Luis Scola is en fuego, don’t touch him, you may get burned!

Last Friday here’s what I said about Luis Scola in my Add/Drop post: Luis Scola – 81% – Not to be lost in standard leagues but 81% seems a tad bit high so you shallow leaguers with a deep waiver wire pool, take a look-gander there. If you’d like. I don’t know what Luis ate since, or maybe he read my post and got angry, but the next night he went off for 33/10/2 with 2 blocks and a steal. How do you like dem apples, hecman!? Then on Monday night he posted 24/6/1. Take that, hecman, you damn foo! Then last night he went and dropped 24/4/9 with a block and two steals. That’s 9 dimes to be clear. How do you like me now, hecman! No question mark needed! Um, I like you quite very much Luis but I think I’d sell you high if I could, after all, while I think you’ll remain serviceable, you’re really not great in the blocks department and your career steals per game and free throw are below average. Continue to ride him or try to move him for nice value quick, quick. You’ve been behooved! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Wesley Matthews – 12/0/2 with 2 threes in 27 minutes. I can’t bring myself to call him Wes. It just doesn’t sound right. Someone asked me yesterday if Wes was a good buy low candidate. My response: Suuuuure.

Jose Calderon/Kyle Lowry – These two knuckleheads managed a combined zero points last night though they did contribute plenty of dimes (22 combined). I advised you to sell Jose high last month before Lowry came back but I’d be happy to buy Kyle low!

Terrence Ross –  26/5/2 with 2 steals and 6 threes in just 25 minutes. Nice minutes to production ratio! Give him a whirl if you think he’ll keep it up, doubt it though. Not consistently anyway.

Marco Belinelli – 2/0/2 in 18 minutes. So much for reports that Rip Hamilton was limited to only 15-20 mpg, he played 30 last night. You know what to do in 3, 2, 1 …

Taj Gibson – 21/11/3 with 4 blocks. I really, really couldn’t have done any better myself!, said Joakim Noah. Noah is expected back Friday but it was a fabulous one game run!

DeMarcus Cousins – 18/16/6 with 2 steals and a block on 7-17 FG. To be clear, I advised you not to sell him low if you were going to sell him. He’s still a beast, outside of the putrid FG killing percentage I mean.

Isaiah Thomas – 8/1/4 with a steal. The worst thing that could happen for IT’s owners is Aaron Brooks getting 29 minutes of run  and the Kings win. That’s what happened. Sigh. Hold and let’s see what happens.

Jason Thompson – 19/10/2 with 3 blocks. I had him as an Add in my December 21 post despite being already owned in 54% of Yahoo! leagues. He’s now up to 55%. Wow, I really moved the dial. Oh well, your loss but continue to hold Sam Dalembert. No, no, I insist!

C.J. Miles –  Moved into the starting lineup and dropped 12/2/0 with a three on 4-13 FG. I’d rather own him over, say, Terrence Ross. Just saying.

Alonzo Gee – 16/10/6 with a three. Continuing to do a little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat. No, he’s not Irish. Nobody on that team is! Maybe Tyler Zeller is a little bit, not sure.

Martell Webster – 0/0/2 with a steal in 14 minutes. I’m not a fan of Martell but the other day I told you he was averaging over 31 mpg over his last 5 and to maybe give him a whirl in deep leagues if you’d like. So much for that!

Jordan Crawford – 20/4/7 with two steals and a three. Is he on your team? He better be on your team!

D.J. Augustin – 18/4/6 with a steal and a three in 37 minutes as he filled in admirably for George Hill. He’s usually, um, not admirable but stream him while he’s starting. Go!

Roy Hibbert – 13/4/4 with a block in 24 minutes. hecman throws his hands up in the air, damn you fantasy basketball!  I know I sound like a broken record but I’d still buy low if I could. Still a long way to go!

Marc Gasol – 5/7/4 with 4 steals on 1-7 FG. Has played poorly over his last 5 which makes him a buy low target. That means don’t sell him low! Reverse psychology!

Avery Bradley – 4 points and nothing else in 20 minutes. I hope you were able to dump Jason Terry on some poor unsuspecting non-hecmanhoops readerlast month like I advised. It’s crowded back there, yo!

O.J. Mayo – 30/3/6 with 3 steals and 4 threes. Well that window closed fast! He’s going to go back to a sell high soon. Talk about mood swings.

Dirk Nowitzki – 19/6/1 with 2 threes. And so it begins, say ciao to the buy low window. Or tchau if you’re from Brazil (or Portugal!). I don’t know how to say bye in German. Sorry!

John Henson – 20/9/3 with a steal on 10-11 FG. Hey Tiago Splitter, look!, Kermit the Frog is in the first row! Swish. Hey, Tiago, look Miss Piggy is eating pork and beans, gross! Swish. You get the idea. Monitor.

Ersan Ilyasova – 3/10/1 with a block and a three in 24 minutes. Ok, we’re trying to figure out Ersan’s role all year. I’ve got it for you. You ready? Can you handle the truth? You can’t handle the truth! He’s averaging just 22.8 mpg on the season. That’s his role. Accept it. Deal with it! Or lose him if you can’t.

