Big Baby may have a Big Problem!

Last night Glen Davis dropped 18 and 9 with his typical poor FG (6-18) but then something funny happened on the way to the final buzzer, he got hurt! He was screaming in pain like a, um, baby. Anyway, who to grab, who to grab just in case. Well, let’s see, there’s Gustavo Ayon. Meh, not feeling mucho amor for Gustavo right now so just monitor him. Then there’s Josh McRoberts who I’m feeling a bit blah about, I try to avoid things starting with Mc these days, you know with my cholesterol and all. Oh, then there’s what’s his face, Andrew Nicholson! Yes, yes, Andrew Nicholson, ding ding ding, that’s my Huckleberry who (whom!) I’m grabbing everywhere today just in case. Go ahead, don’t be shy, you can always lose him quick quick if Glen is ok. The early bird gets the worm! But you knew that already. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Greg Monroe – 35/10/2 with 2 steals. Greg Monroe is terrible, he stinks. I hope you bought him!

Alan Anderson – 16/3/1 with 2 steals and 3 threes. He really needs to be owned in all standard leagues right now. I don’t know what his current ownership percentage in Yahoo! is at the moment because I’m too lazy to look. I’ve got the lazies!

Terrence Ross – 9/0/1 with a three in 11 minutes. The potential is there but not the minutes so I kick potential to the curb … for now anyway.

J.R. Smith – 19/5/3 with a three in 37 minutes. I’m still feeling J.R. is a sell high. It’ll take cajones to move him because he’s been so good but just close your eyes and imagine Amare Stoudemire back. Then imagine Iman Shumpert back. Now imagine Jason Kidd hitting on a hot girl in the front row. He’s allowed, he got divorced!

Kevin Seraphin – 6/2/2 with 2 blocks in 23 minutes. As long as Nene Hilario is healthy, Kevin can be lost for a hot free agent. He’ll have his moments again (I think!) but no sense in waiting around for them if you can get help now for your team. If/when Nene gets hurt again though, be ready to pounce! Like a gato! Espanol!

Nene Hilario – 25/2/2 with a block in 25 minutes. Oh, hi, Nene, we were just talking about you. Don’t worry, it was nothing bad, we were just talking about your fragile health. We really don’t want you to get hurt again so Kevin Seraphin can get some run, really we don’t. Honest. Fingers crossed.

Gordon Hayward – 8/2/1 with a steal and 5 tovs in 13 minutes. By my elementary math skills, Gordon turned the ball over once every 2.6 minutes. Or in other words, every time he touched the ball! Just hold for now, hopefully this was the bottom, I’m guessing it was. I’m hoping it was!

Tyler Zeller – I again ask you to close your eyes and imagine a world in Cleveland where Anderson Varejao has been traded. Now imagine Tyler Zeller playing 36 minutes and dropping 20/3/2 with a steal. Reality? Mirage? Dreamy! He’s a must stream if Anderson is to miss more time.

C.J. Miles – 3/4/2 with a 3 in 17 minutes. Here’s what I told you yesterday: C.J. Miles – 13/4/1 with 4 threes in 30 minutes. Surprisingly still getting some run even after the return of Dion. I’ve been down the C.J. road before, he’s up and he’s down, he’s hot and he’s cold, he’s in and he’s out. Sing it, it sounds better. I think he’s kind of on his way out. Let’s see. That didn’t take long! By the way, it’s not me who makes all these predictions, it’s my Magic 8 Ball who moonlights as a crystal ball in Manhattan on weekends. He knows everything!

Kevin Martin – 6/2/0 with a steal in 26 minutes. Rest assured if Kevin has an off shooting night, you’re not getting any peripheral stats to supplement. You’re getting ugatz! I’d buy though if his owner isn’t happy.

Evan Turner – Turned his ankle but promises to be back Friday. Please come back fast Evan, you fantasy stud, you. I love you. >>>>>>>>>> gay.

Dorell Wright – 20/6/6 with 3 threes in 40 minutes. Dorell got extremely hot as Philly lost by 22 and Evan Turner went down for the count. Coincidence? 2+2=4. It’s that obvious!

Marcus Morris – 14/5/5 with a block in 31 minutes. Marcus has played very well in Patrick Patterson’s absence and my concern is this: He may have earned enough minutes to hurt Patterson when he comes back. Monitor this. Time splits suck, y’all!

Gerald Henderson – 4/4/3 with a block in 20 minutes. Burp. I don’t think he’s the fantasy stud that other fantasy, um, experts are making him out to be but you already knew that. That said, he’s useful, definitely useful, definitely useful, said Rain Main.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 25/12/4 with 3 steals. The last time I pimped MKG was back in November then he promptly embarrassed me for about a month so I’m not going to say anything here. Nope, not gonna do it. Sssshh. hecman whispers. Let’s hope he can keep it up.

