This Jordan on the Wizards is actually good

There’s some fantasy life brewing over in Washington DC or up in Washington DC if you live south of there. Or down in Washigton DC if you live north of there. Enough! Who’s breathing? It aint John Wall and his knee bone problem, that’s for sure! It sure as hell aint Trevor Ariza and his basketball skills problem, not to mention his quad problem. It’s definitely not A.J. Price who was doing a little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat before he went down for the count almost two weeks ago. No, he’s not Irish! It’s Bradley Beal! It’s Jordan Crawford, son! Inhale. Exhale. Inhale again. Remain calm, there’s more. Over Bradley’s last 5 he’s gone 16 ppg/4.4 apg/4.4 rpg/1.4 spg/1.4 3pm/.418 FG/.850 FT. You like what’s cookin’! Rhetorical! Hence the exclamation point and not the question mark. Let’s take a look at Jordan’s last 5 now:  20.2 ppg/5.4 rpg/5.6 apg/1 spg/2.4 4pm/.398/.792. I told you a few weeks ago I smelled a hot run coming on for Jordan and he hasn’t disappointed. Right now Jordan is 61% owned. It should be higher. Right now Bradley is 57% owned. That should be higher too! Now the next question is who to grab, you only have one spot. I feel your pain. For short term gratification, I’d roll with Jordan. If you want longer term gains, I’m leaning Bradley. John Wall will be back someday and probably cramp Jordan’s style a bit more. That’s how I see it anyway. Go, go, hurry, get them! It’s Add/Drop Friday! Let’s get to it, shall we? (Please not all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!)


Jared Dudley – 53% – Has been getting run at the three and producing. Problem is I don’t trust Alvin Gentry any further than I can throw him and I can’t throw him very far. In fact, I can’t throw him at all. He’s big, I can’t even pick him up!

Rodney Stuckey – 43% – hecman giggles. How many times have I told you to grab him in the past month? Who’s yelling Uncle now?!

Kawhi Leonard – 42% – Rumor has it he should be back any day now, said Adele.

Spencer Hawes – 42% – Been getting burn, pick him up and ship him out quick, quick!

Gerald Henderson – 35% – I’m not a fan but go ahead and take a whirl if you feel like whirling around. Or something like that.

Kyle Korver – 33% – Don’t forget what he was doing before he went down with a bad back. He was doing goooood. Bad English!

Ed Davis – 28% – Should get rebounds at the minimum. He likes to rebound the basketball!

Nate Robinson – 21% – Will be very, very gooood if Kirk Hinrich misses more time. I’d stream him everywhere if that happens.

Marco Belinelli – 21% – Told you to grab him last Friday when he was just 5% owned. The early reader gets the worm! Or something like that, part due!

Jonas Valanciunas – 21% – There is one large Italian man missing from the Raptor’s front court. Nevermind that he has a girl’s name.

Bismack Biyombo – 20% – Getting the burn, me likey the burn. Not rug burns though. I hate rug burns.

Austin Rivers – 17% – Getting the burn, me likey the burn. Not fire burns though. Those are the worst!

C.J. Miles – 17% – Stream him everywhere tonight. Go ahead, don’t be shy. Hurry along now. Dion Waiters isn’t playing. Or so I heard anyway.

Markieff Morris – 12% – I think he should be more than 12% owned. He’s not all that but then again neither is Freddy Prinze, Jr. Whatever happened to Freddy anyway? Hmmmm.

Matt Barnes – 10% – Been quietly producing. Ssshh, be berry berry quiet, I’m hunting Barnes! >>>>>>> what???

Amir Johnson – 7% – Should be owned in all standard leagues right now. Go, go, quick, quick. He may disappoint you but then again he may just also have a few big games in him!

John Salmons – 6% – Not loving John but I love Salmon! (medium rare)

Mickael Pietrus – 5% – Getting minutes and I’m obligated to tells you the guys getting minutes. Meh.

Jordan Hill – 5% – Continue to run out there for boards and blocks as long as Pau Gasol remains sidelined. Or don’t. Your call.

Gerald Green – 4% – Flopped (and not fined) in his first go around when he got minutes. May get minutes again with Lance Stephenson sidelined so give him a look-gander if you’d like.

