Don’t Buy Jose Calderon, Don’t You Do It! Mmmm-mmm.

Last night Jose Calderon dropped 23/5/6 with 2 steals and 3 threes. Is it just me or has Jose Calderon been the greatest point guard in the history of fantasy basketball this year when Kyle Lowry misses games? Jeez, I swear he is, so I decided to look at his numbers this season when he’s started, here you go: 11 games, 37 mpg/14 ppg/11 apg/4.2 rpg/1 spg/2.2 3pm/.479 FG/.833 FT. So yes, yes he is the greatest  point guard in the history of fantasy basketball! After the game, the coach, I never name the names of the coaches if you notice, the coach said maybe Jose will stick in the starting lineup when Kyle comes back. He also said maybe Ed Davis will stick in the starting lineup when Andrea Bargnani returns. He also said monkeys really do have wings like in the Wizard of Oz. Yes, he really said that, it just wasn’t reported because people will think he’s crazy. Like a fox! Anyway, if I own Jose, I’m selling high on this information. Leak the quote, go ahead, don’t be shy, “Oh, did you hear, Calderon will continue to start after Lowry comes back, he’s the greatest point guard in the history of fantasy basketball, just look here, then you show the numbers, see?” As for you non-Jose owners, don’t fall for it, don’t do it! Mmm-mmm. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Jordan Crawford – 27/11/11 with 5 threes. Triple double, y’all!! Here’s what I told you waaaaay waaaaay back on December 5Jordan Crawford – 22/3/6 with a steal and 3 threes on 7-16 FG in 31 minutes. You best go grab Jordan quick quick, I smells me a hot run coming on. It’ll be a hot run with bad FG but it’ll be hot anyway! Then, as you know, I led in with him on my Add/Drop post last Friday. I truly hope you grabbed him … on December 6! You’re so sneaky, you hecmanhoops reader, you.

Kyle Korver – 16/7/2 with 3 threes in 39 minutes. Here’s what I told you to do last Friday in my Add/Drop post: Kyle Korver – 33% – Don’t forget what he was doing before he went down with a bad back. He was doing goooood. Bad English! That was just a reminder for you to grab him, that’s what I do, I remind people to pick guys up. You’re welcome.

Ed Davis – 4/4/3 in 24 minutes. Burp. Well, I warned you he’d have games like this. Carry on and hope for better.

Alan Anderson – 18/6/2 with a steal and 5 threes in 34 minutes. He’s looking like Toronto’s Huckleberry at the 3 so feel free to make him your Huckleberry too. If he’s out there I mean. Threes!!

Dion Waiters – 8/0/4 on 4-13 FG. I read somewhere, maybe my favorite newspaper the USA Today, that coach wants him to be more aggressive. That’s good and all but he may also aggressively sink your FG! If you also own guys like DeMarcus Cousins and Byron Mullens you probably shouldn’t also be owning guys like Dion Waiters unless you’re just outright punting FG.

C.J. Miles – 13/4/1 with 4 threes in 30 minutes. Surprisingly still getting some run even after the return of Dion. I’ve been down the C.J. road before, he’s up and he’s down, he’s hot and he’s cold, he’s in and he’s out. Sing it, it sounds better. I think he’s kind of on his way out. Let’s see.

Gordon Hayward – 7/4/5 with 2 blocks in 21 minutes. Do you know why I become high on guys? It’s very, very, very simple. It’s called opportunity! Minutes! If you get minutes, you can produce. If you don’t get the minutes, you usually don’t produce, consistently anyway. Over his last 5, Gordon is averaging just 25 mpg and 27 mpg on the season. He’s definitely useful in standard leagues but very droppable in shallow leagues for a hot free agent getting, um, minutes. Don’t just lose him for anyone though, I don’t mean to be hating, I like him, I really do but you know what I mean.

Andray Blatche – 8/4/2 in 16 minutes. Give Andray a little peck on the cheek as you gently let him go back into the free agent pool. Ever so gently let him go, every so gently, ease him back into the frigid waters with much love and watch him sink. Like Kate Winslet did to Leo DiCaprio!

Ray Allen – 8/2/2 with 2 steals and a three. Last week I reported that he was 87% owned. hecman scratches head. 87% owned?! Okaaaaaaaaaaay.

Brandon Bass – 7/8/0 in 27 minutes. Brandon’s been very disappointing, man. I own the guy in 14 team rotiss league with a games cap and I haven’t even played him for the last 2 weeks. Can’t drop him though because his upside is better than anyone on the free agent wire. Shrug.

Jason Terry – 2/2/2 with a steal and a block. Jason, I don’t think Boston is your type of town, son! I don’t see good times rolling much for Jason but you already knew that.

Nate Robinson – 18/3/4 with 5 threes in 22 minutes. I’m not sure what’s up with Kirk Hinrich, he always seems banged up. Maybe he’s just old! Go ahead and grab lil’ Nate if you have room otherwise just monitor. Your call, I’m cool with either. hecman puts on his shades.