Shannon Brown – 26/4/2 with a steal, block and 5 threes in 36 minutes. Are my eyes deceiving me? Is it possible Alvin Gentry has finally settled on a rotation? Will Batman and Robin escape the evil clutches of the Joker and his henchmen? Tune in tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Oops, nevermind, I got caught up in my childhood. Shannon, Jared Dudley, Luis Scola, Marcin Gortat and Goran Dragic. Congrats to you if you currently own any of these guys. If you own anyone else on the Suns, sympathies are in order.

Rudy Gay – 13/8/5 with 2 steals and a three. Oh, hey, a Rudy Gay blurb over at hecmanhoops. Damn, that’s awesome, I own Rudy Gay and I’ve never seen hecman blurb about him. It’s about time! Wait, why is there no fantasy information in this blurb? I want fantasy information, damn it! Thanks for asking, imaginary friend. Well, I’m blurbing about Rudy today to explain why I don’t blurb about most Grizzlies. They don’t have a psychotic coach and they are a stable fantasy team, what you see every night is pretty much what you’re always going to get. That’s why! We straight, Skippy? That’s your new name, unless you’re a girl, then substitute Skippy with Skippette.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 4/4/0 in 22 minutes. Here’s what I told you just yesterday: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 10/10/2 with 2 steals and a block in 34 minutes. He’s Scott Skiles’ flavor of the day, tomorrow he’ll probably be all melted. Damn, now I have ice cream dripping all over my hands. Good thing I brought along a napkin. I was ready!

Monta Ellis – 4/2/2 with 2 steals and a block on 1-14 FG. Monta just couldn’t help himself I guess. I’m open. Brick. Give me the rock, Jennings, hurry. Clank. I’m due to hit one. Airball. Buy low if you want to try.

Jarrett Jack – 28/7/3 with 3 threes. Mark Jackson couldn’t just give Jarrett the type of run he’s been getting lately back in November before everyone dropped his ass? We all knew he was the guy who should have been playing all along after Brandon Rush went down for the count but nooooooooo. Now he’s on the other guy’s team. Drats!

Marcus Thornton – 19/3/0 with a steal and 5 threes. I was reading a large fantasy website this morning and they advised to pick up Marcus Thornton after his explosion last night. Um, maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t they have advised that before last night?

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  1. Hi! Nice post again as usual! So whats the score between amir vs nicholson? Im happy with amir this week.. But should i drop amir for nicholson? Foye, singler, rivers and humpries are my other droppables.. But all of them are starters now with minutes so… What do you think? Hold?

  2. Hey Hecman,

    I’ve got too many guards and was thinking about dropping either calderon, crawford, or lou for scola, nicholson, or landry (all on the ww) in my 10-team 13-player league.

    Any suggestions?


  3. @Onair: Thanks! I’d probably hold Amir until we know more of a timeline on Glen Davis, if he’s out a few weeks, I’d probably make the move for Nicholson.

    @Hitmanwg4u: Thanks! Leaning Jordan right now, he’s been on fire.

    @@Ifctor: Not crazy.

    @Colonel Kitchen: Any chance you can move Calderon with another player for one better player? That will open the spot for you to grab Scola while upgrading you somewhere else. That’s what I’d try first.

  4. Hey hecman! Who do you like between Shannon Brown, Gerald Henderson, Tayshaun Prince, Alan Anderson, Nicholson, Marcus Morris and Isiah Thomas? I can grab one. Thanks as always!!

  5. With Kawhi being recalled from the D-League and (potentially) could start on Friday, his return is right around the corner. I need help/advice with my team in general (sitting middle of the pack in a 12 team, 9 cat H2H league), but who would you drop when he comes back:

    Big Al

    Leaning towards Barnes over Koufous or Biyombo because I need help in the big men department with Varejao’s intermittent injures, Ilyasova’s roller-coaster-ride tendencies and Jefferson’s lack of D. Thoughts on who to drop and overall balance of team? Thanks Hec!

