Batum hurt, owners cry, Babbitt is your father (or something like that)

Last night the Frenchman Nicolas Batum played 29 minutes but posted just 5/4/0 with a steal and a three before exiting stage left with a bad back/shoulder and what not. Uh, oh, not what you want to see from your fantasy basketball small forward extraordinaire, son! On the season Nic is returning solid 2nd round value with season averages of 16/6/3.2 to go along with 1.7 spg, 1.1 bpg and a whopping 2.5 3pm. The boy is a stud and his owners can’t afford to lose him but you already knew that! Currently, Nic is just day to day but if he’s to miss any games, I’m educatedly guessing that Luke Babbitt would be your Huckleberry to stream. In 4 starts last year, Luke averaged 37 mpg/10 ppg/5.3 rpg/1.3 apg/2 3pm, not too shabby! Sure, he’s no Batum but then again who is?? Keep your eye on the situation, just one eye is sufficient, use your other eye to watch X-Factor, that Carly Rose is the goods! Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Bismack Biyombo – 2/12/1 with a block in 30 minutes. Byron Mullens ended up in foul trouble so Bismack got some extra burn. The other day I said I wasn’t asking for much, just 23-25 minutes of burn was all I was asking, it’s not much, I’m not greedy! Let’s hope he can at least get that going forward. If he does, he’ll be useful. If he doesn’t, then meh.

Gerald Henderson – 18/6/0 with a block and 2 threes in 25 minutes. Here are your back court minutes from last night: Kemba Walker  34, Ben Gordon 26, Jeffery Taylor 39, Ramon Sessions 14.  As I’ve said all along, it’s crowded back there, yo! Actually, I think I said, “y’all”, but you know what I mean. Temper expectations. As for Ramon, you can lose him for a hot free agent if you’d like. Or hold for a game  or two more to see how his minutes shake out. Your call! Your team!

J.J. Hickson – 14/12/1 with nothing else in 26 minutes. Nice bounce back from J.J. after his benching on Monday night. Order has been restored so carry on!

Damian Lillard – 23/3/6 with a three on 9-15 FG. Hey, Anthony Davis, you gots lots of catching up to do, son! Right now Damian is running away with the Rookie of the Year title like he stole something. He did steal something … the basketball!

Jason Terry – 17/5/2 with 3 threes in 37 minutes. This is a typical line I was hoping to see out of JT regularly this season but it hasn’t materialized and it will only get worse, me thinks, when Avery Bradley is back in January. If he has a nice month this month, I’d look to sell high. We straight, Jimmy? That’s your new name. Unless that’s already your old name.

Carl Landry – 7/4/0 with a block in 26 minutes. That makes single digit points in 3 of his last 4 but with Andrew Bogut still nursing his ankle bone injury and seemingly no where near a return, I have faith in Carl. He should continue to do enough to fly your kite, so fly away!

Jarrett Jack – 8/0/4 with a steal in 24 minutes. Now averaging 9.9 ppg/4.4 apg and less than a three and steal per. I was sure Jarrett would get more burn than the 25 minutes he’s getting but the emergence of Harrison Barnes at the 3 and the continued health of Stephen Curry has suppressed his value. As I’ve said many times before, if I owned Curry I’m handcuffing him with Jack, I’d be scared shit not to but then again I scare easily. Boo!

Rodney Stuckey – 17/4/9 with a steal and a three in 31 minutes. He’s useful, I’ve been telling you that but everyone is hatin’ on poor Rodney. Insert sad face emoticon here.

Andre Drummond – 15/12/1 with 2 blocks in 31 minutes. 31 minutes!!! Yee haw! Wait, hold up. Anomaly!? Yes, yes, an anomaly but this portends what’s to come at some point so you best go grab him if he’s still sitting out there. If he goes back to 17ish minutes per, you can always lose him. Yep, I used portend in a sentence, what are you going to do about it? … look it up if you don’t know it! I can be such an obnoxious jackass sometimes. I’m sorry.

Greg Monroe – 9/5/3 with a block in 22 minutes. That makes 4 out of 5 sub-par scoring games for Greg so you know what that means. Go try to buy him low. Give it a shot! You’re so damn astute!

Ty Lawson – Exploded with 32/1/7 with 5 steals and 5 threes. Could this be the game that jumps starts Ty? Could it, could it? I don’t know. I hope so! Let’s see.

