Andrea injures elbow, still can’t shoot straight

On the season Andrea Bargnani has given you this so far: 16 ppg/4.3 rpg/1.4 apg/.398 FG/.828 FT/.7 bpg/.6 spg/1.4 3pm and a few kicks in your ass. Wait, what? I didn’t mean to say that last part, I blame my fingers, they are out of control. Honestly, I really can’t control my fingers sometimes, it’s anarchy! Last night our buddy Andrea went down and out with a left belbow injury, or elbow if you want to be all technical about it. X-rays were negative and he’s day to day so maybe he’ll miss a game or three, maybe not. If he does, go ahead and grab yourself some Ed Davis so you can be disappointed. Or maybe grab somes Amir Johnson, he’ll disappoint you too but at least he’ll disappoint you while not killing your FG, said Bargnani! I also expect Jonas Valanciunas to breath some new life so go ahead and grab him ahead of the other two if Andrea is to miss any time. Anyway, back in October after I had Andrea ranked number 19 in my Top 25 Power Forwards for 2012 post, a reader (thanks for reading!) then tweeted me saying I had Andrea too low. I said, naw, guy has a bad FG and is always hurt, gotta take the injuries into account. He said ok fine! I said fine! (that’s not really what I said) Hope that guy didn’t draft him! Anyway, part due (that’s two in Italian!), if/when Andrea comes back, I’d look to ship him out for value, he’s a center who doesn’t get boards, has a bad FG and is always hurt. That’s not a good combo, son! Ship him out, quick quick, he’s sinking your fantasy team! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Kyle Lowry – Left early with a shoulder/bicep problem. I’m beginning to think Kyle is a little bit of a pussy. Not sure (missed 19 games out of 66 last year) where (missed 6 games already this year) I’m getting that idea from, maybe it’s just me. Go grab yourself some Jose Calderon quick quick, better hurry!

Kyle Singler – 5/2/0 with a three in 29 minutes. He’s starting to remind me of Lance Stephenson, he gets minutes but is kind of invisible. That’s not good, son! Anyway, feel free to hold him because he’s getting those precious minutes but if you wanted to lose him for a hot free agent (Calderon!), I’m cool. Like Joe!

Spencer Hawes – 15/8/2 with 3 blocks in 32 minutes. Ok, ok, ok, go grab him if you’d like. I’d grab him before Amir Johnson and Ed Davis if you’re asking, not sure if you’re asking. I mean if I’m going to be disappointed I’d at least like to be disappointed by someone who once did something at least. I think he once did something, I can’t remember that far back.

Harrison Barnes – 6/3/3 with a three in 22 minutes. Harrison is the poster boy for why fantasy basketball remains such a fluid situation. In November he started off slow, gained steam (and minutes) then poof, lost all his steam, lost all his mojo! Go ahead and lose him for a hot free agent if you’d like, or bench (if you haven’t already) and hold if nothing better is out there. He still has upside but right now meh.

Gerald Henderson – 7/3/0 with a block in 18 minutes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about Gerald. Don’t even say I didn’, mmm-mm. You know I did. I’m not a big fan. But you already knew that!

Bismack Biyombo – 5/11/0 with 3 blocks in 33 minutes. Now averaging 30 mpg/8 rpg/2 bpg over his last 5. I advised you to grab him two weeks ago! I try to stay ahead of the curve for you, I really do! Sniff

Ray Allen – 3/6/3 with no threes in 27 minutes. Now that’s more like what I expected out of Ray, said Mike Miller. Unless you really need the threes, I’d look to sell him high after his next big game.

Gary Neal – 29/0/0 with 7 threes and a steal. There is not truth to the rumor he didn’t cross over the half court line to play defense … I think. Continue running him out there with confidence until Kawhi Leonard is back. Whenever that will be. Oh, same goes for Danny Green. No blurb for you, Danny!

Patrick Patterson – 8/2/1 with a steal in 21 minutes. I know, you saw Houston dropped 126 points and figured Patrick must have had a nice game. Psyche! Sigh. He’s still averaging 29 mpg over his last 5 so carry on. For now.

Francisco Garcia – 25/1/1 with 3 blocks and 7 threes. When Gary Neal heard the news, he was jealous. Monitor. Or stream if Tyreke Evans is to miss more time. This game probably will be his best of the season though. You’ve been behooved!

Marcus Thornton – 10/0/0 with a steal and 2 threes in 19 lonely minutes. He and Isaiah Thomas have fallen into the fantasy equivalent of a black hole and it’s friggin’ dark in black holes. That’s why it’s called a black hole! I’d look to move him for value on name recognition if you can. This may be awhile.

