Andray Blatche is your new Huckleberry (short term anyway)

Brook Lopez had a November to remember but it looks like he may have a December to forget. Yesterday it was announced that he will miss at least the next two games with a foot bone issue. The same foot bone that caused him to miss almost all of last year. Not good, son! If you’re in an active league chances are Andray Blatche has been scooped up by now but if he hasn’t then you have my permission to go right now and pick him up. I’ll wait, I’ll just eat this bacon, egg and cheese sandwich that’s sitting here. Go on, go on, check your waiver wire, I’ll wait … Ok, you’re back, great! I hope you got him. My sandwich was pretty good, a little bit overcooked, I like the egg over easy and a little bit soft for some flavor, never fried! Ewwww. Anyway, where were we? Oh, right, Andray Blatche! Right now he’s only 11% owned in Yahoo! leagues and I suspect that number will shoot up by the end of the day today. Your other possible beneficiaries are Kris Humphries (revival!) and Reggie Evans. If Blatche is gone and you need some boards, give Reggie a look-gander, he’s currently only owned in 4% of Yahoo! leagues. You’re so sneaky.

Ok, ok, peoples, it’s Add/Drop Friday! Let’s get to the rest, shall we? (Please note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!)


Ricky Rubio – 67% – It’s now or never, man! Or woman!

Kawhi Leonard – 48% – I think I read in my favorite sports publication, the USA Today, that he’s back tomorrow. Go scoop him up!

Alonzo Gee – 34% – Averaging almost 34 mpg over his last 5.

Antawn Jamison – 32% – I don’t like him much to be honest but whatevs, worth a spec grab. You can always lose him. Hell, you can always lose any of these guys!

Kirk Hinrich – 31% – Averaging over 5 dimes per. Not bad!

Rodney Stuckey – 25% – Had a terrible November. I think he’ll have a better December. He can’t do much worse!

Kevin Seraphin – 25% – Been there, done that, gone over him ad nauseam. Expect inconsistency. Latin!

Jarrett Jack – 21% – Finally producing the way I expected him to once Brandon Rush went down for the count.

Kyle Singler – 20% – As frequent commenter allballs might say, “minutes, precious, precious minutes.”

Markieff Morris – 19% – The new, ahem, starting power forward in Phoenix. For however long that lasts and for whatever that’s worth.

Jeremy Pargo – 17% – Getting the burn!

Bismack Biyombo – 14% – Cheap source of blocks and boards. Hopefully he can get his minutes up just a bit more. Just a teeny weeny bit, I’m not asking for much, like to 23-25 per.

Alexy Shved – 8% – Makes for a decent streamer if Andrei Kirilenko is to miss any more time with his sore back. Ak47 has a sore back!? Go figure!

Tiago Splitter – 8% – Been producing a bit. You’ll pick him up and he’ll probably fart on your pillow. Hopefully he won’t fart on your pillow. That’s disgusting.

Jamal Tinsley – 6% – Looks like Mo Williams is planning to play tonight but just in case he’s not then Jamal makes for a decent streamer.

Carlos Delfino – 5% – Expected back this weekend and with Chandler Parsons out could be in store for a few nice games. Maybe, maybe not!

Leandro Barbosa – 4% – Worth streaming this weekend with Rajon Rondo suspended for, um, being stoopid.

Jason Smith – 3% – Getting burn with Anthony Davis out and anyone getting burn is worth a look-see in my book. So go look and see!

Terrence Ross – 2% – Don’t forget I had Kyle Singler in my Add/Drop post a few weeks ago when he was only 2% owned and now he’s up to 20%. I care, I really do! Terrance could be the next Singler! Maybe.

Daequan Cook -1% – Worth streaming only if Chandler Parsons and Carlos Delfino are both sidelined.


Luis Scola – 85% – Not worth owning in shallow leagues at the moment. And by shallow I mean 10 team leagues or less. Just for clarification!

Derrick Rose – 74% – I heard he’s graduated to walking with just a cane now.

Jose Calderon – 68% – Not worth owning in shallow leagues. Would love to see him dealt though but who knows when and who knows where? Like that lyric in Rent! Yes, I know, I just went deep on that one. Nevermind.