Lou Williams – 16/1/6 with 2 steals and 2 threes. It’s clear that my mother can be on Atlanta’s roster and still start at the 2 ahead of Lou but he’s getting his minutes anyway. Lou is their sixth man, deal with it! It’s all good.

Marco Belinelli - 23/3/0 with a steal and 2 threes in 41 minutes. Yesterday I told you to monitor. That’s my job, I identify guys for you to keep an eye on. Today your eye sees 23 points, 41 minutes and 2 threes. Your eyes also see Rip Hamilton has a torn something or other so go add Marco if you need cheap threes. Minutes, y’all, he looks like your Huckleberry at the two … for now anyway.

Donald Sloan – 14/1/4 with 2 threes in 24 minutes. Got some burn last night but I’m not expecting much. Just monitor. Sloan! Pardon my French, but you’re an asshole! If you get that reference, I’m impressed!

Chris Duhon – 3/5/10 with a three in 33 minutes. Cheap dimes! That is all.

Jodie Meeks – 9/2/1 with 3 steals and 3 threes in 26 minutes. Cheap threes! That is all.

Austin Rivers -s 1/1/3 with a steal on 0-5 FG in 21 minutes. He’s had a month to prove to fantasy owners he was worth holding and he’s clearly not so let him go if you haven’t lost him already. Opportunity lost. Such a shame. Sniff.

Ersan Ilyasova – 17/5/0 with a steal and a three in 30 minutes. He’s hot and he’s cold, he’s yes and he’s no, he’s in and he’s out, he’s up and he’s down. You know, like the Katy Perry song! Hold to see if he can build off this but sing the song again if you want. It was written for him.

Larry Sanders – 4/7/2 with 2 steals and a block in 17 minutes. What, you thought he was going to block 7 balls a game every night?

Gary Neal – 22/6/2 with 2 threes in 31 minutes. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green sat this one out so Gary not the burn. Kawhi may return on Saturday, he may not, only his quad knows and I didn’t interview it. Green is day to day with a hammy so feel free to stream Neal on Friday night! The carriage may turn to a pumpkin on Saturday night though.

Jameer Nelson – 17/5/5 with 2 steals and a three. Jameer is slightly above his career averages this season in every category except FG. He’s a career .454 but only at .396 this season. Ironic! So, in other words, you miss me, said Dwight Howard.

Gordon Hayward – 4/5/2 with 2 steals in 23 minutes. This breaks a nice 4 game stretch where Gordon scored double figures and averaged 16.5 per. Carry on my Hayward son! >>>> lame

Jonas Valanciunas – 3/3/0 with a block in 16 minutes. DeMarcus Cousins and Jason Thompson were just too big and athletic for JV to handle last night. It happens, it’ll happen again. You have to say it in like that New York Billy Crystal Jewish type voice. It works a lot better! Anyway, I’d only lose him for a hot free agent. The upside, blocks, FG and smattering of boards are there but the situation is too fluid in Toronto. Sigh.

Mikael Pietrus – 21/6/1 with a steal and 2 threes. Oh, gosh, I’ve been down this road before with Mikael. I’m not going down this road with him again, it’s a long and winding road and leads to only one place … a dead end!

DeMarcus Cousins – 25/13/1 with a block on 11-18 FG and 4 tovs. On the season, DeMarcus is averaging 15.6 FGA per and shooting just .432 FG. So many readers send me their teams and wonder why their team isn’t doing well, it looks great on paper! Well, perhaps your underestimating the power of the percents. The bad percents that is! If your big man is shooting the basketball 15.6 x per and aborting almost 57% of those heaves and your opponent’s big man is shooting the basketball 14ish times per and connecting on 51% of them, that adds up pretty quick! DMC is a monster though, just hope he gets that FG up to at least 46%. Just don’t hold your breath, you’ll turn blue!

Chauncey Billups – Out at least two weeks, I told you not to waste your time last week. Don’t even try to say I didn’. Mmmm-mmm.

