Eric Bledsoe much it was like a stream(er)

Last night Chris Paul sat out with a swollen knee and will probably miss tonight’s game, as well. If you’re interested please feel to grab Eric Bledsoe as a streamer everywhere. All he did last night in Paul’s stead was drop 14/3/4 with 2 steals in 28 minutes as the Clips blew out Memphis. Assuming the game is more competitive tonight I’d expect Eric to be closer to 35 minutes and that makes for a streaming bonanza! Or Bonanza if you’re into old school TV shows. Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Arron Afflalo – 2/2/3 on 1-11 FG. For someone you got for his percents this was an unimpressive showing. Um, you think, hecman?

Glen Davis – 13/4/1 with 2 blocks in 18 minutes. Carry on as before he got hurt but I might think about moving him if you could. Shoulder injuries are scuurrreeee.

Emeka Okafor – 19/11/2 with a block. Nothing to say, he his who he is, i.e. Someone worth owning! Or to wit instead of i.e., if you want to get all legalese about it.

Hakim Warrick – 16/4/3 with 2 steals in 34 minutes. Still only 2% owned in Yahoo! leagues. I know he’s not all that but 2%? Seems a tad bit low for a guy getting some burn. Dontcha think?

Jason Terry – 0/0/2 with a steal in 15 minutes. Nights like this are why I encouraged you to move him last month after a few hot games. Don’t say I didn’t try. Don’t you do it! Mmmm-mmm. Don’t even try it.

Lou Williams – 4/1/3 in 21 minutes. It’s not really worth mentioning any Hawks on a night they only scored 58 points but I’ll nominate Lou anyway. They blew! That said, unless Lou goes back into the starting lineup it looks like his amazing late December run was a bit of a mirage. Sigh.

Darrell Arthur – 10/3/1 in 23 minutes. Deep league grab only. Stream Wayne Ellington though while Rudy Gay is out. If that floats your boat, I mean.

Dante Cunningham – 12/6/0 in 39 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Derrick Williams dropped 9/4/0 with 2 steals in 26 minutes. I’m not going to say who I preferred you grab. You can’t hear me anyway! Just click here and you’ll see. Oh, wait, I also told you who to grab of these two on my Fantasy Basketball Breakdown Show. Hint: It wasn’t Derrick Williams. Oh, I’d still own Derrick for his upside though. I just prefer Dante a bit more.

Alexey Shved – 7/1/3 with a three in 22 minutes. Not great, not good, disappointing! Hold and let’s see how the minutes shake out. Getting crowded back there, y’all. Sigh.

Ray Allen – 10/0/3 with 2 threes in 23 minutes. I don’t know much in this world but I do know that as sure as the sun rises in the morning, anyone but the big three in Miami will be inconsistent and frustrating to own. I called this back in my Pre-Season Draft Guide. Don’t believe me? Just ask Mike Miller.

Marvin Williams – 5/2/2 with 2 steals and a block in 33 minutes. Aren’t you glad he’s back!? This question is directed only to his mother.

Nick Collison – 2/0/1 with a steal and a block. You saw on Twitter that Serge Ibaka was out Monday night so you practically ran over your girlfriend getting to your computer to stream Nick. What did you end up with? No sex and no stats. Drats!

Michael Beasley – 14/11/1 with 2 blocks and a three. Only a streamer as long as Jared Dudley remains sidelined. He’s farted on my pillow a bit too much for my taste though. Actually, that came out wrong, it sounds like I don’t mind having someone fart on my pillow a few times. Not true, not true. Ewwwww.

Shannon Brown – 21/3/3 with a steal, 2 blocks and 2 threes in 43 minutes. Damn, that’s a pretty good impression of me but the dimes were a bit on the low end, said Jared Dudley. Feel free to stream as long as Dudley remains sidelined then lose him, quick quick.

P.J. Tucker – 2/4/1 with a block in 27 minutes. He’s getting the minutes but not doing anything, said Lance Stephenson.

Tyler Zeller – 13/6/0 with a steals and 4 blocks. I’m loving me some Tyler but you already knew that.

Isaiah Thomas – 6/2/6 with a steal. Let’s not focus on the putrid line, let’s focus on the minutes, 31! Hey, I try to keep it half full for you, man. Oh, and the Kings won!

John Salmons – 14/2/4 with 2 steals and a three. Can’t say I loved him back in December but he seems settled in at the three and is quietly producing so just ride him until the wheels fall off. Or trade him for value! Your call.

Marcus Thornton – 20/1/1 with 2 steals and 2 threes in 30 minutes. Could order possibly be restored? Could it, could it?? Wow, a backcourt rotation of Isaiah Thomas, Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton. What a novel idea to play your best players, who knew? F’n Keith Smart. Jackass! Sorry, I’m calm now.