Damian Lillard – 9/5/6 on 2-14 FG. His FG is now down to .421. I’ll continue to monitor for you. That’s what I do, I monitor Damian Lillard’s FG% for fun. God, I need to get a life.

Sasha Pavlovic – 10/7/5 with a steal in 42 minutes. Last week I educatedly guessed that Luke Babbitt (4/3/0 with 4 fouls in 21 minutes) would be your Huckleberry if Nicolas Batum was to miss any time. I educatedly guessed wrong .. for last night anyway. Or maye it was the foul trouble, who knows. Feel free to swap Luke for Sasha if you’d like. No guarantees though!

Jeremy Lin – Exploded with 38/3/7 with 2 steals, 2 blocks and 4 threes on 11-21 FG and 12-12 FT. He also only turned the ball over just 2 times. Jeremy Lin won a marathon while running on a treadmill.

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  1. Copying this over from the last post:

    Hey Hec,

    Just made a trade of Noah + Metta for Gay + Kmart. Selling a bit high on Noah, but taking on Gay’s poor FG%. Do you think Gay will bounce back, or will his back spasms continue limiting his FG%?

  2. Hey Hec! I called the Bargs injury on this very site last night, hahah (right when it happened too). Anyway, got Lin for Bargs two nights ago, and now I might flip Lin/McGee for Dragic and then pick up Jonas with the empty slot. Should I stick with the Lin/McGee upside, or make the move?


  3. @Drez1, good luck trying to get Dragic with Lin/McGee, but if you can pull it off, definitely. Dragic’s ceiling is way higher than Lin’s.

  4. Hey Hec,

    Looking to dump Bargs, can’t trade him because no one will touch him in my league (even before the most recent injury). Was looking at signing Jason Thompson, as a PF/C who can get me more traditional big man stats. Is he for real or is this a bad move for me? Thanks man.

    – Danny

  5. @Drez1: If you can get Dragic then, sure, go for it. Agree with BigMan there.

    @Danny: I wouldn’t drop him for JT, just hold and hope for the best with him for now. He can’t play any worse. If the injury will keep him out for some time then revisit.

  6. Hi hec.. Quick Q.. Why do they think that amare has a higher value right now than gortat? And they say amare is better long term.. And why is it the other way around to you? I’m just confused and trying to figure things out.. Hahaha! But of course! I’m still on ur side!!! I just want to tell them and defend my stand on why i really want gortat.. Our trade commissioners are really confused that why am i giving up too much… I know one factor is that they are also managers in the leagues.. So i guess they are scared that one team will be stronger.. :D thanks..

  7. @Onair: Maybe your commissioners live in a time warp or something. I’m not sure what kind of numbers they expect out of Amare when he gets back but Gortat is the better player. Amare/Foye for Gortat is really being vetoed because they think Amare is too good? Again, this is why I refuse to participate in leagues that veto deals.

  8. Who to pick up and start today and tomorrow? I need 2… Beal, A.Miller, Bledsoe, Zeller, Waiters or Hinrich? H2H points.

  9. oh no, spencer hawes! Remember opening night? That was a magical night for Hawes. I don’t own him anymore so he can no longer disappoint me but he can make me look foolish for trading him if he keeps this up. Good idea on that H2H strategy thing. Could be very useful when it comes near playoffs (and especially during the playoffs when the weeks are longer).

  10. Amare-collison for gortat-max was vetoed and now amare-stuckey for gortat-max is pending and on the verge of getting vetoed… I also see that.. Plus amare is injury prone.. Plus he will be of the bench.. I think its because of the yahoo prediction stats… They say that amare for gortat is fair enough.. With amare being higher valued.. And if i still added someone like collison or stuckey.. Trade will be very lopsided.. Of course the other party does not want a one for one for amare because he is injured and still sees gortat’s value being his 3rd pick during the draft… Maybe gentry is also confusing their minds because of the changing rotations! Maybe if I dont read ur blog regularly, i will think like them.. But i dont want to tell them my secret! Hihihi! O want to win!

  11. @ifctor: Beal and Miller. The others are all either hurt or playing limited minutes at the moment.

    @allballs: Hawes was definitely due to do something, he has been putrid. Let’s see if he can keep it up. Probably will be terribly inconsistent, as usual.

  12. Oh wait that’s just the championship week that’s extra long. Ya there was a trade in my league of D.Lee/Ilyasova for Lin/Sessions. I read what you said about being not being impartial and I kinda regret voting for the trade to be vetoed (it went through anyway). One of the commissioners said that as an owner of his team he personally wouldn’t do that trade but as a commissioner he has to put faith in each owner to do what’s in the best interest of their teams. Pretty much as long as there is no collusion. My argument was that the original Lee/Ilyasova is in last place and doesn’t even update his lineup. It would appear he doesn’t care about his team and could mean he isn’t thinking trade proposals through thoroughly leading to heavily lopsided trades.

