DeMarcus is not your Cousins-brother

Open letter to owners of DeMarcus Cousins from DeMarcus Cousins: Dear My Fantasy Basketball Owners, Hello, my name is DeMarcus Cousins and I’m a jackass, but you already knew both of those things. Sometimes I state the obvious, I’m sorry, I’m not too smart, in fact, my agent is typing this letter, I’m just, what’s that called, dictating? Agent nods his head. Yes, yes, I’m dictating. Anyways, I want to explain my actions from the other night. You see, that little man, the coach, Keith Smart was getting on my nerves so I gave it to him in the locker room. For whatever reason he’s not happy that his star center is only shooting .414 FG on the season. The truth is I’ve been off my game ever since Hostess announced that they were closing and I can’t buy Twinkies anymore. Twinkies are my brain food so I’ve been a little lost lately. The creamy middle is kind of like the inside of my head. Anyway, part two!, if you do own me, I advise you to sell me once I come back and play a few games. You’ll also be doing your FG a favor. Don’t sell me too low though, get solid value for me but, the truth is, I’m an enigma, I’m what you might call a malcontent. Nobody likes malcontents. Am I right or am I right? Rhetorical! God, I have to stop reading hecmanhoops. Sincerely, DeMarcus (Twinkie Power) Cousins.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday:

Dorell Wright – 8/6/2 with 3 steals, a block and 2 threes in 29 minutes. Ok, go ahead and grab him in 14 team leagues if you’d like but don’t be surprised if he plays like 17 minutes next game and farts on your pillow.

Spencer Hawes – 5/4/3 in 20 minutes. Here’s what I told you back on December 14 when Spencer started to get run: Spencer Hawes – 42% – Been getting burn, pick him up and ship him out quick, quick! Well, did you? You have to trust my Magic 8 Ball who moonlights as a crystal ball on weekends in Manhattan on these things. He knows everything!

Keith Bogans – Started and dropped 13/2/3 with a steal and 2 threes in 35 minutes. Good things don’t historically happen to NBA teams when Keith Bogans is a starter so, well, yes. Monitor.

Derrick Williams – 5/5/0 in 12 minutes as Kevin Love sat out and probably cost many a fantasy owner his H2H week. Gee, thanks, Kevin, you blow! Sorry, I lost control for a moment. Anyway, back at the ranch, Dante Cunningham dropped 12/10/1 with a steal in 28 minutes. You know who to stream if Kevin is to miss games in the future. And it’s not Derrick Williams!

Ricky Rubio – 5/1/2 in 18 minutes. Ricky is still on a minutes count and, don’t forget, December is equivalent to his training camp so I advise to stay patient. I think it’ll pay off. It better pay off! I think it will.

Gustavo Ayon – 9/12/3 in 37 minutes. Last week after Glen Davis went down I advised you to monitor Gustavo and grab Andrew Nicholson. Oops. My reasonable assumption was wrong. That’s all I can do for you sometimes is make reasonable assumptions. Seems reasonable. I’m not dropping Nicholson yet in my 14 team league but you can probably lose him in standard leagues for a hot free agent.

Jamal Tinsley – With Mo Williams sidelined indefinitely, Jamal is your Huckleberry in Utah. Hurry now, better hurry, quick, quick, go, go. Sorry to be so pushy. It’s my Italian mother’s fault.

Derrick Favors – 12/4/0 with a block in 18 minutes. Now averaging 22 mpg/9.6 ppg/6.7 rpg/1.7 bpg on the season. Useful for standard leagues but meh. Here’s what I told you back in my pre-season Draft Guide where I ranked him 106 overall: 106. Derrick Favors – I’m not going to lie, I’m not the biggest fan of Flava Favors but I see other, um, experts love him. He’s improving from year to year but the problem is he’s got two studs playing alongside him (ahead of him!) in Utah’s front court. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe I’m not! He’ll be useful though and if Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson ever go down, watch out! Sound about right so far? You’re welcome.

