This JV just got promoted to Varsity!

The other day I bragged about how I could spell Valanciunas without looking and I spelled it wrong! Then I got called out by a reader. How embarrassing! In any event, yesterday Jonas Valanciunas dropped 22/7/3 with 3 blocks in 39 minutes. Yeah, sure it was a double overtime game but you had to like what you saw. On Friday JV posted 9/6/1 with 2 blocks in 31 minutes. The game before that he went for 16/10/2 with a block in 35 minutes. You starting to get my drift here, good peoples? Over his last 5 he’s at 31 mpg/12.8 ppg/8.2 rpg/2 bpg/.610 FG/.667 FT. I’ve been talking about him since pre-season, told you to grab him, then told you to be patient, then told you to give him 10 more games. Those 10 games have passed and so has he! Frequent Commenter Andrew saw this coming last week. Do you read the Comments? You should, you could learn a lot! You can even ask questions, it’s really good stuff! Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday.

Andrea Bargnani – 4/8/1 with a steal, a block and no threes on 2-19 FG and 0-7 from downtown. I can just imagine what Andrea was thinking. This is an easy layup. Blocked. Pass it, pass it, no, forget that, I’m open! Brick. Oh, gosh, I just can’t help myself. Brick. We need to win, I need to score the ball. Clunk. I’m due! Airball.

Ed Davis – 15/14/0 in 22 minutes. The points and boards are nice but the minutes? Meh, not so much. I’m not very interested, Mr. Boring Name.

Manu Ginobili – 15/7/5 with a steal and a three in 36 minutes. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 14.8 ppg/3.6 rpg/4.2 apg/1.4 spg/1.8 3pm/.387 FG/.850 FT and I still think he can and will do better, especially that FG. I advised a buy low two weeks ago but maybe that window is closing. Better hurry to find out!

Rodney Stuckey – I’m getting tired of writing about Rodney. Rodney, you’re boring me! Now he’s hurt. I think he’ll be fine when he’s healthy and if you drop him you know he’s going to be picked up by someone pretty quickly. That’s when you know you probably shouldn’t drop someone, instead explore a deal if you don’t really want him anymore. I like to look for two for one type deals where, in this case, Rodney would be the second player you include for one better player. Hey, if you’re willing to drop him, you may as well try to move him first. You never know, someone may see him as a buy low opportunity and take you up on it. Am I right or am I right? Rhetorical!

Gerald Wallace – 2/1/0 with a steal in 27 minutes. Buy low, buy low. Keep chanting it as you email his owner. Don’t just ask what he wants for Gerald Wallace either. That’s not very smooth!

Markieff Morris – 8/10/2 with a block in 26 minutes. There are certain coaches I don’t trust and Alvin Gentry is one of them. I don’t know why, I just don’t trust him to keep playing Markieff big minutes. I could be wrong but if I owned him, I’m looking to sell high. Sell high, young man! Or girl or old man or woman!

Luis Scola – 10/7/2 in 22 minutes. I’m still not dropping him in standard leagues. Go ahead and lose him in 10 team leagues though for someone playing minutes.

Michael Beasley – 21/1/1 with a block in 32 minutes. Way to crash the boards, B-Easy! Gosh, I hate having to cover all these fools on Phoenix but someone gots to do it! I advised a hold last week in standard leagues and still feel the same but I’m not happy with him or anyone there. Except Goran Dragic. I like you, Goran. You’re ok in my book!

Jrue Holiday – 33/3/13 with a three on 13-21 FG. I liked him for a bounce back year and he’s been even better than I expected. Don’t sell high, don’t you do it! Mmm-mmm.

Evan Turner – 16/9/3 on 4-13 FG. Evan couldn’t throw it in the ocean yesterday but still posted 16 points so he’s getting it done. Last week I foresaw the good times continuing to roll and he’ll have his 3-5 games where he disappears but, for the most, part, this is his break out year. Dorell Wright? Phooey! I had him in my Drop post on Friday. Hope you did the needful!

Spencer Hawes – 6/2/2 with a steal and a block in 20 minutes. Maybe he has a sore knee that’s hindering him, maybe he doesn’t but what I do know is the guy can’t even dominate minutes on a team with a front court consisting of Lavoy Allen and Kwame Brown. If you lost him for a hot free agent, I’m cool with that.

Jason Terry – 5/2/3 with 3 steals and a three in 27 minutes. JT only launched 6 shots from the field. 6! Last week I told you I wasn’t buying low and he hasn’t given me any reason to feel otherwise. Make me feel otherwise, JT! I double-triple dog dare you! I bet you can’t.

