Friday Fantasy Basketball Recap (some games anyway)

By: John Fortney – staff writer
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Bobcats Win! Bobcats Win! – CHA/IND

The Charlotte Bobcats got a huge and much needed win last night against the Pacers. The Bobcats have the look of a NCAA Basketball All-Star squad, while the Pacers just looked bored. I assume they were playing down to their competition a bit. Gerald Green was below average, but be patient, the minutes are there (31). Roy Hibbert did not show up with 7pts/7boards/1blk. He just seems to take games off once a week. Can someone remind him that he’s supposed to dominate the Bobcats? Paul George was the highlight with a 12/7/6 line. Lance Stephenson had 15/6/4 with 2 stls off the bench. If Green doesn’t show up soon, he could get some run. Kemba Walker was awesome with 30/5/3 with a blk and stl on top. Gerald Henderson was also good with 18/3 with 5 stls  and 2 blks. I wouldn’t count on the stls and blks every night. Ben Gordon and Ramon Sessions were very quiet off the bench.

Harden has a cow. Again. – HOU/ATL

You know when you get bluffed out a $100 poker hand that you would have easily won and the guy slaps down a 2-7 off-suit? Remember that sick feeling in the bottom of your gut? I’m guessing OKC’s GM has that same feeling right now. I know they got a lot on return, but James Harden’s talent doesn’t come along very often. Congratulations if you drafted him! He went off again for a 45/7/2 line, scored 14 of Houston’s last 19 points, and went  15/17 from the stripe. I expect him to be top 5 by the end of the year. Jeremy Lin also filled it up with 21 pts 10 boards and 7 dimes. Omer Asik had 19 boards. He may be your modern day Dennis Rodman without the rainbow colored hair. Marcus Morris came off the bench for 17/5 so keep an eye on him if you’re in a deep league. I’m not making much of it. Royce White was a DNP. I just don’t see him having much value, especially if he’s going to be missing multiple games on a regular basis. J Smoov 18/10 and Al Horford  14/5/3 were pretty good last night, but Lou Williams was their leading scorer off the bench with 22/4/5 and 3 stls. I realize teams like to have fire power off the bench but can’t see how they can keep Lou out of the starting five all year. He was supposed to be Joe Johnson’s replacement. Joe Johnson was a FT starter. Makes sense to me.

Barea Surprises (Unless you read hecmanhoops’ Sleepers Post, that is!) – SAC/MIN

The T-wolves got a win at home last night led by (Comeback Player of the Year Candidate?) Brandon Roy 10/5/6 and JJ Barea 21/4/5. We don’t know if the Wolves are a playoff team yet, but at the very least they are very fun to watch. AK47 was also good with 10/7/5/1blk and the former CBA defensive player of the year, Greg Stiemsma, might’ve had the most impressive line with 9 points, 7 boards, and 4 blks in just 16 minutes of action. As for the Kings, Isaiah Thomas led the scoring with 20 and Marcus Thornton had 15 off the bench. Other than that, DeMarcus Cousins was awful and Tyreke Evans wasn’t spectacular. You’re going to get duds from Cousins as a result of foul trouble and him just acting like a big, immature, super-talented child.  Just swallow them and know he will single handedly win you matchups from week to week.

That Kevin Durant guy, he’s good! (But you already knew that) – OKC/POR

OKC got back on the winning track versus Portland. Durantula 23/17/7/2 blk and Russell Westbrook  32/6/5 were both in beastmode. added 19 points in the win and is going to get a lot of open looks. In two games K-Mart is 6-9 from 3-pt land. Lastly, Serge Ibaka was quiet with 7/5/2 in 26 min and was outplayed by Nick Collision’s  12/5 with 27 min. As for Portland, they were led by LaMarcus Aldridge’s 22/15/3 and Damian Lillard with 21/3/7. Nic Batum was awful in 36 minutes but don’t panic, he won’t have a line that bad the rest of the year. Wesley Mathews also contributed with 17 points.

Currying Favor – MEM/GS

All Mike Conley and the Memphis Grizzlies needed was for the Golden State Warriors to get back on track. Conley was 21/3/7 with 5! steals. Marc Gasol 21/6/5, Z-Bo 15/14, and Rudy Gay 18/8 were all up to par. Expect these types of numbers to be allowed by the Warriors all year. I doubt any one of them can even spell defense. As for the Warriors, Stephen Curry was great with 26/5/7. Just pray those glass ankles stay intact. David Lee was ok with 16/7 and Carl Landry was good off the bench with 20 pts and 6 boards. They are handling Andrew Bogut with kid gloves right now so he’ll get better slowly, barring injury. Speaking of injury, Brandon Rush went down with a nasty looking knee injury. They are hoping for the best but it doesn’t sound good. Harrison Barnes will most likely get the extra minutes.

Fridays Injury scoop

Eric Gordon has been declared out 4-6 weeks with that troublesome knee. Hedo Turkoglu broke his hand and we are still waiting on a timetable. I’m dropping him. Anthony Davis suffered a concussion and will miss today’s game. Lastly Brandon Rush; let’s hope the knee injury isn’t serious but I’m hearing he could be donezo, or done-zo, you know what I mean.

John Fortney has been playing Fantasy Basketball for over 15 years, his speciality is Daily Fantasy Basketball where he won enough money last season to buy a small car or a large motorcycle. Follow him on Twitter for help with your full season or daily fantasy basketball questions or ask him here in the Comments. He’s here to help. He cares! Sniff.

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  1. Thinking of starting Kaman over marvin williams in my Utility spot. should I trust the guy coming from injury and at risk of re-injuring himself or the guy who’s playing at san antonio on the second game of a back to back? kaman has more upside but not sure with limited minutes.

  2. Hey i asked for a little look-see at my squad on twitter. Just wondering how you think she looks.. Thanks in advance..

    PG – Lowry, D Williams, Lawson, (Rose)
    SG – OJ Mayo, JJ Redick
    C/PF – Chandler, Jefferson, Varejao, Anderson, Bosh,
    SF – Kirelenko, Wilson Chandler, Jefferson.

    The positions are 1 PG, 1 SG, 2C, 1 PF, 1 SF, 1G, 1F, 1 Util. 12 team mixed Roto.

    Keep up the good work. Love the advice.


  3. @Clotuscreature: Thanks for the compliment! Guards are super solid. Not sure how you landed three top ones like that along with Jefferson, Ryan Anderson and Bosh but I love it. I’d consider losing Wilson Chandler if a hot free agent comes along. AK47 is decent at SF but if he gets hurt you might find yourself scrambling and your FG may be suspect but that said, I’d be very surprised if you don’t finish top 4 or better with this team. Good luck and keep me posted!

  4. It was an auction league. I kept Lowry at 9 bucks. Lawson at 11 and Jefferson at 30. Spent 50 on D Williams and got Bosh and Anderson for bargains.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Take it easy,


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