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  1. Hey, 12 team league, we keep 6 at the end of the year. 9 cat yahoo H2H.
    He is in 10th and i am in 3rd. I need to upgrade for a playoff run. I need a pg (Lowry) and another big.

    How would you suggest I go about offering a trade to this owner?

    Here is his team:
    World Peace
    Anthony Davis
    Shawn Marion
    Brook Lopez
    Chris Bosh
    Kevin Martin
    Danilo Gallinari
    Marcus Thornton
    Vince Carter
    Thad Young
    Lamar Odom

    and here is mine
    Deron Williams
    Joe Johnson
    Isiah Thomas
    Klay Thompson
    Jason Richardson
    Jason Terry
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Gerald Henderson
    Al Horford
    Zach Randolph
    Alonzo Gee
    Chris Kaman
    Earl Clark

    Thanks for your help!!

  2. Hey Hec,
    Thanks for your daily column and the great comment section. I look forward to it each day. I know you say hold Shved, but would you consider dropping him for Serpahin, Kawhi, Hendo, Splitter or Henson? I am a little short on forwards and centers, but really just looking for good value for the rest of the season. Thanks.

  3. One more: Would you trade Iggy for Wall? It seems like a good deal in theory, but I already have Kyrie, Jennings, Jrue and IT2 and with lineup requirements I couldn’t play one of them. It would mean that I would have to then trade one of them for another SF. Do you think the value increase is worth having to then trade one for a better SF and take on that risk? Always better to take back better value and figure it out later? Thanks

  4. Hi Hecman,

    A.Varejao was just dropped in my 14 team roto league. I’m looking to stash him bu I’m not sure who to drop. Who is the best player to drop for him out of the list below



  5. @SDPZ: I’d target Anthony Davis and Lowry right now since they are both buy low candidates. Feel him out and hit me back. Good luck!

    @Colin: Thanks for the kind words! If it doesn’t fit on your team I’d just hold Iggy because you’ll just be trading in circles and you’re PG’s are already solid. I’d lose Shved for Kawhi if Shved doesn’t get his minutes up next game.

    @Teen Wolf: Thanks for the support! I very much appreciate that!

  6. Hey Hec!

    Im in a 10 man 9 cat yahoo H2H league. I was thinking about picking up granger and dropping kidd or ersan. What do you think?

    My team:
    Klay Thompson
    David Lee
    Andrew Bynum

    My league is not taking blocks seriously so I feel with Sanders and Bynum I will be a top contender in that cat as well. Thanks for your help

  7. How’s My paul george and thad young for his Paul pierce and Larry Sanders?

    With the Bynum and granger news..i feel like its a good move.

    Thoughts? I could use the better %’s and blocks. 12 team H2H, yahoo 9 cat, daily changes league.

    My squad:

    PG: CP3, Jameer, Calderon
    SG: Harden, George Hill
    SF: Paul George, Matt Barnes
    PF: Thad Young, Amir Johnson, Ilyasova
    C: Gortat, M. Gasol, Pekovic

    I’m in 1st place, ahead 10 games, and trying to build for the playoffs.

  8. @Jarvis Varnado: I love George but Pierce is no slouch and I like Sanders for Thad on the back end. Seems pretty reasonable.

    @alister: I’d lose him for Zeller.

  9. Manu Ginobli was just dropped in my 10 team H2H league. Would you drop G.Hayward, E.Ilyasova, or O.Asik to pick him up? I’m worried Pop could limit his minutes during our playoff run (late march).

    thanks again

  10. @SDPZ: I’d start by seeing how he feels about guys like Klay, Joe Johnson and AK47.

    @Adrian: I’d hold for now but if I were to lose one, it’d probably be Hayward, he’s just not getting the minutes and Ersan’s upside is higher I think.

  11. Hey Hec,

    Do you think Jameer is fool’s gold?

    I’ve been offered Jameer for Omer Asik. Earlier I was offered Jameer for Ilyasova. Would you do either of those? Do you have any faith left in Ersan?

  12. @Blake: Jameer is for real when healthy IMO. If you can move Ersan for him, I’d make that move before trading Asik.

    @Boleros: Hola! Leaning Cunningham, he’s getting the minutes. D-Will second.

  13. Kind of an obscure question because players aren’t very comparable…however I must ask.

    Who holds more value in standard 9 cat league, 12 teams.

    A busted up Nene or a busted up Stuckey? (both seem to have their own issues off the court)

    I’m holding onto Nene currently but with Okafor playing out of his mind, doesn’t seem like there is very much room for Nene to be the real Nene…

  14. @EddieEds22: Both have been disappointing but with Seraphin likely to get more run as the season goes on I’d lean Stuckey.

