Alexey Shved be on your team!

Back in November I explained how among the many amazing things Jeremy Lin did last year, the greatest of them all was giving us the gift of knowing how many “dead” Yahoo! fantasy basketball leagues existed. Here’s how we knew, before Jeremy Lin became Jeremy Lin he was around 1% owned. After Jeremy Lin became Jeremy Lin his ownership shot up to 92%. 92% was his peak ownership last year and that was his ownership in November, 2012. Using my incredible detective and deductive reasoning skills, circumstantial evidence and what not, I surmised that Jeremy Lin was playing so well and became so famous that he would have been added in at least 99% of all leagues that were active. I gave a 1% cushion figuring that maybe he wasn’t grabbed in those highly enjoyable 4 and 6 team leagues. Sooo, 92% was really 99% and add that 1% for super shallow leagues and whallah!, you can reasonably assume that 93% of all Yahoo! leagues were active and 7% were dead. How cool is that?? Other young players like Kyrie Irving were also only around 92% owned. Anyway, it appears that the Yahoo! gods must have been reading hecmanhoops because apparently they have updated and removed many, if not all, the “dead” leagues that existed. Kyrie Irving is now listed as 100% owned, Anthony Davis is 98% owned. Over at ESPN, both Irving and Davis are listed at 100% owned. Soooo, now we know, the ownership percentages at both Yahoo! and ESPN for fantasy basketball are pretty much currently accurate for all active leagues. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee, let the good times roll, baby! God, I really need to get a life. Hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday! Let’s get to it shall we? (Please note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!)


Bradley Beal – 53% – Back on December 14 and December 21, I recommended you grab Bradley when he was 57% owned, now he’s down to 53% owned yet was named Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for December. Does this make any sense to you? Feel free to ignore me I guess, I don’t know anything anyway.

Matt Barnes – 42% – Keeps on rolling along, a little bit of points, a little bit of threes, a little bit of boards, even a little bit of blocks! Show him a little bit of love.

Hedo Turkoglu – 35% – He was a point guard in his previous life.

Rodney Stuckey – 34% – Yes, yes, I know, again. Go ahead and mock away.

Andre Drummond – 31% – Better get on the Drummond train before you wish you did but didn’t!

Alexey Shved – 30% – Oh, right, the lead in! If you have room, Alexey is playing well enough to be owned in 10 team leagues right now. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 34.6 mpg/15 ppg/3.6 rpg/4.8 apg/.450 FG/.857 FT/2 3PM. He can’t sustain that with Ricky Rubio back but I think he can be close with 30 mpg. What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for-or-or. Like the song! Gosh, I love that song. It’s a good song!

Ed Davis – 28% – It’s Ed and Amir Johnson. That’s all they gots right now!

Byron Mullens – 25% – Dropped like a hot potato. Or Po-ta-to if you’re from England. Stash if you have room.

Patrick Patterson – 25% – Time to grab him again, quick, quick.

Amir Johnson – 20% – See Ed Davis like three inches above, or something like that. Don’t make me repeat myself!

C.J. Miles – 15% – Starting, don’t know how long it’ll last but go grab him. You can always lose him!

Richard Hamilton – 10% – Go ahead and take a whirl until he gets hurt again. That could be any second so better hurry.

Terrence Ross – 8% – Worth a flier in deep leagues. Who knows when he’ll explode again though.

Jamal Tinsley – 5% – Cheap dimes, y’all! Who doesn’t like cheap dimes?

Hakim Warrick – 5% – Minutes, points and boards. Minutes, points and boards. Ok, got it, check.

Charlie Villanueva – 5% – It’s reigning threes, Allelujah, it’s raining threes. Or is it Hallelujah?

D.J. Augustin – 4% – Stream if George Hil is to miss more time.

Lavoy Allen – 3% – For a deep league center you could do worse, said Sam Dalembert.

Andrew Nicholson (2%) and Gustavo Ayon (3%) – Monitor these two boneheads. I’d lean Ayon assuming his little thigh bruise is all better.


Ersan Ilyasvoa – 70% – As I said yesterday, he’s averaging 22.6 mpg on the season. Accept it or lose him!

Michael Beasley – 57% – He’s DOA, don’t let your team be DOA. I care!

Brandon Bass – 45% – Have you seen what he’s done the last 6 weeks? Nothin’!

Sam Dalembert – 35% – He doesn’t even play!

Wilson Chandler – 33% – He doesn’t even play, part 2!

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  1. Hello and Happy Friday!!