Kris Humphries – DNP-CD. Hmmph! I warned you on Twitter not to buy him low waaaay back in November and instead advised you to try to sell him on name recognition. Don’t even try to say I didn’. Mmm-mmm.

Kawhi Leonard – 17/4/2 with 5 steals and 3 threes on 6-11 FG and 2-2 FT.  Kawhi Leonard – 45% – A little bit of steals in my life, a little bit of threes by my side, a little bit of rebounds is all I need, a little bit of solid percents all night long. Kawhi Number 5! Did you grab him last week? I hope so! He’ll probably be owned in over 70% of leagues soon.

Gary Neal – 3/1/1 with a steal and a three in 9 minutes. He can be lost for a hot free agent if you’d like. Go ahead, go for it, don’t be shy.

Manu Ginobili – 6/4/9 with 4 steals and a three in 21 minutes. Outside of the point total the line was fantastic. I’m still thinking he’s a decent buy low if you can deal with the limited minutes. That’s not going to change. In fact, he’s only averaging 27.8 mpg for his entire career! Yes, true story, go look it up for yourself. I never lie.

Jared Dudley – 19/7/2 with 2 steals in 36 minutes. On Friday a reader tweeted me asking where was Jared Dudley on my Add/Drop post. I responded saying I didn’t have him on the list because his ownership was too high (67%) on Friday but I did mention him earlier in the week. That’s what I do, I mention guys everyday who should be grabbed, not just Fridays. I care! Sniff.

Matt Barnes – 15/8/2 with 3 threes in 24 minutes. Matt been doin’ his thang, y’all. He be gettin’ it done, fo shizzle! Ebonics!

DeAndre Jordan – 4/3/0 with 2 steals in 17 minutes. He’s only averaging 22.6 mpg over his last 5 so if his owner is a bit frustrated make the inquiry on a buy low if you’re in need of some boards and blocks. Or don’t. I’m easy like that!

Marcus Thornton – 22/4/2 with 2 steals and 2 threes as Tyreke Evans sat again with a knee bone problem. Here’s what I told you impatient Thornton owners last week: Oh, and you Marcus Thornton owners, don’t lose him just yet, don’t do it, mmm-mmm. Now is his chance!  It’s called common sense. Try it, you’ll like it. Like Mikey!

Hey, by the way, hecmanhoops is considering selling awesome hecmanhoops t-shirts so you can show off to your family, friends and pick up that hot chick/guy in a bar. It’ll make for a great conversation piece! Or not. Who might be in if the awesome t-shirts were say 15 beans (USD!)? Feel free to say yay or nay in the Comments. I hope it’s a yay. I would be sad otherwise. Insert sad face emoticon here.

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  1. would you rank these three trade options in the order you prefer, would you refuse to do any of them?
    give up JR for Rubio
    give up JR for monta
    give up Rudy for Conley
    im hunting steals and assists and i punt fg percentage, 9 cat h2h, thanks a lot man, happy holidays!

  2. Should I be looking to move T.Young because Bynum is returning?
    Is J.Jack a sell High?
    Is J.Mcgee worth holding?
    Also why arent you big on Gerald Henderson

    Thanks Hec & Happy Holidays

  3. Hi Hec! Great post as usual!
    Here is my team in 20 team league, H2H, 8cats.
    PG Westbrook,Lin
    SG Mayo,Meeks
    SF Turner,Parsons
    PF Faried, Ayon
    C Ibaka,Amir Johnson
    Can you rate my team? And I was offered Marion+Jennings for Lin+Turner. Should I accept it??? Will I win from this trade or lose?
    Thanks in advance,mate!

  4. @RK: Moving TY is dependent on what you can get for him. I wouldn’t sell him low, he should continue to be solid plus Bynum is no sure thing. Jack is on fire right now and should continue to be solid but if you can get someone to overpay for him based on his last 6 or 7 games, then, sure, go for it. I like Henderson in standard leagues, blah in shallow leagues. Happy holidays!