Darren Collison – 8/2/2 with a steal in 18 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Derek “Pescador” Fisher started and dropped 15/1/2 with 3 threes in 27 minutes. Here’s what I told you last week: Darren Collison – DNP – Finger. It’s been a strange, strange week for DC owners. First, he comes off the bench on Tuesday but plays 30 minutes anyway. Then the coach says Collison is his starting point guard. Then he’s a DNP last night with the finger bone problem. Then Dallas announces they are signing Derek Fisher today. Then the coach says he likes Darren coming off the bench and Fisher will start. Um, okaaaaay. If you read me regularly you know I’ve never been DC’s biggest fan. That said, I was totally cool with him as long as he was getting 32 minute of burn nightly like he has been but if he’s only going to get say 26 minutes of burn? Meh, not so much. If I owned him (and I don’t anywhere) I’d look to move him for fair value quick, quick. Did you move him quick, quick like I suggested? I don’t mess around you know! You probably didn’t move him quick, did you? Sigh.

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  1. Hec: Hey man! Great post once again!)
    The guy is offering me Cousins for Faried. What do you think? Accept it?

  2. Somebody offered me this trade today and my mind was blown, my Lillard, Jenning, MarcGasol, Love for Lebron, Westbrook, Asik, VinceCarter. But I countered his offer, instead of Carter I said give me Mayo or JJ. What do you think? SHould I accept that first deal with Carter to get it over with so I get Lebron and Westbrook right now? Or should I insist on Mayo or JJ? I feel like im giving up alot with first deal. should I just hold on to my team? Any thoughts?my team below before and after trade. Thanks for caring man!

    Before trade:

    Jennings, Rondo, Lillard, Nash
    Batum, Afflalo
    KevinLove, JoshSmith, Parsons
    MarcGasol, BrookLopez, RoyHibbert


    Westbrook, Rondo, Nash
    Batum, Afflalo, Carter/Mayo/JJ
    Lebron, JoshSmith, Parsons
    BrookLopez, RoyHibbert, Asik

  3. solid post, hec. Im a Clippers fan, but been watching a lot of Blazer hoops lately – largely cause I own Lillard everywhere. Kid is ridiculous. Reminds me of D. Rose a bit…

    14 team, h2h league (11 categories; ftm, fgm)

    Only going to list my Util and Bench.

    util – jj hickson, tristan thompson, randy foye,
    bench – markieff morris, aaron brooks, isiah thomas

    in light of ariza’s injury, you suggest grabbing either martell webster or a suddenly heavy minute playing Pietrus in Toronto? In either case I would likely be losing markieff morris. i cant believe im inquiring about pietrus and webster in early december, i know better, but my league is deep and wire is thin (14 man rosters, 14 teams)- so there’s that.

    plus, hating suns rotation and makieff’s playing time is like a giant roller coaster ride right now. trying to be patient cause if markeiff ever gets unleashed to 30-34 min of burn- he’s got a very fantasy friendly game and could go nuts. that is a big IF cause I just don’t trust gentry at all. plus, seems scola is getting more and more minutes, so i could see gentry making switch back to him …

    appreciate your thoughts here.


  4. Hecman, you are the BUISSS-NESSSS!!!

    PS – I read allot of Fantasy sites and you are the only person that advised picking up Babbitt if Batum misses time.

  5. @Sayrus777: wow i wish someone offered me DMC for my faried… i’d take that in a second. although i’m 100% sure it’d be vetoed. let’s see if hec agrees!

  6. Sorry I put this question on an older post…

    Hey hec.. here’s some trade proposals I have.. And I don’t know what to pick.. could you rank them for me? and remove any deal I should not make… thanks…

    A-my horford+kmart for dwill+humphries
    B-my horford+kmart+Foye for dwill+DJordan+NickYoung
    C-my Horford+kmart for Dwill+Landry
    D-my Horford+kmart+Sanders for Dwill+Jordan+Landry

  7. Hey Hec! Drop Hayward for Singler, Shved, or Henderson? Marvin Williams is back, and Foye looks like he might stick in the starting lineup. I love Hayward with 30+ minutes, but I don’t see that happening this season.

  8. CL: I don`t like DMC playing in messy team like Kings, he plays with no good PG behind him, and I like Faried upside this year. But still want to know Hec`s advice, tempting to reject though/

  9. Howdy Hec, quick note on Mullins (as I watched that game) … he was sat down early in the 3rd with 3 fouls, and rode the pine the rest of the way. Dunlap decided that with Hendo back, Taylor & MKG defending well and Gordon running hot that he wanted all four of them in the game, along with Biyombo for some semblance of defence in the paint. That meant Mullins was the odd-one-out.

