Give Ersan Ilyasuckova a second chance!

Last night, as most of us lay our heads down on our soft, fluffy pillows and dreamily slept, Milwaukee, or Mil-a-wa-ke, if you’re Alice Cooper, fired their coach. Good riddance Scott Skiles, I’m really going to miss you. Not! So what does this mean for fantasy basketball you ask? Good question, excellent question, so glad you asked! Well, for starters go ahead and spec grab Ersan Ilyasova if he was dropped. Go ahead and grab John Henson if he’s still floating around out there. Larry Sanders should continue to do what he do, he better at least! I expect (and hope) these three players to benefit the most. As for Sam Dalembert, meh. Drew Gooden? You old, she pregnant! Just monitor. Hell, monitor all the rest, hopefully we’ll see the minutes play out quick but this may take a while as the new coach experiments, let’s see how it goes. I’m praying for you, Ersan! You can always lose him again if he farts on your pillow. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday:

Kevin Seraphin – 19/5/0 in 38 minutes as Nene Hilario sat out with knee tendinitis. Upside, upside, upside, mmmm-mmm-mmm. Say like it like an old black man from the South. It sounds way better!

Bradley Beal – 22/5/4 with a steal and 5 threes. He’s now 60% owned in Yahoo! leagues. Still too low but I’m not gonna beg you.

Trevor Ariza – 3/3/2 with a steal on 1-6 FG. He’s back just in time to sabotage your percentages. If that’s your thing anyway. I wouldn’t rush to add him unless I was desperate. Hey, I’m desperate sometimes!

Avery Bradley – 13/3/5 with a steal and a three as Rajon Rondo watched from the sky box. Actually, I don’t know where he watched from but sky box sounds like a reasonable educated guess. I’d temper expectations on Bradley assuming everyone is healthy. This aint no last year when he was heavily relied upon!

Tyson Chandler – 13/17/1 with no blocks. Tyson is having a great year but he’s only swatting the ball .9 x per and stealing the basketball .7 x per. He’s also shooting just .685 FT. Yep, I’m hecman downer. Sorry!

C.J. Miles – 15/3/0 with 2 steals and 4 threes in 24 starter’s minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dion Waiters posted 18/6/1 with a steal in 28 minutes off the bench. The other day, in my 14 year old teen-age girl helium voice, I told you to hold Dion despite the fact that he’s currently coming off the bench. I hope you did!

Richard Hamilton – 8/2/3 with a steal in 21 minutes. Marco Belinelli dropped 15 points and 3 threes in 25 minutes and Nate Robinson posted 14/1/7 with 3 threes in 24 minutes. The game was a blow out though so I’m not reading much into any of these lines. Assign same value for each player as you had yesterday morning. If you assigned any value to them in the first place I mean.

Kawhi Leonard –  10/3/1 with a steal, a block and 2 threes on 4-6 FG. I’m getting a lot of complaints about Kawhi lately but I want to remind you this is what I told you about him back on December 21Kawhi Leonard – 45% – A little bit of steals in my life, a little bit of threes by my side, a little bit of rebounds is all I need, a little bit of solid percents all night long. Kawhi Number 5! Let’s recount his apparent “shitty” stat line from last night, shall we? 4-6 FG. Nice! 1 steal. Nice! 2 threes. Nice! 1 block. Nice! Double digit points. Nice! That’s a lot of nice things, man!

Al-Farouq Aminu – 4/10/3 with 3 steals in 37 minutes. Go ahead and take a whirl on Al-Farouq if he was dropped which, undoubtedly and reasonably, he probably was. Better hurry or he may put a fatwah on you, hurry along now.

Dirk Nowitzki – Returned to the starting 5 and posted 20/5/5 with 2 threes. Vince Carter dropped 7/7/2 with a steal and a three in 21 minutes off the bench. Start thinking about launching Vince if you’d like. Don’t do it yet, just monitor his minutes. He had averaged 27 mpg over his last 10.

Gordon Hayward – 27/6/5 with a steal and 4 threes in 34 minutes. When he’s getting north of 30 minutes (like he did consistently second half last year) I loooove Gordon. When he’s getting 26 mpg, I’m just eh. I don’t recommend you hold your breath. You may turn blue!