Robin Lopez – 12/8/1 in 18 minutes. Did some damage in just 18 minutes but I’m not a fan. As if you didn’t know!

Austin Rivers – 4/1/1 in 17 minutes. He can now be largely ignored in anything but the deepest of leagues. I mean deeeeeep.

Patrick Patterson – 15/10/2 on 7-8 FG. Patrick did some real damage in just 23 minutes against, shall we say, a somewhat soft defense. fRoLo! Anyway, go grab him if he was dropped in your standard league. Hopefully Marcus Morris doesn’t cramp his minutes style going forward. Let’s see how it goes.

Kris Humphries – Oh, hey, look! A Kris Humphries sighting! Let’s say he has some new life with Avery Johnson launched so go ahead and give him a whirl in standard leagues if he was dropped.

Kevin Love – Now shooting .354 FG on the season. Yes, your eyes are working correctly! This is kind of funny to say but if you’re ever going to buy a guy averaging 18.7 ppg/13.8 rpg low, now is the time. He’s that good!

Evan Turner – 13/2/1. He’s kind of slumped lately so if you want to strike while his owner is annoyed, now is the time. He’s a bit like the Katy Perry song, he’s hot and he’s cold, he’s yes and he’s no, etc. He’s mostly yes though!

Matt Barnes – 19/7/3 with 2 threes in 40 minutes. Wow, imagine if he played 40 minutes every night? Just imagine it, it will never happen consistently. Insert sad face emoticon here.

Harrison Barnes – 13/9/4 with a steal, block and a three in 25 minutes. Fell off the fantasy radar in December, looking to resurface in January like the Baby New Year! Or something like that.

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  1. My team is hopeless with 3PM, so I am kicking it over the goal post.

    1) I offered Pierce for Wade, Truth for Flash. Hopefully in return I would get a better FG%, and, most importantly, a decent SG. What do you think?

    2) But if that fails, who do you think I can target next for SG? Kobe? I love his FG% this year, but my higher ranking players are FCs, which defeats the whole purpose of having a high FG% SG, right? S:/

    I need a move, but feels like I am stuck…

  2. @zhushiegau: I think you’ll need to offer more than Pierce to land Wade but try to build a deal around that. Keep the faith, still a long way to go!

  3. same boat

    one for one what players can Kobe be traded for 1 for 1.

    Lebron, Paul, Westbrook, Harden. Can all of these players be traded for 1 for 1 for Kobe.

  4. @jane: Hi, I can’t see anyone dealing Lebron or Westbrook for Kobe and probably not Paul but Harden and Kobe are putting similar numbers. So similar that I’m not sure it’s even wroth swapping them.

    @Sayrus777: Thanks! Not right now, I’d just monitor.

  5. Hey Hec, I am trying to make a move for a big man to help in rebounds, blocks and ftm (weird 11-cat league that adds ftm and fgm). I am thinking of offering Iguodala and either IT or Shved in a 2 for 1. If I can pull it off, would you trade those two for any of the following? Does these seem like a good preference order? Bosh> Randolph> B Lopez > Chandler > Faried . Thanks

  6. Hecman. Te amo.

    On my bench I currently have Bradley Beal, Ed Davis, and Ersan ilyasova.

    Some idiot just dropped Dudley. Same guy who dropped Glen Davis for Nicholson the moment he was injured. Moron. Anyway, I’m definitely claiming Dudley for one of these guys. Also, the same moron dropped Patrick P Patterson a couple weeks ago.

    Do you think I should pick up both Dudmaster and P Patty? If so, which of these fools do you think is droppable?

    Everyone else on my roster is untouchable at this point. My only other guy not 100% owned in Dion Waiters, but I like him a lot more than Beal. Mainly because Beal looks a little bit like Beasley.

  7. @Colin: I’d try to hold onto Shved if possible. I’d bump up Brook one spot if you wanted the extra blocks otherwise, looks about right. Good luck!

    @Blake: Um, gracias? Ha. That’s tough because I do like both Beal and Waiters but I think I’d lose Beal if I were to lose one of them since Jordan Crawford may cut into his time once Wall comes back. I think I’d hold Waiters for now over Paterson.

  8. Check your Magic 8 ball and tell me if Stuckey will play tommorow. Pick him up in a 12-team H2H points league?

  9. BKnight just got put on waivers; do I drop Calderon for him? (I’ve tried to trade Calderon for several weeks with no bites)

    H2H 9 cat, 10 team

    Calderon’s gives me consistent quality A/TO ratio and he seems to be doing so-so with Lowry back. I don’t mind Knight’s putrid FG% since I’m punting that category but I don’t like his A/TO or his FT% weight, but I like the extra points, his more certain minutes and his PG/SG eligibility.

    Thanks as always.

  10. Hec, thanks as always. In my 18 team league H2H, someone dropped Mo because he already has too many injured players. He’s on waivers. Is he worth the stash?

  11. @Nick: Yes, definitely worth a stash, especially in a deep league like that. Guys like Mo don’t come on the waiver wire too often so try to grab him and stash.

