Danny Granger’s Knee-Bone is Connected to the I Screwed My Owner’s-Bone

The worst possible news for Danny Granger owners came yesterday when it was announced that he would be sidelined for the next three months with a knee bone problem. Who are your Huckleberries for the next three months in Indiana? You know the drill, Gerald Green, George Hill, Paul George, Roy Hibbert and David West. All should be owned and if Gerald Green isn’t then he should be for his upside despite playing only 18 minutes last night. As far as David West is concerned, I’m seeing no reason now why he shouldn’t continue producing so if you grabbed him late in your draft/auction off his down year last year, you’re in luck! Hey, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Right? Rhetorical! As for Danny boy, I’d lose him. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Lance Stephenson – 9/5/3 with a steal and a three in 28 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, D.J. Augustin saw only 10 minutes of burn after only 13 minutes of burn on Monday. Not good! But you already knew that. Drop DJA for a hot free agent and monitor Lance in deep leagues.

Lou Williams – 9/3/3 in 21 minutes. Lou got Rodney Stuckey migraine headache syndrome so I’ll give him a pass on this one. Kyle Korver saw the extra minutes and produced but don’t get too excited. Monitor Lou’s migraine and keep him in there Friday night unless you have another rock solid option. More rock solid than Lou Williams!? As if!

Kris Humphries – 11/11/1 in 24 minutes. It’s so hard to gauge the value of a player’s production when half the game is played in garbage time. His owner’s will take it though! Let’s see if he can keep it up. My fingers are crossed for you Kris! No, they’re not. Yes, they are. Maybe they are!

Larry Sanders – 10/11/3 with a steal and 3 blocks in 26 minutes. I haven’t shown Larry enough love but now I’m showering him with it. Mwah, mwah, mwah, Larry. You’re the best, man! Is that enough love? Go ahead and grab him at the expense of Sam Dalembert. In fact, I’d lose Sam for any of the following: Sanders, Kevin Seraphin, Byron Mullens, Tristan Thompson, Nikola Vucevic, Jonas Valanciunas and several others who I can’t think of off the top of my head but I don’t gots all day. Feel free to ask me in the Comments about other possibilities. If you can though, try not to tweet your questions at me, I prefer you to ask Comments so everyone can see your question and my answer. We cool, Joe? Ok, then Snoopy, moving on!

Ersan Ilyasova – 7/4/1 with a three in 21 minutes. I’m getting a loooot of questions on him and my response is, “What are you going to do, drop him after one week?”. Keep the faith, good fantasy peoples. It’s a looooong season.

Jrue Holiday – 14/5/12 with a steal and a block in 29 minutes. No threes and 7 tovs but that’s ok, the threes will come and, hopefully, the tovs will settle down to a more agreeable 3.5ish. Here’s what I said about Jrue in my Top 25 Point Guard Rankings: 12. Jrue Holiday – Jrue slayed me last year and not in a good way, brah. That said, With Andre Iguodala out of the way, I’m willing to give my boy a second chance. That’s just me, I’m nice like that. I hope you did too!

Dorrell Wright – 7/6/2 with 2 steals and 2 threes on 2-10 FG. Everyone loves Dorrell right now but I’m thinking sell him high to some unsuspecting non-hecmanhoops reader. Sshhh. Secret site, secret site!

Al-Farouq Aminu – 10/16/3 with 2 steals on 3-11 FG in 40 minutes. Calm down, calm down. Anthony Davis sat this one out so someone had to crash the boards. Not like Ryan Anderson is Dennis Rodman or anything and Robin Lopez is, well, he’s a Lopez. Go grab Al in standard leagues anyway!

JaVale McGee – 12/6/0 with no blocks in 20 minutes. Still seeing limited minutes. Yikes! I see a trend that I’m afraid will continue. Unless you really, really need his big time blocks, I’d consider losing him for any of the guys I mentioned in Larry Sanders blurb. He’s turning into one category, man. Insert sad face emoticon here. Just don’t drop him for anyone.

