Sky Rockets in Flight, James Harden Delight

Maybe if the Thunder made James Harden their feature player they would have won the NBA championship, ha! Last night, in his Rocket’s debut, Jimmy Beard lit up the night posting 37/6/12 with 4 steals and 4 threes on 14-25 FG in a whopping 44 minutes. The guy didn’t come off the court, son! After the game Jeremy Lin said James better go for 40 points and 15 dimes every night because he owned him on his fantasy team. No, he doesn’t. Psyche! Anyway, after the deal to Houston I did bump James up to number four on my Top 25 Shooting Guards rankings but nobody saw this explosion coming. I assume the next team Houston plays will focus a bit on him more though. Don’t you think? Gonna be a good year for Harden owners, baby! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Marcus Morris – Started at power forward and dropped 6/7/1 in 26 minutes. The expected starter, Patrick Patterson, is sidelined so I wouldn’t go rushing to add Marcus onto your deep league team. FYI, his brother is Markieff Morris. True story!

Carlos Delfino – Dropped 15/7/0 with 5 threes in 24 minutes. Del-fine-O was in my pre-season Sleepers post. Did you read it? I hope so because lots of guys in that post will be mentioned here today. Can you guess why? You’re so clever.

Omer Asik – 12/9/1 with 2 blocks in 33 minutes. Looking pretty locked in for solid blocks and boards. Oh, he was another one in my Sleepers post. Go see for yourself, go on, take a look.

Chandler Parsons – 11/7/6 in 42 minutes with a three. Chandler, pass the Grey Poupon. You, go pick him up if he’s out there. 42 minutes!

Jason Maxiell – I don’t profess to love Jason Maxiell. Hell, I don’t even know the guy but he did start last night and dropped 10/8/0 with 2 blocks in 24 minutes. Could you use that in deep leagues? Suuuuuuure. Oh, he was also in my Sleepers post.

Andre Drummond – 2/2/0 with 2 steals in 13 minutes. He’s a work in progress and even though he was on my Sleepers post I didn’t hype him too much. Feel free to drop him for a hot free agent if you’d like. Or not. Your call.

David West – 25/2/1 with a steal on 12-19 FG in 28 minutes. He kicked me right square in the nuts last year so excuse me for feeling a little bitter when I saw he dropped 25 last night. Anger aside, 15 points per would be a solid season from him. Not sure why he was alergic to the glass last night though. Ok, ok, hec breath. I’m calm now. Moving on!

Gerald Green – The free agent darling pick up of the week! Last night he posted a disappointing 6/2/2 line with a block, 2 threes and 6 tovs but did play a whopping 37 minutes. Yesterday I advised a pick up but warned you to temper expectations on him but let’s focus on the positive. He played 37 minutes! If he’s still hanging around the wire, go ahead and take a whirl.

Kyle Lowry – Dropped 21/7/8 with 5 steals and 2 threes. Here’s what I said about him in my Top 75 Overall Rankings last week (or was it the week before that?): 54. Kyle Lowry – Feel free to kick Kyle up a round or so if you think Jose Calderon will get moved and/or Lowry plays a lot of two which will probably happen. Wouldn’t shock me at all if he ended up a top 30 or 40 overall ranked player, health permitting. He’s off to a helluva start! Wheeeeeeeee.

Jonas Valunciunas – OMG, I can spell his name correctly without even looking already. My life is so pathetic. Anyway, last night he dropped 12/10 with a block. Did you read my Sleeper post? I hope so!

Andre Miller – 10/7/5 with 2 steals. He got some extra run with Danilo Gallinari out so I wouldn’t get too excited about this old dog. As an aside, did he really need to launch 15 shots on this team? Just wondering.

Kenneth Faried – 6/7/0 in just 17 itty bitty minutes. Oh, oh. Don’t do it George Karl, don’t break our hearts! Let’s see, keep the faith, good peoples … for now.

Kosta Koufos – 6/9/0 with a steal and a block in 30 minutes. I’d still rather own JaVale McGee (4/7/0 with 3 blocks in 18 minutes) but you could do worse grabbing Koufos if you’re in need of a big man. I just hope his middle name doesn’t start with a K. That wouldn’t be very nice.