Alec Burks – 13/4/0 with a steal and a three in 22 minutes. Here’s what I told you back on December 27 about Alec: Alec Burks – 9/8/2 in 24 minutes. It’s a bit crowded in Utah to fill the void left by the mystery that is Mo Williams’ thumb injury. Right now Jamal Tinsley is your Huckleberry, Earl Watson could sneak in there and Alec Burks who is only 21 and 6’6 is also creeping into the rotation. Monitor Alec, I’d love to see him get burn. Maybe I’ll email Tyrone Corbin but I don’t know his email address! Yep, I know, I know, I blurbed about Alec Burks weeks ago, I’m a geek, what else can I say! Spec grab him in deeep leagues and monitor elsewhere.

Wayne Ellington – 26/1/4 with a steal and 6 threes on 10-11 FG in 26 minutes. Here’s what I said about Wayne back on November 12: Wayne Ellington – 25/1/3 with a whopping 7 threes. I’ve seen him do this in Minnesota. I’ve also seen Martell Webster do this at times in Minnesota and the other night he did it in Washington. Now Wayne just did it in Memphis. I think I may cry. Monitor. Or don’t. Your call. By my calculations, check back with me in early March for another Wayne blurb. 

Isaiah Thomas – 9/2/4 on 2-12 FG in 29 starter’s minutes. Tyreke Evans returned and played 12 minutes and Marcus Thornton is still feeding the birds out behind ARCO Arena. I’m tempering expectations on Isaiah for now. Is it still called ARCO Arena?

Thomas Robinson – 8/12/0 with a steal in 21 minutes. Getting a bit of burn but with Jason Thompson playing so well and DeMarcus Cousins beasting, I don’t see Thomas getting onto the fantasy radar in standard leagues at the moment. Monitor or spec grab in deeeep leagues. Your call!

Wesley Matthews – 24/3/4 with a steal, two blocks and 4 threes. Here’s what I told you on January 3Wesley Matthews – 12/0/2 with 2 threes in 27 minutes. I can’t bring myself to call him Wes. It just doesn’t sound right. Someone asked me yesterday if Wes was a good buy low candidate. My response: Suuuuure. I hope he did! As an aside, all the starters on Portland played at least 42 minutes. No other player played more than 15. Thank you for fantasy basketball clarity, said Scott Skiles!

Josh McRoberts – 12/6/8 with a block and two threes in 39 minutes. Stream him while Gustavo Ayon remains sidelined. With Ayon, Andrew Nicholson and Josh all healthy I’m just meh about him though. McShocking! >>>>>>> lame

J.J. Redick – 29/1/5 with a block and 6 threes in 39 minutes. Exhale. I know you were almost turning blue! Carry on and hope for more.

Hedo Turkoglu – 0/0/1 in 5 minutes. I don’t know if Hedo in Turkish means “sucks” but it should! Lose him.

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  1. Hello Hecman,

    Who is the better player to own long term, in a 10 team H2H league (7 cats, no percentages or turnovers)?

    I’m leaning towards Beal but I’m worried he’ll take a huge hit once Wall returns


  2. Hecman..the world’s all atwitter with skiles going bye bye. Good riddance. I’m dying for assists. I have Beal, Rubio, Brandon knight. Henson’s available, so is shved. I guess we find out tonight if Rubio eats into shved’s minutes. With drummer available, should I try to swing a trade with j hickson and knight for high assist guy and pick up drummer, shved, henson to compensate? Thanks.

  3. Hi Hec,

    I asked someone if he would trade his Bosh for my Varejao and Matt Barnes. I realize I am overpaying a bit here, but I’m looking at it long term and I’m banking on Bosh being sturdier than Varejao and getting consistent minutes until season’s end. Your thoughts?

    Also, what do you think of Hibbert’s fantasy value once Granger returns? Is he worth targeting now that Granger is scheduled to return in a few weeks?


