Friday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

By: John Fortney – Staff writer

“Thats a very deadly weapon, Mister Anderson”

Ryan Anderson – 34/11/eight 3’s He’s becoming the best three point shooter since Jesus Shuttlesworth. Er, I mean Ray Allen.

Austin Rivers – 3/2/2 He just doesn’t quite look ready to make an impact in the NBA yet. I’m not owning him anywhere right now.

Grevis Vasquez – 25/5/14 He was dropped in one of my leagues so just make sure he’s not available in yours.

Markieff Morris – 23/3/3 M & M is now starting and getting run. Should be a good pickup as long as he’s starting.

Chris Dudley and Luis Scola – These two are no longer starting and had awful games last night. If you can sell either of these guys and get something decent in return, Go!

PJ Tucker – 15/7/3 Had a good game off the bench and is worth monitoring.

Shannon Brown and Micheal Beasley – Both are starting and both were off last night. They will most likely be hit or miss scoring all year. Not guys I want to own.

Jermaine Oneal- 13/11/2blks Whoa, keep an eye on JO’s minutes. He could be a useful center if he gets some run. Just keep an eye on him.

Kevin Love – 24/13/3stls – K-Love is back!!

Nikola Pekovic – 18/10 is also back so make sure he’s not on your waivers.

JJ Barea and Alexey Shved – Both were quiet and both got out played.

News Flash! – All Blazer starters should be owned!


John Salmons – 4/5/2 Ignore

Demarcus Cousins – 14/7/4/2blks I’m officially starting to try and buy low.

Aaron Brooks – 17/2/3 Worth an add. However I won’t be adding in spite of the whole Isaiah Thomas benching (who was a DNP last night)

Mo Williams – Mo left with a foot sprain in the first quarter and did not return. Doesn’t sound serious so hold. If you are desperate for assists, Jamal Tinsley (2/6/12) might be worth a flier.

Paul Millsap – 10 pts Was quiet. Buy Low candidate.


Lou Williams – 6/3blks! Im holding.

Kyle Korver – 16/6/four 3’s Was hot last night. A good source of threes like always.

Michael -Kidd Gilchrist and Byron Mullens both had good games and should be owned.

Jeff Taylor – 16/3stls The rookie point guard is starting and is slowly improving. Just keep an eye on him.
Ramon Sessions – 22/4/4/2stls Playing well off the bench. 6th man of the year candidate?


Dion Waiters – 25/3/5 Will be getting a ton of run for the next month while Kyrie Irving is out. Own him.

Jeremy Pargo – 15 pts Running the show while Kyrie Irving is out. Should be serviceable for the next month.

Tyler Zeller – 13/9 Should see more minutes with Kyrie out. Watch his production.

JJ Reddick – 18/2/6 Getting a lot of run off the bench.


Kevin Martin – 3 pts Had a terrible game but have no fear, he’ll be back.

Jeff Green – 17/2/1stl/1blk Starting to get back to his old self. Remember, Jeff was good before he missed an entire year of basketball. Watch him and add if he’s ever names starter.


Matt Barnes – 1/5 Ugh. Hold

Gerald Wallace – Had an average game. Wait til he has a big game and see if you can sell high. Crash cant be Crash forever.

Reggie Evans – 6/12/2 If you are desperate for rebounds be my guest. I myself dont enjoy the one trick ponies.

Andre Blatche – 6 pts Ignore.


Kyle Singler – 6 pts He just doesnt excite me. Own at your own risk.

Andre Drummond – 13/13/2stls If he keeps getting 20-25 minutes like this, he will be worth owning. Monitor.

Rodney Stuckey – 8/4 I personally have seen enough. Im dropping him for new talent.

Jonas Valanciunas – 9/6/2 Fell back to earth. Will be streaky but should improve as the season progresses.

Jose Calderon – 5/1/3 Hopefully you sold high. I’m dropping.


Roy Hibbert – 10/11/2blks Starting to round into form. Yeah!


Antawn Jamison – 16/7 Getting more run with new coach if you need 3’s.

Metta World Peace – 16/3/3/2stls Is playing well and is in shape. Ronny still got game.


Chandler Parsons – 31/5/5/4stls He will get minutes all year. He to me is a very safe guy to own.

Toney Douglas – 11 pts/three 3’s Eh, Deep leaguers could use him for 3’s in a 4-5 game week.

Tyson Chandler – 6/7/3blks He either is not quite healthy or is being affected by the new play of his teammates. And by that I mean his teammates seem to be playing hard.


