Better Curry and grab Jack!

Worst possible news hit Stephen Curry owners last night as he’s now listed as “out indefinitely” with a bum ankle. Yes, the same ankle that he hurt in the past. No, not that one, the other one, silly! Well, he hurt one of them anyway and it doesn’t look like they will push this at all so I’m thinking this could be a week or maybe longer. In the meantime your Huckleberry is Jarrett Jack who is most likely owned everywhere except in shallow leagues. Here’s what I told you back in November when I had him on the Drop side of my Add/Drop post: Jarrett Jack – 30% – I give this soft drop recommendation with a heavy heart. First of all, you know the second you drop him, Stephen Curry will turn his ankle and Jarrett will become a fantasy stud. Second of all, if you also own Curry, I don’t recommend you drop him. Third of all, I’m not dropping him in deep leagues but I’d give it consideration in standard leagues if a hot free agent is out there. Fourth of all, there is no fourth of all. Go back and re-read the first three if you just can’t get enough. Hope you never lost him if you had him as a handcuff! Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Kirk Hinrich – 3/4/3/ with 3 steals in 34 minutes. It’s good to see Kirk is back healthy and again producing high level fantasy lines.

Landry Fields – 1/5/0 with a block in 18 minutes. He’s playing out of position so I didn’t understand the big run he’s been getting but figured, ok, go with it. I’d hold him for a game or two more to see if Toronto really does want to get their monies worth. Or is it money’s? I think it’s money’s.

Alan Anderson – 27/5/1 with a steal and 4 threes on 10-18 FG. Alan got hot, y’all. And I mean that with a Southern drawl. Not the black y’all. Which leads me to wonder if the spellings are different. Stream him if you’d like but hard to say when he’ll go off like this again. I do like him when he gets burn though.

Kyle Lowry – 26/5/7 with 2 steals and 2 threes in 34 minutes as anyone who didn’t buy him low last week when I told you to says, drats!

David West – 14/7/1 with a steal. I still say sell him higher than a kite. Look up at the kite, look waay up, can you see it? Now look past the kite, look higher! There’s David West!

Zaza Pachulia – 13/11/8 with a steal in 38 minutes. He’s actually decent when he gets burn, definitely useful. Now all he needs is for Josh Smith to be suspended for the rest of the season and he’ll be worth grabbing.

Ryan Anderson – 10/6/2 with a three in 25 minutes. I’m not liking this one bit, not one bit. In fact, I’m hating it but whatcha gonna do, sell him low only to watch him explode? I didn’t think so. If you want to sell him for full value based on name recognition and what not then sure, go for it. Oh, and you non-Anderson owners? Buy him low! Reverse psychology!

Eric Gordon – DNP-Knee. What? Eric Gordon has a sore knee? WTF. Hope you did what I told you to do. Enigma kind of rhymes with enema and nobody likes either! My mother scarred me.

Jared Sullinger –  4/2/1 with a steal and a block. Oh, well. Was a good 5 game run.

Avery Bradley – 4/0/1 with 3 steals in 22 minutes. I’ve been warning, y’all. Don’t say I didn’, naw, don’ e’en try it, aiigght! Ebonics!

Anthony Randolph – 8/5/0 with 3 steals and 3 blocks in 16 minutes. I just threw up in my mouth a little typing his name. Ignore.

Ty Lawson – 2/1/1 in 20 minutes. Now is a good time to buy him low if you can. Low means low, his owner probably hates him. I own him and I hate him anyway. But I’m not selling low so shoo.

Omer Asik – 12/15/1 with a steal and 2 blocks in 36 minutes. I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately on Omer. What’s wrong with Omer? Wah, wah, etc etc. Feel better, Mr. Omer Owner Guy/Girl? Carry on.

Patrick Patterson –  9/5/0 with a 3 in 23 minutes. Can’t say I didn’t foresee this. My worst nightmare is coming true for Patterson owners. In case you forgot, here’s what I told you back on December 20Marcus Morris– 14/5/5 with a block in 31 minutes. Marcus has played very well in Patrick Patterson’s absence and my concern is this: He may have earned enough minutes to hurt Patterson when he comes back. Monitor this. Time splits suck, y’all! Feel free to lose for a hot free agent if you haven’t already.

Chris Kaman – 6/6/1 with a block in 21 minutes. Now the proud owner of 20 mpg/9 ppg/4.8 rpg/.6 bpg over his last 5. If you can sell him based on his season averages then by all means do so! Quick!