Tyler Zeller – 3% – Getting some front court run. Not a lot, just a little. Give him a look-see in deeeep leagues. Keep monitoring elsewhere.

Andrew Nicholson – 2% – See Tyler Zeller 1/4 inch above depending on the size of your monitor, of course!


Ray Allen – 87% – What’s in a name? Damn, Saaaaaaam. 87% to me indicated he’s probably owned in a bunch of shallow leagues. I don’t know, I think I’d rather own Bradley Beal or Jordan Crawford right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not losing him in standard leagues or anything. He’s not the plague!

Jason Terry – 73% – See Ray Allen.

Danny Green – 57% – Those of you enjoying him in shallow leagues, you may want to start looking for the next hot free agent out there. Kawhi Leonard and Gary Neal may cramp Danny’s style! Monitor then decide.

Elton Brand – 55% – Those of you who own Elton Brand in shallow leagues, please don’t. It’s embarrassing.

Antawn Jamison – 41% – Can be lost for a hot free agent in shallow leagues.

Sam Dalembert – 39% – There’s no crying in fantasy basketball. Just drop him, it’ll be ok.

Trevor Ariza – 38% – Excluding Danny Green, if I had Allen, Terry, Brand, Jamison, Dalembert and Ariza on my team 4 years ago I might have won a league! Sigh.

Dorrell Wright – 35% – People, he’s no good. He’s no gooood. Say it real slow. It works better!

Wilson Chandler – 34% – Those of you holding him I’m guessing you either have a star studded team and can afford to stash someone who isn’t even going to start after he comes back, or maybe you’re his relative! If you’re neither, then lose him!

Chauncey Billups – 25% – Mr. Big Shot has a bad foot. He hurt it kicking you in the ass after you picked him up.

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  1. I think the amare-stuckey for gortat-maxielle will push through. I hope. One waiting day left. So if everything goes well… should I still get stuckey back from him and trade collison or I’ll just hold collison now. I was talking to him and he still wanted collison which was the original proposal but got vetoed. I am torn who will be better long term. I am also lacking an additional SG position. But I already have singler and maxielle. So I would have 3 DET player in my team. plus 2 BKN players. So what should be my move? And another question… should I get rivers again and drop duhon? I had rivers before and now I can see that he has minutes and production again… and duhon is not the duhon that we saw last week… :D thanks!!

  2. Yo Hec – Happy Friday!

    Question, I have Thorton who has really nothing to contribute this year except for a 3 or two and a few points. The minutes arent there and I feel like he is trending down. Should I drop him for either Ed Davis or CJ Miles? I know they are both short term guys but heck, Thorton is not impressing me.

  3. @onaiR: If you need the SG, I’d just give him Collison.

    @Brandon: Happy Friday! I’m not high enough on Ed or CJ to lose Marcus, as much as I’d like to.

    @Colin: I think they will turn it around but you if you wanted to move them I’d probably look to do a 2 for 2 where you get the first and 4th best player. I think together they are worth more than one top 15 value outside of the top 5 guys.

  4. What’s good, Hec? I thoroughly enjoy your work, man. Keep up the excellent work!

    How would you divide the following pool of players into two balanced 15-man rosters? I tried but was taking forever and I brain started frying. Please help.

    Kevin Durant
    Dwight Howard
    Paul Millsap
    Al Horford
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Kyle Lowry
    Chris Bosh
    Steve Nash
    Eric Gordon
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Manu Ginobili
    Carlos Boozer
    Wesley Matthews
    Mo Williams
    J.R. Smith
    Jared Dudley
    Darren Collison
    O.J. Mayo
    Jason Kidd
    Kawhi Leonard
    Danny Green
    Randy Foye
    Rodney Stuckey
    Andre Drummond
    Amir Johnson
    John Salmons
    Alonzo Gee
    Matt Barnes
    Andrew Nicholson

  5. @hecman fanboy: My favorite name so far, ha. Just off the top of my head and without really looking super close:
    Cousins, Bosh, KD, Hickson, Nicholson, Dudley, EG, Collison, Nash, Matthews, Stuckey, Kidd, Gee, Salmons. The rest on the other team.

