Saturday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

By: John Fortney – Staff writer

“I’m on a Collision course with Father Time and last time I checked, Father Time was undefeated.”


The Mavericks signed Veteran Derek Fisher (1-8/24 min/2/2/3/2stl) this week and he not only played last night. He was the starter! Darren Collision (26 min/5/2/8/stl) just can’t get a break! DC should still get the better half of minutes at the point, but my word, this really hurts his value. If Rick Carlisle wants Fisher starting, then I expect him to start from now on, but no way he plays 25 minutes a game the rest of the way. Darren Collision is obviously the better player right now and everyone knows it, including Jim Carrey’s twin brother. This just seems to be a tactic, to both ease Collision’s minutes, and get some good player coaching from the old and wise Fisher. Trade him then? No. Unless you come across an owner who is completely daydreaming, you won’t be able to get full value for him. My plan is to ride out this experiment. Hopefully this is just something that sticks until Dirk Nowitzki returns. Derek Fisher couldn’t guard a chained up dog right now, let alone Russell Westbrook, Mike Conley, Chris Paul, or any other point guard in the West, so this can’t be a lineup they will count on heading into the playoffs, that is if they get there! Hold on to DC and hope for the best. Elton Brand (17/12/4blk) was vintage Elton Brand last night but don’t expect these numbers often. As for the Pistons, they got good games from Brandon Knight (20/4/2/3stl) and Rodney Stuckey (9/5/6). If Stuckey is available, just watch him and see if he can have 2-3 good games in a row before you grab him.


Oh yay! What did Scott Skiles have in store for us last night? Just another “Who the crap knows?” sandwich. The starters were Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings, John Henson (5/2/1), Marquis Daniels (8/2/5/stl) and Ekpe Udoh (15min/5pts). Ignore Daniels and Udoh. Larry Sanders (18/16/5blk) and Ersan Illyasova (15/5/4/blk) were both very good off the bench. Mike Dunleavy, Samuel Dalembert, and Tobias Harris all got DNP’s. Beno Udrih is out 1-2 weeks. Ignore. Your guess on the rotation is as good as mine. My 3 year old daughter’s guess is as good as anyone’s. All I’m going to tell you is to own Jennings, Ellis, Sanders, and Illyasova. Outside of those guys, you’re on your own. I’m punting everyone else and letting someone else deal with the Scott Skiles Project. In Celtic news, Jeff Green (18/6/blk) got some good run and Rajon Rondo will return in their next game.


The Heat took out the Nets, again, in Miami and the Nets just don’t look close to being a contender yet. They do need Brook Lopez back, but I don’t know how much that’s going to help. The Heat got a good game from Norris “Eraser Head” Cole with 12/2/3stl. He played well in 29 minutes with Mario Chalmers (7/6/3stl) getting just 17 minutes. I don’t think Cole takes the starting gig, but it’s something to monitor. The Nets got another good game from Andray Blatche (20/8/stl) and he should not be on your waiver wire. Brook Lopez doesn’t sound like he will be able to return for Tuesday’s game so go check if you haven’t yet!


Double Overtime! Music to my ears! Everyone was good in this game, except for the entire Blazers bench. But you already knew I was going to say that.


The Bulls beat the 76ers and got decent games from Kirk Hinrich (6/5/6/2blk) and Taj Gibson (11/8/blk in just 21 minutes). If Carlos Boozer or Joakim Noah ever miss time, Taj is your guy. He could start on a lot of teams in the NBA. Rip Hamilton went down with an injury that looked like something out of a scene in Saving Private Ryan. I’m pretty sure I heard someone yell, “Sniper!!” right before he hit the floor. Initial reports are that its just a foot sprain, which could be good news and bad news, depending on how you look at it. Hopefully you weren’t forced to own him. The Sixers had the look of the Blazers last night with only three players logging minutes off the bench. Lavoy Allen (10/8/blk) is starting to put up consistent numbers and Evan Turner (12/4/7/3stl) is looking like one of the steals of the year. Congrats if you got him late in your draft.


This contest was a blowout, which was expected, so if you own any of the marquee guys on either team, don’t fret, nobody played their normal minutes. A blowout is basically the opposite of Overtime in fantasy land, if you know what I mean.


The Rockets got the best of the Jazz in this one, and got returns from Chandler Parsons (19/3/3/1/3blk/3 treys) and Carlos Delfino (13/5/3/3treys). Parsons is a must own so make sure he isn’t available in your league and Delfino should get some run and is worth a flier if you need threes. Mo Williams (16/2/7) got back on track. DeMarre Carroll (4/3) got another start but was quiet in 18 minutes. Gordon Hayward (30min/8-12shooting/21pts/3 treys) was much better in this one. Its a good sign. Hold.