    @Sayrus777: Thanks! I’d hold Lin/Turner. Congrats, 8-0 is a smashing. Cheers to your continued success!

  5. hecman: Thanks again..I will hold then!))
    Overally team looks good? I am pretty happy with my recent trade Lawson+Jordan for Westbrook Meeks))
    I have Mayo and I think it would be great to trade him for a big man. Who I can get for Mayo?

  6. Hey Hec!

    Merry Christmas!

    I hear that TurkoGLUE is coming back soon. They are even saying that he can be considered day-to-day now. Is he worth picking up? Also, I am not one to overreact or panic easily, but Ryan Anderson seems to be hurting right now with Davis back and R-Lopez playing well. Should I try to package him in a deal for a star such as K-Love?

  7. @Sayrus777: Yes, nice squad. Minimum 3rd round value for Mayo right now.

    @phanna: Merry Christmas! Yes, on Hedo but depends on the drop, as usual. If you can package him in a deal for Love, then sure, go for it.

  8. Thanks for answering! Who should I package with him Anderson for Love? Would Deng be good? Too little? Too much?

  9. Merry Xmas hecman:)

    Got Patrick Paterson sitting on my bench injured. What do you of picking up either blatche or matt Barnes in place?

  10. I have Byron Mullens and just noticed that somebody dropped Glen Big Baby Davis. Should I drop Mullens and pick up Davis? I’m in a 12 team league H2H, in first place (barely now). I had a really good start, but then a lot of my players struggled pretty bad and had some close weeks recently.

    I have:

    C- Marc Gasol, Blake Griffin, Marcin Gortat, Luis Scola, Byron Mullens

    F- Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, J.R. Smith

    G- Mike Conley, Raymond Felton, Jrue Holiday, Jamal Crawford,JJ Redick

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  11. I see so many people dropping Glen Davis. 12 team h2h. I’m in the 3rd place with a 4-5 game lead over the last playoff spot. Big baby shouldn’t be dropped right?!

  12. Hey Hec, just got offered OJ Mayo for Kenneth Faried. I tend to like Faried but at the same time he’s been very inconsistent. Mark Cuban did an AMA today on Reddit and said that he hopes that now Dirk is back, it will open up OJ for easier shots. My team has thus far been built on boards/blocks but maybe OJ would open me up for 3’s/steals? Let me know what you think.

    Thanks as always, you’re the best

  13. Is there anybody else on my roster that you would drop to get Big Baby if I were to keep Mullens? Thanks again

    C- Marc Gasol, Blake Griffin, Marcin Gortat, Luis Scola, Byron Mullens

    F- Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, J.R. Smith

    G- Mike Conley, Raymond Felton, Jrue Holiday, Jamal Crawford,JJ Redick

  14. happy holidays idol hec!

    would you drop henderson and mo williams for the ff FAs? Kyle Korver/Danny Green/Derrick Favors/Amir Johnson/Jamaal Tinsley? Thanks!

  15. @Boleros: Feliz Navidad! I’d lose Henderson for Favors if you needed the extra boards and blocks and hold Mo for a more definite time table on his return.

  16. That better be the reason, Ty! That would explain a lot. I guess I have to hold Nicholson for now, let’s see if Ayon can keep playing with gusto…
    I bet the shirt would be a great icebreaker. Cutie: “What’s hecmanhoops?” Me: “Oh! let me show you!” *proceeds to show said cutie the site on his laptop, in his room, on his bed…or on a cell phone if on-the-go making sure to show her the posts with the shout outs* Cutie: “wow you’re kind of a celebrity aren’t you? tell me more! :D” and the rest you can use your imagination…
    Aaaanyway, the most interesting name on the wire right now is Hedo Turkey Glue. I’d only be losing Nicholson unless there is some really bad news on Valanciunas but I would expect him back before the end of the season anyway.

    thank you and Happy holidays to Hec, JFort and all the commenters!