Kosta Koufos – 4/4/0 with a steal in 21 minutes. I said the other day that I was going to drop him in one of my leagues. Well, I did. Just an FYI!

Patrick Patterson – 18/5/0 with a block in 30 minutes. He was in my pre-season Sleepers post and again in my Add/Drop post last Friday. You know I do try to give you a head start on the competition. I try for you, man! I care! Sniff.

Carlos Deflino – 19/5/2 with 2 steals and 4 threes. Um, another one in my Sleepers post. For a sixth man, he’s not too bad, said James Harden.

Nikola Vucevic – Back to back road games didn’t work out too well for Orlando last night. Nikola dropped 2/4/0 in 18 minutes and Glen Davis posted 4/6/4 in 19 minutes. Take note in daily leagues the next time Orlando has back to back road games. Or not. Your call. Your team!

E’Twaun Moore – The name E’Twaun doesn’t do anything for me but 36 minutes does! Go ahead and grab him if he’s still out there in your sleepy or shallow league but temper expectations once Jameer Nelson comes back. He will come back at some point … I assume.

Amir Johnson – 18/11/3 with a steal and a block in 29 minutes. Amir Johnson, you’re such a tease. I’m not going to fall for it, I’ve fallen for it many times before but not this time. Mm-mmm. Nope. Ok, maybe in deeeep leagues. You got me again!

Jonas Valanciunas – Got into foul trouble and finished with 4/2/0 in 10 minutes. He’s going to have nights like this. He’s a rookie, it happens. Let’s see what he does in the next 10 games. I think that’ll give a nice sample of what he’s capable of. I’d rather have him on my team than off it for the next 10 games though, that’s all I know.

Jae Crowder – 8/4/1 with 2 threes in 27 minutes. I’ll also lump Brandan Wright (12/7/0 with 2 blocks in 27 minutes) in here. Elton Brand was a DNP- Personal Reasons and Shawn Marion has a twisted something and also didn’t play. At best these guys are just short term rentals for November and you know what they say, it’s always better to buy than to rent!

Steve Blake – 6/4/1 with 2 threes on 2-10 FG in 36 minutes. Is it me or are the Laker’s getting very desperate for a win? Here’s the minutes distribution last night: Kobe Bryant – 37, Dwight Howard – 37, Pau Gasol – 36, Metta World Peace – 37. Then it dipped to 23 for Jordan Hill and 14 for Antawn Jamison. Think they wanted to win? Well, they lost anyway. As for Blake, keep running him out there, he did play 36 minutes so hopefully he’ll do a bit better next time. Or maybe he won’t! Bwaaahhhh, bwaaahhhh. Evil laugh attempt.

Randy Foye – 14/1/0 with a block and 5 threes in 29 minutes. Had him in my Sleepers post. I can’t take any credit, my Magic 8 Ball, who moonlights as a crystal ball on weekends in Manhattan, insisted he be included. You could definitely do worse in 14 team leagues at the end of your bench!

Rodney Stuckey – 5/0/4 with a steal and a three in 34 minutes. I hate having to talk about guys day after day who are struggling but you want to know what’s going on. I know you want to know what’s going on and if I didn’t blurb about Rodney today you’d be saying, damn, he didn’t say anything about Rodney. Where’s the respect! Today, boys and girl, I’ll focus on the minutes. 34! Miserable start but I’m not ready to drop him, not by a long shot actually. Unless Klay Thompson or some other solid stud is out there which he’s not.

Greg Monroe – 21/12/11 with a steal in 41 minutes. The man got a triple-double so I gots to throw him some props. Other than that nothing very fantasy relevant that I can add. Now I just wasted 30 seconds of our lives. Moving on!

Manu Ginobilli – 9/1/2 with a block and 2 threes in 19 minutes. Generally speaking, I really, really dislike Spurs for fantasy but if I was going to buy anyone low, it’s Manu. You’ve been behooved!

