tattoo on his arm which is totally weird to me but it’s his arm and he could do whatever the hell he wants with it! Anyway, everyday after school and during the summer we’d go at it heads up in my backyard. I was the Yankees and he was the Red Sox and we’d have the lineup card all filled out and our scorebook at the ready. A typical Yankees lineup would be something like Mickey Rivers leading off followed by Thurman Munson, Lou Piniella (yes, Sweet Lou actually played in the major leagues, he didn’t just manage), Reggie Jackson, Craig Nettles, Chris Chambliss, Bucky Dent, etc. The Red Sox lineup would be something like Rick Burleson, Jerry Remy, Jim Rice, Carl Yastremski, Carlton Fisk, Fred Lynn, Butch Hobson, etc. The rule was that you had to emulate the exact batting stance of each player as they came to bat. I got so good at batting lefty that I switched to hitting lefty full time. These are stories for maybe a book someday but you just got a glance at what my fabulous childhood was like.

After we (I!) finish the year end awards, we’ll delve into the actual year end top 20 fantasy rankings at each position and compare the actual rankings with my pre-season rankings and projections. “That should be fun to see!”, said Ryan Anderson who was ranked like 165th overall by me. Glen Davis was ranked 110th. Oops. After that, in May we’ll get into the upcoming NBA Draft by looking at all the potential first round picks then in June we’ll do a mock NBA Draft just for shits and giggles. I’m not sure where the term shits and giggles came from but it’s awful, I promise never to use it again. For those of you who won your league(s) or came in the money, I salute you. For those of you who didn’t win your league, don’t fret, there’s always next year and, regardless of your result, I hope that you enjoyed your season and reading hecmanhoops for some insight, advice and entertainment. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support this season and I hope to continue to grow this blog into the best fantasy basketball blog on the internet! I want you to win but you already knew that. We’ll see y’all next week with some fantasy basketball awards! Peace out!

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  1. I ended up finishing 5th in my 13team roto league (10cat). not to bad considering I was at the bottom of the standings for most of the season + I had one of the worst drafts ever. I took Devin Harris and Andray Blatche for my 5th and 6th round picks (horrible choices). All in all I’m happy to take 5th, but still a bit disappinted after finishing 2nd in this league last year.

    I ended up 4th in my 8team H2H league (7cat). The league was absolutely brutal. I dominated the regular season and went into the playoffs as the #1 ranked team. In my qtr final match up I lost K.Irving, R.Anderson, Iggy(eye poke), DWade (only got 2 of his 4 games), Bargani, T.Allen and J.Thompson(ankle). I felt like the fantasy gods punished me that week. Needless to say I lost that match up.

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU once again for all your advice and knowledge. I didn’t start falling you till about the last 4-5 weeks of the season. I have a feeling I would have finsihed stronger if I was following you earlier in the year. I’m already looking forward to next season. For next season I’m targeting guys like Millsap, Batum, G.Hayward.. I know its early to talk about next season and allot can change with free angency and the draft, but I was curious who you were targeting for next season (any sleepers I should be targeting in the later rounds).

  2. @Adge: Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate them. Sorry to hear about your H2H playoff loss after being the one seed but that’s the peril of H2H (sigh). Hopefully, next year we’ll get you back into the top spot again but in both leagues! As for next year’s sleepers, I’ll be posting sleeper posts throughout the summer starting in July after free agent signings when we’ll have a better idea of what rotations will look like so keep your eyes peeled for them. Thanks again for the kind words!

  3. definitely a fun, daily blog for hoop heads. the kicker is most, if not all reflections/predictions were spot on. #whatacrazyfckingseason

  4. This year is my first time playin fantasy anything, and got screwed over by yahoo autodraft (my fault for missing the draft time though). It was a 10 cat 10 team roto league, and I was getting destroyed fairly badly.

    Started following you around week 5/6 after I realized that I can actually switch out my players, got really into it, and managed to make it into the playoff as 6th seed 80 moves later. Then I made it to the final. Then I actually WON against the first seed by 2 assists! Thanks hecman!

  5. @Colonel Kitchen: Wow, from auto draft to Fantasy Hoops Champion! Congrats, that’s awesome to hear. Excellent job, man, and happy to help. Next year try to be on time for your draft! Ha! Wink.

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