Andrew Nicholson: Magic act or for realz?

Who is Andrew Nicholson? I’m sure that’s a question many of you are asking yourselves after last night’s Magic-Suns game when you saw some guy named Andrew Nicholson dropped 19/9/3 with 4 steals in 25 minutes. If you didn’t ask yourself this question that’s ok too because I’m going to answer anyway. I’m pushy like that. For starters, Andrew is a large man. Shocking! He comes in at 6’9 and 2 fitty, not to be confused with 50 cent. I don’t want to get sued. Tell me more hecman, this is soo interesting. Ok, sure, I’ll give you another helping of Nicholson’s bio, I read it in the USA Today sports section, they have everything. How about he went to St. Bonaventure! Where? The Atlantic 10 school in upstate New York, silly, everyone knows that! Here’s another interesting tid bit: The school nickname is the Bonnies. The St. Bonaventure Bonnies! Another interesting, yet little known, fact: I tried to get the New York Knicks name changed to the New York New Yorkies but nobody would sign my petition because they thought it was dumb. How do you like me now!? Anyway, where were we, oh, right, Nicholson. Fantasy basketball. Right, ok, on Friday Drew, I hope he doesn’t mind I call him Drew, dropped 14/5 in 22 minutes, not bad! Then last night he dropped the aforesaid 19/9/3 and 4 steals in 25 minutes. By the way, aforesaid means it was already said. He was also drafted 19th overall in the 2012 draft so the man does have some talent. I’d go ahead and grab him where you have room in deeep leagues and monitor elsewhere. If something comes of it, cool, you grabbed him on spec and you’re a genius. If nothing comes of it, ok, so you wasted a spot for a few games and you launch, you’ve done worse, come on, I know you have! I have! Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday.

Marquis Daniels – 13/7/1 with a three in 35 minutes. I wonder how he’ll do when my son comes back, said Mike Dunleavy, Sr. Not so good. Who said that?

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 9/5/0 with 2 steals in 28 minutes. See what Mike Dunleavy, Sr. said 1/4 inch above pending on the size of your monitor and also see what anonymous said after that.

Ersan Ilyasova – 10/2/3 with 2 steals and a three in 26 minutes. Yawn, keep holding I guess. Belch.

Sam Dalembert – DNP-CD. Burp. Lose him if you haven’t yet but you already knew that. You’re so clever.

Kris Humphries – 4/7/1 with 2 blocks in 25 minutes. Last month I told you to sell him on his name, here is my exact quote if you don’t believe me: Sell Humphries on name recognition if you can, his minutes are getting cut into by Andray and Reggie Evans a bit too much for my taste and that’s just annoying! Nobody likes annoying. I see things that other people can’t, I see dead people. Kris Humphries, I can see you!

Gerald Wallace – 16/16/3 with a steal in 41 minutes. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 14.2 ppg which is probably on the high side considering Brook Lopez has been out. 12ish sounds about right. Maybe 13, just maybeeee.

MarShon Brooks – 14/1/1 with 2 steals and a three in 21 minutes. Do you remember last year when MarShon was a hot darling free agent pickup? Yeah, me neither. Now he’s just a guy with a stupid capital letter smack dab in the middle of his name. Or just smack in the middle of his name, not sure what the dab part means.

George Hill - 15/4/3 with 2 threes. Now averaging 14.6 ppg/5.4 apg/3.9 rpg/.400 FG/.836 FT/1.6 3pm on the season. Outside of the putrid FG, George has been one of your better late round PG values. He’s certainly kicking Darren Collison’s ass!, said Larry Bird.

JaVale McGee – 4/3/1 with 3 blocks in 16 minutes. Here are JaVale’s minutes his last 13 games starting from last night: 16, 30, 24, 23, 17, 18, 20, 11, 25, 15, 18, 20, 21. Which one of these numbers is not like the other, which one just doesn’t belong, can you guess which one  is not like the others before I finish this song? 

Corey Brewer – 15/3/0 with a steal in 22 minutes. Corey is now shooting .545 FG on 13.2 FGA attempts over his last 5 games while averaging 16.2 ppg in just 23.4 mpg. If he can continue doing that I’d take him on my team. I don’t think he can continue doing that.

Jason Kidd – 17/4/7 with a steal and 3 threes in 34 minutes. Now is the time to sell Jason high if you can. Go ahead now, hurry along, better hurry!

Carmelo Anthony – The good: 34 points, 6 boards, 2 steals, 3 threes. The bad: 10-24 FG. The ugly: 11-16 FT. Like the Clint Eastwood movie!