    Is Alexy Shved a must own player in a 10 team H2H league (7 cats, no %s or TO)? Will he get solid playing time all season? There’s a limit on how many moves I can make in this league, so I only want to pick up Shved if it is a good long term move.

    Would you drop Beal, Leonard, Stuckey, or Hayward for him.

    Thanks a ton!

  2. PS – Leonard is horrible and it sounds like his high value comes from 9 cat leagues. since I play in a 7 cat league I’m leaning towards cutting him for Shved. is that a good idea?

    thanks again

  3. @Adrian: I think he’s starting to get to 10 team ownership status. It’s a bit crowded there once Rubio gets up to speed but he’s the SG of the future and think he’ll still get nice run. I’d probably lose Stuckey for him only because he seems to get hurt more often than Hayward.

  4. @KeithyP: Ha, I got sidetracked by the ownership percentage news. In short, Alexey really should be grabbed in 10 team leagues and beyond right now. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 34.6 mpg/15 ppg/3.6 rpg/4.8 apg/.450 FG/.857 FT/2 3PM. He can’t sustain that with Rubio back but I think he can be close with 30 mpg.

  5. What is your view on Robin Lopez this year so far and for the remaining games? It seems like he has been playing well with Antony Davis in the line up with him, but there has been a slight drop lately in his production.

    As you know, I am giving up 3PM, so I am thinking of offering MWP for Robin. Is that too much?

  6. Nelson, Collison, DeRozan, Knight, Wallace, Redick, Nene, Kaman, Robin Lopez, and Kawhi are available in my league. Who would you recommend picking up?

  7. @Daniel, I think that depends on what you need on your team. Nelson or Collison offers different stats than, say, Kaman and Robin Lopez.

  8. @Zhushiegau: I prefer MWP, I’m not totally sold on Robin so I would lean toward not doing that.

    @Taylor080: If you can deal with the hit in FG, I’d lose him for Beal. I wouldn’t drop him for Tinsley.

    @Daniel: Depends on who you’re dropping. If you need dimes then Nelson. Points then go for DeMar. A little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat then Kawhi. Of the big men, I’d go Kaman.

  9. Hec, I know you’re typically against vetoes and I am too. But a trade just occurred where a lot of ppl are questioning the validity of it. Kyrie/Hayward for Teague/Shved. What are your thoughts?

  10. hi Hecman,

    I just read that Glen Davis could be back in 2 weeks. should he be picked up if he was dropped to the wire in a 10 team H2H league. do you think he will get the same big minutes when he returns?


  11. @Adrian: Yes, he should be picked up, I don’t see any reason why he won’t continue doing what he was doing before he got hurt assuming he’s healthy.

  12. Hey Hec!

    I know you don’t like Eric Gordon because of his inability to stay healthy. However, when he is healthy, I think he is one of the best SGs in fantasy. So assuming he does, somehow stay healthy for the remainder of the season, would trading him for David Lee be a good move? I only have Pekovic, Ryan Anderson, and Jason Thompson as my centers. Would a healthy Gordon be too much to give up? I could possibly pursue Kevin Love with this deal but his owner is known to overvalue his players and undervalue everyone else. He may want Gordon and another star or two. Noah might be a possibility as well. What do you think?

  13. Hec, in your opinion, who is more stashable in an 18 team league, Bogut or Mo? It’s daily h2h so stashing does hurt us. But like my previous posts, I’ll prob be in 2nd place after this week and close to 1st. I think I can afford one stash.

  14. Thanks for the earlier advice Hec!

    Would you do a trade to get Nowitzki, Gay, Dragic, and KG and give up DWill, Ryan Anderson, and Paul Pierce?

  15. would you continue to hold on to isaiah thomas despite the murky coaching decisions by smart. or drop him for beal or patterson?

  16. Good, because I already spent $60 of my waiver budget to get him! Let’s hope he comes back in time for playoffs.

  17. How about Jared Dudley for Hickson? Am I giving up too much? I am good on threes but weak on steals and rebounds.

  18. Sorry Hec! One more post!

    If I want to try and trade for Dragic, Nowitzki, Kobe, or Kirilenko and am willing to trade Harden, Pierce, or DWill, what sort of trade combinations do you see? Of course it’d be best if he’d trade those 4 for my 3, but if he won’t, what other scenarios do you see?

  19. @Daniel: I think the 2 for 2 is most realistic and reasonable.

    @phanna: I like the Hickson side.
    @JT: if Redick doesn’t get burn tonight then I would.

  20. Still got a few sheckles to play with ha. Let’s hope my team stays healthy, as a healthy Mo during the playoffs could put me over the top.