Zach Randolph – 11/5/2 before exiting with a strained lower back. Can’t blame his back hurting, he’s been carrying Marc Gasol’s ass all season. Doh! Grab Maurice Speights in the meantime. Or maybe Darrell Arthur. Hard to say but leaning Speights for no particular reason. It’s called gut!

Gary Neal – 9/2/1 with a three in 21 minutes. Not a great line but I like him as a quickie grab for two weeks while Manu Ginobili remains sidelined. You like quickies, don’t you? Who doesn’t like quickies?

Tiago Splitter – 10/9/1 with 2 steals and a block in 28 minutes. Little known fact, my wife and kids are Brazilian so I have a soft spot for guys like Tiago, Leandro Barbosa and Nene Hilario. I can’t help it! Anyway, I had him in my Add/Drop post last Friday and mentioned him on the Show Sunday night. Hey, yes, I have a show. Go check it out, it’s really good stuff! My mother said so anyway.

Bradley Beal – 26/3/6 with a steal and 6 threes in 41 minutes. He’ll undoubtedly slightly regress once Jordan Crawford returns but I’m not selling high by any means. He’s also clearly moved ahead of Anthony Davis for ROY honors but still far behind Damian Lillard. Aren’t you glad you grabbed him for the long term last month? I want you to win! I care! Sniff.

John Wall – 14/3/10 with 3 steals in 26 minutes. Hey, John, whatcha doing, man? You’re making me look real bad, man! Slow it down!, said Ricky Rubio.

John Salmons – 12/4/2 with a steal and 2 threes in 43 minutes. As I mentioned last week, shockingly I think Salmons is for real. That Keith Smart, he’s soooo, um, interesting. Or something like that.

Isaiah Thomas –  2/0/4 with a steal in 20 minutes. Honestly, come on, for real? You’re gonna make me write another f’n blurb on Isaiah Thomas?? Fo’ realz? Jeez. Fine, the things I put myself through for you! Hold … for now.

Dion Waiters – 5/4/1 on 1-9 FG in 23 minutes off the bench. I think he’ll provide better service going forward so don’t lose him. Right now no tip for you, Dion!


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  1. Hey Hec… I’ve been rooting for and watching Bledsoe’s fantasy lines all year. Is it time to pick him up? Any chance at all that you think the Clips trade him before the deadline?

  2. There’s a trade offer for me.

    my Asik-Turner for Aljeff-Jrich

    or Asik-nash for aljeff-HarisonBarnes? (He is still thinking of MKG instead of barnes)

    Just want to know if both deals are okay or none of them is ok. or just one? ;p

  3. @Blake: He’s provided deep league value all year but it depends on your drop. I haven’t heard anything about him being moved at the moment.

    @boleros: Right now I would. Jack has stand alone value anyway even with Curry healthy.

    @onaiR: The first one is ok, I don’t love the 2nd one. If you can counter with the Knight one, I like that one a bunch.

  4. Greetings Hec: I’m considering dropping Gasol for Drummond. Gasol has been a nightmare all season long and I think Drummond would explode eventually. I have Monroe in my team though. What you think of that move? Thanks Hec!!!

  5. @Bernard: Greetings! I’m not sure which Gasol you have but I wouldn’t drop either one of them for Andre just yet. Try to stay patient.

  6. The Clips won’t move Bledsoe until they know that CP3 is re-signing with them. Even then, they won’t trade him unless they get an amazing return. The only way he gets unleashed this season is if CP3 is seriously injured, IMHO.

    Hey Zeus

  7. Hey Hec,

    What’s your take on John Wall for Al Horford? I would be giving up Wall but could use the versatility of Horford. Am I selling too low on Wall? Thanks man.

  8. @Big Baby Hey Zeus: I agree with you. Bledsoe has a lot of trade value and it would take a bunch to land him from the Clips. He can easily start on a lot of NBA teams right now.

    @Barry: I think it’s a nice deal. Not selling Wall there too low IMO, you’re getting a nice return.

    @T$: Yes, I love it so much I’d marry it.

  9. This is my squad.

    I am I better off with Klay and AK? I like the prospects of having D-Will, Westy and Lowry in the back court.