Lance Stephenson – Returned to the starting lineup and dropped 3/1/1 with 2 steals and a three. Um, yay?

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 10/10/2 with 2 steals and a block in 34 minutes. He’s Scott Skiles’ flavor of the day, tomorrow he’ll probably be all melted.

Mike Dunleavy – 17/6/1 with 3 threes in his return to the lineup. While Dunleavy was out I advised people not to get too crazy about Ersan Ilyasova (14 minutes) until we see how the rotation looks with Mike, Jr. back. You always gots to think into the future, yo! Feel free to lose Ersan again for a hot free agent and add Dunleavy if you’re in need of 3s.

Spencer Hawes – 18/7/0 with a block in 27 minutes. Been on a nice run so you know what to do if you own him. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, I’m warning you. Ship him out for some nice value. I don’t think he’ll fall off a cliff or anything but maybe he’ll stumble a bit. I think he’ll definitely stumble. After all, he’s Spencer Hawes!

Darren Collison – 12/3/2 with 2 steals and a three in 31 minutes after Derek Fisher went to the locker room 5 minutes in. I think he makes for a solid 2nd player to include if you’re trying to make a 2 for 1. He’s got the name value and his stats still look good from November. We straight, Joe? You’re so cool.

Gary Neal – 3/1/2 with a steal and a three in 13 minutes. Stephen Jackson is cramping Neal’s style, I can only imagine how cramped it’ll be once Kawhi Leonard comes back. You can lose Gary, it’s ok, you’ll be ok.

Tiago Splitter – 10/4/3 with 3 steals and a block. I’ll say this about Tiago, I like him better than DeJuan Blair (as if!). I like him as a 14 team league filler. I like him as a H2H streamer. I don’t really like him anywhere else. He’s really not that good for standard leagues! Insert sad face emoticon here.

Byron Mullens – 13/17/5 with a steal, 4 blocks and 3 threes on 5-19 FG. Byron is now shooting .378 FG on the season. Oh, so that’s why I lose FG every week, said his H2H owner! That said, he not bad. Ebonics!

Harrison Barnes – 0/2/1 on 0-5 FG in 19 minutes. Really, if you’re still holding him, it’s ok to lose him for a hot free agent, really, it’s ok, don’t cry. Dry your eye!

Ryan Anderson – 28/0/0 with a steal and 4 threes on 4-14 from three. The rumor is true, he never crossed the half court line. The whole game!

Anthony Davis – 15/16/1 with 4 steals and a block. I think the window to buy low has closed, said Robin Lopez.

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  1. @hecman: Excuse my newbieness but can you explain the definition of the ‘Huckleberry’ term? Is it a quick pick-up that yields a spurt (say a week or 2’s worth) in stat’s and has a realistic chance of being promoted to a starter or gaining more minutes?

  2. Thanks man. I always appreciate your help. I have started to mention your blog to friends, but only ones in other leagues.

  3. @JR: Yes, that’s it.

    @Sayrus777: I think you’re giving up a bit too much.

    @Colin: Ha, ok, I will take what I can get. Thanks for sharing the blog. I appreciate that.

  4. Can you offer me some lineup advice? I am in a yahoo weekly league for the first time, and I have made a couple of mistakes the last couple weeks (sitting Kyrie last week and playing Jrue this week because of the stupid Sunday night lock time). Do you simply do the math with games played or basically stick with your studs?

  5. Hey Hec!

    I’m considering offering Loul Deng for Dirk since I hear he practiced fully today! Should I do it? Should I offer someone else instead? Here is my lineup:

    Mo Williams
    Jason Thompson
    Ryan Anderson
    Glen Davis
    Eric Gordon
    Jordan Crawford


  6. Soooo Meeks is out there. Meeks is scoring. Meeks might start with Kobe slide to the three.

    Meeks have future as staring SG for Lakers? Jason Richardson is slumping, should I drop JRich for Meeks? Or perhaps Jason the JET Terry?

  7. @JS: All look pretty good right now, I’d lean Korver, Dunleavy, Anderson in that order but, honestly, it’s kind of a toss-up.

    @colin: Tough breaks, are you the one who also has Redick? Someone asked me the other day who to start, Jrue or Redick this week and I said Redick. Anyway, with the studs, I usually just ride them if they are at least 3 games. It would take a 4 game week v. a 2 game week from someone pretty super solid to bench and even then I’d hesitate so just ride them all the time.

    @beantown: Didn’t you read my post? Ha. No, I’d hold Lin.

    @phanna: Offer Fat Baby first, he’ll probably say no. If he says no, then I’d go to Deng since you have Lebron at SF anyway.

    @zhushiegau: It’s funny, suddenly everyone loves Meeks, I had him in my Add/Drop post almost two weeks ago, ha. Anyway, hold J-Rich and I’d probably hold Terry for now and monitor how Meeks looks once Nash is back.

