Hickson benched, LaMarcus embarrassed, Mullens a hero!

Let’s lead today with J.J. Hickson, the man who played just 12 minutes last night because his defense was, shall we say, lacking. Son, you don’t let Byron Mullens dunk on LeMarcus Aldridge’s head like that! Now go sit on the end of the bench. Don’t even bother getting on the stationary bike, you’re not going back in! boo hoo. That’s what I can imagine the coach saying to J.J., how embarrassing and awkard! Anyway, you J.J. owners just chalk this one up to one of those nights. Everyone has one of those nights so it be what it be. Ebonics! The guy is averaging close to a double-double on just 28.5 mpg on the season. Would I like to see his blocks per game come up from his current .6 per? Suuure, but you could do worse for front court help. Just ask Tristan Thompson. Doh! Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Omri Casspi – 10/4/1 with a block and 2 threes. Leave him out on the wire, don’t you grab him, mmm-mmm. Don’t do it.

Daniel Gibson – 3/2/1 with a three in 29 minutes. When Kyrie Irving got hurt I saw other, um, experts telling you to grab Daniel Gibson and not Jeremy Pargo or Donald Sloan. Gibson is a shooting guard, Pargo and Sloan are at least point guards. Um, okaaay.

Tyler Zeller – 8/4/1 with a block in 20 minutes. There are rumors that Anderson Varejao may get moved at some point. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t but if he does Tyler will be your Huckleberry for the second half. He’s getting a smidgen of minutes now as it is. Keep your eye on him, y’all. No, I’m not from the South.

Marquis Daniels – 2/3/2 with a block in 16 minutes. Marquis has been in the league for many years now and he’s the same guy he’s always been, you know, the one sitting on your waiver wire. Leave him there! Whhheeeeee.

Gerald Henderson – Returned from injury and posted 5/1/0 with a three in 15 minutes. I’m seeing other, um, experts telling you to run out and grab Gerald. Hurry, hurry, don’t trip! Wait, standard leagues only. He’s really not the bee’s knees, too many guys back there, only one ball! Temper expectations. You’ve been behooved!

Jeffrey Taylor – 11/4/2 with a steal and a three in 27 minutes. It’s all over but the fantasy rent for Jeffrey with Gerald back. If you had him in a deeep league, feel free to lose for a hot free agent.

Ben Gordon – 29/3/5 with a steal and 8 threes. He’s now hit a remarkable 18 in his last 3. The other day this is what I said about Ben: Ben Gordon – 26/4/3 with a steal and 7 threes. I’m just not seeing enough out of Ben to recommend a pick up. Nice game though, well done! Ben: Hey, hecman, you said what? Swish. hecman: I said I just don’t see enough to recommend you get picked up. Swish. Ben: Oh, in that case, I’ll have to prove you wrong. Swish. Swish. Swish. Swish. Swish! hecman: Fine, fine, go get ‘em if you need cheap threes!

Damian Lillard – 24/4/9 with a steal and a three on 1-8 from downtown and 6-16 FG. Last week I told you just for fun I’d track Damian’s FG. Over his last 5 he’s shot a putrid .338 and is averaging 37.6 mpg through 18. Fatigue may be a major factor second half so just watch your team’s FG, you don’t want him tanking you there. Just something to keep an eye on. You’re welcome!

Kyle Singler – 15/6/1 with a block and 3 threes. I chuckle when I see other, um, experts telling you now to go grab Kyle. Um, really? Thanks for the update?

Andre Drummond – 7/12/1 with a steal and 3 blocks in 20 minutes. I’ve been saying all long that talent isn’t the issue for Andre, it’s minutes. I still don’t expect him to earn big minutes anytime soon but if you’re in need of cheap blocks for your H2H league, give him a look-gander! Or a look-see which is the more popular phrase but rather boring.

Roger Mason, Jr. – 5/4/4 with a steal and a three in 26 minutes. That’s two games in a row with 26 minutes of burn. Keep your eye on him in deep leagues. I mean deeeeeep.

Ekpe Udoh – 7/6/2 with a block in 27 starter’s minutes. He’s really not doing enough to get onto the fantasy radar despite starting the last few games. Just monitor. Or ignore. Your call. I’m cool with either.

Larry Sanders – 8/7/1 with 2 steals and 7 blocks. Now has 22 blocks over his last 3. Here’s what I told you back on November 27, just one short week ago: Larry Sanders – 2/6/0 with no blocks in 12 minutes. Over his last 5 Larry is only averaging 17.8 mpg/4 ppg/4.6 rpg/1.8 bpg. To say I’m concerned would be fairly accurate. I know because I said it! Hold him for another few games to see if he gets his minutes back up, if he doesn’t then feel free to launch. To clarify for you English challenged folks out there, a couple means two, a few means three. As in three games! He exploded in games 2, 3 and 4 since I told you to hold him and not drop. I hope you listened. You better have listened!

