Sleepers for Fantasy Basketball 2012-13

Ok, good peoples of fantasy hoops land, I give you the final post of the hecmanhoops 2012 Fantasy Draft Guide. I give you what you’ve all been waiting for, the 2012 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers! This is a list of by position of guys I’d be looking to grab late for their upside. Will all of these guys pan out? Definitely not. Will most of them pan out? Meh, probably not. Will some of them pan out? Suuurrre. With that said, I’d sooner grab the guys listed below then some stiff who’s been in the league for 5, 6 or more years. With apologies to Stephen Jackson! I also want to point out that some of the guys on this list aren’t the biggest secrets but if they are in this post, it’s just to reinforce that I like their upside. Lastly, I’m not going to be throwing projections out at you because these guys are sleepers, you know, wildcards so what’s the point? Am I right or am I right? Rhetorical! Just hope if you draft them late, they’ll get minutes and do something, if not you can always lose them for a free agent and no major harm done. We cool, Joe? Ok then, Snoopy, let’s get to it!

Point Guards:

Jarrett Jack – Yes, I know he’s being drafted and not too far off the radar but he’s here because Stephen Curry is Stephen Curry and, let’s face it, Klay Thompson, as much as I love him, is still young. That leaves combo minutes at the minimum for Jarrett and possibly more. Can you say possible fantasy boon!?

Nate Robinson – He’s in a backcourt with Kirk Hinrich, Richard Hamilton and Marco Belinelli. Need I say more? Must I?

Austin RiversGreivis Vasquez (whom I really like) will slide to the two when Eric Gordon gets hurt and Austin should get point guard burn. Wait, Gordon is already hurt? See how smart I am?!

Jerryd Bayless – His upside is limited unless Mike Conley or Tony Allen gets hurt but he should see nice combo minutes.

J.J. Barea – Remember J.J. was a fantasy darling FA pickup last year and the man produces when he gets burn. Luke Ridnour is a bit injury prone and Ricky Rubio isn’t back until December. Oh, and Brandon Roy, hahahahehahahe, make it stop, hahahehahahe. Oh, that’s funny.

Devin Harris – I’m not gonna lie, I don’t love him but he should see combo minutes. Jeff Teague and Lou Williams are your backcourt Huckleberries in Atlanta.

Shooting Guards

Jamal Crawford – I think he’s gonna be good. Chauncey Billups, I love you, brah, but you old, she pregnant. (Knocked up!)

Randy Foye – I look at Utah’s depth chart and I see Mo Williams. I see Jamal Tinsley. I see Earl Watson. I see Gordon Hayward who will probably play a lot of 3. Do I really need to say more?

Bradley Beal – He’s not off the radar since he was the number 3 overall pick but Jordan Crawford’s presence is scaring away owners a bit. If he slides, feel free to grab him. He was the number 3 overall pick!, said Adam Morrison.

Roddy Beaubois – I’m not a big Darren Collison fan but I’m also not a believer that Roddy can be a big time fantasy point guard either. That said, you could do worse in deep leagues for a late round flyer.

Marco Belinelli – Cheap threes, cheap threes. Oh, and Richard Hamilton gets hurt. Not sure if you noticed.

Small Forwards

Harrison Barnes – Certainly not too far off the radar but just a reminder.

Jeff Green – Jeff Green is back! I think I’m going to cry.

James Johnson – Always provides the dirty work fantasy stats. He can even do that in 25ish minutes, if necessary!

C.J. Miles – Should see nice minutes on a bad team. Also, keep an eye on Alonzo Gee as a late flyer. Gee doesn’t get his own blurb. No blurb for you!

Carlos Delfino – Flying low but I could see him getting enough minutes to do some damage in the three point department and, um, your FG.

Chase Budinger – What’s that song called, sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight! Threeeeeeees. Also, Andrei Kirilenko isn’t the most durable of men. But you knew that already. You’re so clever.

Tobias Harris – Just 20 years old, he’s finally looking set to get some burn. There’s only one ball though so temper expectations in the scoring department. We straight, Skippy? Who’s Skippy?

Mike Dunleavy – He do what he do. Threes and what not.

Steve Novak – He do what he do. Threes and what not. Echo!

Jae Crowder – Having a nice camp and could be useful in November. Or maybe not. That’s why they play the games!

Power Forwards

Patrick Patterson – I’ve always been a fan but he couldn’t get the minutes. This year I look at Houston’s front court and I see opportunity, said Eminem.

Andray Blatche – Not super high on him but I think he’s in a position to do some damage with the second unit. The man gots talent, y’all!

Thomas Robinson – Will split with Jason Thompson and should be rostered for his upside. Wheeeee!

Carl Landry – Not sure if you’ve heard, Andrew Bogut is hurt … again.

