Keith’s Not So Smart!, said Isaiah Thomas

At 2-7 the Sacramento Kings needed to blame someone for their failures. Anyone! Psst, hey coach, let’s blame Isaiah Thomas, everyone’s doing it. He destroyed the Raptors, Pacers, Continental Basketball Association and the New York Knicks so it’s ok, let’s blame Isaiah, nobody will care. But wasn’t that the other Isaiah Thomas? Yes, but they are both around the same height, black and play point guard, nobody will notice, just do it! Hurry! And with that amazing advice, Keith Smart benched his starting point guard who was only playing 23 mpg to begin with. Clearly it was all Isaiah’s fault! So out goes Isaiah, in comes Aaron Brooks at point guard. Out goes James Johnson at small forward, in comes John Salmons. Nevermind the fact that John Salmons played and excelled only as a shooting guard while playing for Milwaukee and Chicago. Just ignore that, he’s now the Kings new starting small forward! How did that work out last year for the Kings, Keith? In terms of fantasy, where does this leave us? Where the hell does it leave us?! Well, go ahead and lose James Johnson and his 6 ppg, that’s pretty much a no brainer. How about Isaiah Thomas? I own him in a 14 team league and, honestly, if there was someone out there worth dropping him for I’d give it strong consideration but the wire is kind of thin so I’m just benching him. In 12 team leagues, sure, go ahead and lose him for a hot free agent. I think he’ll be back in the rotation sooner than later but, let’s face it, he was only playing 23 mpg as the starter anyway. I don’t see him suddenly playing 30 minutes a game anytime soon regardless; that would be non-sensical, son! As for Salmons, go ahead and take a whirl in deeep leagues but I’m not expecting much. Last night he dropped 2/5/1 in 28 minutes. Hardly fascinating! What about Aaron Brooks? Sorry, I don’t see him doing much for standard leaguers but anyone starting at point guard deserves pick up consideration so in 14 team leagues and beyond go ahead and give him a whirl. Monitor elsewhere. Oh, the Kings lost last night at home. It’s Isaiah’s fault! Wheeeeeeee.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday:

Gerald Green – 5/4/1 with a block and a three in 18 minutes. Over his last 5 Gerald is averaging 24 mpg/8.7 ppg/5.1 rpg/1 3pm/.380/.710. Barely useful for deeeep leagues and vomitatious for standard leaguers. Here’s what I told you back on October 31: By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Danny Granger is out indefinitely with a knee bone problem and Gerald Green will be starting in his stead. Or starting in his place if you prefer normal English. I’d go ahead and grab Gerald quick quick but temper expectations. Don’t forget, the Pacers have three quality guards in D.J. AugustinGeorge Hill and Paul George and I could see George playing some three. I mean this isn’t last year’s putrid Nyets team Gerald will be playing for, right? I hate to be a downer but I’m just trying to keep it real for you. That’s what I does, I keeps it real, yo. You’re welcome. Well, you gave him a shot, that’s all you could do and the rest was up to him. If you want to lose him for a hot free agent I wouldn’t begrudge you. Hell, I don’t even know you!

Jameer Nelson – 8/4/9 with 2 steals on 3-13 FG and 0-5 from three. If he was dropped then, of course, go grab him. He was out a little longer than I expected but the Magic wanted to make sure their star point guard was fully healthy for that championship run. Wait, what?

E’Twaun Moore – 16/1/4 with 2 threes in 24 minutes. Made for a nice streamer last night with J.J. Redick out sick but I can see E’Twaun being high on the list of the Yahoo! Transaction Trends of dropped players later this week. You ever check out the Transactions Trends? Go check it out, it’s good stuff!

Jose Calderon – 9/2/18 with 2 steals, a block and 2 threes. I’m getting trade questions with Jose involved like he’s suddenly Rajon Rondo. Um, peoples, Kyle Lowry is out or maybe you didn’t notice. I remind you in the four games he played with a healthy Kyle, Jose played 26, 14, 21 and 20 minutes and totaled 11 dimes. Continue riding though everywhere in the meantime and, by all means, sell high. Just don’t buy high! We straight, Skippy? That’s your new name.

Jonas Valanciunas – 6/7/0 with a steal and a block in 24 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Amir Johnson dropped 15/5/1 with 2 steals and a three (!) in 25 minutes. Lady and peeps, I give you the dreaded time share! Ewwwwwww. I think I’d look elsewhere for front court help if possible. If I had to own one, I’m rolling with Jonas even if Amir has slightly outplayed him lately. Amir has already disappointed me plenty so now it’s Jonas’ turn. Surprise me, Jonas!

