Danny Granger: Green with envy

Ok, kids, we are off and running on the NBA season! Wheeeeeeee. Today I give you the first daily fantasy notes post of the year. I’ll be posting daily notes 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, usually in the late morning (EST!) sometime. What you’ll get here is a spotlight on certain players from the previous night’s games and usually a recommendation about him. Good times, man, good times. I’m also looking for a couple of weekend like minded writers to handle a Saturday post and/or a Sunday post.  If you or anyone you know is interested then click on this here link and hit me up. It’ll be fun! Switching gears, by now I’m sure you’ve heard that Danny Granger is out indefinitely with a knee bone problem and Gerald Green will be starting in his stead. Or starting in his place if you prefer normal English. I’d go ahead and grab Gerald quick quick but temper expectations. Don’t forget, the Pacers have three quality guards in D.J. Augustin, George Hill and Paul George and I could see George playing some three. I mean this isn’t last year’s putrid Nyets team Gerald will be playing for, right? I hate to be a downer but I’m just trying to keep it real for you. That’s what I does, I keeps it real, yo. You’re welcome. Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday:

Amare Stoudemire – Out 6-8 weeks with a knee bone problem. Interesting, said Danny Granger. Chris Copeland should be strongly considered as an add if you have the room. I’d also take a look-see at Marcus Camby once he’s back. Doesn’t hurt!

Emeka Okafor – Dropped 10/7/4 with 4 blocks in 25 minutes. This one had no Nene Hilario and Kevin Seraphin so Emeka was able to operate a bit. That said, he should continue to be useful for boards and blocks for the foreseeable future.

Trevor Booker – 4/1/1 with a steal and a block in 17 minutes. Ewwwww. I think he’ll be better. He can’t do worse, right?

A.J. Price – 7/2/6 with 2 threes in 26 minutes. He wasn’t on my sleeper list but I should have thrown him on there since he should get decent run until John Wall returns. In fact, in a league where I drafted Wall, I grabbed Price late and started him last night. If he’s on your waiver wire and your desperate for assists, give A.J. a look-gander!

Jordan Crawford – Posted 11/3/5 with a steal and a block in 29 minutes of burn. He also aborted all 6 moon ball attempts. The last couple of days I’ve been asked a lot about dropping Jordan for a guy like Gerald Green. My answer has been to hold JC for now. He’ll get his burn. When Wall is back, things will get a bit more complicated though. As if you needed me to tell you! Your’e so astute.

Trevor Ariza – 9/3/4 with 3 steals, 2 blocks and 2 threes. He also shot a typical 3-8 FG and 1-2 FT. Thanks for being you, Trevor.

Bradley Beal – 8/3/3 with a steal and 2 threes. He got the start but only saw 22 minutes of run. He also led the team with a -16. Gots to play defense too, Bradley!

Alonzo Gee - Got the start and dropped 4/3/2 with 2 steals in 34 minutes. Despite this line, if he’s going to get that kind of run consistently, Alonzo should be picked up in standard 12 team leagues. The man is useful! Except his FG. His FG isn’t useful.

Anderson Varejao – 9/23/9 with 2 blocks in 37 minutes. The Cavs front court is his and, though, he’s not a scorer, he should pretty easily score low double digit points on a nightly basis. He’s also going to be good for around a block and a steal nightly. The assists? Meh, not so much. Fluke! But you knew that already.

Tristan Thompson – 12/10/5 with a steal in 32 minutes. Here’s what I said in my Top 25 Power Forward rankings last week when I rated Tristan number 23:  23. Tristan Thompson – At this point in the rankings good peoples of fantasy hoops land, we’ve arrived at a crossroads. Do you go with the old, wily veteran with limited upside or vibrant, raw rookie who could potentially bust out yet is almost as likely to fall flat on his face? Which one do you think I’m going with? Projections: 11.5 ppg/8 rpg/1 apg/.455/.622/.6 spg/0 3s/90 blk/2 tov  I don’t see any real reason why he can’t come close to my projections with 30ish minutes of run. I’m praying for you, Tristan!