Ray Felton – 10/3/6 with no steals or threes on 4-15 FG. As I mentioned last week, I’d look to sell him high, he’s exceeding his career averages so far and I sees me some regression a comin’, cowboy!

J.R. Smith – 15/9/0 with 2 steals and 2 threes on 5-19 FG. Vomitatious! Now the owner of a .267 FG over his last 5 but don’t worry, he’s only heaved up 15 shots per over that time. Oh, so that’s why I lost FG the last couple of weeks, said the owner who didn’t sell him high.

Linas Kleiza – 17/3/2 with a steal, block and 5 threes in 30 minutes. Just think, when Mickael Pietrus comes back, they both be semi useless. Now that’s exciting!

Eric Bledsoe – 14/4/6 with 2 steals and a three in 20 minutes. Eric has managed to hold value in deeepp leagues all year despite averaging only 18.5 mpg. Now with Chauncey Billups out another twoish weeks, he could be a useful short term grab in 14 team leagues. Or you can just ignore him like you have been, I’m ok with that too. If you do grab him though, don’t expect threes, he doesn’t do the three thing, his arms are too short!

Enes Kanter – 14/6 in 18 minutes. Enes had a decent weekend, better than Bernie! Not sure where that came from. Consider streaming if Derrick Favors is to miss anymore time. Bernie died.

Jordan Hill – Over his last 4 he’s averaged 18 mpg/8 rpg/2 bpg. If you like rebounds and if you like blocks then consider picking up Jordan until Pau Gasol comes back. If you don’t care for just a rebounds and blocks guy then ignore Jordan. See how simple I make things for you?

Chris Duhon – 12/5/11 with 4 threes. On Friday I told you to add him. You’re welcome.

Jody Meeks – 16/2/2 with 3 threes. On Friday I told you to add him. You’re welcome. Click the Duhon link if you want to read my Add/Drop post from Friday. It’s really good stuff! My mother said so anyway.

Antawn Jamison – If you can sell high, please do the needful. In fact, here’s what I told you back on December 3: Antawn Jamison – 10/5/0 with a steal in 29 minutes. He’s another sell high for me. Pick him up and ship his ass out. Just do it! Like Nike! Check out my Trade Strategy post for ideas. I already told you to do it. Don’t make me keep repeating myself! Really, why do you make me repeat myself, imaginary friend?

Luke Babbitt – On Saturday night he dropped 9/7/2 with 2 threes in 27 minutes. Go ahead and consider streaming tonight if Nicolas Batum is to miss the game. Luke Babbitt? Who dat?, said the guy who didn’t read hecmanhoops last week.

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  1. The best part about picking up Duhon is getting 3 extra games next week on light NBA days when I don’t have a full lineup. Thanks for all the advice. You guys are making me look good out here haha

  2. @allballs: You’re welcome! That reminds me, I was thinking to do a H2H strategy post on teams like the Lakers who play on light NBA days. I’ll keep it in mind and write one sometime.

  3. “Bernie died.”

    Lol, that got me for some reason.

    Anyway, drop Henderson for Jordan Crawford? These 3’s and steals from Henderson feel flukey.

  4. Hec,

    I just traded Felton, like you told me to! (Gee/Felton for Pierce). Thanks again!

    Now some people are asking about Gortat, and trying to buy him low from me. He’s a clear hold, right? Jermaine will be injured at some point, right?!

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Ooh yeah, great question about Gortat. ^^^

    Is he a hold, or was last season the Nash effect? I’ve been wondering the same thing.

  6. hey hec! do you think it’s wise to grab Amare now and just drop Harrison barnes? amare is floating in FA seas in my league. btw just wanna say thank you. i shot up from 10th place to 4th place now by checking updates and advice here on your site. after losing my first week 1-8, i’ve won for 5 straight weeks with wins like 6-3, 7-2 in a 9 cat league. thanks a lot!

  7. @Drez1: Ha. Sure, if you can afford the bad FG. AJ Price and Wall are out so Jordan should get plenty of burn.

    @decaf: Pierce is a nice get for Felton, nice job. I wouldn’t sell Gortat low so unless the offer is for perceived pre-season fair value, otherwise I’d hold.

    @Theone: Tough one, I love the way Turner is playing right now and think he will keep it up. Crawford will probably win 6th man of the year so I’m leaning hold.

    @nbaball: Great! Happy to help. Yes, sure, go for it on Amare if you can stash for 2 or three weeks.