Josh McRoberts –  7/14/2 with 3 blocks in 33 minutes. Nikola Vucevic (6/3/1 in 17 minutes) had an off game so Joshy got some burn. Just keep an eye on Josh in deeep leagues. Just one eye is sufficient, use the other eye to watch The Voice or some other similar show of that ilk.

Robin Lopez – 14/5/1 with 2 steals and 4 blocks. I’m warning you, man, move him now while the gettin’ is good. You’ve been behooved!

Al-Farouq Aminu – 2/2/0 in 15 minutes. No real reason to panic but if he has a good game or two this week and you wanted to sell him high, I wouldn’t begrudge you. Hell, I don’t even know you! I may know you actually, not sure.

Brian Roberts – 17/2/5 in 22 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Austin Rivers dropped 5/6/6 with 2 steals, a three and a block on 2-10 FG in 33 minutes. If Austin had dropped 12/6/6 he’d probably be a pretty popular pick up today. I still want Austin on my reserves, he’s slowly doing his thing! Let’s see if he improves. As you know, the minutes are there anyway.

Corey Brewer – 8/2/2 with a steal in 28 minutes. I see his name thrown about as a decent deep league pick up but I don’t know, I’m not really feeling it. You like 9.4/2.6/1.2? That’s what he’s done over his last 5. Meh.

Ty Lawson – 17/1/6 with 2 steals. He’s been picking up the pace since I advised a buy low last week. You gots to move quick on these buy lows, man!  Listen! Like the Beyonce song!

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  1. would you give up tim duncan and jason terry for gortat and lou willams? TD is a sell high player right? (H2H standard league)

  2. Lavoy Allen or Spencer Hawes? Any chance Hawes starts at C at some point? I’m offering him for G-Wall, what do you think?

  3. ya, I told myself “buy low.” He was not immediately sold on it but he did said it was a “hard call.” He told me to send the offer but that he’d give Wallace a couple games. Maybe I talked him into it a little and he has an itchy trigger finger. If i really wanted to make a move on him now, what do you think of offering Kaman? I’m feeling JV over kaman long term

  4. @allballs: hard to say but Dirk will hurt him a bit when he’s back so at worst, may be close to a wash. At best, JV could continue doing what’s he’s doing.

  5. I don’t really need to make a move tho, i’m up in the standings. Only reason I’d trade Kaman is fear of injury but from what I can see, Dallas is being smart with his minutes, prob saving them for when dirk is back

  6. Hec: I couldn’t resist and accepted Love offer, I hope Turner will break out, now Im searching a big man with blocks.

  7. @allballs: give it a few days and wait to see if he goes for Hawes. Hopefully, Wallace continues to play poorly and Spencer has a big game in the interim.

    @sayrus777: Owning Love is a lot of fun. Good luck!

  8. OMG I saw something coming?? Thanks for the mention in the intro Hec, I feel all famous-like :)

    @allballs – I’ve watched quite a few 76ers games this year, mainly because I own both Jrue and Thad, and what I can tell you is that Spencer Hawes is just not playing very well. He’s a poor defender, I don’t know where his rebounding’s gone, and all his fancy offense moves seem to have disappeared. Lavoy is nothing flash either, but he’ll start because he’s tough & can defend. Fantasy wise, neither are much use.

    Hec, what do you think of Aaron Brooks? Used to light it up back in Houston, and has had a few games now with 30+ minutes of burn. I’m thinking of moving Pargo for him if Brooks starts to roll, as Brooks is the longer-term option…

  9. @Andrew: I don’t fully trust Brooks with Thomas lurking and if they continue to lose then I can’t see any reason why Brooks will continue to get starter’s type minutes. Read up on the Irving injury a bit more before making the offer. If Irving ever ends up needing surgery, Pargo will be the better long term value. That’s pure spec though.

  10. i have these guys as a FA on the wire: JV, Rubio, and Lou Williams (who i dropped last week). I have Anthony Davis out and also John Wall stashed. I have Korver who i am ok to drop for one of these guys. should i? and if so, who? thanks Hec!

  11. @hecman, Brooks is a FA in my league, so no offer to be made as such. Its actually the Irving injury that has me nervous of holding Pargo too long – Irving looks very comfortable in the shootaround before games & he believes he could play. The team is just being overcautious in case a second hit to the finger in a game caused further damage. When it first happened they said they’d review him in 2 weeks, which is early-mid next week, so its _possible_ that Pargo’s usefulness could end then & there if Irving’s deemed fit to play. Or not – pure spec on my part too :)

  12. @Brandon: If you didn’t have AD and Wall out, I’d say grab Rubio but it’s just too many dead spots. This is need based so I’m cool with whomever you drop Korver for, I like both better.