  4. Hey i’ve been stashing drose all year because i’m a chicago fan and love him, and with love recently going down, i’m not sure if i can afford to hold him in my weekly 12 team 8 cat H2H league. Is trying to trade kLove to a team that has a pretty good record right now (only people that would take him) a good move? We only have 3 bench spots so i’m really stuck. And should i trade him in a 2 for 1 and possibly lose a lot of value or try to pair him with someone else to trade for a superstar?

  5. I just heard that Ilyasova is officially in the starting lineup for the Bucks. should I drop Stuckey for him? I want to wait to see how many minutes he gets tonight, but I’m worried someone may swoop on him by then.

    thanks again

  6. Hey Hec, I like the fact Ilysova is starting again but I like my team do ya anybody is droppable

    PG: Irving, Nash, Teague, Rubio
    SG: Thompson, Beal
    SF: Smith, Parsons
    PF: Ryan Anderson, Faried, Vucevic, and Larry Sanders
    C: Gortat

  7. Hec, I read that Mo Williams will just be getting his cast off in 6 weeks. Then the rehab will start. A return in early March sounds likely. Is that too long to stash someone? This is for my 18 team league. I mean I can afford the stash right now. But at what point do I throw in the towel and drop him?

  8. Hey Hec,

    Jose Calderon’s available on my 10-team league’s waiver wire and he’s been playing well even with the return of Lowry. I’m thinking about picking him up although I’m a bit guard heavy as it is.

    Any advice? Here’s my team – Im giving up blocks and TOs:

    Jennings, Ellis, CP3, Lou, Jordan Crawford, Raymond Felton (stashing)

    Dudley, D Lee, Luol Deng

    KG, Vucevic, Patterson, JJ Hickson

    PS: Jamison, Blatche, and Hayward are also FAs – might they be preferable to calderon for my team?


  9. Im in a 12tm daily league with no cap on games played. 8cat Roto. We start 4G, 4F, 2C. There are many nights when my 3rd C is on my bench with a full slate of games. Im thinking maybe the 3rd C is not that important in this format. Unless of course an injury occurs.

    My C are Noah, Bosh, Pek

    Team in my league is looking for a C and offering up Teague so I was thinking Pek & Sessions for Teague & Blatche. Go with blatche as my 3rd C.

    My Gs are Westbrook, Harden, Felton (DL), Kev Martin, Waiters, Sessions

    What are your thoughts on this strategy?

  10. Hey Hec,

    Marcus Thornton and Raymond Felton were both just dropped. Do I try to snag one with my waiver pick? (Yahoo, 9cat, 12 team).

    Possible people to drop: Beal, IT, Jason Richardson, Jason Kidd, John Henson (picked up to see if he’ll get minutes)


  11. @Nick: I’d continue to stash him unless you really need a player now to help.

    @Colonel Kitchen: I’d roll with Hayward but you really don’t have anyone to drop.

    @TG26: Sure, I don’t love Blatche for Sessions though. I think you’re overpaying a bit and think you can probably do a bit better.

    @alister: Sure, go for it.

  12. @davidR: With only 3 bench spots try to move Love either for the best player straight that you can get or in the 2 for 1 if your wire has reasonable options.

  13. @Robert: You don’t have any obvious drop. It’s a long shot but you’ll need to make a 2 for 1 quick then use open slot to add Ersan if he’s still on your wire.

  14. Hola Hec, i have a team comprising of

    Lou Williams
    Eric Gordon
    Kevin Martin
    Danny Granger
    Antawn Jamison
    Tyreke Evans
    Dwight Howard
    Larry Sanders
    Luol Deng
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Rajon Rondo
    Tim Duncan
    DeMar DeRozan

    Players Like Calderon, Stuckey, Bynum, Glen Davis, Bradley Beal and Michael Kidd -Gilchrist are FA and im ahead by 16 games. Do you think i should pick Glen Davis up now or Bynum is better

  15. @Mwiinga: I like your team as is, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. That said, if/when Jamison does nothing, I’d lose him for Big Baby or Beal.

  16. Hi Hec,

    Who would you drop for either Glen Davis and Raymond Felton (or both)? They are both available. I’m in first place, but by only 2 games.