  8. Should I drop Dunleavy, Pargo, or Jason Thompson for any FA like Vince Carter, Foye, Jarret Jack, Beal, Nate Robinson, Duhon,or Drummond?

  9. I read a ton of hoops info, and have to admit, you guys are the most entertaining and the most spot on. Well done.

    I am considering letting go Gee, Landry, and/or Jamison for Crawford, Beal, and Drummond. I am sitting middle of the pack of a 12 team h2h league, with Davis, Rubio, Favors, and Batum all coming back to health hopefully by the end of the week. Thoughts?

    Cheers, Ross

  10. Hey Hec,

    Posted in the wrong article by mistake so I’ll sum it up here:

    What to do with Bargnani. Don’t want his crappy FG% and don’t really rely on his pts. Can’t trade him in my league, worthy of a cut?

    – B.

  11. Kawhi or Shved? who would you rather have for the season? And what do you think about Harden this year? Top10 at years end? I just got Harden and Kawhi for Jennings and Aflalo. Good deal right? Thanks for caring!

  12. @JR: I’d hold MWP, Nicholson is a little too spec to lose him for at this point.

    @Daniel: I’d probably grab Beal for Pargo and Foye for Dunleavy. I’d consider Nate over Foye if Hinrich is going to miss time. Hold JT for his boards and blocks. I prefer Jamal over MKG at this moment.

    @Ross: Thanks for the kind words! If you list your team I can get a better idea how to advise. Also, which Crawford? Cheers!

    @Barry: Unless you’re in a very shallow league, I can’t see you dropping him for anyone better. Throw out some options and I’ll give you my thoughts.

    @Hitmanwg4u: I prefer Joe ROS.

    @JohnyG: Kawhi > Shved ROS. Love Harden, nice deal though I do also like Jennings and Afflalo, you gave up fair value. You’re welcome on me caring!

  13. Jordan Crawford, Beal, and/or Drummond for Landry, Gee, or Jamison

    12team 9 cat h2h
    A. Davis
    R. Lopez

    As it stands with a healthy squad I should take all competition 5-4 or 6-3 most weeks. I sit at 6th now. Davis, Rubio, Favors and Batum should all be back at some point week, which is when I will be aggressively seeking a trade for a 4th center.

  14. @Barry: I think it’s a step back. If you want to dump Bargnani then I’d look to package him with another player for one better player then just fill the open spot with Novak or whomever else you have your eye on.

    @Ross: Your team looks nice for 12 teams but I do agree you’ll probably need one more big man eventually. I’d probably lose Gee for Beal. Hold Landry since he’s helping with boards. Hold Jamison to see his roll once Gasol, and maybe even Nash, are back healthy. If he’s not getting it done then lose him for Drummond’s upside but it’s premature. Good luck!

    @Sayrus777: Thanks for the kind words, always appreciate them!

  15. @Ross: It’s close, I think Beal will provide the better long term value. At this moment, either can outperform the other on any given night until Wall gets back.

  16. At last I was able to convince the other team to trade me Dwill and Humphries for Horford-kmart… PLus I was able to deal Amare and collison for Gortat and maxiell.. i just hope none of those trades gets vetoed…

    Here’s now my team..

    Is it better now? I’m thinking of dropping duhon for draymondGreen or nicholson… And maybe when the pending trades are over on Dec 14.. I can drop maxielle for Jermaine Oneal although there will lots of double payers same team now… What do youn think? Thanks for your trade advices Hec and Jfort!!!

  17. sup hec!
    someone just dropped andrew bynum in my league should i go for it? feel like i can afford to hold an injured player since im in first at the moment,maybe for seraphin or singler?

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  18. @onaiR: I like both deals for you though I’m not in love with Hump as you know. DWill is easily the best player in the deal though so I like it. I also like the Gortat deal a lot. I’d hold Maxiell for now, he’s useful. I’d hold Duhon for now, he’s getting burn, for now anyway.

  19. I was really trying to get DJordan instead of humo that is why it took a long time until he went for the trade.. Also he was able to get an offer of dwil-landry-marion for gay-joejohnson-terry but it got vetoed.. So i just switched to hump instead of jordan! Still! I got dwill! Yeah! Haha.. So is it ok to have 2NETs, 2 LAL and 3 Det players in one team? I am on line in waivers to add Gee and drop duhon but its a long shot because Im 13th in the waivers list..

  20. should i drop beasley? I am in a 14 team league with each team having 12 roster spots. And what does the future look like for Jeremy lin owners?