Derrick Williams – Not sure what’s up with the T-Wolves high draft picks and trades for high draft picks. Wesley Johnson, Jonny FlynnMichael Beasley. Maybe it’s contagious. I hope not!

Trevor Booker – A FA fantasy pickup darling from a year ago. You could do worse late in deep leagues.

Jason Maxiell – He’s starting but his name may as well be Rodney. Not Stuckey!

Jared Sullinger – Deep league guy. Like family guy, funny guy, creepy guy and countless other guy types. Or something like that.


Bryon Mullens – Not off the radar by any means but just a reminder.

Jonas Valuncuinas – Stock is rising. I know, I know, you’ve heard. Blah, blah.

Omer Asik – Like Mullens, Omer isn’t off the radar. This is just your friendly public service fantasy reminder. I care!

Marcus Camby – Useful for boards and blocks. Like Sam Dalembert! Or Dalem-bear if you’re feeling romantic.

Gustavo Ayon – Hurt now but back in mid-November. Keep your eye on Gustavo. Just one eye is sufficient. I mean, he’s not that good!

Andre Drummond – Raw and can’t shoot the free throw. Let’s see what happens.

Greg Stiemsma – Could help you win blocks in H2H leagues if you’re short in that department. Swat!

Meyers Leonard - Deeeeeeeeep leaguers take note.

Ok, good peoples, that concludes the 2012 hecmanhoops Fantasy Draft Guide. I need some sleep! As a reminder, this year I’m asking you guys (girl!?) to ask your questions in the Comments section of the latest daily post instead of hitting me up on Twitter. That way everyone can see your question and my answer. Help a brutha out!

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  1. yawn…so sleepy now after reading this. It must be contagious. My first question is which came first? Jared or Jerryd? That’s a weird way to spell Jared. It’d be like someone spelling Michael as Mychel..oh wait..

    ok serious question now. 14 team 9 cat H2H league like last year. here’s the squad: Bron, Ty, Monta, BroLo, Luol, Z-Bo, Kaman, Valanciunas, J. Teague, Mullens, Marvin Gaye Williams, and the Cupcake Dunker himself Gerald Green. Oh and Spencer. Oh and the Michael (Mychel?) Jordan of Turkey, Mr. Turkoglu. Hopefully you got all those nicknames.

    Anyway, I know how you feel about my players individually, but how about the team as a whole? I think it’s a fairly balanced team and although I don’t have a real dominant rebounding center, my team projects to be one of the leaders still (thanks Bron). My biggest weaknesses are 3PTM and turnovers and I’m afraid of Monta seriously hurting my FG% which I think should be a strength of mine since I have Lebron.

    Thanks and good stuff as usual!

  2. @allballs: Mychel is just embarrassing. Ha! I like the core a lot. A little soft up front with JV and BroLo like you said but your depth should help. Looks like you could definitely use some threes but Luol aint bad in that department and maybe Jonas V could surprise. Give it a few weeks to assess. I think you’ll be up there, as usual! Nice work, brah.

  3. Wow,thanks for the article,mate!

    What can you about my final draft on the Yahoo?
    H2H, 9cats (with TO),16 team league. I was seeded first.

    1 James SF/PF
    2. Gortat C
    3. J. Johnson SG/SF
    4. I.Thomas PG
    5, Varejao PF/C
    6. Dudley SG/SF
    7, D. Collison PG
    8. J.J. Reddick SG
    9. Biyombo PF/C
    10. J.Jack PG
    Thanks in advance,Hec!

  4. @Sayrus777: You’re welcome! Team looks good. Maybe could use some blocks and assists but Lebron is a big cure all and the team should play.

  5. Nice sleepers, and you could also add Tristan Thompson to the list.

    Anyway, can you please tell me what you think of my team? It’s a 10-team roto league.

    Brandon Jennings
    Marcus Thornton
    Damian Lillard
    Nicolas Batum
    Kevin Love
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    David Lee
    Brook Lopez
    Nikola Pekovic
    Gordon Hayward
    Arron Afflalo
    Greivis Vasquez
    George Hill

    Some interesting FAs are: Wilson Chandler, Trevor Ariza, Brandon Bass, Emeka Okafor, Hedo Turkoglu, Tony Allen, Jamal Crawford, JJ Hickson, Bismack Biyombo. Are any of them worth picking up?

    Thanks so much!

  6. @alskdfja:lskdfj: Nice name, bro! Ha! I didn’t add Tristan as a sleeper because he’s on the radar but sure, yes, I’m fine with him as a sleeper. As for your team, you look solid. Possibly short some blocks. The only guy I can see helping you on that FA list is JJ Hickson for possibly Hill. Let me know how it goes and good luck!

  7. Hecman, great post again – been waiting for this one :) Might I suggest a peek at Martell Webster? He’s been balling in Washington and Ariza’s phoning it in.

