Pau’s achy breaky knees are giving me an achy breaky heart!

Last week I told you to buy low on Pau Gasol. I gave you a reasoned explanation why. I scoured his career averages, looked at his current season averages and concluded that the only real difference was his poor FG, lack of FGA attempts vis-a-vis his career FGA and points per game. Of course, a poorer FG and less FGA translate to less points per game! Reasonable explanation like I said! Yes, I used vis-a-vis, what are you going to do about it, punk? Nothing! Anyhoo! I also said maybe his knees are a concern but I wouldn’t worry about it. I concluded that the guy hadn’t missed a game to date so how bad could those achy breaky knees really be? Turns out worse than I thought! Pow, kicked right square in the nuts. Or Pau, if you want to be all cute about it. Sooo, what to do with Pau, what to do. Well, you really can’t drop him, his upside is still too great and he’s only day to day at this point. If you’re really frustrated and want to lose him I’d look to package him in a two for one where you get the upgrade. You can then use the open spot to pick up a free agent if you’re in a shallow league. If you’re in a standard league or deeper, that strategy doesn’t work so well because there are, um, no decent free agents most likely worth picking up. My recommendation in those leagues is to just hold him. Remember, fantasy basketball is a buy low/sell high game. Pau is at his lowest right now so don’t sell low! If you can get fair value from a believer based on his name though, I’m cool.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Jose Juan Barea – 11/2/10 with a steal and a three in 27 minutes. J.J. had the hot hand so the T-Wolves rode him like a race horse, swishing and dishing to the hoop! Or something like that. Go ahead and grab him in standard leagues for now. Go on, hurry along now.

Alexey Shved – 17/4/3 with a block and 4 threes in 29 minutes. Yesterday the coach said Alexey is their shooting guard of the future. That means he’s not an instant drop even after Andrei Kirilenko and Ricky Rubio return to the lineup. Temper expectations though, it’ll be crowded back there with Luke Ridnour and J.J. Barea, y’all.

Josh Howard – 16/10/0 with a steal and 2 threes in 29 minutes. This is an injury produced mirage line, or Mirage if you’re from Las Vegas, but if you want to stream him while Andrei Kirilenko remains sidelined then feel free. Just be ready to launch once AK47 is back. I don’t see him producing like last night again though. You’ve been warned!

Jason Richardson – 14/7/4 with 2 steals. J-Rich is hitting 2.4 threes per and stealing the basketball 1.7x per. He’s also grabbing the basketball 4.4x per while blocking the basketball .7x per. And here I thought he was just a threes specialist. Silly me!

Chris Singleton – Started and dropped 9/9/3 with a block in 35 minutes. I read somewhere, I think it was the USA Today, that this was a match up based start for Chris. Miami is too quick, son! Consider adding in deeep leagues and monitor elsewhere, or spec grab if you’ve got a dead spot. You can always lose him!

Trevor Ariza – 4/2/5 with 3 steals in 16 minutes before exiting stage left with a strained calf. I know it’ll be hard for your team without Trevor’s .349 FG and .7 threes per game but try to hang in there. Wait, he doesn’t even hit threes? Where is the trade off? Where is it???? There is none! Ewwwww.

Jordan Crawford – 22/3/6 with a steal and 3 threes on 7-16 FG in 31 minutes. You best go grab Jordan quick quick, I smells me a hot run coming on. It’ll be a hot run with bad FG but it’ll be hot anyway!

Martell Webster – 13/3/1 with 2 threes in 32 minutes. The second beneficiary of the Trevor Ariza injury. Go ahead and do the needful in deeeep leagues and monitor elsewhere. No, I’m not Indian but I like Indian food!

Lebron James – Triple double! Lebron gets a blurb over here at hecmanhoops only when he triple-doubles. Otherwise, take your ass on over to some Rotoworld if you want to get sucked up to on a daily basis!

Ray Allen – 11/4/1 with 3 more threes. Admittedly, he’s doing better than I expected, said Mike Miller.

Thabo Sefolosha – 14/5/1 with a block and 2 threes. Now averaging 7.5 ppg. Same old Thabo! Assign same value as you had for him yesterday morning.

Kevin Martin – 7/2/0 with a three in 27 minutes. Please, I beg of you, no Kevin Martin panic questions today. I’m answering you right here. Carry on!

Andray Blatche – 19/11/1 with 3 steals. Did you grab him last week quick, quick like I advised? I care, man. I really do! I want you to win! But you knew that already.

Joe Johnson – 17/3/3 with a steal. Seems to be picking up the pace. I haven’t blurbed much about Joe but the questions I’ve gotten about him I always say the same thing: Stay patient! I know many of you were looking to sell him a bit low. I hope you didn’t!

