Pick up Richard Pryor’s twin separated at birth, quick!

Last night it was announced that Ty Lawson will be going for an MRI on his strained Achilles, I think he hurt it shoving his foot up his owners’ ass! Anyway, it’s reasonable to expect he will miss some time, maybe a game, maybe 3. Maybe more! I think it would be best for everyone involved if he sat out a week or more to get healthy, don’t you think? Don’t bother answering, I can’t see or hear you. In the meantime, you know what to do, go grab yourself some Andre Miller if he’s floating around the wire in your shallow league or sleepy standard league. Last night all he did was drop 12/3/12 with a steal in 41 minutes. Andre Miller is like the new Jose Calderon! By the way, have you ever noticed how similar Andre looks to Richard Pryor? It’s uncanny! Here, see for yourself. For good measure, here’s another one of Andre just after dishing the rock. You satisfied? Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday:

DeAndre Jordan – 11/11/0 with 3 steals and 3 blocks in 26 minutes. That’s the good news. The bad news is he shot a vomitatious 3-10 FT. I own him in a couple of leagues and checking my daily team stats in one league I saw my FT% was .411. I did a double take, um, what? Then I saw 7-17. Um, huh? Then I saw Jordan 3-10 FT. Oh, well, that sucked.

Caron Butler – 7/2/0 with a three in 27 minutes. This is off a 29 point effort on Sunday. Timmbberrrrrrrrrrrr. I know you’re not surprised.

Vince Carter – 23/4/2 with a steal and 4 threes in 30 minutes. I admit I haven’t shown Vince much love this year. I haven’t hated on him either, I’ve just basically ignored him. That said, he hasn’t been that bad in around 24 mpg. You could probably do worse than 12 ppg/4 rpg/1.9 3pm in deeep leagues. Expect some regression though with Dirk Nowitzki back but he’ll still have his days in the sun once in awhile. He maybe burn you some nights though. See what I did there?

Darren Collison – 15/3/8 with a three in 38 minutes. I don’t know why but I just have this untrusting feeling he’s not going to continue to see north of 33 mpg even though he doesn’t really have much competition for his job. Rodrigue Beabois? As if!

O.J. Mayo – 15/1/5 with 2 steals and 3 threes in 36 minutes. I suggested him as a buy low target on Monday after he’s been a sell high all year. Fantasy basketball! It’s so fluid.

Bradley Beal – 22/4/2 with 4 threes in 35 minutes. He was also a minus 18 which I’ve heard some NBA analysts say is a meaningless statistic. Is it really?

Jordan Crawford – 9/2/4 with a three in 24 minutes. Should soon be back up to speak which would make Garrett Temple irrelevant again. You know, obscure!

Martell Webster – 14/6/1 with 2 threes in 31 minutes. Over his last 5 Martell is averaging 31 mpg/9.6 ppg/5.6 rpg/1.6 3pm/.415 FG. If that flies your kite in deeep leagues, then fly away! Or stream him in H2H leagues if you need cheap threes.

Amare Stoudemire – Debuted and posted 6/1/0 with a block in 17 minutes. Don’t expect the Amare of old but he’ll be decent for a little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat. I’m too lazy to add the apostrophe in Amare so just imagine it.

Pablo Prigioni – 2/3/3 with a steal in 22 minutes. Meh. After the Ray Felton injury I wasn’t loving Pablo in anything but deeep leagues to begin with. It’s all J.R. Smith and Jason Kidd right now, son!

Isaiah Thomas – 12/2/2 with a steal and two threes in 26 minutes. Aaron Brooks returned to cramp Isaiah’s style a bit and I don’t really see that stopping until Keith Smart gets fired. Not sure if he’ll get fired since fantasy basketball owners don’t have much say … unfortunately! Carry on with Isaiah anyway, his arrow is pointing up compared to last month at least.

John Salmons – 10/1/6 with a steal and 2 threes in 26 minutes. Over his last 5 John has been very solid posting 31 mpg/15 ppg/3.4 rpg/4.8 apg/2 3pm. You can either ride him until the wheels fall off or try to sell him high. Your choice. Your team! I’d try to sell him high, maybe as the second player in a two for one or something like that.

Kyle Singler – Exploded for 4/4/2 with a steal in 33 minutes. Um, yay? There are no awards for fantasy nothingness. Maybe I’ll make that an award at the end of the year. Most useless fantasy player averaging over 30 minutes per!

Kyle Korver – 14/3/2 with 4 threes in 31 minutes. Now averaging 32 mpg and 2.8 3pm over his last 5. He’s not going anywhere. Not until he hurts his back again anyway.