  6. hi herman,

    I have 2 questions 4 u:

    1) which 3 between glen davis, ed davis, roy hibbert & larry sanders would you start tonight?

    2) would you trade larry sanders for richardson, marion or j.r smith?

  7. @patrickdrd: 1. Davis, Hibbert and Sanders. 2. For JR if you needed a SG but I’d expect slight regression from him once Amare and Shump come back.

    @Henry: Depends on the add but it’s tempting.

  8. why is that? are you afraid of dallas bigs? I don’t like hibbert lately, actually I’m trading him at the end of the week to gortrat, plays around 30 minutes, bad percentages and doesn’t score a lot, on the opposite ed will play big minutes again tonight going for a huge rkg, I think I would opt for him

  9. @patrickdrd: The reason being is because I would prefer to see how the minutes shake out with Amir Johnson back tonight but go for it with Ed if that’s your gut, I’m cool with that. I prefer Gortat over Hibbert so I like that.

  10. @Colin: I’d lose Seraphin for him but expect inconsistency. I’d love to see Shved get most of the minutes alongside Rubio but I’m not holding my breath. Ridnour and Barea will get burn too.

    @patrickdrd: Totally understandable! Thanks for reading!

  11. hec – long time reader, first time writer. lot’s of marcus thornton concerns today. would you dump him for either of J-Kidd or Jo-Calderone?

  12. @milk chocolate thunder: Thanks for reading! As much as I’d love to dump him for those guys, I’m leaning toward holding. Long season and Lowry may be back in 10ish days. Kidd is playing great but could lose minutes when Shump and Amare are back and the Knicks have a bigger rotation. I know it’s annooooying right now though.

    @Boleros: How about lose Hump for Rivers? Hold Bargnani for a definite time line before losing him.

    @Roadz: Ha. Thanks, bro!

  13. Thanks idol hec, i just picked up rivers for hump as advised. Rivers is available in all of my leagues, i just dont know who to dropped from the other leagues. LoL

    would you drop patterson for rivers too?

  14. But who would you rather choose long term? Stuckey or collison?

    I picked up rivers again for duhon by the way.. Yo did not answer and i saw rivers’ game today.. I think he deserves another chance.. Haha.. So that gives me another SG now.. :)

  15. @Boleros: I think it’s worth the flier, Hump looks DOA right now. Patterson is a tougher one, depends on the makeup of your team.

    @Onair: Oops, sorry, I missed that one but I would have definitely advised you to grab him today. I’ve been pimping Austin all week actually so nice grab!

    @Boleros: I think that would be premature so not right now.

  16. whats up hec,
    is what isaiah thomas is doing right now against okc enough to warrant a speculative add, id be dropping seraphin or carl landry

  17. sorry missed half my question, also austin rivers is available would you add him and drop seraphin or landry? the reason the isaiah thomas add is so intriguing to me is im hunting for assists but definitely seems extremely speculative as keith smart is the bane of my existence (marcus thornton owner)
    Thanks a lot man, hope your weekends off to a good start

  18. @Boleros: Alvin Gentry seems fairly clueless and can’t make up his mind who to play. I think he’ll be lucky to make it through the year but in the meantime that’s not helping fantasy players. I own Scola in a 14 team league and probably wouldn’t drop him but if you’re hurting at G and kind of deep at F, I wouldn’t blame you. Just beware that Rivers had a career night tonight so temper expectations if you make the move.

  19. @JShap: Rivers certainly seems safer right now so feel free to lose Landry for him. I still kind of like Seraphin’s upside, nights like tonight make him a tough drop but end of the day I’d prefer to have Rivers and Thomas over both big men you have, just a question of what works better for your team.

  20. This is how my team looks. do you think it’s worth losing scola for rivers? thanks

    Deron Williams
    Mo Williams
    Jason Kidd
    Gerald Henderson

    Paul George
    Jason Maxiell
    Kevin Love
    Luis Scola
    Patrick Patterson
    Andrea Bargnani

    Nikola Pekovic
    Nikola Vucevic
    DeAndre Jordan

  21. Hec! I think the owner of Love in my league is getting annoyed by him, I offered Kyrie but got rejected.

    I’m thinking of giving up Harden for him? I love Harden, but I think love will eventually bounce back and be that monster we saw last year.