  8. hey Hec,
    Should I drop Jamison in 14 team league (nobody particulary worthy to add) Is Nash return might change something in his situation?

  9. @zhushiegau: Ha, yes, I know. I have a short term memory too!

    @Martin: Hi Martin, may as well hold him if there’s slim picking on the wire. Drop though if something interesting pops up.

  10. Speculative adds of Thomas (Bruski, Rotoworld) or Bynum (Rotowire)? Both have positive speculation circling them at the moment.

  11. No worries on Bynum. The team that picked him up is horrible and needs some fake good news even though they can’t afford to stash him :)

  12. @Secret Name: I wouldn’t lose Beal for him and even losing Gee is kind of risky since he’s getting minutes but if you want the higher upside Thomas brings then go for it.

  13. The information in the Daily Dose was rather revealing, he leads their player workouts and did all offseason, can’t see the Kings holding him back much longer. He is their leader.

  14. @Secret Name: Steve Alexander, is that you? Ha. I agree, Steve, I’m sure you read my posts from Monday and Tuesday so you already knew that. Wink. No, seriously, as you can see from my Monday post and my Draft Guide where I had him top 100 I do like him as a grab in standard leagues at the moment. The upside is obviously very high.

  15. Looks like Big Baby could have seriously busted his shoulder. If true, and Nicholson gets the start & 30 minutes, he’d be a hot prospect. Chances are though that Vaughn starts McBob (ugh) or Ayon (hmmm).

  16. Dear Clippers, please stop blowing out opponents – I need more points and rebounds. Yours truly, Blake Griffin owner.

  17. yo hec!
    maxiell popped up on my waiver wire. should i him up and drop drummond? Or maybe stash bynum? im in first place by like 10 wins (h2h 14 team) what do you think.

  18. hi idol hec, which 2 players do you pick from these 4: (long term) i added hayward on the list :) thanks!


  19. Good question, Andrew, and I’m glad I read it in the comments before I asked the same one. Man, that’s crazy.. when I was asking about Nicholson the other day, I was getting a feeling that Davis was going to get hurt soon..weird..anyway I’m monitoring very closely.

  20. itsallgravy, there’s also the return of Hedo – I’ve read that he’s 4-5 days away but also that the coach doesn’t have a timetable for him, I don’t know which is correct. He’d certainly see some time at PF when he’s back though, further muddying the waters.

  21. haha crazy like a fox…good episode with the lemon tree…btw that was my comment above ^^ not sure why it used “itsallgravy”

  22. Hey Hec!

    I love your funny yet insightful blog! It’s been helping me a lot. :) I just have a trade question that I’m pondering and I wanted to ask you since you’re an expert and everything! One of the guys in my league is offering me Ryan Anderson for my Chandler Parsons and Kawhi Leonard. I’m in a 12 team league, H2H, 9 categories. I’ve been holding onto Kawhi and taking hits every week waiting for him to come back! If I trade away these two I lose a lot of steals but Anderson is a monster. What do you think I should do? Thanks man!

  23. ^sorry I forgot to include my roster above:

    Deron Williams
    Mo Williams
    Kevin Martin
    Jeff Teague
    Jason Richardson
    Chandler Parsons
    Kawhi Leonard
    Alan Anderson
    Chris Kaman
    David Lee
    Roy Hibbert
    Marc Gasol
    JaVale McGee
    Kris Humphries

  24. Looks to me like you’ve got a ton of 3 point shooting, and as you said, to get Anderson you’d lose defensive stats. To me your team would be weaker after the trade. I guess though as a 2 for one, you’d be looking to pick up a free agent – the quality of available players will also have a bearing on your decision I guess.

  25. @Ic: At this point, sure.

    @J.S.: Thanks for the kind words! I think that’s pretty fair.

    @alister: Considering your sitting pretty in first, I’d hold Drummond for his upside.

    @itsallgravy aka allballs: I knew that was you before I even saw your second comment!

    @k109: Prince and Sessions. General thoughts on Amare and Bynum: Amare comes back and kills Chandler’s value and the Knicks chemistry. Knicks then go 0-50 the rest of the season. Bynum says “only” his left knee hurts now so that’s a start. Seriously though, we can’t expect the Amare of old but he should be solid. Bynum should be added if you have room to stash, I’m not nearly as optimistic on him though.

    @boleros: Hola! Hayward and probably Ridnour though I’m tempted to say Belinelli.

    @Jesse: Thanks for the kind words! If I didn’t think Parsons would keep it up, I’d say go for it but he’s been playing so well it makes it a tough decision. I’m kind of leaning no like Andrew but, at the same time, I’m also a sucker for always getting the best guy in the deal, especially if their are some useful players on the wire. If you think you can add someone useful then it makes it more interesting. As Andrew said though, I’m not sure you need Anderson.

  26. If Glen Davis is going to miss some time, who is the better grab? Korver or Leonard? Alan anderson is also out there. I need depth at SF.

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