The well-rested Spurs returned and beat the Grizz as expected, I mean the Grizzly starters had to play in their last game so they had no chance. They must’ve been exhausted. Danny Green left in the 3rd quarter with a hamstring injury so keep an eye out for his status update from us here at hecmanhoops. Matt Bonner got 20 minutes of burn in his stead, but I wouldn’t knock anybody over running to pick up the Red Rocket. Manu Ginobli (10/5/6/6stl/6to). That’s just an odd line, so I had to mention it. Wayne Ellington (3/3/1) got the start in place of the injured Tony Allen, but as it turns out, he’s still not any good.


The Clippers were shot out of a cannon in this one and the game was over before the Kings got out of their warmups. LA was up by 32 or so in the third quarter…..I know it was in the 30’s anyways. I could tell you DeMarcus Cousins got benched, Tyreke Evans was a DNP again, Marcus Thornton had a decent game in garbage time, Aaron Brooks might be one of the worst starting PG’s in the NBA behind Kirk Hinrich and Derek Fisher and that Isaiah Thomas had a very meaningless 14 pts in “were getting housed” time, but I won’t bore you. Wait, nevermind.


The Pacers lost last night in a nightcap where they looked to be ready for an after prom party, rather than an actual basketball game. Paul George (0/5/4) was not the bell of the ball and did not register a point versus Golden State, who cannot play defense. Cannot, as in, no ability, nor the will. Don’t panic, he should come around, although it’s obvious they miss Danny Granger. Sam Young (5/1) came back to life after last nights performance. Klay Thompson (22/7/blk) had another good game. Phew. Harrison Barnes was quiet with 6/5. He’s a rookie and there will be bumps in the road, so just be patient. Carl Landry (16/4) and Jarrett Jack (18/5/5) were both very good last night but most of us should expect that on most nights by now.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone.

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  1. J-Fort, Hec: Hi guys, thanks for the post!
    As I am in trading mood right now, tempting to offer MWP+Vasquez for Curry? Good/Bad move? Or hold them?
    Lawson PG,SG
    MWP SF
    Turner SG,SF
    Faried PF
    Jordan C
    Vasquez PG
    Ibaka PF,C
    Parsons SF
    OJ Mayo SG
    Prigioni SG

  2. Hey man! Gortat or Hibbert? I just traded for Gortat but I had a choice between him or Hibbert. Just want to make sure I made the right decision going Gortat. I feel like hes the better player all around and this cold war with Gentry should end soon once cooler heads prevail. Any thoughts? Thanks

  3. Also Aflalo or JRSmith? Someone offered me his Aflalo and im tempted, but i still feel like JR will be an integral part of this Knicks team as he brings different dynamic off the bench and seems to have matured alot. Thanks for the feedback guys!

  4. @Sayrus: I always advocate trying to get the best player in a deal if possible so I’d go for that. MWP is a sell high candidate imo.

    @JohnyG: Personally, I’m partial to Afflalo. I think his value is going to remain steady all year and his percents are solid. Yes, on the Gortat move, I’d take him over Hibbert so I like that.

  5. No questions for now. Thank you J-Fort and hecman for the tips. I just want to express my satisfaction with Larry Sanders’ line last night. May good health and plentiful minutes grace this man for many many games to come.

  6. Hi, love the blog. I saw Gerald Henderson was available in my league and from the looks of things he could be gearing up for a really good season.

    I’m not sure if I would benefit from picking him up though, was interested in who you thought I should swap him for if at all.

    Here’s my team:
    Goran Dragic
    Wesley Matthews
    Jeff Teague
    Jason Richardson
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Anthony Davis
    Serge Ibaka
    Kevin Seraphin
    Alonzo Gee
    Harrison Barnes
    Josh Smith
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Kenneth Faried

    As you can see I do really well on blocks, and decently at %FG, 3s, rebounds and steals (am looking to guarantee wins in those categories in the long term). Some others who are available include: Steve Novak, Etwaun Moore, Aaron Brooks, Kyle Korver, Ben Gordon, Kyle Singler, Jermaine Oneal, Andray Blatche, Alexey Shved

    Thanks! And again, awesome blog.

  7. @JR: Thanks! We will all be praying for Larry.

    @Devin: Thanks for the kind words! I don’t see anyone on your roster worth dropping Henderson for. Possibly Barnes but I like his upside much more. Henderson may be squeezed for minutes with Sessions and Ben Gordon both playing pretty well and MKG now locked into the SF spot. Just monitor the situation for now.

  8. Hey guys,

    I’m in a 9 cat 8 team league. Need blocks and fg% help, have a lot of points and boards. Sanders is available, but I don’t know who to lose? My team:

    Wade, Mayo, Ellis, Waiters, jameer
    J johnson, MWP
    Blake, Love, Big baby, Hickson, noah, garnett

    Anyone worth dropping? Okafor, valanciunas, biyombo, kidd-gilchrist also out there

  9. @Adrian: Depends on your drop but Larry is certainly looking for real. That said, expect some inconsistency.

