Dion Waiters Provides Good Service!

Last night the Cavaliers went to Los Angeles and shocked the Clippers. Well, it shocked me anyway. I’m easy to shock, I guess. From a fantasy perspective let’s take a look at the minutes log for the 5 Non Lebrons last night. Kyrie Irving – 37, Dion Waiters - 32, Alonzo Gee – 34, Tristan Thompson 34, Anderson Varejao – 36, Tyler Zeller – 24. Nobody else had more than 20 (Daniel Gibson). In tough games, I always like to look at the minutes distribution because that tells you who the coach trusts and right now, these 6 guys are your Huckleberries in Cleveland. It’s also is safe to say that with the exception of Zeller, everyone is probably owned in standard leagues but Tyler should now also be on your radar. After all, the guy did drop 15/7/2 with a steal in just 24 minutes and may ultimately push Tristan Thompson (1/8/1 with 3 steals and a block) for minutes at power forward. Either way, with Cleveland’s lack of front court depth, I see enough minutes for both of them to do their thing. Or thang if you’re from the South. Feel free to add Tyler for his upside in deep leagues and monitor elsewhere. As for Dion Waiters, he’s goooooooooooood. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Ronnie Brewer – Yesterday morning I told him I wasn’t feeling it. Last night he went and dropped  13/10/0 with a steal and 3 threes in 30 minutes. I’m still not feeling it but if you’re sitting with a virtual dead spot in your deeeep league, go ahead and take a whirl.

Pablo Prigioni – 11/1/6 with 2 steals and a three in some garbage time minutes. I look at his first name I think maybe Mexican or Spanish. I look at his last name and I think Italian. Turns out he’s Argentinian. Or is it Argentine? Leave him on the wire!, shouted Raymond Felton and Jason Kid.

Nick Young – 12/1/1 with 2 threes in 29 minutes. Dorrell Wright and Evan Turner are getting the burn with Jason Richardson sidelined. If you’re holding him dreaming of his Washington Wizard days, let it go. Just. let. it. go. Sorry, I got all Jim Rome lame on you.

Luke Ridnour – 9/2/2 with 2 steals and 2 threes in 19 minutes. J.J. Barea dropped 6/3/6 with nothing else in 30 minutes. It’s a toss up who will perform better from night to night and a situation best avoided outside of deep leagues. Oh, Ricky Rubio, I miss your nose … so much.

Derrick Williams – 8/2/2 on 3-12 FG in 18 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dante Cunningham was busy hauling in 11 boards to go along with 11 points, 2 steals and 2 blocks in 26 minutes. I think Derrick better watch his back, said Wesley Johnson and Jonny Flynn.

Kris Humphries – 2/4/1 with a block in 24 minutes. This hurts, this really, really hurts. hecman throws up his hands and shakes fist. Damn you, Reggie Evans! Damn you, Andray Blatche! Damn you, Kim Kardashian for having a fat ass! Hold. That’s all you can do for now. Sigh.

Jared Dudley – 8/0/2 with a steal in just 23 puny minutes. Another bad one from Jared. If you own him and Rodney Stuckey you’re probably pulling the hair out of your head. Unless you’re bald. Anyhoo, I don’t know, I don’t see anyone who can really challenge Jared for big minutes so let’s give him a few more games. I’m nice like that.

Marvin Williams – 6/5/0 with 2 steals and 2 blocks in 30 minutes. So that was you who trampled over your grandmother just to get to your computer so you could pick up Marvin after opening night, huh? Are you happy now? Was it worth it!?

Gordon Hayward – 19/5/2 with a steal on 9-17 FG in 37 minutes. Here’s what I said about Gordon last week after his poor start:  Gordon Hayward – 11/3/2 in 24 minutes. I got a lot of questions last night from panicked Hayward owners after this one. Chill baby baby chill! I think he’ll get his burn. Let’s see how it goes. Haste makes waste, right? Do you feel better now? I’m here to help, I care!

Derrick Favors – Dropped 14/8/1 with 3 steals and a block in 26 minutes.  His minutes  log look like this through 4 games: 18, 23, 23, 26. Meh. He’s useful in deep leagues but in standard leagues you can’t be content. When you get content, you get fat. Or something like that.

Meyers Leonard – 6/9/1 with a block in 23 minutes. J.J. Hickson dropped 7/11/0 with a steal in 25 minutes. I had Meyers in my Sleepers post for deeeeep leagues but keep your eye on him in 14 team leagues, too. Don’t forget, y’all.