Spencer Hawes – 16/12/2 with 2 steals, 2 threes and 5 blocks. James Harden stole the show last night but Spencer wasn’t too far behind. Of course, there was one very large black man missing from the scene so, well, you know. Temper expectations. That said, he’ll be useful as long as he’s healthy. Health? What’s that?

Evan Turner – 5/6/2 in 28 minutes. Ok, ok, here’s the deal, peoples. If you read my 2012 Fantasy Draft Guide, you know that I’m not as high on him as other, um, experts. Ok, I’ll just cut and paste what I wrote in my Top 125 Overall Rankings to make your life easier: 121. Evan Turner – Other, um, experts, have young Evan much higher but I’m hesitant, man. You’ve got Dorrell Wright, you’ve got Thad Young who can slide to the 3, you’ve got Nick Young and Jason Richardson who could play together with Jrue Holiday if the Sixers decide to go small at times. I don’t know, man. It seems a bit crowded. Consistency may be an issue. Prove me wrong, Evan! So far, you’re not proving me wrong, Evan!

Dorrell Wright – 14/7/0 with 2 steals, a block and 2 threes on 3-12 FG. He’s deserving of being rostered but consistency is going to be an issue. Am I right or am I right? Rhetorical! Let’s see how the minutes distribute once Andrew Bynum is back.

Kawhi Leonard – 19/7/1 with 5 steals and 3 threes. I was high on him coming into the season but this line made me pee in my pants a little from the excitement. Then I remembered Manu Ginobilli sat out but still. Pretty good start!

Austin Rivers – 7/1/2 on putrid 1-9 FG in 24 minutes. Young Austin was in my Sleepers post and even though this line was disappointing, it’s not about that for me. It’s about opportunity! Austin has it so go get him if he’s sitting out there on your waiver wire.

Al-Farouq Aminu – 17/7/3 with 2 steals and 3 blocks in 37 minutes. He also hoisted 16 shots. I obviously don’t expect this kind of production from Al (may I call you Al, Al?) on a nightly basis but he should be rostered in 12 team leagues until further notice.

Greivis Vasquez – 8/6/13 with a steal. I told you I liked him. That Eric Gordon he’s so reliable in an unreliable kind of way!

Brandon Wright – 15/3/1 with 2 blocks. Looks like he’s gonna be a Huckleberry in Dallas until Dirk Nowitzki and/or Chris Kaman return. Unless Eddy Curry tries to eat him before that.

Gordon Hayward – 11/3/2 in 24 minutes. I got a lot of questions last night from panicked Hayward owners after this one. Chill baby baby chill! I think he’ll get his burn. Let’s see how it goes. Haste makes waste, right?

Randy Foye – 13/3/3 with 2 threes. Not many other, um, experts pimped Randy this pre-season but I threw a little somethin’ somethin’ at him in my Sleepers post. Did you read it? I want you to win you know. I care!

Marvin Williams – 21/3/1 with a block, steal and 2 threes in 30 minutes. At the end of the day, he’s still Marvin Williams. Stupid line but you know what I mean. That said, in 14 team leagues, he’s definitely worth a look gander. In 12 team leagues go ahead and take a whirl if you have the room.

Carl Landry – 17/6/1 with a steal in 23 minutes. What’s that? You didn’t read my Sleepers post? Shame on you! That said, he did shoot 7-9 FG so temper expectations going forward with a healthy Andrew Bogut in there. Healthy and Andrew Bogut in the same sentence. Hahahahahehe. Hahahahhe. Make it stop, it tickles, hahahahehee.

Harrison Barnes – 6/3/1 in 14 minutes. I’m hearing defense may be an issue but that never stopped Marcus Thornton! Give him a week or two or three. Whatever floats your boat.

Jarret Jack – 10/3/7 with a steal and a three in 30 minutes. I told you to go get him even though he wasn’t starting. I hope you’re listening. Nobody keeps JJ down!

