Saturday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

By: John Fortney – Staff Writer

No Love for K-Love!

Our worst fears were revealed last night just before the games started when the Minnesota Timberwolves announced that Kevin Love re-broke that finger he broke before the season. The T-Wolves just cannot buy a break with Rubio being out for most of the season, Love breaking his finger (on shooting hand), Twice!! and to top it off, Nikola Pekovic (21/15) left in the 3rd quarter with an injured groin. Pek’s injury doesn’t sound too serious so don’t worry too much about him as he will be a beast while Love is out. Love will miss 4-6 weeks which is exactly what the timetable was the first time he broke the finger. They are saying that the break is not related to the earlier one, but I’m not buying that for a second. You’re telling me he just so happened to break the same finger on the same hand in about the exact same spot? Oh, sure. Either way, broken is broken, so your adds will be Dante Cunningham (10/12/3blk) and Derrick Williams (186/2). I like Cunningham as long as he start and D-Will should also be nice, but he will be very streaky so be aware. I own Love in a few places and will not be dropping him. In the meantime, well just have to hope K-love drinks more milk stays away from doing push-ups, pray for a speedy recovery and try and stay a float for playoffs….

Here’s the best (and Worst) of the Rest….

Avery Bradley – 6/4/1/1/1 – Will improve slowly as minutes go up so be patient if you own him.

Jared Sullinger – 8/9/blk – Has been really nice off the bench and Doc Rivers was quoted to saying that he wished Sullinger could play more minutes. Well Doc, the good news is that Hostess is going out of business. Deep Leaguers might want to take a look if you need boards.

Josh Smith – 12/10/5/2/3 – Played through that Hip Flexor issue. Keep him in your lineup.

Marcus Camby – 2/1/4 –  Got another start and played just 13 minutes. I don’t think he can make any fantasy impact unless he gets 20 or more minutes. Just monitor.

Amare Stoudemire – 11/4 – Had 16 minutes off the bench. His minutes will slowly rise so be patient if you are forced to own him.

Andrew Nicholson – 11/2/stl/blk – Got another start but was pretty quiet. He’s going to be streaky but should only be owned in deep leagues.

Josh McRoberts – 2/10/5 – Got 30 minutes and was given the task of guarding Carmelo Anthony (40/6/6) all night. Good Luck next time MCBOB! I don’t see him getting 30 minutes regularly so just monitor for now.

Roy Hibbert – 20/15/5blk – The time to buy low is fading away quickly.

John Henson – 6/13/1/1/2blk – Has been getting a lot of run right now and got even more with Ersan Ilyasova (Sore ankle – day to day) out last night. It should be noted that he did get in some foul trouble last night so his line could’ve been better. I like him as an add in most leagues. Especially if you are carrying dead weight.

George Hill – 14/8/4 Returned so get him back in your lineup.

Andray Blatche (15/11/2/1/2) and Reggie Evans (7/12/2) – Got a lot of run in a blowout where Kris Humphries was also out.

Greg Smith – 11/11 – Greg will be hit or miss considering he had only 3 minutes in the last contest.

Patrick Patterson – 15/6/2/blk Is rounding back into form. Make sure he’s not on your waivers in 12 ™ leagues or deeper.

Anderson Varejao – Word is that AV will practice Tuesday and will play Wednesday. Lets just hope they are telling us the truth.

CJ Miles (9/3/stl in 26 min) started and Dion Waiters (13/5/1 in 29 min) came off the bench. I still like Waiters better than Miles but not in shallow leagues. They both will be very streaky.

Eric Gordon – 14/2/1/4 – Moved into the starting lineup and was not bad. He should improve and while he is doing that, you should be actively trying to sell him.

Al-Farouq Aminu – 10/13/3/3/1 – Got the start and had a nice game, but I don’t see it continuing. If you would like to stream him for a while til he falls back to earth, go for it. I’m staying away.

Anthony Davis – 4/1 Was benched for unknown reasons. My guess is it was a blown defensive assignment and Monty Williams was just puffing his chest out. Either way, don’t fret. Your young stud will be just fine.

Kawhi Leonard – 2/9/1/stl – Im not high on Kawhi so I don’t own him anywhere. If you do, just know this is what you will get from night to night.

Ty Lawson – 14/1/4/1/1 – returned to the starting lineup. Get him back in your starting lineup.

Eric Bledsoe – 17/3/3/1/1 – Deep Leaguers be aware. Bledsoe is starting to get consistent minutes and is playing well.

Lamar Odom – 4/3/2/1/1 – Lamar’s minutes will fluctuate on a nightly basis but he should be better than this on most nights.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you next weekend!

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  1. @Bill – yes.

    @Boleros – I wouldn’t unless you really need boards or blocks. Mullens and Warrick will be returning so we’ll have to see what happens with minutes when they return.

  2. Was offered his Aldridge and Thaddeus Young for my Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson… pulling the trigger on this one as fast as possible, good idea?

    Also how would you rank the waiver wire big men: Amir Johnson, Ed Davis, Henson, Tristan thompson…How does BJ blow job Mullens fit in there when he gets back?

    Any feedback is awesome, thanks!

  3. what would be a fair trade for marc gasol or greg monroe that would least hurt my team?

    *i am willing to offer 2 players for these monsters.

    my team is composed of:

    kyle lowry
    james harden
    OJ Mayo
    gordon hayward
    ersan ilyasova
    Paul Milsap
    Anthony Davis
    Ed Davis
    Ricky Rubio
    Jrue Holiday
    Matt Barnes
    Jason Thompson

    Thanks and More power!

  4. @mitch – Do that deal now. I would rank them Davis, Henson (Only if the playing time keeps up), Amir, Thompson. I see Mullens returning about the same value he was before he was hurt. Thomas would be the only new addition to threaten his minutes.

  5. @tenten – Try packaging two of the following: Mayo, Hayward, Barnes, Thompson. Maybe throw Ed Davis or Milsap on there with Mayo for either of those guys.

  6. Thanks for the reply! trade accepted and Ed Davis added lol…another quick one? I’m already way out in front of my league currently and one of the bottom dwellers is a Kevin Love owner, given that I’m very confident in making the playoffs would you suggest trying to make a deal for Love that would put him on my team for the stretch run? How much would you give up for him at this point…what would you think about moving any one or two of these guys for Love:
    Metta WP
    George Hill
    Larry Sanders
    Thad Young

    Thanks again!

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