Nate Robinson – 19/2/1 with 2 threes. Well, well, well, the Rip Hamilton injury finally came and now it’s Lil’ Nate time! Rip is out indefinitely so you best go grabs you some Lil’ Nate! Hurry.

Marco Belinelli – 6/3 /1 in 24 minutes. Cheap threes. Meh. Monitor.

Jimmy Butler – 4/9/0 with a steal in 31 minutes. He’s really more of a swing man than a two guard. I can see a lot of Nate running the point and Kirk Hinrich sliding over to the two. Monitor! Echo!

Paul George – Exploded with 34/9/2 with 3 steals, a block and 3 threes in 41 minutes. Let’s see if it jumps starts him. It better jump start him! As an aside, here are your minutes from last night for the Pacers: Roy Hibbert 34. Lance Stephenson 38. George Hill 37. David West 35. Nobody else played more than 14. So what’s the lesson here boys and girls? Do I really need to spell it out for you? Rhetorical!

Lance Stephenson – 6/7/1 in 38 minutes. You already knew he played 38 minutes though! He’s still really not doing much but worth an add in deep leagues. Monitor elsewhere. Or don’t, your call. You’re not missing much!

Roy Hibbert – 10/11/2 with 2 blocks and 2 steals. Now averaging 3.1 bpg. Aren’t you glad you kept the faith?

Luis Scola – 16/8/2 with 3 steals in 38 minutes. Could order possibly be restored in Phoenix? Meh, I don’t like idiot coaches so who knows. I say that generally, I’m not talking about anyone in particular. Disclaimer! Anyway, here’s what I told you just this past Monday: Luis Scola – Continuing our tour of Fantasy Loserville, Luis dropped 9/8/0 in 22 minutes. I decided to check out the Suns record since Alvin Gentry made wholesale changes to the starting lineup on November 17. Heading into that night’s game the Suns were 4-6, not great by anyone’s imagination unless you’re an Islander’s fan, but I digress! Anyhoo, since Scola lost his starting job, the Suns are 3-5 and have lost 4 of their last 5. Two of those 3 wins were against New Orleans and Cleveland. If this keeps up, I assume Scola will get back his minutes but clearly expectations have to be kept in check regardless. He aint that good to begin with! Useful but not extremely useful. Definitely not extremely useful, said Rain Main. Well, that was fast, his minutes came back! Not a hard prediction. It’s called common sense!

Jared Dudley – 13/2/3 with 3 threes in 31 minutes. I’ve always preferred him over Shannon Brown but then again I’m not the coach. If Jared starts to see close to 30 minutes per then go ahead and add him, if not, then don’t. Simple!

Quincy Pondexter – 16/3/1 with a steal and 2 threes. Tony Allen missed this one with a sore back so this appears to be a one off. If Tony Tony Tony is too miss Friday’s game then consider as a streamer. Maybe he can make it a two off! Doubt it though.

Greg Smith – 21/9/0 with 2 blocks on 7/8 FG in 25 minutes. Nice game! Monitor.

Toney Douglas – 22/4/3 with 2 steals and 3 threes on 8-17 FG. Nobody ever accused Toney of being shy! I can just imagine what he was thinking last night: Now’s my chance, I better shoot. Heave. Oh, I’m actually playing. Heave. Oh, cool, I’m on the jumbotron. Heave! Monitor but I don’t see anything coming of this.

Carlos Delfino – 15/4/3 with a steal and 3 threes on 3-10 from beyond the arc. 10 three point attempts, oohh, so that’s what a threes specialist is supposed to do, said Trevor Ariza.

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  1. Fun post! Happy to be going against the Gasol owner this week.

    Who would you sit tonight?
    Hickson, Garnett, Sanders, or Noah? Need to boost boards, dimes and steals. I’m thinking Hickson, but he might go off to make up for Monday?

  2. @Julie: Thanks! I agree it has to be J.J. even though he may go off. He’s certainly the least stable right now until further notice. Good luck tonight!

  3. good read, just found this column the other day.

    what do you think of my harden for dwight ROS? last in fg%, blks, stls, TOs (rough right?) obviously prepared to take significant hit in ft%


  4. hey hec,
    ilyasova just popped up on my waiver wire and I’m not sure who to drop. Any suggestions?