    I was very interested in Delfino too, seeing him play well in the preseason & knowing how Martin was on a short leash to McHale’s doghouse, but that Harden trade put a spanner in the works.

  8. @Andrew: Thanks! Not sure about Martell unless it’s a very deep league, like 16 or 18+. As for Delfino, I still like him even with the deal as a late round flyer. I think he’ll still get some decent burn.

  9. Need some help. In a points league format. I could either lose harden and lose a 3rd rd pick or keep isiah and lose a 7th rd pick. I think isiah is the better value but harden now with the rockets hard not to lean harden. Thoughts? Thanks for your work.

  10. @Pedro: I’d stick with Harden, he should see a nice bump in minutes from his 31 mpg last year. I do like Isaiah but you can probably get him back in the draft around the same round. Good luck!

  11. Hey Dude, my team needs help. Dynasty league, we keep 6.

    My squad is: Westbrook, D-Will, Joe Johnson, Klay Thompson, Jason Terry, Trevor Ariza, Hedo Turkoglu, Ben Gordon, Al Horford, ZBo, Nene, Kirilenko, Kaman, Hawes.

    Worried about not having a 3rd point guard (aside from Terry)

    Been offered Steph Curry for Joe Johnson and Zbo. Would you do that to secure a 3rd stud pg and lock down those small ball stats??

    Thanks for your help!!

  12. @InfamousD: If you’re going to deal for Steph, you’ll probably have to reach a bit for Jarrett Jack to cover yourself at the draft. If you’re comfortable doing that, then I’d go for it. You’re definitely slightly overpaying though but you have plenty of shooting guards. Good luck!

  13. Been keeping up lately and your posts are fun to read. Keep it up.
    Anyways here is my 16 team redraft, ESPN, 3UTIL & 1 everything else @ the 11th spot
    P. George
    R. Anderson
    K. Lowry

    I freaked out near the late rounds and reached for blocks. Bad move on my part since I am now lacking in guards. Feel like average across the board but points are lacking.

  14. @Yumi: Thanks for reading! Yes, you may be a bit light in blocks but I like the core of your team. You’ll need Vucevic to step up but in 16 team leagues everyone usually has some deficiency and the waiver wire usually turns up some help. I do an Add/Drop post every Friday Good luck and keep me posted!

  15. Draft today convince me not to draft dwill over cp3 at the 3rd pick in the first rd. I think dwill is the sitter basketball player and with the help of joe Johnson his stock rises

  16. @Pedro: Your team, your money but CP3 is slightly better in general when considering steals, tov, FT. If you wanted to grab Deron over CP3 and RW I won’t stop you. It all comes down to personal preference. The consensus though is Deron is 3rd among this group. In any event, good luck!!

  17. @unibrow pow: Definitely worth a flier. You can always lose him for a FA in November if he’s not getting any burn.

    **************************** NEW POST IS UP PLEASE COMMENT THERE ****************************

  18. @ Hecman: Thanks! It took me a while to think of a name that was both interesting and unique :) haha

    Anyway, do you think I should drop Hill? I kind of don’t want to because I don’t have many assists.


  19. Gerald Green. I hate the fact that I was sleeping when the news of Granger’s indefinite absence was released.

  20. Hey your tips definitely helped a lot with the draft! After week 1 I think I need some help.

    Its a 14 team, 13 man (3F 3G 1C 3U 3B) league and here are my players:

    J.R. Smith
    World Peace
    R. Lewis
    E’Twaun Moore

    I’ve been on the waivers quite a bit, switching back and forth between Gee, Young,Hill and a few others. I am dying in the %’s and turnovers but killing 5-7 other categories. Would like to make a few long-term sustainable moves.

  21. Hate to make a decision based on only a few weeks of play but looks like Dion is tearing it up.

    Hec, what do you think about giving Monta Ellis up for Dion Waiters? Do you think Monta will have more upside into the season?

    For this league, this is my roster (if you happen to see a better choice to drop for Dion, it is 11 players roster/11 team league):

    Kobe Bryant
    Monta Ellis
    Serge Ibaka
    Joakim Noah
    J.J. Hickson
    Ray Allen
    Michael Beasley
    Tyreke Evans
    Rudy Gay
    Chris Bosh
    Kemba Walker

  22. Can you provide any insights on my fantasy team?

    Joe Johnson
    Josh Smith
    Rajon Rondo
    Brook Lopez
    Klay Thompson
    Nic Batum
    Damian Lillard
    Paul George
    Anthony Davis
    Glen Davis
    Derrick Favors
    Brandon Knight

    There are some free agents that I am looking into but I don’t know who to drop. They include:

    Jamal Crawford, Omer Asik, Deandre Jordan, Jason Terry, Lou Williams, Wilson Chandler, Dion Waiters, George Hill, Spencer Hawes, AK47, Gordon Hayward, Taj Gibson

    Any help would be appreciated.


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