Damian Lillard – 13/3/5 with a steal and a three on 1-8 threes attempted and 2-13 FG. Through 4 games Damian is at .406 FG at 16 FGA per. That sounds pretty good to me, said Kemba Walker and Ricky Rubio.

Darren Collison – Posted 14/1/13 with a steal. If there’s one point guard who has exceeded my expectations thus far, it’s DC. Too bad I don’t own him anywhere. I see good times rolling here but not 16 points, 8 assists per like he’s currently averaging. O.J. Mayo is also going nuts. I’d sell high on O.J. if you could but keep rolling with DC. If you want to keep O.J., I’m cool with with that, too. Not like he’s going to fall off a cliff or anything.

Chris Kaman – Dropped 16 and 6 on 8-10 FG in 24 efficient minutes. If Chris was dropped by an impatient owner, go ahead and scoop him up. What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for, or or. You know, like the song.

DeJuan Blair – Exploded with 14/11/4 and 2 steals in 29 minutes. Repeat after me: I hate San Antonio players except Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobilli and Kawhi Leonard. I hate San Antonio players except Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobilli and Kawhi Leonard. Ok, then.

Harrison Barnes – 6/2/4 with a steal in 30 minutes. He was 0-3 from behind the arc but let’s focus on the minutes. 30! Baby steps. I think if you have room for him in 12 and 14 team leagues, he should definitely be added for his potential. I’m assuming he’s owned in all 14 team leagues right now. I don’t like assuming though. You know what it does.

Andrew Bogut – 12/3/1 with a block in 19 minutes. Still limited, very limited and will be for the next week or 4. When I think of him on Golden State I don’t see Andrew going back to his Milwaukee hey days but keep the faith. Let’s see how he does when he gets fully healthy. If he ever gets fully healthy I mean. Doh!

Isaiah Thomas – 10/0/0 with 2 steals and a three in 21 tiny minutes. Being a New Yorker, I couldn’t hate Isaiah Thomas any more than I do. Now it’s starting to go double!

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  1. Hey take a look at my team and tell me what you think. Im thinking about dropping Brand and grabbing Aminu or someone…thoughts?

    Mo Williams
    James Harden
    Rudy Gay
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Anthony Davis
    Marcus Thorton
    Paul Millsap
    Ray Allen
    Elton Brand
    David West
    John Wall
    Lou Williams
    Omer Asik


  2. Would love to know what you think just overall though.

    Guys on Waivers:

    Robin Lopez
    Dorell Wright
    E’Twan Moore

    Assuming im happy to drop Brand, whose the best play here? Thanks man!

  3. Thoughts on dropping Bogut
    The availables are:
    Jason Thompson


  4. great stuff as always!

    I own Jared Dudley and I’m holding as you suggested. you mentioned that you don’t really see anyone challenging him for minutes, but wouldn’t you consider Shannon Brown a potential threat?


  5. @Taylor080: Since you have some real options there, I think losing him for Pekovic wouldn’t be the worst idea. I do rate Bogut higher normally but for the next month, at least, Pek looks like the better guy to own.

    @Adrian: Thanks! I was going to mention Brown in the blurb but, at best, I see a split, not an outright take over by Shannon. Give Dudley this week to see if he gets straightened out and 30ish minutes of burn then reevaluate.

    @G: Right now, I probably would. Both will regress when Nene and Dirk come back and Nene seems further away at the moment but it’s hardly a guarantee who will come back first.

  6. I have utility spot open, which one of the three should I start this week? Jae Crowder (possible starter with Marion out), Austin Rivers (not producing but has the minutes), or Tobias Harris (starter but may split time with Dunleavy)?

  7. lot of games for wed, nov 7. all my player gonna play. who do you think should i play between humphries (vs. mia) or tobias harris (vs. mem)? want humphries but really scared to go with him based on his last 2 games ._. haha

  8. by the way what do you think of a trade of ryan anderson, klay thompson (my players) for monta ellis, jrue holiday? sorry for the double comment haha!

  9. Can you provide any insights on my fantasy team?

    Joe Johnson
    Josh Smith
    Rajon Rondo
    Brook Lopez
    Klay Thompson
    Nic Batum
    Damian Lillard
    Paul George
    Anthony Davis
    Glen Davis
    Derrick Favors
    Brandon Knight

    There are some free agents that I am looking into but I don’t know who to drop. They include:

    Jamal Crawford, Omer Asik, Deandre Jordan, Jason Terry, Lou Williams, Wilson Chandler, Dion Waiters, George Hill, Spencer Hawes, AK47, Gordon Hayward, Taj Gibson

    Any help would be appreciated.


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