Kosta Koufos – 10/10 with 2 steals and a block in 28 minutes. He’s only averaging 20 mpg over his last 5. Meh.

JaVale McGee – 17/6/1 with 5 blocks in 23 minutes. What stood out to me was his 17 trips to the free throw line. He aborted 7 of them. That means he made 9. Sorry to confuse you. Anyway, he’s only averaging 17.8 mpg over his last 5. Damn you, George Karl! I don’t see him getting big burn on this team.

Harrison Barnes – 9/4/2 with a steal, three and 2 blocks in 35 minutes. The lines have been disappointing to say the least but let’s focus on the positive. That’s what I do, I challenge positive energy through my fingers and onto your eyes. Over his last 4, he’s still averaging 30 mpg. Hold him a bit longer to see if he breaks out. The minutes are there anyway!

Chauncey Billups – 9/1/1 with a three in 22 minutes. I advised you last week to let your league mate pick him up. Aren’t you glad you did so far?

Randy Foye – 19/2/2 with 2 steals and 2 threes in 37 minutes. Do you remember what a monster Randy was last year when Billups went down for the count? Yes, he’s doing it again with Derrick Favors now sidelined. Hurry and scoop him up but remember he’ll just go back to being a threes specialist once Flava Favors comes back. I like that nickname for Derrick but nobody seems to enjoy it. I don’t care, I’m using it!

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  1. Howdy Hec, thanks for the update! I commented a few times on Foye last week (am streaming him this week), but I actually feel his increased role has come due to Marvin Williams being out rather than Favors. Either way I agree, he’ll be back to 20-odd minutes a game soon enough when those guys return – I just hope they have a good rest all week & don’t consider playing before the 10th :)

  2. Btw have you noticed that Singler is often getting more minutes per game than any other Pistons player? He’s also led shot attempts a few times in recent games. He’s a very smart high BBIQ player, can see him really taking off if this continues – and I see no reason why it wouldn’t. Pistons record before Singler started: 0-8. After: 6-5.

  3. Randy is en-Foye-go! haha but where will he be tomorrow? I don’t know, so I added Delfino to help pick up the slack when Foye goes cold. I wasn’t losing much by dropping Rivers but now I might have an abundance of 3s. Or enough to ensure (or is it insure?) wins in that category. Could you take a look at my matchup this week? Next to the players names I put the # of games they have left to play this week including today. After hearing Kirilenko is out for at least 2 of 3 games and Pau indefinitely, there is window of opportunity to win rebounds and my chances of winning points also increased (according to my projections at least). Do you think it’s worth using another move (27 left) to pick up some rebounder (Lavoy 2, Perkins 2, Haywood 3, Zeller 3 are the best options) and take advantage of the situation or should I save it and hope my guys can step up (I still kinda see myself as an underdog regardless against Pek, Landry, Sanders, Blatche, Jefferson, and Faried)? Thanks, hec!

  4. @allballs: The secret to good french toast is in the batter, throw some sugar in there. It’s ensure, you were right! As for your team, I’d save those precious moves for now until at least Friday and see how your match up goes. Zeller is interesting but way to spec at the moment, his minutes are only low 20’s right now. I think Lavoy could be decent also but I’d wait until Friday to re-evaluate. Missing Spencer yet? Ha.

  5. Hi Hecman,

    Should I pull Seraphin out of my daily lineup, now that they announced that Singleton will start over him tonight? or do you think he will still get good run off the bench?


  6. @Adrian: It depends on the rules of your league. Games cap? I think he’ll still get some burn off the bench.

    @Andrew: Excellent point on the record with Singler as a starter. I didn’t know that!

  7. ya, basically we have a max cap of 82 games per roster spot. so if I don’t use his game tonight, I could fill someone else in for that game on another night.

  8. Want to pick up Jamison right now but don’t know who to drop. Team is: if Irving; Jennings, Pargo, Thronton, Waiters, Wes Matthews, Mullens, Varejao, Pekovic, Duncan, Asik, Sanders, Monroe. I think Partgo or Sanders but maybe I should just not drop anyone?

  9. Why oh why did I draft Ersan Ilyasova when ZBo was available? Guess who just scored 38/22 & 3 blocks on my opponent’s team today…

  10. Spencer who? haha
    A good start to the day with the french toast and an even better finish with LeBron, Randolph, Deng, and Delfino in my lineup..even Beal pitched in. as the french would say.. Très Bien! looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  11. Hec, what’s your take on favors in a 12 team h2h? Should I be patient and hang to him? Plantar fasc can be such a lingering injury and he’ll likely be dealing with it all year.

