Another Isaiah Thomas who just won’t go away.

Hey, Keith Smart, how you doin’? (Brooklyn style!) I’m not doing so well, hecman, my team is 7-16 and I’m lost as a coach. (Indiana style!). Oh, man, fhuggetabout it, Smaat, you gots Isaiah Thomas to play, he can light it up, yo. That’s true, maybe I should play him some more, last year as a starter he averaged 31.8 mpg/14.8 ppg/5.4 apg/3.1 rpg/1.6 3pm/1 spg/.477 FG/.841 FT, maybe we can use some of that. Youse think youse can use some of dat? Tyreke Evans has a bum knee bone and Aaron Brooks is older than a stale fart, so why don’t you give Isaiah a chance. Yes, we can use some of that, I would advise all fantasy owners in standard leagues to spec grab him and why are you talking with a Brooklyn accent, hecman, are you even from Brooklyn? No, no, I’m not but I feel like talking with a heavy Brooklyn accent today, tomorrow maybe I’ll talk like I’m from Lawng Island. What can I say, I like cheesy, embarrassing accents I guess. Blush. Anyway, there were only 4 games in the NBA yesterday, here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball:

Jose Calderon – 18/10/14 with a steal, three and a block. You know what I’m going to say, don’t you? Give me an S. S. Give me an E. E. Give me an L! L. Give me another L! L. Ok, Skippy, now spell it out. That’s your new name.

Ed Davis – 13/6/2 with 3 blocks in 26 minutes. If he’s still sitting out there in your sleepy league then go ahead and grab him. Don’t be shy, go ahead. He should continue to be good for some boards, points and some blocks while Andrea Bargnani remains sidelined, then he’ll turn into a pumpkin. No, really, he will literally turn into a pumpkin. I don’t make this stuff up.

Amir Johnson – 8/8/1 with 5 blocks in 29 minutes. As I told you on Friday, Amir and Ed should be grabbed. He’ll fart on your pillow every once in awhile even when he gets minutes but just change the pillow case. Ewwwww.

Jonas Valanciunas – 2/2/1 with 2 blocks in 14 minutes. Jonas, you’re making me look bad, man. Bad boy, very, very bad. hecman blushes in embarrassment for recommending him over Ed Davis and Amir Johnson last week. My bad! It happens. Sigh.

Alan Anderson – 24/2/2 with 3 threes in 25 minutes. Go ahead and grab him if you’re in need of a player with the initials AA. I’m guessing Arron Afflalo is gone and you probably don’t want Al-Farouq Aminu anymore. That covers all the NBA players with the initials AA. You’re welcome.

Mickael Pietrus – 2/2/1 in 21 minutes. Here’s what I told you two weeks ago about Mickael: Mikael Pietrus – 21/6/1 with a steal and 2 threes. Oh, gosh, I’ve been down this road before with Mikael. I’m not going down this road with him again, it’s a long and winding road and leads to only one place … a dead end! I hope you didn’t run into that dead end!

Marcus Morris – 19/6/1 with 2 threes in 37 minutes as Patrick Patterson sat with a bruised foot bone. Yes, yes, go stream him while Patrick is out. What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for-or-or? Such a catchy tune, I wish I knew who sang it.

Antawn Jamison – 0/3/2 in 13 minutes. I warned you soooo many times not to drink the Kool-Aid, man. I warned you, don’t even say I didn’, mmm-mmm. Now if only Metta World Peace would cooperate, I think he will … eventually. I’m still selling MWP high, I think you should too!

Nick Young – 30/4/2 with a steal and 6 threes as the Sixers lost at home to the Lakers. I’m not sure Nick even knows the score of the games he plays in. He just likes to shoot the dayum ball! Continue to stream this week while Jrue Holiday remains sidelined but you already knew that. You’re so astute!

Kenneth Faried – 6/8/0 with a block in 26 minutes. Has now scored single digit points in 3 of his last 4 and single digit rebounds in 3 of his last 5. You know what to do, don’t make me spell it out for you! If I must, I refer you to the Jose Calderon blurb above but do the opposite.

Robin Lopez – 8/3/1 in 20 minutes. Now averaging 6.5 ppg/4.5 rpg over his last 4. You like that? Didn’t think so. Here’s what I told you back on November 26: Robin Lopez – 14/5/1 with 2 steals and 4 blocks. I’m warning you, man, move him now while the gettin’ is good. You’ve been behooved! I warned you so many times to sell him high before Anthony Davis got back but nooooooooooooo. You didn’t lose him did you? How’s that Kool-Aid taste now, son!?

Al Farouq-Aminu – 0/5/1 in 8 minutes. I would say something really mean and nasty about Al-Farouq but I don’t need any fatwahs put on me so I’ll just say this in a nice, quiet, gentle voice. hecman whispers. Lose him.