Linas Kleiza – 12/5/0 with 2 threes in 26 minutes and has now scored in double figures in 4 straight. Here’s what I said about Linas back on November 7:  Anyhoo! Jose Calderon is your Huckleberry while I expect DeMar DeRozan to continue pouring in the points at the two. Who else benefits? Landry Fields? Meh, a little bit. Alan Anderson? Meh, a tiny bit. Dominic McGuire, the black Irish guy? Not so much. Linas Kleiza??? Meh-be. See what I did there? I hope you saw what I did there because I was trying to tell you that I liked Linas the best of the bunch. Sometimes I’m too clever for my own good. Sigh.

Tyler Zeller – Returned on Saturday from a broken face and on Sunday dropped 6/7/1 with a steal and a block in 28 minutes. He’s going to be in the rotation so I’d go ahead and grab him in 14 team leagues and beyond for his upside and monitor very closely in standard leagues. Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao are locked in though so temper expectations. If you had any expectations in the first place, I mean.

Evan Turner – 19/6/9 with a steal, a block and a three on 8-12 FG in 40 minutes. Over his last 5 Evan is averaging a solid 32 mpg. Last year he got hot and I’m sniffing a hot run right now. I’m all about minutes. Hey, you can’t produce if you don’t get minutes, right? Rhetorical!, said Manu Ginobilli. Ironic.

Dorell Wright – 3/4/1 with a steal and a three in 12 minutes. Here’s what I told you back on November 12 when I mis-pelled Dorell’s name: Dorrell Wright – He took advantage of Jason Richardson’s absence and the Knicks small ball tempo to drop 11/9/0 with 2 steals, a block and a three in 33 minutes of burn … Anyway, Evan Turner (11/11/1 with 2 steals and a three) also had a nice line but unless J-Rich is sidelined for a longer period of time, you’re looking at a possible mirage. Or Mirage if you’re from Las Vegas.  That makes three poor ones in a row from Dorell and it’s no coincidence that Jason Richardson’s return has poo poo’d all over Dorell’s platter. Flush! Chinese will do that to you.

Andray Blatche – 22/2/1 on 11-12 FG in 19 minutes. Hey, they can’t guard Blatche, let’s just keep passing him the ball. Swish. Pass him the ball again. Swish. Hey, defense, look up in the rafters, a bird! Swish. Hey, defense, look they’re selling cotton candy! Swish. You get the idea. Monitor only.

Serge Ibaka – 16/8/0 with 2 blocks. You know what? Serge is not just blocking and rebound, he’s scoring the ball! I had him kicking up his scoring average to 10.5 ppg in my Top 25 Power Forward rankings but he’s at 14.6 ppg at the moment. A slight dip to 12 or 13ish wouldn’t surprise me but it’s clear he’s added another very useful fantasy dimension to his game. I wish I could do that!, said DeAndre Jordan!

Brandon Bass – 6/2/0 with 4 fouls in 17 minutes. Yesterday’s game was a blow out but I actually benched him yesterday in a 14 team roto league because he hasn’t been getting it down before that and I didn’t feel like using one of my 82 games on him. You can’t drop him but he’s definitely been a disappointment. Let’s just wait and see. If you could move him for value, I’d go for it. I said if!

Jared Sullinger – 16/5/0 in 27 mostly garbage minutes. I’d still rather own Bass so don’t even ask. Don’t do it!

Rodney Stuckey – 14/5/5 in 31 minutes. Imagine Kyle Singler is the new Ben Gordon and then imagine Rodney Stuckey as the player he has been for the last few years and then imagine Rodney Stuckey continuing to be the player he has been for the past few years. If that floats your boat, then float away! It floats my boat just fine.

Nate Robinson – 18/1/4 with a steal and 3 threes in 18 minutes. That’s a nice line from Lil’ Nate but 18 minutes aint cuttin’ it. Bad English!

Chandler Parsons – 24/1/3 with a steal and 4 threes in 28 minutes. Here’s what I told you back on November 2 in my Add/Drop postChandler Parsons – 25% – The second best Chandler since Friends. Though I’m still annoyed he ended up marrying Monica. Too convenient! He’s now 60% owned. I care, I really do, I want you to win! Sniff.

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  1. Trade away J.R. Smith and J.Nelson for Curry? (I can grab Kawhi, Stuckey or Valenciunas of waivers to fill my extra roster spot). Next Q is: Do you think J.R. Smith will keep up the good work?