    My team:
    G’s: steph curry, k martin, lou Williams, jamal Crawford, j Richardson, k. singler, sessions
    F’s: ryan Anderson, horford, seraphin, patterson
    C’s: D howard, gortat


  5. Hey Hec!

    Someone just dropped Eric Gordon even though I hear he might return at the end of this month. I am in 1st place and I need SGs. Should I take the risk of adding him considering only B-Roy is more injury prone? Should I drop Pargo (CLE) or Sanders for him?

  6. @tb: Thanks. Glad you found me and welcome! You’re exchanging bad FG for really bad FT. You gain blocks and help tovs but still lose 3s, dimes and steals and it’s too early to dump. You also didn’t mention you need the extra boards so I’m leaning against making the deal.

    @alister: Hey, the only one I’d consider losing there is Sessions. Now that Henderson is back and Gordon is gaining minutes, Ramon will probably be inconsistent so Ersan’s upside is worth losing him for IMO. Good luck!

    @phanna: Can’t drop Sanders so if you can live without Pargo while he’s starting for a few more weeks then lose Jeremy.

  7. @Colin: Leaning Faried and Lou. Faried is the best player and Lou is coming on after a slow start.

    @Niko: With Rip out, I’d probably go Nate for at least the next few weeks.

  8. Hey Hec,

    Drop Valancunias for Redick?

    Thanks man, love your site. Most useful fantasy bball one around.


  9. @Blake: Thanks for the kind words! It’s really need based – upside, blocks, FG and boards v. 3s, points and assists. I’d lean toward holding JV but totally fine if you made that move based on need.

  10. Hec!

    Ilyasova and Beasley just got dropped. Shall i pick one or both of them up (if i can). If so, im which order and who should i drop? they come on waivers tonight!!

    would u trade david lee for cousins in a 12 team 8-cat league format.

    current team:
    Kyrie Irving
    Jrue Holiday
    Brandon Jennings
    Mo Williams
    Ricky Rubio
    Rodney Stuckey

    Josh Smith
    Nicolas Batum
    David Lee

    Roy Hibbert
    Byron Mullens
    Tristian Thompson

    Injured Reserve:
    Andrew Bogut

  11. Please ignore david lee for cousins trade comment haha, copied over from previous question. Thanks for all the help!

  12. Hi therebossman? Say you have Andre Iguodala, Tyreke Evans and Shawn Marion on yoru squad…which 2 players do you insert in your line up and who sits?


  13. @De Famm: Hi there, De Famm. I’d roll with your best, Iggy and Tyreke. Just make sure ‘Reke is back in the lineup tonight first. Monitor on Twitter.

  14. Oops, posted this in yesterday’s entry, lol:

    Hey Hec!

    Best stash: McGee, Drummond, or Blatche? I think Blatche will be seeing more minutes even if/when Brook Lopez comes back (and Brook’s foot situation could be a “situation” all season). Drummond is going to explode soon, and I think my team can handle the hit on FT%, so he could be huge in the second half. God knows what’s going on with Karl/McGee, but the Nuggets aren’t playing so well IIRC, so something needs to happen.

    Kinda desperate for a ‘C’ with upside, but I’m not sure which is the best gamble.

    Thanks man, and great work as per usual!

  15. @Drez1: Thanks! All are nice options. Short term, I’d roll with Blatche in hopes Brook remains out longer or gets reinjured. If Brook comes back and looks healthy, then you can lose him for either Drummond or McGee pending on how they are each going.

  16. Hi idol Hec,

    nice blog again! I was offered Deandre Jordan for my Gordon Hayward. I need Fg% and blks and he needs 3s and Ft%. do i win this one? thanks

  17. hey hec,
    would u give up al jefferson for marc gasol straight up? im worried about marc gasol’s ft and assists regressing to their career means and im pretty confident al jeffersons fg percentage is going to come back up to atleast 49 percent. what do you think? I need the assists but dont want to undervalue al jefferson because of a slow start and buy high on marc gasol cause of his hot start.

  18. Hec!

    Here’s my team, 12 teams, h2h, 9 cats standard

    David Lee
    Hickson (just traded Afflalo for him)
    Nikola Vucevic
    Kawhi Leonard
    Nate Robinson (droppable)
    Beal (just dropped him for Kanter just in case Big AL back injury is serious)
    and Anthony Davis

    Kyle Korver is on waiver, and I have the #5 waiver. My team is pretty weak in 3s, do you think Korver is worth a number 5 waiver?

  19. Hey hec… Should I still have faith with Rivers? He is now coming of the bench and playing around 20 mins now.. And not hitting ang FG!!! he’s killing me.. hahaha.. that said.. Here are some players available on FA list.. Who among these can be added for rivers? (if there are any)

    danny green. AJ Price. Gary Neal. stephenson. barea. casspi. marvinWilliams. Hedo.