Caron Butler – 4/3/3 with a steal in 21 minutes. Somewhere in the middle of a cold winter night in February, 2012, Caron Butler’s fantasy relevance in standard leagues passed away. R.I.P.!

Samardo Samuels – 11/7/2 with a block in 38 minutes. Consider as a stream if Anderson Varejao is to miss anymore time. Just be advised you’ll be swimming upstream. Like salmon!

Andrew Bogut – 0/3/5 with a steal and a block in 17 minutes. I warned you, man. Don’t say I didn’t! Here’s what I said in my Top 25 Centers post:   11. Andrew Bogut – I don’t know man, I just don’t know. The last time Golden State had a traditional, post up, white center, the guy shot 7% from the free throw line. No really, it’s true, look it up! Anyhoo, here are Bogus’s games played the last 6 seasons starting with last year: 12, 65, 69, 33, 78 (anomoly!), 66.  The only thing I know is if I own this fool he’s guaranteed to miss half the season. If I don’t own him, he’s guaranteed to go double double with blocks galore and play every game. I’m not going to tell you if I own him or not though but I probably won’t. Can’t risk it for the likely price! Oh, I meant Bogut, not Bogus … I think. Now what? I’d seriously considering dropping him for another big man getting minutes. Ask in the Comments if you’re considering losing him for someone if you’d like. Or don’t. Mr. Know it All!

Harrison Barnes – 14/2/1 with a steal and a three in 30 minutes. He’s only going to improve me thinks so go ahead and grab him sooner than later. Later may be too late!

Byron Mullens – 24/8/0 with a steal and 6 threes in 37 minutes. Say what!?, said Kevin Love!

Ramon Sessions – 17/3/9 with a three in 35 minutes. Go, go, go, hurry, hurry, go get him. Oops, he’s gone. You’re too slow! That’s why you need Twitter, I tweeted to grab him two days ago.

Michael Beasley – 21/15/7 with a steal, 3 blocks and a three as B-Easy attempted his best Lebron James impression. Except the 7-21 FG. That was more Danny Granger-ish! Ewwwww.

Shannon Brown – 24 points and 6 threes in 24 minutes. Jared Dudley dropped 10/4/3 with 2 threes in 31 minutes. I think the minutes distribution sounds about right but let’s see what happens, I can’t see Shannon overtaking Jared for minutes but what do I know?

A.J. Price – 15/5/7 with a steal and 3 threes. I had him in my Sleepers post. I had him in my Add/Drop post last Friday. What more do you want from me? I give it all, it’s all out on the floor, man!

Bradley Beal – 16/4/3 with a steal, a block and 3 threes in 38 minutes. Jordan Crawford is hobbled with a sprained ankle and played only 15 minutes so it’s hard to say what’s up exactly. That said, it’s a start!

Kevin Seraphin – 16/9/3 with a block in 36 minutes. I was reading Rotoworld this morning (yes, I do read other sites!) and they said you should pick up Kevin Seraphin. Um, thanks for the tip?

Trevor Ariza – 2/3/2 with 2 steals in 19 minutes. If you read me regularly you know I’m not a fan, especially because of the percents but I think it’s time for you to gently let him go into the frigid water. Like Kate Winslett did to Leonardo DiCaprio!

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  1. okay okay… I know you are prob tired of the over reactions and the, should I drop this person (who should not be dropped) questions, but…

    was I okay to drop Stuckey for Mullens?

  2. Time to remove the trash.
    I have both Granger and Bogut. Dropping both and picking up
    L. Sanders and E’Twuan? Thoughts also Carl Landry is out there for picking.

  3. (sorry put this in the wrong comment section earlier)

    Anyway I’ve been offered K Durant and D Granger for K Irving and Kirilenko, I only have one other top tier pg on my roster in Goran Dragic. It’s a competitive H2H, nine cat, 16 team league with not much on the wire, should I take the trade and then try and acquire another pg through more trading? Would appreciate your valuable insight on this one Mr Hec.