Klay Thompson – 16 pts four 3’s Don’t you dare drop him.

Harrison Barnes – Bad line. Off night. He’ll bounce back.

Jarret Jack and Carl Landry were very good off the bench and both should be owned.
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  1. Hey man,

    Received this trade proposal earlier:


    Jeff Teague
    Tim Duncan
    Josh Smith

    & I will be sending:

    Dwight Howard
    Damian Lillard
    Jamal Crawford

    think this is okay?

  2. thinking Lillard is playing WAY too many minutes so far into the season & could take a toll on his body down the road; though he is performing like a monster!!

  3. my team
    Ty, Teague, Pargo
    Ellis, Beal, Rivers
    Lebron, Deng
    Randolph, Mullens
    BroLo, Kaman, Jonas, Hawes

    what do you think of me offering Deng for Tyreke? fair? would he be a good fit for my team? Reke is ballin..

  4. @Marc – This trade is very close but if Im you Im not doing it. I think Teague will decline, Smoov seems to be unmotiviated, and TD will most likely sit a lot of games down the stretch. Dwight will improve as the back improves and Lillard is a beast right now. JC is just ballin. No way Im doing that deal right now.

    @allballs – Smart men keep Deng. Ballzy men take Tyke. I draft Tyke everywhere I can but I’m a fairly aggressive drafter after the 3-4th round. If your doing well in your league right now, than keep Deng. Thing is, Deng’s value always drops as soon as D-Rose comes back. IF! As for Tyke, his upside is through the roof. I just keep waiting h=for him to be traded to the Bobcats or the Cavaliers. He could easily win you a league or two. I’ve read too many Tyreke Evans stories where he shows up in jeans and dress shoes and schools guys cause their running their big fat mouth. You ever put up 30 in jeans? Yeah, me niether. Your choice brother.


  5. Hi mate!
    Can you please evaluate my team, 20 team deep league, 8 cats (no to)
    Lawson PG,SG
    Brown SG
    Batum SG,SF
    Humphries PF
    Jordan C
    Vasquez PG
    Ibaka C,PF
    Parsons SF
    Lou Williams PG,SG
    Jamison PF

  6. Hey man! Someone is offering me his Dragic for my Lillard. Im leaning towards saying yes just for the simple fact that hes a rookie, but this isnt any other rookie, he is the REAL DEAL and I feel proud that i drafted him in the 7th round and returning 3rd round value. So im still undecided, still want to hear other ppls thoughts. What do you guys think? Dragic or Damian? Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Here’s my team after that trade:

    Brandon Jennings
    Joe Johnson
    Zach Randolph
    Luis Scola
    Brandon Bass
    Rodney Stuckey
    Roy Hibbert
    Robin Lopez
    Gerald Henderson
    Ray Allen
    Thabo Sefalosha
    & adding:

    Jeff Teague
    Josh Smith
    Tim Duncan

    I think with the rest of my team, letting go of Dwight, Lillard, and JC (big TO prone players + Dwight’s FT shooting helps me out) what does my team look like its missing?

  8. @Marc – I’m fine with if you want to win FT%. See what Hec thinks. Its so close!

    @Schumi – Just looked like Skiles was riding the hot hand for that game. The Heat are vulnerable up front.

    @Sayres777 – Looks like you could use another rebounder at some point but overall, pretty balanced.

    @JohnnyG – While I do love Dragic, Lillard is the real deal. Just ride Lillard. You got yourself a gem.

    @Joe – If you would like to roll the dice, ride Pargo. He’ll get double the run. Start Asik.

    @allballs – I like Iggy over Deng.

    @Brandon – I love that deal! Get Lopez!

    asdfasdf – I could see you dropping hayward for Mullens. Not MWP or Korver.


  9. @Brandon – Glen Davis. He should have long term value all year and Pargo will be useless in a month when Kyrie returns.

  10. @Schumi – The Bucks signed Ersan up for a big contract over the offseason, whereas Henson, Udoh and Sanders are all on rookie contracts. Hence despite the fact that they’re all outplaying Ersan, they’ll persist with him & the performance/playing time of the others will vary from game to game.

  11. J-Fort
    I received an offer today my Lawson and Ibaka for Turner and Love, Should I go for it?? Thanks in advance!

  12. @nik- if you can get Pek do it. We don’t have any idea how much Bynum will play, if at all.

    @sayrus777 – love is top 5 talent. I’m doing that deal all day. It concentrates your talent and will make your team better pound for pound. I like the brooks pickup.


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