Wesley Matthews – 3/0/0 with a three in 4 minutes before exiting stage left with a hip bone problem. The Trailblazers don’t play again until Thursday so maybe he’ll be back by then. Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number so call me maybe. But not until Thursday morning. Ok?

Anthony Davis – 15/5/1 with a block in 34 minutes. If you wish to buy low, you still may have a chance but you better hurry!, said Robin Lopez.

Austin Rivers – 8/1/2 with a three in 33 minutes. Has now averaged almost 36 mpg over his last 4. There are certain players that you’d think I wanted to date the way I blurb about them so often (Rodney Stuckey!). Anyway, go grab him in standard leagues, he’s been better lately. Minutes, precious minutes, said frequent commenter allballs.

Oh, by the way, if you haven’t already, check out my guest appearance from Saturday on Michael Pichan’s awesome Rotoinfo Fantasy Basketball Breakdown podcast. It’s fantasy basketball podcast nirvana!

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  1. Got offered Pau for my Varejao. Pretty stacked at PF/C with Duncan, Monroe, Asik, Pekovic, Mullens and Sanders. Think the Pau comes with enough upside to trade Varajeo before he gets hurt or falls off, or should I hold Varejao? Need help at SF w/only mathews and henderson there, any idea what kind of SF I could get for any one of my PF/Cs? Thanks a lot!

  2. @Jeff: Outside of points and a few blocks, I don’t know if Pau does much more than Anderson so I’m not sure I would risk it. I would just try to move Anderson for a SF if you could. Start at the top, look at guys like Pierce, Gay, George. Doubt you’re going to land a Durant, Lebron or Batum, most guys would date them if they could.

    @ifctor: Naw, I’d hold Beal and Waiters. Isaiah is a bit too spec right now to lose them for him.

    @Randall: I’d grab him for Stuckey if you could deal with Waiter’s bad FG. Unless Crawford is Jordan, then I’d probably grab him for Jordan since his shelf life is shorter with Wall eventually coming back.

  3. Hey man! Ive been offered Deron Williams + Anthony Davis for Josh Smith + Damian Lillard. Im leaning towards accepting because all I need from Josh is his steals and Blocks that Davis also provides but with better %s, especially FT%. Deron has been slumping but I still think he will turn it around and produce like he normally does, I love Damian and hes the only one im hesitant to part with, but im getting Deron. Any thoughts? Thanks man!

  4. @ifctor: I don’t see any reason to do that, Jennings is waay more safer.

    @JohnyG: That’s a big one, Deron is certainly safer since we don’t know Lillard’s stamina over a full 82 game schedule yet. I hesitate on the Davis for Josh back end part though, I’d try for a third player if possible, a little upgrade somewhere else.

  5. Okay, i’ll hold. Getting a bit frustrated by Jennings’ shooting lately. When you say ‘safer’ you mean less injury risk or just a better player? Thanks!

  6. Hi Hec! Thanks for the post!
    What is going on with Lin?)) I traded Vasquez for him, but not happy at all right now.

  7. Hey Hec, If I am looking to move Cousins and Iggy to try and upgrade my roster, what type of value would you look to get back? Top 20 player? Like Ibaka, Carmelo or Harden? Or would prefer a swap of them for Jefferson and Rubio? Thanks

  8. Thanks once again for the shout out! I haven’t been commenting as frequently, and I’m coming off a bad loss. Coincidence? Maybe. It was a bad matchup but I put up good numbers so I like my chances to dominate this week. So getting back on track, it sounds like Duhon’s run is going to end soon. He only has 2 games this week so I wouldn’t mind losing him a bit early if there’s someone on the wire that shouldn’t be there. I should be good on 3s and assists against my opponent anyway (I’m in need of FG%, rebounds and defensive stats more than anything else). So here are some names out there…
    Our buddy, Austin Rivers. getting better as expected
    Our old buddy but now more of an acquaintance, Harrison Barnes. I guess Draymond is cramping his style.
    Tyler Zeller. Ya.
    Andrew Nicholson – There’s a rumor that Al Harrington is “likely out for the year.” I’ve heard you call him Al Thornton on more than one occasion. It’s easy to remember his name if you add “Sir” in front of it. Sir Al Harrington. Sounds like royalty.

    Other than Duhon could you see yourself dropping either Foye or Delfino for any of these guys? And in my case, with 26 moves left, JV is still a hold right? Hmm, that’s weird, Barnes was dropped on the 14th and it says W (Dec 17) next to his name. Shouldn’t he be a FA right now?

    ok thanks, nice work again!

  9. When you respond to him/her/robot drone, it should be @@Ifctor. They have never said anything, but you can smell the animosity growing. :)

    My league is pretty divided between the top 6 and bottom 6 so I feel I can comfortably stash a guy or two. Can you please rank the following as stashes:

    Douglas… Nah

    I would be losing Gee and/or Landry. 12 team h2h 9 cat. Cheers!