  17. realized i didn’t ask a formal question in the last comment soo…would you lose Nicholson now and pick up Hedo before anyone else does? My league isn’t very sleepy

  18. 14 teams btw…other usual suspects…Harrison barnes, tyler zeller, Rivers, lance stephenson…same ol story with those guys right? woo Hat trick comment!

  19. I just noticed there were some other names that will be coming off waivers today so I’ll add those to the list…Maxiell, NateRob, and Seraphin…I guess because their arrows are pointing downward.Thanks hec/jfort

  20. Hey hec, merry xmas!
    im about to propose this trade, what do you think:
    give up J richardson and kevin martin for vasquez and j.r smith?
    and i was thinking if the owner doesn’t want to give up vasquez ask for jameer nelson instead? my jrich can be replaced with lou williams or ilyasova too what are your thoughts? (H2H 14 team)

    appreciate the help!

  21. Hey hec, Merry Christmas to ya wanted to know is anybody droppable for Gordon or Lenoard or I should look to trade away some pieces?
    G’s: Jeff Teague Ricky Rubio Steve Nash Kyrie Irving Klay Thompson Jared Dudley
    F’s Josh Smith Ryan Anderson Larry Sanders Kennith Faried Chandler Parsons
    C’s Marcin Gortat and Nicolia Vucveic. I have pretty bad record so I need all the help I can get

  22. I’m free at the moment so Ill give you my opinion. Check with Hec Though if you’re not sure.

    @allballs – I would grab Hedo if I were you. He contributes in a lot of categories and will have endless minutes.

    @alister – I think that’s a pretty even trade at this point. See if he goes for it. Otherwise, look at your past few weeks and see what you’re lacking in, then look to improve.

    @Robert – You look to be trending up with Vucevic getting all that run and Nash and Irving back. I might look at Leonard and drop dudley only cause he’s going to contribute more in steals, blocks, etc. Leonard also is locked in as a starter. Your call, but if you’re fine in 3’s, I’m losing Dudley for him.

  23. DMC is a thorn in my side… or is it more of a cleaver… i’m going to throw out a bunch of trade away offers for DMC and hope one hits, let me know if you think any of these are selling him too low.

    noah, horford, p gasol, millsap, randolph, gay, b lopez, duncan, gortat

  24. @allballs: Who knew what a cool t-shirt could lead to? Ha. Yes, on Hedo, I remember you had him in November.

    @alister: Merry Christmas! I agree with J-Fort on the deal but with Eric Gordon back and assuming he can stay healthy, I’d expect Vasquez to take a slight hit in points so just be ready for that just in case.

    @Robert: Merry Christmas! Yes, I’m with J-Fort on Leonard though Dudley is playing well, so your call. I wouldn’t have a problem if you stood pat, I think with Nash and Irving back you’ll start to move up.

    @Brando: Merry Christmas! I think you should get a plus there.

    @CL: Any of those guys though you could ask for slight plus with most of them considering Cousins’ upside.

  25. Someone just offered me Duncan/Mayo for Kemba/JJ Hickson?

    I would be getting the Duncan side, and our league is a keeper points league..

    The only downside is that mayo’s not playing very well lately!

  26. hi idol hec, the sched tomorrow is jampacked! Now who should start?

    only 1 out of these 4:

    cousins @Por
    shved vsHou
    jarrett jack @Uta
    mwp @den

  27. Hey Hec! I’d be in for the shirt, but mostly b/c I’d love the opportunity to support the blog. Happy holidays!

  28. Hi!! Im still 12/14 in our league and im thinking what should i do with my team right now.. Here..


    Im really full of pf,c.. And im just sure of winning fg,rebs,blks out of 9-cat.. Im trying to sell bynum but no one is bying.. Also hump.. Im thinking if i should sell sanders for someone.. Who should i target? Also thinking of dropping hump.. But i cant because i got him in the horford-kmart for dwill-hump trade.. I should be getting the assist now with nash active but dwill and collison are not producing well.. Some people are asking if im teadin noah or jsmith or sanders..