    Someone had to lose minutes with Hendo’s return, and I did not expect it to be Mully. Have to watch this closely to see it if continues…

    Btw I’ve heard that Valanciunas may have lost his starting gig to Amir Johnson :(

  10. @Sayrus777: sure, go for it. Worry about the percents later.

    @el burro: I think I would hold Markieff for now.

    @Adrian: let’s see if Babbitt gets some run of Batum misses time. Just an educated guess!

    @Drez1: I still like Hayward the best of that bunch.

    @Andrew: Thanks! yes, I heard JV may be off the bench on Friday. Blech.

  11. Hec, I’m in a difficult situation with my team right now. I hate these kind of questions in general, but I’m currently in 2nd place in a 10-team H2H (typical 9 cats with TOs), but I’ve lost both %s most of the time. I’ve been averaging around 0.436 in FG and 0.74 in FT, and I can pinpoint a couple culprits (Hibbert and Mullens in FG, LBJ in FT), but I’m thinking I might start to adjust my strategy.

    Yesterday I could have had a deal in place – my Aldridge for Howard, and punt FT% due to my big men, but I chickened out, and he ended up trading Howard and Iggy for Marc Gasol and George, so I can no longer get him.

    Which % category should I focus on most, and what players should I target?

    My team:
    PG: Jennings, Dragic
    SG/SF: Batum, Metta, Kawhi
    PF/C: LBJ, Aldridge, Hibbert, Noah, A. Davis, B. Lopez, Mullens, Nene

    Obviously I have a plethora of good big men, so my FG% is expected to be good, but alas it is not to be. Is it worth dropping someone like Mullens or Nene for Drummond and just punt FT% and go for FG%? Or any other trade targets while Davis, Lopez, Kawhi are on the mend?

    Sorry for the essay Hec!

  12. @BigMan: You’re in good shape and FG is fixable. I would wait for Davis and Brook to come back then reavaluate. I would not dump FT with that team, no reason to dump anything right now. It’s early. Just keep plugging away and when everyone is back healthy, see how it goes. Good luck!

  13. Hey Hecman,

    how do you feel about:

    Roy Hibbert for Pau Gasol


    Roy Hibbert for Paul George

    Head to Head 9 Cat 12 team league

    please let me know what you think of gasol’s and georges potential

  14. @joe joe: Hibbert is looking much safer than Gasol at this point so I’d probably go for that just to have the security. I like George’s potential a ton, he’s only going to get better. Gasol is harder to predict because of those knees. I think you’re asking me which deal I’d rather make, it’s for George.

  15. @el burro: I think double double would be very ambitious and I don’t expect that. Expect inconsistency whether he’s starting or not. 10/7 and a block could be possible I guess, i don’t think it wolud be wise to count on more than that.

  16. Hi Hec,

    Great advice! The other party seems more eager to trade now after Felton’s explosion today, and he asked for either a Felton/Gee or Felton/Kaman swap for Pierce. Of course, I offered the Felton/Gee package first, and am now waiting for his go signal.

    My worry now is that this deal will be insta-vetoed by the rest of the teams, haha. Should I just go ahead with the Felton/Kaman send? I fear that Pierce’s name recognition may be regarded as too high for the Felton/Gee combo. Your thoughts?

    And yeah, dumping Billups in 3..2..1..

    As always, thanks!

  17. @Boleros: Thanks for the kind words! If you don’t need the extra few dimes then sure.

    @nbabal: Sure.

    @decaf: You’re welcome! Try the Felton/Gee one first, if it gets vetoed go to Kaman. Good luck!

  18. I’ve read that gortat might be coming off the bench now.. Who’s likely to benefit from this? JO? Is he worth grabbing? Thanks..

  19. sup Hec! I’ll save my questions for your next post but I gotta leave this one here since it’s relevant. Sloan was hot! From the movie, I mean, not Donald!

  20. Actually, Ed Davis looks like a decent pick up too with the rumors, but my league is a bit shallow… (8 team 15 players). Perhaps Robin Lopez is a better sub for FG and BLK? Any downsides you see for Robin Lopez? I like how R Lo is starting (as oppose to Drummond is not).

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