  4. @Adrian: Yes, nice move.

    @Joffrey: I wouldn’t lose him for Barnes and I would only lose him for Sanders if you were deep at G and needed the big man.

    @asd…: Yes, go for that. Also, thanks, you’re my human spell checker! Ha.

    @Taylor080: I’d grab Sanders and Landry.

    @Grant: Interesting one. Let’s start by saying I assign zero value to Granger so this is really a 2 for 1. Tell him he can keep granger and offer Dragic and Ak47 for Durant. See what he says to that.

  5. Thanks for the advice :) One more thing please. If he rejects the Dragic deall, do you think it’s best just to walk away or go back to the Irving trade? Instead of granger I might be able to get E Gordan or A Bogut thrown in ( I know, his team is an injury ward!! )

    Also this is my team if it helps
    Wes Matthews
    D Green
    T Young
    G Hayward
    G Green
    L Sanders
    N Robinson

    Thanks heaps for your time.

  6. hey man awesome site… should i drop ray allen for mullens,sessions,collison,kirilenko,beasly,david lee, al-farouq,or l.sanders. thanks!

  7. @Drez1, I’m not Hecman, but fwiw I’d hold onto both Asik and Favors.

    Btw did anyone else see Meyers Leonard in beast mode down the stretch vs the Clippers while JJ Hickson cooled his heels on the bench?

  8. @Grant: Hard to deal Kyrie but push comes to shove, I wouldn’t let AK47 come between you and Durant so if you could get Bogut in the deal instead of Granger, I’d go for it. You’ll definitely need to trade back for some dimes though at some point. Let me know how it goes!

    @Joe: Thanks! David Lee.

    @Drez1: Ha. Cute. I’d hold Asik but barring injury to Jefferson or Millsap I could see Seraphin outperforming Favors so I’d lose him for Kevin. At best it’s close to a wash, at most, Nene misses a lot of games and Seraphin continues doing what he’s doing.

    @Andrew: I did have Meyers Leonard in my pre-season Sleepers post for deeeeep leagues. I care! :)

  9. hope i’m back tonight from my concussion…

    quick question tobias harris or harrison barnes?
    pick harrison because no dunleavy/skiles?

  10. Hec, I’ve been offered Beasley for my Boozer. I’m stacked at PF/C (the other guy drafted Amare and Bogut), not so much at SF, and could do with the all-round stats if Beas keeps producing them.

    Beas was drafted lower though – but Boozer’s been a disappointment so far & I wasn’t impressed by what I’ve seen of him in games so far.

    What do you think?

  11. @Andrew: I’m sure you read my draft guide so you know I liked Beasley in Phoenix from before the season started and he’s done nothing so far to turn me off. If you’re weak at SF and stacked at PF/C I think it makes sense.

  12. Hey there,

    Long time reader, first time poster. I find your articles witty and funny, man.
    Anyway I was offered Westbrook, Rudy Gay, Ryan Anderson for my LamarcusAldridge, Paul george, Jrue Holiday. Should i do it? I know Westbrook will become a beast again in about 2-3 weeks, and he is known for being a slow starter. Thoughts?

    Also in another league, I am being offered TysonChandler or Roy Hibbert for my Ryan Anderson. Any thoughts on that?
    Thanks for the feedback.

  13. hey im a rookie at the fantasy thing and just need a little coaching, my squad tonight consist of:
    d Williams-pg
    monta ellis-util
    david west-util
    r. anderson
    r. allen
    k. lowry
    d. gallinari

    should i switch any body up and i was considering dropping r. allen for d. lee. thank you for your help.

  14. @Johhny: Thanks! Breaking it down it’s Westbrook for Holiday, you win. Gay for George, you win and LA for Anderson you lose but Anderson is certainly good enough. I’d go for it.

    @Joe: Your team is loaded. I’d lose Allen for David Lee. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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