Zaza Pachulia – 12/10/0 with a block in 20 minutes. If Zaza blocked the ball a bit I’d like him a whole lot more but he’s only at .3 bpg on the season. Not enough to get it done, mmm-mmm. In standard leagues anyway.

Greivis Vasquez – 17/9/10 with a three and a block in 39 minutes. He was also named Western Conference Player of the Week. I had him ranked 103 overall in my pre-season Draft Guide. That was much higher than other, um, experts. You’re welcome if you drafted him. I know I did! (where I could I mean).

Ryan Anderson -23/6/0 with 5 threes. Has now bounced back with 4 straight solid games after hitting a rough spell for a few games. OMG, you guys can be such a nervous bunch. I hope you didn’t sell him low. I warned you! I know, I know OMG is quite gay. Sorry!

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  1. Rudy Gay? Otherwise, Hey Zeus does not approve. Feel free to delete this comment after you edit it.

  2. In my 18 team daily h2h league, Granger is sitting on the wire. I picked up Temple last week for some short term production. Is it too early to stash Granger? I read some reports saying he could come back in late Jan/feb and I’m currently in 3rd place overall.

  3. Hec,

    You like Miller enough to drop Ed Davis or J. Jack in H2H PTS?

    With the high volume of games tonight, which two of these players do you like: Jack, Wes M., Ed Davis, Jor Crawford? Looks like O/U on Por/ Tor and GS/ LAC highest pt total potential for those players. Think Jordan and Wes need more time to get back into form coming off injuries, and playing in 2nd game of b2b?

    Always appreciate the great insight. Thanks for caring. Sniff.

  4. @Big Baby Hey Zeus: Yes, yes, of course! Is there any other?

    @Nick: I’d grab him now if you can afford the stash but I think early February is more realistic than late January.

    @Colt Speedman: I’d wait for results of MRI on Lawson before losing Ed for him. If he’s going to miss a week or more, I’d go for it. I’d hold Jack in any event. Leaning Jack and Wesley tonight. Give Jordan another game to get up to speed. Thanks for the kind words! Sniff.

  5. Hello:

    I was offered the play below please let me know what you think.
    -I have CP3 and am being offered Larry Sanders and Jameer Nelson.
    – my team is as follows:
    Thad Young
    P. Milsap
    Andre Drummond
    Matt Barnes

    His team is:
    J. nelson
    T. Chandler
    R. Rubio

    -Sorry 1 more thing. Since i have calderon should i switch up for Andre Miller according to your post?


  6. You can ignore the

    in the previous post haha that carried over from a copy and paste job….ugh…

    thx again

  7. @Mike_R: Ha, that’s ok, I’ve done worse! Leaning hold CP3, you need more than Nelson who is always banged up and Sanders who is still unproven. As for Miller, hold Calderon unless Lawson is to miss a couple of weeks.

  8. Many thanks. Do you see a possible counter offer that would work? I would be willing to get rid or CP3 if it works.

  9. Smart is so terrible. You think he would’ve learned his lesson from Golden State. Apparently not. Anyway, Hec, missed out on Granger. I lagged and someone grabbed him right after. Darn. I think my team needs another pg though, here it is. Who do you think i should try to swing in a trade to land one:

    18 team, daily h2h, sitting in 3rd place (1.5 games out of 2nd and 9 games out of 1st):

    Pg: Lillard, Knight, Temple (short term)
    Pg/sg: Sweet Lou
    Sg: Kobe, C. Brewer
    Sf: Pierce, M. Barnes
    Pf: Millsap, Patterson
    C: Vucevic, Koufos, Brand


  10. As a follow up to my last comment, should I sell Kobe high and target someone like a James Harden who will get more assists?

    Also, I feel I need another pg because the stats Knight is getting me are more like a distributing SG (4-5 assists)than a pg so I’d be willing to deal him, Millsap, etc., to get back a better distributing PG with better percentages. I already offered Millsap/Knight for Dragic/Kirilenko. No bite yet. He has so many pgs, but maybe I’m asking for a little much as Millsap has been on a downtrend.

  11. Actually I think rotoworld’s Bruski and doctora were on Hec’s earlier post listing all the people you should follow on Twitter. The more good info you can consume, the better decisions you’ll make with your team(s). I’ve found Bruski & doctora to be among the best fantasy writers (unlike Hec, who IS the best), and when Bruski writes about the Kings its always entertaining :)

  12. hec, when do you think is a reasonable timetable for john wall based on similar injuries (and your crystal ball)?

  13. @Nick: Kobe is having a great year so I’m not sure it makes much sense to give him to get Harden. In 18 team leagues it’s so hard to give up depth because there’s hardly anything on the wire to fill the void. If you’re in third I wouldn’t push yet, if a deal like the Dragic deal doesn’t happen then just wait closer to the deadline when teams lower in the standings need to take more risks. Keep throwing out stuff but don’t reach, no real need considering you’re in third right now.