  10. Good lord Hec, Wall is killing me!! He’s been sitting on my now 2-3 bench all season and it looks like hell be there another month! what’s your take on this? Whats ur gut on a return?

  11. @Sayrus777: Hard to say, patience is all that can be preached, the minutes are there so he should be ok.

    @Onair: Depends on your drop but it’s crowded back there this season with Lee and Terry also.

    @JS: Thomas’ upside is high, not sure if it’s a Mirage (Las Vegas!) or not but if you can afford to lose Landry’s points and boards then I’d go for that.

    @Colin: I’d go for the Jefferson/Rubio deal if that was available to you.

    @allballs: OMG, you’re right, I’ve been calling Al Harrington, Al Thornton, lol. What a bone head I can be sometimes. Anyway, I’d probably grab Nicholson for Duhon. Barnes and Rivers are soo tempting but monitor for now. Barnes waivers should have run this morning if you have a two day waiver period so that’s strange.

  12. @Brandon: I know, I know, I’m sitting with him too in one of my leagues. Can’t see him back by January 1. Let’s pray for John! (and us!)

  13. @@ifctor: Yes, injury prone. Need the guy on the court, that’s why I also had him rated higher in my pre-season rankings.

    @Ross: See above on @ifctor, that was for you. I’d grab Isaiah right now for Landry. You can always lose him if he goes back to being Keith Smart’s bench bitch.

  14. Who would u start this week, 2 of these 4? Pekovic,AnthonyDavis,Gallinari or GlenDavis? Also do u think I should sit JrueHoliday? I have to start either JeffTeague,JJRedick or Stuckey instead.

  15. @Joe: Assuming games are equal, AD, DG. I’d sit Holiday, I think he may not be back until the weekend but it’s up in the air. I like Redick assuming games are equal.

    @Colin: Cousins, Anderson, Pek, Sanders, JaVale.

  16. I got burned pretty bad by Ilyasova early on (as many people did)…is he worth picking back up, dropping Robin Lopez or somebody else?

  17. I’m currently holding Kawai Leonard in my 14 team roto league. why is everyone so high on him? He wasn’t doing anything great before he got hurt. The Spurs are so crowded on the wing. I can’t see him getting a consistent 30 min a night after he gets back, yet everyone says he’s a must own. am I wrong?

  18. @Onair: Toss up, I’d give Amir a game or two more to see what he can do.

    @Adrian: Pop loves him and he gets consistent minutes when healthy. He’s a pretty solid source of steals, 3s and boards along with low double digit points.

  19. hey hec, wonderin about klay’s situation. is he buy low, sell high, or hold? im getting a lot of trades for KT like greivis, or omer asik. i figured i could let him go since i have ryan anderson, brandon knight and harden anyway they do the 3’s (but klay still does a lot of em). im actually lookin for a bigman (need blocks and a bit of reb.. but blocks blocks blocks!) but im also waiting on amare cause maybe he’ll stop me from looking for a bigman when he comes back i dunno how he’s gonna play. i also thought about pulling the trigger on greivis as ast could also help me and im punting on TOs

  20. @nbaball: Klay is neither buy low or sell high, he’s doing what he’s about expected to do. Go for the best blocks guy you can. List your team if you’d like and I’ll have a better idea.

  21. Hey Hec, what do you think about Ed Davis vs. Isaiah Thomas ROS? Ed will probably get relegated back to the bench once Bargs is back, and with Tyreke out for awhile, and IT coming on again, I think he’s poised to retake the starting position (since Brooks isn’t doing much with it). Worth dropping Davis for the spec add?

    Greetings from Vegas airport (maybe thats why I’m in a gambling mood, lol).

    Thanks mang!

  22. Hey Hec,
    I got two questions. I have Andre Drummond on my team in a 14 man league with a 12 man roster. Should I be holding onto him given his incredible upside if he gets more minutes and second I have Michael Beasley, should I drop him for maybe Avery Bradley? since hes due back soon. Your thoughts please.

  23. here’s my team man:

    greg monroe
    nikola vucevic
    ryan anderson
    klay thompson
    brandon knight
    marco belinelli
    matt barnes
    gordon hayward
    jamal crawford
    robin lopez

    i had to keep lopez just so i’d get a little help on blocks but i really want him gone from my team now. and yeah, i still dont know what im gonna do with klay.

  24. @Drez1: I like Isaiah long term over Ed so sure, go for it. One caveat, would not surprise me if Ed is better for the next week or three while Bargs is out so keep it in mind if you do make the move. It’s really a long term move here. Good luck in Vegas!

    @beantown: I answered you on the latest blog post from today.

    @nbaball: If you need blocks then Asik is slightly better than Faried though Klay is .5 bpg and that’s decent for a SG so your net gain isn’t amazing. Inquire with Klay for the guys who are closer to 2 bpg and see where that goes first.

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