    @Boleros: These guys are all a toss up but I’d lean D-Will for his upside. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Sullinger outperforms him though.

  15. Hi Hec

    Any thoughts on Wilson Chandler now that he is back. Not a bad showing in the limited minutes he had Sunday night. What kind value do you see him having rest of the way?

  16. @TG26: Can possibly be serviceable in 14+ team leagues, monitor in standard leagues or spec grab if wire is bare but it’s crowded there. It really depends on your drop but I’d temper expectations despite his nice debut.

  17. @EddieEds22: Based on the last couple of weeks, it can be argued Kevin has been just as good if not better. It’s really a toss up, Nene is injury prone so Seraphin is certainly safer to stay on the court. For now I’d probably roll with Nene until further notice though since he’s currently healthy.

  18. I get the feeling that your not very high on any of the 3 bigs out of the Wiz front court. Believe me I’m not either… just stuck with Nene and don’t have many other options. Smh

  19. Thanks for answering my post yesterday Hec! It is a lot of fun having LeBron and Durant on the same team! I was able to get them on the same team by making very bold trades. On that note, I have another bold one for you to help me consider.

    My Dragic, Deng, and Gordon for his Westbrook!

    I know Deng has been playing out of his mind recently but his production may go down when Rose comes back and Dragic is not the player I drafted THIRD OVERALL! Westbrook has always been a great fantasy player but with poor FG%. However, now that he has stepped up his FG%, I feel he is a top-5 player, IMO. What do you think? I am punting TOs.

  20. @John7: For the next two weeks I’d hold Green with Manu out. Revisit after that to see if Shump and Felton cut into Kidd’s time, I think they will.

  21. Hey brother, so the guy will move on Lowry but not Anthony Davis. He said any other of his big men are available and he is interested in Klay Thompson and AK47. What should I offer??

  22. Hi Hec, just saw that you think shumpert will cut into kidds minutes, but do you think felton will get the same minutes he got prior to his injury with shumpert back? I only ask because i got offered Isiah thomas and felton for my gortat (my pgs are lawson, avery bradley, and stuckey). And also if you had to drop stuckey or avery bradley who would it be? Thanks a bunch Hec!

  23. Hec, would you drop any of my players for Kawhi? Again, Granger is also on my wire. Just not sure if I can afford to stash anyone right now. Had injuries this year so I fell behind. I’m sitting in 7th place in a 12 team where the top 6 make it to playoffs. What stats should i give up based on my strengths? Haven’t had luck structuring a good deal yet without giving up a good PG (Kyrie, Dragic) and I don’t know if I’m willing to give them up.

    PG: Kyrie, Dragic, Rubio, Jack (SG)
    SG: J.Johnson (SF), Shved (PG)
    SF: Parsons (PF), JR Smith (SG)
    PF: Zbo (C), Favors (C), West
    C: Vucevic (PF), Monroe, Amir (PF)

    I was also offered Nash/Marion for Kyrie/Shved. Would you do a Dragic/Shved for Nash/Marion? Other players he has that I’d take are Melo, Gay, Noah, D-Will, Metta.

  24. sorry one more thing, also what r ur thoughts on amare? someone offered him for sanders. do u think amares stock is about to rise? maybe he might get traded. thanks!

  25. Hey Hec,

    Is Asik Droppable yet? He is currently the weak link on my team and I am even considering Drummond for his blocks! He almost as the same production as Asik in limited minutes. And Asik is looking like he’s playing less with only 25 today! Is he going to get any better?

  26. @DanielC, my unbiased opinion, I’d keep Sanders. He is beastly in his categories and doesn’t seem like he’ll slow down. He just posted a near double double w/ 3 blocks against Dwight.

  27. Or even Delfino, I am lacking a sharp shooter right now. Asik for Delfino sounds to crazy?

    I currently have Nikola Pekovik, Big Baby, Asik, Faried, Galinari, Batum, Paul George getting boards.

  28. @DanielC: Amare will improve but I wouldn’t deal Sanders for him so I’m with Nick there.

    @nbaball: If you need the big then sure, it’s a nice deal.

    @T$: I’d hold Asik a bit longer, he’s been pretty solid all year. If he doesn’t get his minutes up then I’d go Drummond but I think it’s premature.

  29. @Daniel: I think I’d hold Gortat, IT2 is too spec at this point and Felton may regress with Shump and Kidd both needing minutes. If you’re going to deal Gortat, I’d go for a more sure fire PG. I’d lean holding Stuckey only because he seems to have a clearer path to minutes assuming he’s healthy.

    @Nick: I’d give strong consideration to dropping Shved for Kawhi and slide JR to your SG spot. Monitor Granger’s progress in the meantime.

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