  12. I’ve had Hickson since day one but might need more blocks would jason maxiel be a good pick up this is my roster currently
    D will
    D Lee
    K Singler
    L Deng
    D Rose(sorry seeing him at shootaround made me excited to pick him up and hold)

  13. Just thought I’d comment on Alexey Shved – I’ve been wary of him given the number of PG/SG types Minny has & the return of JJB, however he’s still getting tons of burn, averaging over 30 minutes a game off the bench even with Barea back. In fact his PT has increased, as in previous weeks he was getting some 20 minutes & less games.

    The interesting part comes when Rubio returns in a week’s time, as obviously someone’s PT will take a hit. Logically, Rubio will be the primary PG with Ridnour/Barea as backups. Lee is starting at SG in the Thabo Sefolosha role (defense & spot up 3 threat), and Shved comes off the bench as 6th man. Adelman does like to use JJB and Ridnour as SGs on occasion though.

    Adelman has said some great things about Shved, saying he’s Minny’s SG of the future etc. So will he keep getting 30 minutes & more when Rubio’s back, or is the recent burn a flash in the pan & inconsistent PT the rule going forward?

  14. @hecman @J-Fort: As you know this isn’t my first question on P. Gasol. What do you make of Gasol’s current situation? If I drop him I don’t see anyone that either participates or sits above .500 in my 10-man H2H league picking him up for a stash anyway. What’s really holding me back is the 99% ownership figure that glares at me every time I want to drop him. Jamison’s knees looks fine for a 35-36 y/o, and Vucevic is heating up. Should I wait to see what Vuc does the next couple of games before dropping Big Pau?

  15. @Andrew: Ok, bummer on the Draft Guide but Top 25 power forwards came out on October 12! Draft closer to the season! Ha. Yes, I saw those quotes on Shved yesterday from Adelman which obviously bodes well for his fantasy value going forward. I’ll be saying something about that in today’s post. Good points!

    @mfawcett: Hmm, that’s tough, I kind of like Gee’s all around game. Ben is the flavor of the week but I’d lean toward holding Gee unless you just wanted a boatload of threes in which case I’m cool.

    @allballs: Thanks. Happy to help with the fantasy team and your breakfast of choice! Ha.

    @Niko: He’s definitely not droppable unless you have a super hot free agent out there on your wire. In standard leagues like yours, I’d say you have to hold him.

    @ken: I’d hold Hickson. As the season goes on, I can see Drummond eating into Maxiel’s time. No worries on holding Rose, hopefully some good news will come for his owners holding him!

  16. I think I’ll pass on rubio.. he is asking to high for him.. so I’m negotiating another trade… Kmart +1 for Dwill.. The owner is loooking to move his assist… is it ok to offer kmart+amare for Dwill?

  17. @JR: if you want to drop Pau, I would first try to shop him in a 2 for 1 where you get an upgrade somewhere then pick up Vucevic or someone else with the open spot.

    @on air: I can’t see him going for Amare and kmart but give it a shot.

  18. Yeah.. did not budge.. He is asking for Kmart+Horford.. for DWill + 1.. who among these can I ask for the addition? could you give me option who among here is reasonable to get? Here is his team…

    Chauncey Billups
    Arron Afflalo
    Kemba Walker
    Tony Allen
    Carl Landry
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Robin Lopez
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    DeAndre Jordan
    Jason Thompson
    Deron Williams
    Nick Young
    Kris Humphries

  19. @on Air: You’d need a lesser big man to replace Horford so see if he would move one of them like Humphries or Jordan. Jordan would be ideal. A Landry type seems more realistic. If you want blocks, JT is an option.

  20. Hey Hec!

    Best stash: McGee, Drummond, or Blatche? I think Blatche will be seeing more minutes even if/when Brook Lopez comes back (and Brook’s foot situation could be a “situation” all season). Drummond is going to explode soon, and I think my team can handle the hit on FT%, so he could be huge in the second half. God knows what’s going on with Karl/McGee, but the Nuggets aren’t playing so well IIRC, so something needs to happen.

    Kinda desperate for a ‘C’ with upside, but I’m not sure which is the best gamble.

    Thanks man, and great work as per usual!

  21. Hey hec.. here’s some trade proposals I have.. And I dont know what to pick.. could yourank them fast for me? and remove and deal I should not make… thanks…

    A-my horford+kmart for dwill+humphries
    B-my horford+kmart+Foye for dwill+DJordan+NickYoung
    C-my Horford+kmart for Dwill+Landry
    D-my Horford+kmart+Sanders for Dwill+Jordan+Landry

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