    @Andrew: Thanks for the kind words, I really do appreciate that! As for the Rotoworld guys, yes, they are definitely worth following and I think they do nice work. From time to time I bust on them (for fun!) because I think they can be more forward thinking on player specs, they tend to be conservative in that area.

  14. Hi Hec^ since i’ve started reading this blog, i’m steadily beating my matchups including top 2 of my league :v thank you for your hard work ^

    now, would you rather have andre miller over jason kidd in a standard league?

  15. @hecman

    What is your take on Wesley Matthews? Trying to acquire some depth @ SG and I was eying him as buy low. Do I wait for a few games for him to prove healthy or do I go for him now?

  16. You happen to know why Marc Gasol is pretty much not scoring (AT ALL) anymore?? Someone actually offered me Z BO for him a couple of months ago, now I can’t get anyone for him. Is he playing injured or something?

  17. @Mac: Thanks! I’d hold Kidd. Cheers to your continued success!

    @Karl: I’d go for the buy low sooner than later. Later may be too late.

    @Bill: Stay the course. Don’t sell low.

  18. In a h2h standard league and I just lost Felton. Would you suggest dropping G. Henderson for J. Tinsley, Foye is already on a team? for now I filled the starting lineup spot with Shved. Thx for your help/info hec.

  19. I just dropped Stuckey for Isaiah Thomas this week, but after tonight, I just don’t see how Smart gives IT2 minutes. Is this something you see changing in the second half of the year?

    Also, I feel like Jason Thompson has been sneaky good this year. 19pts, 10rbs and 3blks in 36 minutes tonight!

  20. Hi Hec,

    I decided to say no to the Deron-for-Varejao question I asked yesterday.

    What do you think of a Matt Barnes + Kaman offer for Sanders? I am looking to add another shotblocker, but not sure if I am overpaying or underpaying with that package.

    Keep up the great work, this site is getting more and more comments by the week!

  21. daily changes, 10 teams, 9 cats.
    i’m currently first with a 7 game lead.

    My team’s stars are: Bron, Parker, Harden, Batum.
    The solids are: Klay, OJ Mayo
    The letdown are: Pau Gasol, Hibbert
    The (still waiting for upside): McGee and IT2
    The (injured but hopefully come back soon): Tyreke Evans.
    The stashed players: Wall, Rose

    As you can probably tell from my team above, my strengths are: FT%, 3PM, Points, Assists (despite my solo star PG), and surprisingly Blocks.

    I have a good record with rebounds when I still had Mullens. But since his drop, I’ve lost Rebs every matchup. I win steals sometimes as well depending on how Batum and LeBron are feeling. I used to lose FG% every time, but since Mullens’ injury, I’ve started to win some. Amazing how much impact one player has to a team.

    Anyhow, my questions are:
    1. Should I stash Danny Granger and/or Bynum? I’m not keen but I figured I’ve got a decent lead right now.
    2. Should I drop Rose given that he is still 1-2 months away? Risk is someone else picks him up, but I’m not sure if anyone other than my team is in a position to stash him for 1-2 months.
    3. Any other tips to improve my team?

    Solid website. So fun and informative!

  22. @Teen Wolf: Yeah, Stuckey is certainly more steady so it was risky but can’t blame you for going for the upside. Hard to say on IT2 but I think he will get more run 2nd half. He better! Ha. Yes, on JT, I mentioned that in my Add/Drop post a few weeks ago, he’s under owned.

    @decaf: Thanks for the kind words! I’d do Kaman/Barnes for Sanders if I were you. Sanders is a shot blocking machine.

    @Robert: No, I’d remain patient.

    @Nick: I’d probably do Barnes for Shved and hold Brewer. Only reason to keep Brewer over Barnes is because we don’t know the effect Grant Hill will have on him so may as well sell him a little high now if you can.

    @yumcha: Thanks for the kind words! Congrats on your success so far. I wouldn’t drop Rose since you can afford to stash him and he can help you win your playoffs. I’d consider grabbing Granger but not Bynum right now the problem is you don’t have any obvous drop. If IT2 starts to lose minutes in the next week or so then he’s the only candidate IMO. McGee is helping you win blocks so I wouldn’t lose him despite his limited minutes. Good luck and thanks for reading!

  23. @TommyG: I’d hold Henderson.

    @Andrew: Thanks for the update! Let’s hope this Ty thing doesn’t linger but if he rushes back I’m afraid it may.

  24. Hi Hec!
    Trade Lin for Dragic?
    I have two players from OKC and two from Houston (Parsons). Wanna split up guys a lil bit. Fair trade?

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