Andrew Bogut – 57% – Turns out he actually had microfracture surgery last year. Who knew??! Turns out nobody.

Jason Kidd – 57% – I had him as a Drop two weeks ago when he was healthy so you can only imagine how I feel about him now.

Elton Brand – 55% – Averaging 22 mpg/6 ppg/6 rpg/.355 FG/1.2 bpg and that’s without Dirk Nowitzki in the lineup. Yikes! Which is a nice way of saying, “Shit, those numbers really blow”.

Jared Dudley – 50% – Hold in deep leagues but can be lost elsewhere. If he was hitting 2 threes a game and playing poorly I could live with it but homey is only hitting 1.2 threes per and you got him for threes in the first place so what’s the use? Am I right or am I right? Trick question!

Spencer Hawes – 45% – Have you looked at his minutes and lines lately? Don’t eat at least 3 hours before if you do.

Sam Dalembert – 45% – Averaging 17 mpg. Um, yippee?

Dorell Wright – 43% – The party appears to be over. It was a good November though!

Wilson Chandler – 37% – The party never got started. Insert sad face emoticon here.

Jeff Green – 9% – Wasn’t playing much before he had a knee bone problem. Now his problems are compounded! Set him free, if he loves you he will come back. I don’t think he’s coming back.

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  1. Was hoping you could help me with my lineup tonight (14 team roto, 9cat)
    If you had to sit two players from the list below, who would you choose?



  2. Im giving up Chandler Parsons for Paul George. Good move right? But Parsons also has huge upside and he is locked for 35+ mins in the Rockets lineup and producing some great numbers right now. Also, he seems to have great chemistry with Lin, Asik and Harden as they play mostly an uptempo game and that suits Parsons game and Mchale loves this guy. I know he will not sustain all of his numbers right now but I think he will still finish top50 by the end of the year, while George is unimpressive right now and looks lost in the offense sometimes. Any thoughts?

  3. Great post hecman! Missed out on Andray Blatche already, he was scooped up last night at 8pm. League is too active!

    1 small correction: Terrence Ross, not Terrance (With an e not an a)

    Big Raptors Fan!

  4. Hi Hec!
    Would you trade Vasquez for Walker? Feels like I need to improve my steal category. Is it good trade?
    20 team deep league on ESPN, 8 cats (no to) H2H
    Lawson PG,SG
    Okafor C
    Turner SG,SF
    Humphries PF
    Jordan C
    Vasquez PG
    Love PF,C
    Parsons SF
    Lou Williams PG,SG
    Prigioni SG

  5. Happy Add drop Friday

    Here is my team:
    B. Knight
    K. Bryant
    A. Iguodala
    Thad Young
    P. Millsap
    J. Valanciunas
    C. Paul
    C. Landry
    L. Dange
    P. Patterson

    Players available for pick up are:

    See any possible moves for me that are good to make?

    Thx buddy!

  6. @Sayrus777: That’s close. It’s dimes for steals. I’d probably make that deal but just be aware of Kemba’s FG.

    @Brandon: Without knowing more about the Lopez injury, I’d hold JV.

    @Taylor040: Happy Add/Drop Friday to you, too! I’d lose Calderon for Kawhi.

  7. Hec: I think I have enough guys to assist: Lawson, Turner, Lou, Parsons even Love, all of them can produce enough dimes, but I have only Lawson averaging 2.1 steals per game. Seems like addition of Kemba will make my team stronger and I will not suffer in dimes. Thinking right? Thanks!

  8. Harrison Barnes has fallen off a little lately. Too early to panic? I need blocks so I was looking to possibly add Drummond.

  9. ***forgot to mention im leading in my league at the moment so is it worth risking a (kind of) stable player in prince for a short term boost in blatche?

  10. btw, Beal@NY or Foye@OKC? Need 3s for sure but could try to also win other close categories so I’m leaning Beal. But if I don’t think I can win in rebs/steals then maybe I should just go with Foye who is more likely to make a couple threes even against OKC. Veteran or rookie, what do you think?