    @Julie: If you need FG help then Waiters is your Huckleberry to lose. You will improve FG in two ways: 1) Addition by subtracting Waiters’ vomitatious FG and 2) Adding Larry’s FG for a double score. Of course, Larry will also help a bunch with your much needed blocks. Good luck!

  10. @Adrian – Sanders is averaging 14 pts 14 boards and 7.5 blocks in his last two. Scott Skiles seems to like him for the time being so if you have someone who is the least bit expendable, go for it! Poor mans Serge Ibaka!

    @Julie – There’s really no obvious drop here. If I were you I would try packaging Mayo with….say Hickson for an elite big man in a trade and then add Sanders with your empty spot. Otherwise I would just hold off for now on Sanders and see if he can keep this up for 2-3 more games. If he does lose Hickson. Good Luck!

  11. Hi Hecman & J-Fort,

    I just want to thank you guys for all your help. In my 10team H2H league, I’m dominating this weeks match up 7-0, and currently sitting 4th in the standings. In my big money 14team roto league I’m currently in 1st. I don’t think I would be having such a great season without your help. I’m looking forward to following you guys all season

    thanks again!

  12. Hi Hec and JFort!

    I just have to ask for a little advice. I know you’ve already have a post regarding trading but Im not really good at offering trades. And I dont want to be the annoying person. There’s a team in our 14team/9-cat league who is ready to trade anyone on his roster for any “steady players”… He is currently at the bottom.. And according to ur post we should target the bottom teams! ;p

    So i just want to ask for who should i try to get to him and also who can I afford to give him right now. He is also open for 2 for 1 or 1 for 2 trades…

    So first… Here my team:

    Darren Collison
    Steve Nash
    Rodney Stuckey
    Randy Foye
    Austin Rivers
    Kevin Martin
    Kyle Singler
    Joakim Noah
    Larry Sanders
    Al Horford
    Josh Smith
    Andrew Bynum
    Amar’e Stoudemire

    Then… Here’s his team…

    Lou Williams
    Eric Gordon
    Danny Green
    Gordon Hayward
    Metta World Peace
    Markieff Morris
    Marc Gasol
    OJ Mayo
    Monta Elis
    Dwight Howard
    Byron Mullens
    Al-Farouq Aminu
    Ricky Rubio

    For me personally… I’m interested in his dwight and/or gasol… but who can i offer in my team that will really give me an upgrade?

    Im ranked 9th right now btw… Thank you… Your posts really helped me to still be alive even with my injured players… Sanders ang singler rock!! I hope rivers will do too!!

  13. Hi Hec and Jfort!
    In my other league, I have Carmelo and Josh Smith. Someone wants to trade me Mo Williams, Cousins, and Glen Davis for them. I think this is a totally crap deal, am I right? Wonder if you think I can offer a counter proposal that might benefit me – the other team also has these other players:


    I suffer in FG%, assists, and steals categories

  14. Thanks for the advice guys! I ended up dropping waiters, I doubt he’ll get snatched up too quick if I change my mind later. But now another conundrum…Rubio is available in my league and practiced….worth a look? Who would be droppable for him?

    This is my 1st year playing and I’m currently sixth, really want to make a strong showing, I appreciate the help!

  15. @Adrian: You’re welcome! We care, we really do! Here’s to your continued success!

    @onair: I see you’re sitting with Bynum and Amare so trading depth makes it kind of difficult. I’d target Rubio and Mullens. Offer Bynum/Amare/Collison maybe. I’m not sure if he wants to take on any more injured guys for a great 2nd half run. I’d just tell him generally that you’re open to moving Bynum/Amare and Colliison and have interest in Rubio and Mullens and ask him for his thoughts. See what he says to that general question. Good luck!

    @Daniel: That’s an awful offer and you’re right to definitely turn it down. I would not trade Carmelo and Josh in the same deal as a starter. Offer Carmelo for Rondo maybe. They are both late 2nd round type players so value is reasonable. Good luck!

    @Julie: You’re welcome! I think losing Waiters was the right call for your 8 team league. Like you said, you can always snatch him back if Sanders proves too inconsistent or any other starter getting minutes who is floating out there on your waiver wire. On Rubio, I’d date him if I could and I’m married to a woman! ha. I’d definitely consider grabbing him and losing Jameer. Long term you’ll be happier with Ricky and Jameer is kind of, um, injury prone himself.

  16. @Daniel: Favors was out so Foye got extra burn while Hayward also picked up some small forward minutes so assuming Favors comes back soon, Foye should just continue his usual role as a threes specialist with a smattering of points and steals.

  17. Waiver claim on Ersan for Landry or Gee? Not sure if either are worth losing for Ersan’s sporadic minutes and production. Upside is huge though.

  18. @Ross: That’s a tough call. Landry seems locked in so it would have to be for Gee who should regress once Kyrie comes back and his FG is poor in any event. I do like Gee though so don’t get me wrong and you may regret it but if it’s upside you’re looking for then Ersan is your Huckleberry.

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