Antawn Jamison – 2/1/0 in 13 minutes. That’s two stinkers with limited minutes in a row. There are too many chiefs and not enough indians in LA. Feel free to launch for a Gerald Green, Marvin Williams or a Al-Farouq Aminu if that’s your thing.

Jamal Crawford – 29/2/1 with a steal and 3 threes in 30 minutes. I also point out he shot a ridiculous 10-14 FG. I told you to grab him in my Sleepers post. Did I or did I not? Now my back hurts from all my self patting. Damn.

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  1. great stuff as always!! so pumped the season is under way

    in my 14 team roto league, should I drop Tobias Harris for Kevin Seraphin?

    in my 10 team H2H league (no % cats or TO), should I drop Brand for Asik? Also in that same league, should I drop Gordon Hayward for Parsons or Grevis. I was super high on Hayward, but it looks like Foye and M.Williams could hurt his value

    Thanks for all the knowledge!
    Adge =)

  2. @Adrian: Thanks! I’d probably hold Tobias to see what he can do for a few games. I do like Asik a bit more than Brand long term, so sure. I’d lose Hayward for Vasquez.

  3. Hi Hec! Should I drop Parsons and Biyombo for Marvin Williams and Rivers (both on the waiver)?
    20 team league H2H, 8cats
    18. Lawson
    23. Ibaka
    38. Batum
    43 L. Williams
    63. T.Young
    78. Vasquez
    83. Biyombo
    98 C.Parsons
    103 Koufos.

  4. @Sayrus777: I’d lose Koufos for Rivers since I like his upside more than Marvin’s. For now, I’d probably hold BB for his blocks potential since you don’t have much outside of Ibaka. Your call though, I wouldn’t hate on you if you felt compelled to drop him for Marvin.

  5. Am I wrong to want to hold onto the guys i drafted for at least the first 2 or 3 weeks? I feel like this happens every year, where undrafted players have hot starts, only for things to settle down and players get into their grooves and before you know it your 8th round pick is helping someone else in your league win!

  6. @KeithyP: You’re not wrong, I’ve seen that happen so many times before. It’s only 1 game in and I’m getting questions on guys like Hayward, etc. It’s understandable but owners definitely need to stay patient.

  7. Hecman, my go to guy, enlighten me. 12 team league, 2 centers starting, H2H. thanks for all the great posts!

    P George
    R. Anderson
    DA Jordan
    N. Pekovic
    E. Brand
    D. Favors
    L. Ridnour
    metta world

  8. @rroman14: First, I have to say you have a fabulous name! Ok, as for your team. Looks good, maybe one more big man for boards could help but I like what I see and Valunciunas looks like a nice late steal. Hopefully, Kaman gets healthy and helps there too. Thanks for reading!

  9. Hi hec! Aldridge is on the trading bloc right now. I just want to know if I who can i offer that is fair and will also make my team stronger. Or Is Aldridge is not worth it to trade? this is my team at the moment. h2h 14-team 9cat.


    Thank you!

  10. HECMAN!
    Here we go again!
    I have Granger and Hilario on my squad. Is there any reason for concern, should I drop and fin others out there to replace. Also have amar’e who is banged up as well. Thanks!

  11. Hec,

    Need to bench one in H2H PTS (-1 TOs, -0.75 FTA, -0.5 FGA, 3 BLK, 3 ST, 2 AST, 1.5 REB, 2 3PTM, 1 FGM, 1FTM, 0.5 TotPTS) tonight: AK-47, Pek, I. Thomas, T. Allen.

    Leaning Thomas after Wed night. You think he bounces back tonight? Basically shared time at PG with Brooks on Wed. Hit a couple 3’s, but 3 TOs and only 1 AST (7.5 pts in our scoring system). I know it’s a small sample size, but still a little worried about his usage in SAC.

    Thanks for the help!

  12. @Nino: Not sure what the guy would want for LA but you I don’t see any obvious strengths at the moment for you to deal from.

    @Taylor080: You’re team is a bit banged up and I do think there is cause for concern for both Granger and Nene. Hold unless there is a really tempting free agent out there. Keep me posted!

    @Colt Speedman: I’d roll with Thomas and bench Allen.

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