  29. Hey Hec

    Merry Christmas to you! Hope you got to catch all the games!

    On a slightly sadder note, I’m dropped to last place in my 8 team league (H2H 9 cat). I don’t know if it’s because I’m not setting my lineups very well (since we do weekly locks) or if my guys are just underperforming. Since there are only 8 teams, all the teams are pretty deep. I just don’t know what to do! Hope you can help me out.

    My team currently consists of:
    Deron Williams
    Jamal Crawford
    Klay Thompson
    Thaddeus Young
    Ryan Anderson
    Al Jefferson
    Brook Lopez

    Someone is offering to trade me Dirk, Kirilenko, or JR Smith. Do you think I should offer any one for any combination of those players? He also has Westbrook, Bryant, Love, Gallinari, Kemba, KG, Dragic, Kevin Martin, Evan Turner, and Rudy Gay

  30. Hey, hope you all have nice holliday guys,

    My question is: would you trade Zach Randolph for Roy Hibbert? I’m playing in DYNASTY league, Z-bo is on fire now and Hibbert not really. I’m wondering isn’t it good time to make some move with not the youngest Zachary.

  31. thanks hec. my league is highly ‘suspcious’ of any trades i propose for some reason. life on top is so tough… sigh. anyway, i acquired cousins for bosh awhile back. not sure if that was a good move, but i think i got him at a good price. i’ll just see how cousins does after he comes back from the suspension and try to move him if necessary.

  32. @Boleros: I’d bet on Cousins having a nice game after this past weekend. Barnes long term over Amir.

    @Teen Wolf: Thanks!

    @Onair: I think you’ll trend up now with Nash back but if you can get a ton for Sanders, I’d go for it since he’s the most one dimensional. Losing Hump depends on who you’re adding.

    @Daniel: Hi, Daniel, Merry Christmas to you too! 8 team leagues are so difficult to analyze because everyone has very strong team on paper. Looking at your team, my guess is possibly your FG is tanking you so I’d focus on improving there.

    @Mikesz: I think Zach has another good year or two left in him so I’d only make that deal if I really needed the blocks.

    @CL: I think Cousins for Bosh was a good deal for you, he’s worth more than Bosh so value wise it was fine.

  33. Who to start?
    Rubio vs Houston
    Beal vs Cavs
    Gee @ Wizards
    Landry @ Utah
    Favors vs Warriors
    RoLo @ Magic

    Only 4 can play, I have Beal and Gee on the bench, but they are a favourable match up. My squad has positional flexibility so any combo works.

    PS there is plenty of leftover turkey :)


  34. And now Klay with a personal matter missing shoot around. Poor lad. More things to ponder for Momma Hecman

  35. Hey Hec,

    I was offered Brook Lopez for Greg Monroe. I need the added blocks and also have Hibbert and Asik at Center. I know you said to be patient with Monroe but is this a deal worth taking? Happy Holidays.

    – Danny

  36. Hec, Amir, Dorell, Drummond, or Ayon? It’s really just for my 14th roster spot in a 12 team league. I’m pretty set with guards and bigs. Looking for peripheral stats like steals, blocks, 3s.

  37. @Momma Hecman: Hi Momma Hecman, didn’t you make lasagna and not turkey again this year? Beal, Favors, Rubio and RoLo.

    @Sayrus777: I think it’s not worth vetoing, I like the Love side.

    @Danny: Happy holidays. It’s definitely fair, if you feel Brook will stay healthy then sure, go for it if you need the extra blocks. They are right around similar value.

    @NNBoyz: Sure, go for it. You’re getting the best two players in that deal.

    @Nick: Leaning Ayon for the next month, if you want long term upside then go Drummond.

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