  13. i agree. could be something to do with matchups too, i can see a lot of games where he’ll just get dominated and go back to running away from the rim and shooting threes

  14. @allballs: DLee/Ilysasova for Lin/Sesssions is definitely in favor of the Lee side but, agree, hard to veto a deal like that without proof of collusion. That’s just how I feel, we are all big boys and girls. Sometimes it blows though. Insert sad face emoticon here.

  15. I feel ya. :( You know how they say in poker, “if you don’t know who the donkey is at your table, then it’s you?” Well, I’m definitely not the donkey.

  16. oh and it looks like that Duhon pickup will last a bit longer than a week. That was funny when they said Nash would be back in a week. Didn’t fool you tho and you’re not even a doctor

  17. Hey Hec,

    I am a very bold trader! How bold is this one: Jameer Nelson, J Rich, Patrick Patterson, Larry Sanders for Steph Curry? Am I too crazy with this? It is a 10-team league (13/team) and I may be able to overcome some of my losses through waivers. But Curry is injury-prone and it has me a little worried! I also might be able to flip Curry right away and possibly get D. Lee back. LOL. Trading is an addiction!

  18. @phanna: Sorry, I think you sent this to me before but didn’t answer, got busy. It’s an awful lot of players. I’m fine with moving any of those guys for Curry but I wish you could somehow hold Sanders for his blocks. Just so I know, give me a list of some guys out on the wire at the moment.

  19. Hec: Big question, I’m commish…is there any earthly reason why I shouldn’t reject this trade: Pau Gasol for B. Knight?

  20. Hec: I have Favors who looks like he’ll be dealing with plantar all season. So I probably need to land a big. Would you trade gerald henderson for nikola vucevic? There’s also drummond and jonas v. on the wire. I’m in a 12 team, 9 cat, h2h. Thanks!

  21. @Dubs: Unless there is collusion, I don’t believe in vetoing deals. That said, that’s a classic buy low/sell high deal and based on stats the first 6 weeks of the season is pretty fair. You can certainly reject based on history though, your call. I think vetoing deals sets a bad precedent though, it’s all somewhat subjective so leads to hard feelings.

    @Nick: Yes, I would deal Henderson for Vucevic. If you can’t do that then drop for JV if you need a big man.

  22. Hec, thanks for the great insight!

    I have a logjam at SF and I offered Henderson + D. Green for MKG. He counter-offered with MKG for Metta. Would you take this? Also thinking about making the following counter-offers, any jump out at you (12 Team H2H 8 CAT)?

    1) My Batum & Metta & Henderson for his Aldridge & MKG
    2) My Irving (I already have CP3 and Conley) & Metta & Henderson & D. Green for his Aldridge & Dragic & MKG

    Thanks as always!

  23. Thanks for the reply Hec! I think I can probably hold on to Sanders if I try but I am punting blocks (even though I am somehow still competitive there). Some bigs on the waivers include Jason Thompson, Landry, Humph, Biyombo, maxiel, drummond, jonas, ed davis, splitter, Lopez. Danny green is out there as well as kidd, stuckey, crawford, novak, jeff green, prince, carter, foye, jack, gary neal. I feel like there are a lot of options out there which is why I like the idea of making it look like I am losing a lot in the deal when in reality, it’s a quantity for quality trade. Should I not be worried about Curry’s injuries?

  24. @Phanna: With a deep wire like that, I’d make the deal and get the best player. You can always add Jack as a handcuff with one of your open spots to cover the injury potential.

  25. Ok Hec, he accepted. Here is my team. Try not to drool!

    PG: Dragic, Mo Williams, Curry
    SG: Eric Gordon, Danny Green
    SF: LeBron, Durant, Deng
    PF/C: Ryan Anderson, Pekovic, Glen Davis, Jason Thompson

    Who should I add with my one spot remaining? Here is a sample list of who is on my wire:
    Landry, Humph, Biyombo, maxiel, drummond, jonas, ed davis, splitter, Lopez, kidd, stuckey, crawford, novak, jeff green, prince, carter, foye, jack, gary neal, Ilyasova, dudley, hawes, al harrington, beasley, beal, marion, kirk

  26. Hey hey, try to buy low on Monroe? He owns Lopez too, so I might try Blatche/McGee for his Monroe. Since Lopez is his only source of blocks, McGee and the Blatche-cuff just might be enough. Sounds like people are desperate to dump Monroe for some reason though (on forums). Should I try to buy lower? And If Lopez is in and out all season, and McGee gets the starting gig, could the value of these two eclipse that of Monroe’s?