  12. Hi sir
    Which of the 3 would you pick up:
    Patrick Patterson
    Kris Humphries

    Thank you very much.

  13. Ok, Hec, we have auction style waiver bid. So I bet the rest of my allocated money of $74. Do you think it’s too early in the season to spend all of my available bid dollars? Or is Mo worth it?

  14. @Mario fifty: Hi, leaning Patterson and Turkoglu if you need the dimes or Hump if you wan the extra boards.

    @Nick: I don’t love the idea of blowing your whole budget in January. I’d lower it a bit but definitely would spend a good amount.

    @Matt: If you can afford to move the threes then yes.

  15. Do you think a trade for Dragic and Nowitzki, giving up Deron and Millsap, would be good? Deron’s value seems to be falling

  16. Hec, would you rather own Elton Brand or Marcus Camby given that Camby just got inserted into the starting lineup?

  17. @Daniel: I think that’s pretty reasonable. I like both guys you’re getting.

    @Nick: Depends no how much others have left. I’d go pretty high so blow most of it, just leave yourself a few bucks. Leaning Brand.

  18. Another question. Would you trade Millsap for Kyrie straight up? I know it sounds like a no brainer, but I’m just worried about his injury risk. His owner is worried about the same thing and has multiple pgs so he’s trying to unload him. What do you think? If I traded for Irving, I’d probably have to trade Knight for a big.

  19. He wants to unload him though. Gotta figure out how to structure a deal. What about Knight/Millsap for Kyrie? Only issue is an 18 team league….really nothing on the wire. So I’m worried about giving up too much depth.

  20. hec, i have a question about yahoo mechanics… no one seems to know the answer so i have to turn to the pro :)

    if i make multiple trade proposals on player X, what happens? if team A accepts, can team B also accept, then i get to choose or something? or does it become locked when the first team accepts it?

    thanks in advance!

  21. @Nick: Try for a two for two where you get a lesser, serviceable forward. Kyrie is a beast so try to make it work if you can.

    @leecase: In my experience where I have sent out multiple offers at a time on Yahoo! I believe the first one accepted will cancel the other deals.

  22. thanks hopefully i’ll find out soon. what do you think about packaging amare/rubio to get one high-end blocker? and what kind of players are ‘fair’ deals? or should i hold? i’m hoping to get some interest from the amare/rubio brand name recognition. i have a games played cap so i dont see much sense in holding both until they become serviceable. my primary blocker is hibbert and as you know he’s not producing much as of late.

  23. Hey Hec,

    I’m not sure what’s going on in my league, but Shved owner dropped him (Miller got picked up, not too worried since Lawson’s MRI was normal. Thanks for the advice to wait on him). Anyway, I’m jonesin’ to p/u Shved. Problem is I had a pretty good draft, and have made some wise WW p/u’s thanks to your advice. Only players I see as UTL players on my team are Ed Davis, Jack, and Jor Crawford. I’d really like to hold Crawford and Jack. Should I drop Davis for Shved? Also have Cousins, Pek (and AK-47), and Hibbert. Other than the Monroe for Jennings trade prior to the start of the season haven’t been able to pull anything else off. What do you think? Will Shved or Ridnour lose more mins when Rubio is healthy? Prob could’ve just asked Shved for Davis, huh? Thanks.

  24. @Me: Yes, I’d go for that.

    @leecase: I like the idea of packaging those two for a shot blocker. Throw out feelers to guys in need of depth. Yes, on Shved and yes, coulda been shorter but it’s all good! ha.

  25. Hec,

    Durant owner offered me this:

    KD + Afflalo for Irving + DMC + Klay

    But I said, I will do:

    Irving + DMC for KD

    Irving + Batum + Klay for KD + Afflalo

    Im gonna try to low the bid, but at what point should I just do the deal?
    This is a keeper league!!

  26. @Vince: Short term it has to be Shved until Amare gets up to speed. Long term leaning Amare but I really do like Shved’s upside.

    @Yum cha: It’s a fantastic offer, will be hard for the Durant owner to turn it down. If you have the depth then sure, go for it otherwise I may hold.

    @NCR: I prefer Batum over Cousins so I’d probably make the DMC one to get rid of his terrible FG.

  27. So based on my team should I drop Amare for Shved? I feel I may need more assists on my team (I used to have Mo Williams as well but dropped him cos he’s out for 6 weeks) and my reb should be set will randolph and varejao but I’m not sure!

    PG Lawson, Conley, Jennings
    SG Eric Gordon, Paul George
    SF Carmelo, Pierce, Gerald Wallace
    PF Zach Randolph, Amare
    C Brook Lopez, Varejao, Drummond

  28. @Vince: Any way you can trade Amare + 1 for an upgrade somewhere then grab Shved? I’d explore that first before outright dropping Amare.

  29. hey hec,

    Would you suggest picking up Derrick Rose or Danny Granger around this time?

    Also, who should I drop to pick them up?
    Gerald Henderson
    Jordan Crawford
    Jarrett Jack
    Jared Dudley

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