    I have:

    JR Smith
    Mike Conley
    Jrue Holiday
    Danny Granger
    Luis Scola
    Paul Pierce
    Marcin Gortat
    JJ Redick
    Nikola Vucevic
    Marc Gasol
    Jamal Crawford
    Blake Griffin

  17. Marcus Thorton has been such a pain (H2H, 9-cat 12 teams), is it ok to drop for any of the following:

    Alexey Shved
    Jarrett Jack
    Bradley Beal

    I’d appreciate it, thanks!

  18. I have the following btw:

    Ty Lawson
    Wesley Matthews
    Kevin Durant
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Marcin Gortat
    Damian Lillard
    Nikola Pekovic
    Larry Sanders

    Marcus Thornton
    Matt Barnes

    Currently 2nd in the league FOR NOW, getting kicked around 3-6 currently.
    Also thinking if I should bring back Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (had him before, dropped for Barnes).


  19. @jonathan: Thornton has no business being on anyone’s team right now in a shallow league such as yours. Monitor Barnes and lose him for Jack if Grant Hill cuts into his time once he’s back.

  20. I was offerred Gerald Wallace and Al Jeffy for Blake and Mayo…. What do you think? he’s definitely trying to buy low on mayo but i just don’t think wallace holds much value… SHOULD I PULL DA TRIGGER?

  21. Sup hec! Love the site, and the podcast. Keep up the good work! Here’s my team, 12 team H2H 9 cat league

    PG CP3, Jameer, Calderon
    SG Harden, George Hill
    SF Matt Barnes, Paul George
    PF Thad Young, Ilyasova, Glen Davis
    C Marc Gasol, Pekovic, Gortat

    Beal, Korver, Alan anderson, Drummond are on the waiver, should I drop Calderon and/Or Barnes for any of these guys?? Currently in 1st place, up by 9 games.


  22. Is Ed Davis worth my 2nd waiver pick?

    I need rebounds badly in my daily h2h league. my only real rebounders are hibbert, pau + small fwd army (bron, harden, batum, tyreke)

  23. hey hec,
    Any one out of patterson, drummond or amir johnson worth dropping and stashing for mullens?
    probably hold right?

  24. Would you drop G.Henderson for Seraphin? and Who would you start tonight? Cunningham or Derrick Will? Thanks Idol!

  25. Hey Hec!

    Do you like either of the trades for me?

    1) I give Kyrie/Monroe/Patrick Patterson for LMA/AK47/Joe Johnson

    2) I give Kyrie/Monroe/MWP for LMA/AK47/Dragic

    I’m not sure I can get the second trade, so if that you prefer that would you still take the first trade if the second is rejected? I like Kyrie and Monroe, but feel that LMA & AK47 have much better fantasy playoff schedules.


  26. would you drop j.jack for any of these hot FAs: Patterson/Henson/Blatche/CJ Miles/Derrick Williams/Andre Miller? Thanks!

  27. this is from another league: would you hold on to Marion and Deandre? or drop them for these hot FAs: Blatche/Henson/V.Carter and DerrickWill? Thanks

  28. henson produced but he just got 19 minutes off the bench! and sanders was as you said! same or better hahaha. kinda lost with decisions on henson tho. i dont know if he can keep that up on a 19 minutes/game basis

  29. Hey hec! Should I trade away Paul George to get Cousins? I need some elite rebounds and do you think im still good in 3s if I trade George? Thanks man. My team below:

    12 team H2H 9cats

    Kyrie, Curry, Jrue
    Harden, Matthews
    Batum, George, Gay
    Noah, Sanders
    MarcGasol, Hibbert

  30. @nbaball: He produced last night so hopefully he earned some more minutes going forward. Hold and hope for the best.

    @JohnyG: If you can carry Cousins’ poor FG then sure go for it. You look fine in threes.

  31. @Baller: Thanks for the kind words and for reading and listening! Team looks good, hold for now but if Calderon dips then I’d lose him for Beal.

  32. Yes I think I can stomach Cousins’s FG%, because George’s FG% isnt good either. The past two weeks Cousins has pretty good %s and his free throw shooting is improving, leaning towards accepting the deal. Good move right? Thanks for caring man.

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