  27. Hec just traded kg and blatche for brook lopez and faried plus sheed…thoughts on this trade? My risk is lopez injury..but lucky for me sell high on blatche…faried is not the usual manimal for now..ur thoughts? Tnx guru

  28. @Schumi: If Brook is healthy, you killed on that deal. Obviously, the Brook owner isn’t convinced so he’s gambling he just added Blatche and KG for Faried. I’d take your side though without question. Hopefully, Brook comes back and can stay healthy. Fingers crossed.

  29. @phanna: Nice deal, you need a SG so I’d add Crawford if it’s Jamal or Stuckey.

    @Drez1: Definitely do that if he goes for it. Good luck! Keep me posted.

  30. What’s good Hec ?

    My team is as follows:
    Thad young

    Out there for my picking are
    To drop kawhi for:
    C. Brewer
    Gary Neal

    Should Patterson be dropped or just one bad run:
    Out there to scoop up:
    Jason Thompson

  31. @Taylor040: What’s good, my man? Considering you’re in a league with a nice wire, I’d drop Kawhi for Calderon and Patterson for JT if you want extra blocks otherwise hold Patterson. If news comes that Lowry will play soon then lose Calderon for Beal.

  32. What’s up, Hec!? Sorry to put more on your plate, but could you advise me on my team please. I been pretty solid on rebounds and points, and blocks. But the other teams on my league are very strong on guard categories, so im a little worried there. I was offered Jameer for Pekovic also. should i go for it? or just pick up somebody from the wire? thanks a lot!

    I have:

    – Parker
    – Dragic
    – Luke Ridnour

    Small Forward:
    – Durant
    – Paul george
    – Metta

    Power Forwards
    – P. Patterson
    – Pau Gasol
    – A. Blatche
    – Ryan Anderson
    – N. Pekovic
    – Favors

    – JV
    – DA Jordan
    – Chris Kaman

    On the wire there’s;
    Tiago Splitter
    J. Maxiel
    A. Nicholson

  33. @Rooney: Thanks for listing your team like that, my eyes didn’t go all goggly so good stuff. Counter with Blatche, Favors or Patterson for Nelson. See where that goes. If he says no and insists on Pek then try to do a 2 for 2 where you get a slight edge on the backend like JV, Blatche or Patterson for a slight upgrade. Just throwing ideas out there for you in the dark. Good luck!

  34. hey hec,
    a couple questions
    are you scooping up humphries drops? He was just dropped in my league, I’d be dropping drummond to pick him up.
    Also I’m considering offering my JR for nash, what do you think?
    Thanks so much, man!

  35. Hec, I asked about dealing hendo for vucevic. Might as well show you my whole squad to make sure I should pull the trigger: again 9 cat 12 team daily h2h.

    Pg: Kyrie, Dragic ,Rubio
    Pg/sg: J.Jack, Shved
    Sg/sf: joe Johnson, jr smith, parsons, hendo
    Pf: west
    Pf/c: zbo, favors, seraphin
    C: Monroe

  36. Oh…on the wire for bigs are Drummond, jv, maxiell…but almost thinking I should punt blocks with my team makeup. Thanks!

  37. really getting frustrated with humphries situation man. i saw reports saying he’ll be back in starting lineup when BroLo returns but now i dont know. im looking to drop him for belinelli or matt barnes now cause i wasnt able to sell him in the past couple of weeks like you said. what’s your take man?

  38. @Taylor040: You’re welcome!

    @joejoe: In a vacuum I prefer the Hibbert side.

    @JShap: I’d probably do it just on name recognition alone and hope for the best. Too tempting not to. Sigh.

    @Nick: I’d go for it, you’ll need a better SG eventually and Henderson isn’t your answer their anyway. You’ll have better luck moving Vucevic or someone else down the road for one. Love your point guards!

    @nbaball: Lots of Hump questions will be coming today. I think I’d hold until at least Brook comes back to see how things shake out.

  39. Thanks, Hec. Appreciate the insight as always. I know I should’ve sold JR Smith high. And I’ve actually been trying to trade JJ with no luck. Any ideas on which SGs I should target that would fit my team well?

  40. @Nick: Sure thing, Nick. To be clear, I don’t hate JR, it’s just a value thing. If you can get more value for him based on his likely reality going forward then I advocate doing that. I’d look at a Kevin Martin or someone steady like that. Just throwing out a random name.

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