  21. Hey Hec,

    Three questions in one day is ridiculous, I know. But I am contemplating taking a gamble. Since I love gambling, I need someone to keep me from making a mistake. I have a great team (listed below) and I have a good lead on first place. Is it a good idea to stash Bynum? I have a droppable Andre Miller.

    G- Lin, Eric Gordon, Curry, Miller, Dragic, Jordan Crawford

    F- Lebron, Deng, Dudley, Durant

    C- Anderson, Pekovic, Jason Thompson

  22. Would you trade Iggy and IT for B Lopez? What about for Metta and Rubio? Preference? 11-cat h2h with ftm and fgm added. I have ability to stash.Thanks

  23. Team A receives: Kyrie Irving/ Klay Thompson

    Team B receives: Brandon Jennings/Jeremy Lin/ Favors / Isiah Thomas

    Which side wins the trade and is it fair?

  24. Hi Hec,

    I have Isaiah Thomas and Ersan and thinking whether to keep em or lose em. I’m looking at Stuckey and Sessions as available pick-ups. THoughts on who to keep/drop?

    Thanks as always!

  25. @phanna: I’d roll with Miller a bit longer.

    @Me: The Lopez deal.

    @FG7: I like the A side. It’s reasonable if the league values players like Favors and IT2.

    @David: I’d lose Ersan for Stuckey and hold IT2 a bit longer.

    @tommy: Sure, Carmelo is fetching a lot there.

    @yumcha: Depends on who you’re dropping.

  26. was wondering what’s your take on john henson? he got 2 solid back2back games now but nobody knows what’s on skiles mind haha

  27. Hey Hec!
    Would you drop Amir J, Ersan Ilyasova, or byombo for any of the following:

    Tinsely (I kind of need dimes)

    Or maybe see if someone would take Ersan in a trade?


  28. i’ve got a spot to stash an injured star. so i’m dropping a nobody i guess.

    it’s between favors, rose, and granger.

    favors can contribute now but his ceilling won’t be as high as rose’s (u would think) and it’ll probably only happen after the late feb trade deadline (assuming jazz trades aljeff/milsap).

    rose can’t contribute much now but his ceilling is the highest. yet he is coming off a bad injury.

    granger can’t contribute for another month or so and he is so injury prone.


  29. Hi Hec,

    The Sanders owner was hesitant to answer definitively, so I looked around for other targets. How does Kaman + Matt Barnes for Tyson Chandler sound to you? I’m really worried about Barnes’ minutes once Grant Hill returns, and I think he’s already at his peak at this point value wise.

    Thanks again!

  30. hi hec, im trying to get my hands on Durant. What are you thoughts on trading dirk + Holiday for KD? And one more question, Cousins is beasting right now; is this the sign of more consistent play or time to sell high?

  31. … noting that while Miles is capable of more explosive games, he only has two four-game weeks in the next 3 months whereas the other two have quite a crowded schedule.

  32. @nbaball: Seems worth grabbing if you don’t have much to drop, you can always lose him.

    @alistar: I’d probably lose Biyombo and Ersan for Hedo and Patterson.

    @Yumcha: I’d probably stash Granger unless you needed the help now in which case I’d grab Favors.

    @decaf: If Barnes continues to produce you may slightly lose but, end of the day, you’re still getting the best player in the deal without giving up anyone vital so sure, go for it.

    @Onair: Leaning Brewer if you could use Hedo’s extra few dimes.

    @boleros: Sure, worth a shot, you can always lose Henson.

    @Brando: To get one of the big studs of fantasy, Lebron or Durant you always have to give a bunch and Dirk and Holiday is a great offer. If you have a little depth then go for it. I’d only sell Cousins for full value if he was hurting your FG.

    @Spursfan21: He’s definitely been better since early December. I think what you see is what you get with him. Adding him depends on the drop.

    @Andrew: Leaning Jack.

  33. I need a pick up and play for tomorrow(sunday) only. (H2H points) Beal, Ben Gordon, Sefolosha, Temple, Maxiell, Speights, C.Brewer, Warrick, Biyombo, S.Brown, Seraphin, Haywood or Jordan Hill?

  34. Thanks! Should i consider dropping Waiters for Tinsley, Salmons, Henson, T.Douglas, Foye or Dorell Wright? Will any of these perform better than Waiters tonight in H2H pts? (not thinking long term now)

  35. @@Ifctor: Henson is on a roll so if you feel like gambling with him then ok otherwise I’d stick with Waiters. Henson is very hit or miss because of that coach of his so no guarantees with him.

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