  11. Hey hec, I got Holiday, Walker, and Hill on the PG position. Should I bench anyone of them so I could start Mo Williams? Or should I just let Mo (because of his injury, I’m not sure if he’ll be playing enough minutes) sit on the bench? What are your thoughts on these? Thanks :)

  12. @allballs: Ha. You’re welcome, bud. Can’t endorse Beal right now the way he’s been playing so Foye by default.

    @John: Hi John. Give Mo at least one game on your bench. The others are playing well enough right now.

    @Bill: Mullens’ FG is pathetic but you can’t argue with the rest of his numbers. I’d lean Mullens unless you really can’t afford to carry that putrid aforesaid FG.

  13. hi hec,

    jamison is available on waivers,should i get him?

    if yes, who should i drop from my team? thanks in advance

    Damian Lillard
    Kyle Korver
    Goran Dragic
    Luol Deng
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Alonzo Gee
    Marcin Gortat
    Omer Asik
    Ty Lawson
    Luke Ridnour
    Ramon Sessions
    Gordon Hayward
    Shawn Marion

  14. @argos & Baleros – I’m up so I figured I would shoot you my thoughts. If your’e not sure just check with Hec.

    @Argos – I would take Kemba long term in a heart beat. Produces in way more categories than K-mart and is only in his 2nd yr. Pending improvement, Kemba should be the better play. K-mart is a pretty good scorer, But that’s about it.

    @Boleros – If I were you I would pick up Jamison and punt Kyle Korver into the ocean. But that’s just me. Check with Hec if you like. Good luck guys!

  15. Hi hec nice posts!

    Im thinking of boosting my threes. What do you think of trading david west for klay thompson?

    Deron williams
    Rajon rondo
    Jrue holiday
    Mo williams
    Gordon hayward
    Vinxe carter
    Josh smith
    Demarcus cousins
    David lee
    David west

    10 team h2h


  16. Hey man! I just traded away Tyson Chandler for Marcin Gortat! At this point, im willing to gamble on Gortats high ceiling and let go of Tysons consistent but boring stats. Hopefully Gentry comes to his senses and start giving more minutes to his best players. Good move? Thanks for your thoughts, good read as usual. My team is below.

    Jennings, Rondo, Lillard, Nash
    Batum, JR
    KevinLove, JoshSmith, Parsons
    MarcGasol, Gortat, BrookLopez

  17. Also one more thing, am I the only one concerned if im a Paul George owner? Another bad game for him today and it seems like he was rated a bit higher than he shoud have been. He was ranked 35 by yahoo and I dont think he will live up to it. Any thoughts?

  18. @brando_b: Thanks! It’s not unfair but I think you really have to watch the percents. With Bargani and Cousins and without West, your FG could really take a hit and offset those 3s you gain. Kind of leaning against for this reason.

    @JohnyG: Hey! That’s a great buy low deal, I like it a bunch for you. One month does not a season make. As for George, don’t panic, I think Yahoo! having him top 35 was ambitious to begin with. My Draft Guide had him around 52 or 53 off the top of my head. He’ll be fine, just keep running him out there.

  19. What do you think about billups returning? He’s kind of a variable being older and returning from a long injury hiatus but I’m considering dropping Gordon Hayward to pick him off of FA. Thoughts?

  20. I don’t however like the fact that Foye pulled up with a sore foot mid-game, had to go to locker room for treatment before returning. Wouldn’t want to play him next week only to find he’s damaged something.

    Minutes should really open up at Utah with Favors hobbled & Marv’s headaches.

  21. @FantasyPeon: Definitely hold Hayward. I think J-Fort said the same thing to you in yesterday’s post and I agree with him.

    @Andrew: Foye ended up coming back into the came as you know and is a must start this week with Favors hobbled and Marvin Williams being Marvin Williams.

    ******* NEW POST IS UP, PLEASE COMMENT THERE ************

  22. Hi Hec! I got an offer from another team in my league – my Faried for his Cousins..Should I accept it?
    20team league, ESPN, H2H, 8 standard cats.
    Lawson PG
    Lin PG
    Mayo SG
    Turner SG,SF
    Parsons SF
    Faried PF
    Ibaka C,PF
    Jordan C
    R.Evans PF
    Prigioni SG

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