    @Andrew: I’m fine if you wanted to drop Pargo for Brooks, long term it’s definitely a better play assuming Kyrie no setbacks. Short term, I do like Pargo though. For long term right now, yes, Brooks is your man.

  13. would you drop Lou Williams/Reddick/Knight/Harrison Barnes/Bynum for Pargo?

    Im trying to hold out on Bynum until we know what exactly we are dealing with. I liked Reddick so far. Knight and Williams are frustrating but have higher ceilings. I’m high on Barnes. so this is tough for me.

  14. @Andreas: No, all your guys have higher ceilings as you mentioned. Pargo is a solid short term pick up but not at the expense of what you’re losing.

  15. Hi Hecman, would you drop Isiaih Thomas in a DAILY H2H 8-cat 16-team league for Trevor Ariza or Elton Brand (only serviceable players on the wire)

  16. @Andrew: We’re all watching to see how that goes.

    @John7: Depends on how desperate you are. I’d continue to stash if possible. Long season.

  17. Indeed Hec – though Skiles has a record of “starting” rookies & then pulling them after 5 minutes & sitting the rest of the half (eg Jon Leuer).

  18. Just got offered tristan thompson for jonas valanciunas. What do you think? Tristan Thompson has been quite disappointing and Valanciunas seems like hes putting it together and being rewarded with the minutes. Thanks a lot! your interaction with readers really sets you apart from all the other writers.

  19. @JShap: Thanks! That’s a close one. Thompson is around a 10-11 ppg/8 rpg guy but hasn’t been getting the blocks and his FG has been poor since he entered the league. These two things concern me a bit and I don’t see him excelling to another level at the moment. On the other hand, JV has been blocking the ball a bunch and is only starting to find his groove in the NBA. End of the day, TT may be more consistent on a nightly basis with the points and boards but I’d probably hold JV for his upside and blocks.

  20. @Vince: Another close one but I think I’d hold Vucevic for the time being. He’s been pretty solid this season and really doesn’t have anyone threatening him for minutes. I think last night was an aberration.

  21. @Daniel: I’d probably lose JJ. DC looks pretty locked in at PG for Dallas and JJ ultimately will have Al Thornton and Hedo to contend with for minutes and shots.

  22. DC’s been in a slump though. Hopefully he’ll pick it up? How are you feeling about Klay Thompson? My current team is Deron, JJ, Thad Young, Al Jefferson, Brook, Jrue, Millsap, Jamal Crawford, Vasquez, Pierce, Horford, Ryan Anderson, and Collison.

    Always appreciate the help and advice! Thanks!

  23. @Daniel: If you’ve read me from last year, you know I’m not the biggest fan of DC but his minutes seem locked in so that’s the difference for me. I’m a fan of Klay and see he’s been coming around finally, I think he’ll keep it up. Your team looks pretty solid, lots of stars. The way you listed your team though just made my eyes go all googly trying to group guards, forwards, centers together. Please don’t make my eyes go all googly. Ha. List in groups by position for me in the future. Thanks!

  24. My bad! Will remember that in the future! Yeah my league is only 8 teams so most teams are really solid. The categories I’m hurting the most right now are FG%, FT%, and steals. Faried will help with FG% but his FT% is abysmal?

  25. Ramon Sessions? Is it worth dropping Foye or Shannon Brown for him off of the FA list? He seems to be quite available in a lot of leagues for some reason but is putting up good numbers. What gives? Thinking the Foye drop would be the way to go but appreciate your advice mate:) cheers

  26. @Sayrus777: I feel you on Humphries. Wallace coming back has totally killed him again it seems. That said, it’d have to be for a solid long term hot free agent to drop him.

    @mfawcett: Sure, go for it. Foye and Brown are basically the same player but I believe Foye actually has more threes than Brown which is why you have either of them in the first place.

  27. Hec: OMG, I ll keep and wait then))
    As I traded Ibaka+Batum for Love+Turner, Im loosing in blocks right now..I was trying to deal Lou Williams for McGee, but guy is rejecting the offer. Drummond is on waiver, should I pick him up?
    20 team deep league on ESPN, 8 cats (no to) H2H
    Lawson PG,SG
    A.Brooks PG
    Turner SG,SF
    Humphries PF
    Jordan C
    Vasquez PG
    Love PF,C
    Parsons SF
    Lou Williams PG,SG
    Jamison PF

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