  22. Hey hec,

    i have been offered this deal..

    demarcus cousins/roy hibbert for dwight howard

    would you take it? my big men are under performing and I am losing FG% .. Demarcus is costing me games with his antics and hibbert is providing defense but still playing like garbage.. im thinking about cutting my loses right now .. i also feel dwight will have improved numbers along side nash.

    my roster:

    PG – Jrue Holiday
    SG – Batum
    SF – Parsons
    PF – Greg Monroe
    C – Demarcus Cousins
    G – Kemba
    F – Josh Smith
    Util – Hibbert
    Util – Sanders
    Util – Shannon Brown

    Bench – E. Gordon
    Bench – Scola
    Bench – Shved

    Also, what areas can I improve around? Would dwight work better for my roster?

    Any help is appreciated!


  23. @Boleros: I hate to give up Scola like that but he’s really nothing more than points/FG/boards on his best day anyway so may as well, I think you can use the G depth.

    @BeardNBrow: Harden for Love is a fair deal so as long as you can afford to move the G I’d go for it.

    @Boleors: Lose Gee but it’s a toss up because I don’t trust anyone on the Suns outside of Gortat and Dragic.

    @joe joe: I think it’s a bit much for Howard. You’re going to go from losing FG to losing FT every week and your bench isn’t really deep enough to cover the loss of the extra big man. I think you just have to hope HIbbert and Cousins turn it around on FG, they at least have a chance to do better in that cat whereas Howard we know isn’t improving FT. Outside of FG, you’re team looks pretty solid, nice pickups with Parsons/Kemba/Sanders.

  24. hey hec,
    got a little impatient and went for amir johnson last night (dropped seraphin).he didnt play well though, should I hold for a few games or drop for someone like cj miles?

  25. ThaNks for the quick reply hec!

    Would you also do Kyrie and pek for love? I also have mid tier guys like reddick, vucevic, kawhi, Blatche, robin Lopez. But im sure he would prefer pek since pek is on a role. Pek n Kyrie for love seems fair?!

  26. @FG7: Yes, he clearly is. He’s had 4 major injuries in just two years including at Duke when he missed his entire Freshman season. Last year he hurt his shoulder and missed a month, over the summer he broke his hand that required surgery, last month the finger, now the fractured face. Yes, he is!

    @BeardnBrow: You’re welcome! I think it’s a bit much, Kyrie is basically a first round pick himself. No real reason to throw in Pek unless you’re getting back a second player, IMO. I’m fine with losing Robin Lopez in this deal though to get it done.

  27. Hey J-Fort or Hec,

    In a 16 team league with very few decent free agent pickups would you use your 4th spot on the waiver to pick up A Bargani to stash him?

    On a side not keep up the great work so far your daily posts have really helped me keep ahead of the pack.

  28. hey hec,
    frickin carl landry pulled me back in! he was great tonight, minutes were there, the whole deal. i want to add shved, in hopes of him retaining his minutes and spot as a starter as rubio is phased back into the starting lineup, do i drop landry or seraphin for him? seraphins been bad 3 of the last 4 games, but now nene has an issue again and maybe tonight is just an aberration, it is a blow out after all. what are your thoughts?
    thanks man!

  29. @Grant: Yes, I’d definitely use that waiver to grab and stash. Not many guys with his upside come around the wire in a 16 team league. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading!

    @JShap: I’d lose Seraphin, he’s going to have good nights that will make you say damn I shouldn’t have dropped him but he’s also going to be inconsistent, as you know. Shved is the shooting guard of the future so go for it. The upside is there anyway.

  30. ya i definitely like that thinking, gonna go for it, thanks!
    what trade would you rather do (i have the al jeff side in both scenarios)
    al jefferson for marc gasol
    al jefferson and carl landry for pau and lillard

    the second ones obviously better if pau returns to form, but im nervous about that and his knees

    thanks man, youre the best in the fantasy game!

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