  6. Good stuff, Hec! Woke up minutes before the news on Big Baby came out. I would’ve stood outside the doctor’s office if I could. Anyway, I just grabbed Nicholson and dropped Duhon. In the past few days, I read a lot of good things about Nicholson. I’ve read some not so good things on Ayon. No one wrote anything about Josh McBob. Sounds like we made the right grab. We’re so astute! We’ll see anyway..haha I’m just wondering if there’s a possibility Duhon can hold some value in 14 team leagues. Do you think Nash doesn’t play 30 mins even a game even at “full health” and is there a chance he sits in back to back or 4 games in 5 nights situations (like in Phoenix)? Now that I say that out loud, it doesn’t seem like Duhon that would be enough to hold on to him anyway for days like that. I could have dropped Delfino instead. Was it him you wrote about comparing him to a girl you don’t want to be seen with but you’re just in it for the…umm…threes? that made me chuckle.. But it’s also a reason why I would drop him for someone who can contribute in more than one category. Someone I can show off to my friends and maybe introduce to my mother one day. Some names I’m considering..
    Ausin Rivers – Hearing EG is getting close tho (where have I heard that before?)
    Lamar Odom – Getting consistent (but low) minutes in the 20-24 range and producing across the board. Do you see him improving on those numbers or gaining more minutes in the future?
    Muchas gracias, senor hec!

  7. @Teen Wolf: Leaning Prince and Nicholson. Nicholson only for his upside, if Baby comes back quick you can grab Shannon Brown instead.

    @doog: Probably Koufos..

    @Ifctor: DMC > Pau at this point. I’m not touching Lowry until I see him back healthy for a few games.

    @allballs: Ha, good stuff there. Not loving Duhon even in 14 team leagues once Nash comes back. I’d hold Delfino and lose Duhon. Need to see Odom do it more consistently before I’d consider using a precious move on him. Austin Rivers, Austin Rivers, Austin Rivers. Argh. Monitor another game or two for the minutes.

  8. Hey Hec, Thanks for all of the help. What are your thoughts on John Wall going forward? Would you trade Iggy for him? I already have Kyrie, Jennings and Jrue at pg and have Mayo, Wes Matthews and Kawhi at sg/sf. It is really about value and not need. What do you think?

  9. @Colin: You’re welcome. Wall is coming along very slowly and you have solid PGs already so I don’t see any reason to trade Iggy for him. Too risky so I’d just hold.

  10. Apparently Eric Gordon is coming back end of December! Should I drop him for either Mo Williams, Rubio or stoudemire? I have an excess of pgs so was thinking of dropping mo

  11. Hec, so my team back at (nearly) full health is now starting to hum. I’m really just weak in blocks but I can probably punt that category. I’ve been hanging onto Seraphin. If I can afford the stash, do you think the upside is worth it? I’ll tell my you my squad then who’s available on the wire.

    12 team, 14 roster spots, 9 cat daily H2H

    PG: Kyrie, Dragic, Rubio
    PG/SG: Jack, Shved
    SG/SF: Joe Johnson, JR Smith, Parsons
    PF/C: Zbo, West, Vucevic, Monroe, Favors, Seraphin

    Wire: Drummond, JV, Nicholson, Dunleavy, Rivers, Taj, Ayon, Splitter, Amir, Patterson, Maxiell, Matt Barnes, Zeller

    With my lineup, should I replace Seraphin with another big? Or could I use some other cats? Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks.

  12. You told me to stay away from Lowry till he got healthy.. How should i tell you this.. Uh, i got him. But i think i may have gotten him on the cheap; Traded away Hickson and MKG for Lowry. Good deal, Hec? (H2H pts)

  13. 12-team H2H league / 9-cat / Daily

    I could use the 3’s and rebounds. Who has better ROS value (order) Jonas, Richardson, or Wright?


  14. hey Hecman,
    Is Shved a must own player in 10 team leagues. I’m looking for a long term pickup. I’m worried he will not be good once Rubio gets back at full strength. would you drop stuckey, hayward, or beal for him??
    Thanks again

  15. @Nick: I’d go for Nicholson right now. If he flops, the wire is plenty deep to grab someone else.

    @Vince: I would hold Mo.

    @Ifctor: Ha. Yes, that’s a nice buy low.

    @FG7: Depends on what is coming back but yes.

    @Craig: Richardson, Jonas, Wright.

    @Adrian: I would not drop any of those guys for Shved right now.

  16. Smart to take a flier on a. Nicholson and drop blatche for him. Either would be bench players unless one pops off for a stretch.I’m in a 12 team weekly h2h

  17. Hey Hec!

    I hear Big Baby might be out 4-6 weeks. Somehow Dudley landed on the waivers! Should I drop him for Dudley? There are no good big men out there at the moment so I think no matter what I’m taking a hit in the bigs’ cats. What should I do?

  18. @Jess: Sorry just getting back to these questions. I prefer Hayward long term.

    @phanna: Sure, make the move if you don’t think you can stash Big Baby, Dudley is playing well.

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