Dion Waiters – 17/2/0 with 3 steals and 2 threes. I don’t think you could have asked for a better start from Dion and I’m just glad I don’t have to write anymore about Daniel Gibson playing the 2 for Cleveland. Ooops, I just did. Habit!

Brandon Bass – 15/11/1 in 28 minutes. Jared Sullinger, his alleged competition, posted 2/1/0 in 8 minutes. I think what we have here, good peoples, is the extreme of the good and the extreme of the bad from both of these guys. Bass is clearly your Huckleberry at PF though in Boston if there was any doubt.

Courtney Lee – 11/1/1 with a three on 5 of 6 FG in 22 minutes. Outside of exploding last season when he became the clear starter in Houston after Kevin Martin went down, Courtney’s career has been marked by inconsistency and fantasy ineptitude. In Boston, I see more of the latter. That’s the second one in case you’re wondering.

Jeff Green – 3/3/0 with a steal in 23 minutes. I noticed whenever Boston plays Miami, Doc Rivers keeps a very tight rotation, he wants to win, damn it! I’d hold Jeff for a few more games, clearly his pre-season was worth holding him for more than just one regular season game. I’m patient like that.

Ray Allen – 19/2/2 with 2 threes in 31 minutes. To get to this line, Ray had to shoot 5-7 FG including 2 of 3 from downtown. I don’t know, seems like a bit of a mirage for me. Or Mirage if you’re in Las Vegas. Still good for threes though but not much more this year.

Jae Crowder – 8/3/2 with a steal and 2 threes in 20 minutes. He had a nice pre-season and I had him in my Sleepers post. If you’re in need of depth, go ahead and take a whirl until Dirk Nowitzki comes back. Don’t be shy, go on.

Antawn Jamison – 5/5/2 with a steal in 15 minutes. If the Lakers starters are going to all play at least 34 minutes, it’s not going to be much fun for Jamison owners. They can’t all play at least 34 minutes every night, right? Rhetorical! Let’s see if Jamison can get himself to mid-20s in minutes. If he can’t then lose him quick, quick for a hot free agent. Like Gerald Green! Or lose him now for Gerald if you’d like. Your call.

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  1. ok so I plan to trade Teague for Luis Scola straight up, drop E’tuane Moore for either Copeland, and James Johnson… both guys that can give you a little bit of everything. Copeland more so for scoring…team look more balanced?

    PG: Jennings, Lillard, Stuckey
    SG: Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, Ray Allen
    SF: Tony Allen, Gerald Henderson
    PF/C: Dwight Howard, Hibbert, Randolph, Bass, Robin Lopez

    Lose: Scola & Moore

    Add: Teague & Chris Copeland/James Johnson

  2. @marc: It’s a tough call. Scola helps with the points and boards and Stuckey is capable of 4+ dimes per (he had 6 tonight I think). You’re a little light at SF if anything unless Joe Johnson is eligible there for you but he’s ideally slotted in at SG for you. If you made this deal, you’ll have a ton of guards and only really 4 big men you can count on. I might hold off and see how the team plays a bit before doing it. Grab Copeland anyway.

  3. luckily, the big men I have are decent passing bigs; I think I may hold off and bank of the fact that lillard will continue to do 7 dimes a night lol

  4. Didn’t expect Aminu to put up a stat line like that – flash in the pan or is he putting it together? Most of his shots were in the paint btw, pretty much everything from longer range missed. Also Hec, any thoughts on Marv Williams?

  5. @Andrew: With the Gordon injury, Aminu could get decent run and is worth grabbing in deep leagues. I’ll have something to say about him in today’s post which should be up later this morning. I’m not a big Marvin Williams fan, never have been, but he’s another deep league useful body, wouldn’t be happy if he was on my 12 team league roster though.

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