  2. @Ifctor: Yes, go for that and grab Stuckey or stash Kawhi. I think JR will continue to be useful but reasonably assume he will slow down once Amare and Iman Shumpert return.

  3. Was looking at getting rid of Marvin Williams or Derrick Williams, for Kawhi, Gerald Green, Barnes, Stephen Jackson, G Henderson who doesn’t look too far away, Kleizer, Caron or D Wright from FA list. Some thoughts would be great mate:) cheers.

  4. I think i wont get stuckey on waivers because im 13th on waiver list! Who will be next that i can pickup based on my post on ur previous post?

    Also,Trade my amare-Dcollison for Gwall-felton? Is it fair or ther’s a chance it will be vetoed?

  5. henderson is not on the FA list.
    Which one here is good to add for wright? could you rank them for me? and Just exclude the ones not worth adding for him.. it would be big help… thanks!

    jj barea.

    Thanks for the advice one the trade.. I accepted it and hope it doesnt get vetoed.. weeee!!!

  6. And also.. The one I am trading with is saying if the amare-collison for gwall-felton doesnt push thru.. he wants amare for gwall straight up.. he is lookong for a C postion and Gwall is the only one he wants to trade.. i have bynum-nash-amare as injured players so I can need giving amare or bynum to him… thanks a lot!

  7. Should I trade Paul Millsap for Kirilenko and Faried? My other bigs are Jefferson, Horford, and Lopez. If I make the trade, who would you drop out of Redick, Young, Vasquez, Collison, Evans, Jamal Crawford?

  8. Keith Smart is killing me with this IT benching. AJ Price, Kidd, Shved, A Rivers, Sessions, Stuckey, ET “Phone Home” Moore on WW. Pick up any of them, or stash IT and hope Keith Smartens up? See what i did there? Hehe Thanks for caring about my team!

  9. i hate ray allen. he is not the ray allen i used to know. he makes me sad. he is still 100% owned, so it makes me not want to drop him – but i think i would rather Jordan Crawford. should i make this move?

  10. @onaiR: Thomas, Barea, Valunciunas. Yes, do the two for two or the one for one if the two for two is vetoed.

    @Ken: Make the deal.

    @Daniel: I would hold, i don’t like you dropping any of those guys assuming Young is Thad and not Nick.

    @Colt Speedman: Stuckey, Sessions, Svhed, Rivers, Price in that order. Go for it. Yes, I saw what you did there! Nice!

    @Brandon: Mike Miller says drop him for Jordan Crawford.

  11. Thanks Hec! And now that Nelson is back, which guard do you think I should drop to try and scoop him up? Redick? Or maybe Tyreke Evans? Evans has just been sitting on my bench doing nothing

  12. Hey Hec,

    I don’t believe in vetos, but there is a guy in our 14team roto league that notoriously gets unfair deals (every year), because of it, he is our 2 time defending champ. he just traded his Robin Lopez for Ersan Ilyasova. Is that vetoable??


  13. @Adrian: I know the type. Super aggressive with trade offers until they beat the weak owners into submission. Based on numbers right now though, it’s hard to veto that deal. Based on potential, yes, but at this moment, I’m afraid it’s tough to veto. Sigh.

  14. @Adrian: I just grabbed Pargo in a few leagues but I could see the dreaded time split with Sloan. Really a toss up at this point without knowing more. Ugh.

  15. I know there’s so many players catching the flu lately, but whatever Ersan has it appears he’s infected JSmoove. Let’s hope its not terminal … *sigh*

  16. Btw Caron Butler strained his shoulder, which has apparently been sore for a while. Pretty much leaves Matt Barnes as the sole SF, and he can contribute across the board when/if he gets going.

  17. @Andrew: Everyone loved Smoove this year including me but if you recall I predicted slight regression in my Draft Guide with Al Horford back healthy. I was the only, um, expert who predicted that as far as I saw. Barnes looks like a sneaky grab.

  18. Hi Hec, Im looking at picking up Maxiell and dropping Robin Lopez (although Jonas and Jarret Jack are also in consideration for dropping). Go or no go? (16-team league).


  19. don’t have Irving in any of my teams, but would Gee be open to increased stats and playing time now that Kyrie has gone and hurt himself again? Might be another alternative, even though they do play different positions?

  20. @David: I answered your question in the latest post.

    @mfawcett: I answered your question in the latest post but in addition, I’d lose Wright for Gee. His FG is poor but he should see a slight boost in value.

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