  21. @beantown: With 12 spots you may be able to find a hot free agent so possibly. Need names though. Hopefully, Santa brings better FG for Lin’s owners, can’t be much lower.

  22. Who do you think I should drop for Amare? Thaddeus Young, Jamal Crawford, or Nikola Pekovic? Do you think it’s a good time to pick him up from FA or should I wait another week?

  23. @Daniel: It depends on your need for a big man but I’d leaning toward holding what you have for the moment, all those guys are playing well.

  24. When Anthony Davis Returns I have to drop one of these guys: Redick,Stuckey(I just picked up),Seraphin,Pekovic or LarrySanders. Who would u drop?

  25. yeah I feel like I can, but do I need more than like 50 for budget towards the end of the season?(my first season so I’m kind of unsure)

  26. I got an offer for my Rondo and David Lee for Kevin Durant. What are your thoughts on this? I know KD is a must grab but I’m still thinking if letting go Rondo and Lee will hurt more than do any better having KD around.

    Deron Williams
    Mo Williams
    Klay Thompson
    Vince Carter
    Gerald Wallace
    Josh Smith
    David Lee

    10team H2H

  27. I got an offer for my Rondo and David Lee for Kevin Durant. What are your thoughts on this? I know KD is a must grab but I’m still thinking if letting go Rondo and Lee will hurt more than do any better having KD around.

    Deron Williams, Rondo, Holiday, Mo Williams, Klay Thompson, Vince Carter
    Gerald Wallace, Josh Smith, David Lee, Bargnani
    Cousins, McGee, Gortat

    10team H2H

  28. @Brando: If you’re hesitant then see if you can make it a 3 for 2 where you get a slight edge. If you’re doing well in the league and you’re still queezy then hold off. KD is a true monster though so see if you can offer Cousins instead of Lee, thatll help the percents. Maybe he even likes Cousins better so feel him out.

  29. Hey Hec, one last Hayward question (sorry if i’m being “that guy”) Anyway, I might try to move Hayward for Teague since Teague had another bad night tonight. Teague > Hayward in their current circumstances by far, correct? I know the guy is interested in Hayward, so this could actually work.

    BTW, I mentioned this to J-Fort, but you also saved me from doing something rash with Bargnani last week, lol. I managed to flip him for Jeremy Lin. I think that was a good move considering Bargs will probably get injured, and Lin had a HUUUGE night tonight (just in time for me to sell high on him tomorrow… boooom!) Dunno, relieved either way to be rid of Bargs for some reason, lol (probably because Lowry out rebounds him, ugh.) Decent trade in your opinion?

    Thanks mang!!

  30. @Ross:

    I was literally typing that as it happened, lol. Flipped over to rotoworld, and the very first blurb in the player news was about Bargs. This is like some sort of double-rainbow situation… what does it all meeeeeean?!

  31. Hey hec.. My trades is on the verge of gettig vetoed.. People are saying im getting a low value on gortat and im pretty much goving up too much with collison-amare.. Same with my horford-kmart.. they think ots too much for dwill and hump.. Help! Then someon is offering milsap+beal/ biyombo/ilyasova for amare-kmart.. If my trades gets vetoed.. Help..

  32. Well! Update on that.. Deron-hump for kmart-horford is good now.. But the amare-collison for gortat-maxielle did not push through.. They see that i’m giving up too much to get gortat… :/

  33. but I think it will still be the same… this trade will still be vetoed… My last resort would be Amare-Foye for Gortat.. But i he said he will still think about it..

  34. @Drez1: Love the Lin deal for you, happy it all worked out. Sure on the Teague deal, go for it.

    @onaiR: This is why I don’t join leagues with veto power. Nobody is impartial, it’s all about what’s best for them when deciding a deal. I love the Amare-Foye deal for you anyway so go for that one if you can.

  35. What’s good Hec ?

    My team is as follows:
    Thad young

    Out there for my picking are
    To drop kawhi for:
    C. Brewer

    Should Patterson be dropped or just one bad run:
    Out there to scoop up:
    Jason Thompson

  36. Well.. Actually we have 3 trade commissioners in the league.. And all of them voted veto.. The deron trade was a split decision thou.. Thanks again! I will update you if there’s progress! :D

  37. Hey Hec,

    Just made a trade of Noah + Metta for Gay + Kmart. Selling a bit high on Noah, but taking on Gay’s poor FG%. Do you think Gay will bounce back, or will his back spasms continue limiting his FG%?

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