    Blatche and Biyombo is out there too but I think I already have to much bigs.. (5 C’s including bynum and amare)

    Who here are the best when it comes to long term and short term? As you already know I already have 3 injured players. Thanks A lot.

  20. @Boleros: I like that deal for you, go for it.

    @JShap: I’d hold big Al.

    @Bolero: Duhon looks like he can be a cheap source of dimes if you’re in need. Depends on the drop though. Thank you for calling me Idol hec. I actually like that one. ha.

    @JShap: After tonight, I’d drop JV for Drummond to see if he can keep up those minutes.

    @BeardnBrow: I’d be surprised if anyone used a waiver on Korver with him still hurt so I’d probably gamble a bit and see if he clears waivers then drop Kanter for him. Looks like Al will be ok.

    @on Air: I’d lose Rivers pronto, he had his chance and doesn’t look like he’s able to get it done at this moment. I’d grab Blatche for now, you can always lose him if Brook comes back and proves healthy.

    @David: Ersan if you need a big man. Stuckey if you’re looking for a guard.

  21. Great work, you’ve become my first source for fantasy info. Somebody in my league just dropped Favors. Is he worth picking up? I’d consider dropping one of Stuckey, Kaman, Sanders, or Pekovic for him.



  22. Hello Hec,

    Kudos for the great work here!

    No replies yet on my last proposal, so I’m thinking of going in another direction.

    How does Varejao, Felton for Pierce, Kirilenko sound to you?

    Btw, here’s my line-up in our auction roto league:
    G – Jennings, Harden, Conley, Felton, Stuckey, Billups
    F – Gee, Granger, Matt Barnes
    C – Jefferson, Gortat, Varejao, Kaman

    As you can see, SF is lackluster although Gee can be serviceable.

    Thanks again!

  23. somebody in my league has dropped Lin? Only worthwhile drops I can see on my team to drop for him his Jonas Valanciunas or Alonzo Gee? Leaning towards Jonas as I’m pretty well covered in the front court but is it worth dropping either of these guys for Lin? Cheers for any advice mate:)

  24. @hecman @J-Fort: I feel very much a part of this post and I thank you for making Pau the centerpiece. I have decided to wait on Pau to see how he does with Nash’s return to PG. Let me show you my roster again and see if you find any names that could go to the waivers to pick up Vucevic. Vuc looks like he can be a steady >=47ish% FG man and rebounds aplenty after the string of 3 most recent games.

    I am in a 10-player 9-cat league and the roster is:

    C. Parsons
    P. George
    Mo Williams
    A. Varejao
    M. World Peace
    L. Sanders
    E. Turner
    J. Richardson
    K. Durant
    M. Gasol
    P. Gasol
    G. Vasquez

  25. @RP: Thanks! It depends on your guard depth, but the only one I’d consider losing there is Stuckey.

    @decaf: Thanks! I think it’s pretty fair, maybe offer Stuckey instead of Felton first. If he says no then go to Felton. You can also probably lose Billups for a hot free agent. if you just want Pierce, then try to keep Anderson and offer Kaman/Felton? Just a thought.

    @mfawcett: Quick quick grab him for JV.

  26. @JR: You’re welcome! Your question actually spurred on my advice for the lead. Anyway, You’re deep, bud. The only one I see possibly losing is MWP if you want to improve the FG and boards at the expense of threes and steals. Or you can try to make a two for 1 deal and free up a spot as I’ve suggested. I’d explore a trade first. Good luck!

  27. Hey Hec,

    I am looking for more consistancy out of my back up PG spot. With Rondo, Curry and Rubio about to return assists aren’t a prerequisite. Would you advise cutting Ramon Sessions for Jamal Crawford? As always, thanks.

    – Danny

  28. 14 team, h2h league (11 categories; ftm, fgm)

    Only going to list my Util and Bench.

    util – jj hickson, tristan thompson, randy foye,
    bench – markieff morris, aaron brooks, isiah thomas

    in light of ariza’s injury, you suggest grabbing either mickael pietrus or martell webster and losing markieff morris? i cant believe im inquiring about pietrus and webster in early december, i know better, but my league is deep and wire is thin (14 man rosters, 14 teams)- so there’s that.

    plus, hating suns rotation and makieff’s playing time is like a giant roller coaster ride right now. trying to be patient cause if markeiff ever gets unleashed to 30-34 min of burn- he’s got a very fantasy friendly game and could go nuts. that is a big IF cause I just don’t trust gentry at all. plus, seems scola is getting more and more minutes, so i could see gentry making switch back to him …

    appreciate your thoughts…

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