    Deron Williams
    Joe Johnson
    Isiah Thomas
    Klay Thompson
    Jason Richardson
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Gerald Henderson
    Al Horford
    Zach Randolph
    Alonzo Gee
    Mike Dunleavey
    Chris Kaman
    Earl Clark

  10. I’ve been thinking about a trade.
    My starting 5 is solid, but I want to add another stud to the mix.

    Lawson/Tony Allen
    Marc Gasol/Splitter

    I’m starting to worry about Gasol, would you make that deal?

  11. Better pickup and play the next two days? Tony Allen, Korver, Thornton, Speights, Devin Harris or Webster? (H2H pts) rank the 2 best.

  12. Hey hec
    if derrick williams plays well in this start do you drop any of the following for him
    marcus thornton
    dion waiters
    ersan ilyasova

  13. Better pickup and play the next two days? Tony Allen, Korver, Thornton, Speights, Devin Harris or Webster? (H2H pts)

  14. @JackM: It all depends on your personal circumstances, place in standings, depth, etc so hard to say in a vacuum. Ideally, sure, but by no means is it right for every team.

    @JShap: Possibly, let’s revisit tomorrow.

    @Tony: Thanks for reading and commenting but I think you’re clearly oversimplifying the buy low/sell high trade strategy.

    @@Ifctor: Do they all have same number of games? Need a little more info.

    @SDPZ: So what’s the latest on the table?


  15. Yes, all of them play games 18- and 19 january. I’m just gonna pick up one of them for those 2 days. Who to go with?

  16. Hec, okay so in my 12 team, I was waiting to see what happened with Shved before I picked up Kawhi. Sure enough he was benched today and Kawhi was already grabbed off the wire. Soo….do I wait to see how Shved responds to a bench role? Or do I drop him for someone:

    Granger (waivers)
    Dorell Wright
    Alan Anderson

  17. @@Ifctor: I’m a sucker for Thornton’s upside.

    @SDPZ: It’s not a buy low which makes me hesitate and I don’t know if you’d really have much left at SF. Can he throw back a 2nd guy if you added Kaman in a 3 for 2 to get a slight upgrade on Kaman? That would make me feel a bit more comfy.

    @Nick: Leaning toward stashing Granger at this point.

  18. Yo Hec, how would you rank these guys on the waiver wire for me…kinda looking for a few more steals if I can but really just looking to add the best player out there…Dropping Illyasova for Chandler? I have a strong team so also looking for a long term-ish add. Any feedback from anybody else on the forum would be great also, thanks!

    Wilson Chandler
    Jarrett Jack
    Iman Shumpert
    John Salmons
    Tyler Zeller
    Kosta Kooofos

  19. Hey there Hec,

    This Fantasy Basketball stuff is a lot harder than I thought! It’s actually my first season. I think I do like it better than fantasy football. Thanks for all the Help so far!

    This is what I was able to orchestrate, let me know what you think of these moves.

    I am trying to trade Kenneth Faried for Rajon Rondo (he’s stewing on it or another good PG, anyone you recommend here?)
    Then I am I going to trade Darren Collison and my newly Acquired Glen Davis for JJ Hickson. (this deal has been proposed to me)
    Then pick up Andre Drummond with my extra spot.

    My Team should look like this after:

    Chris Paul
    Ty Lawson
    Rajon Rondo (or another solid PG)

    Nicolas Batum
    Paul George
    Jared Dudley
    Danilo Galinari
    -Stashing Danny Granger

    Paul Milsap
    Nikola Pekovic
    Omer Asik
    JJ Hickson
    Andre Drummond

    Trying to get my team well rounded. Anything you see it Lack?

  20. Yo T$, just my humble opinion on your team after this trade…are you in a H2H or roto? Ultimately I like the trade for you but maybe just keep a few things in mind? Rondo is gonna sink you a bit in the FT% department and really hurt you in turnovers. Rondo isn’t getting to the line as much this year so his terrible % isn’t as much of a killer; but I think him along with Drummond and Asik pretty much has you punting free throws for the rest of the season. You’ll be racking up a ton of turnovers as well…personally I dont like punting more than one category but its definitely possible to win a league doing so!

    All that being said, Faried isn’t exactly money from the stripe either and your team is pretty solid in terms of rebounding and the bump youll get for steals and assists would be great! Overall I would say that your team could use some help with 3’s and could definitely use a few more blocks as Drummond would be the only big shot blocker on your team.

    You have a pretty nice team though and I like the trade for you…hope some of this was helpful!

  21. Hey there Spence208,

    Thanks for the Advice. This indeed was very helpful. You read that pretty well. Do you suggest I trading for an alternative PG besides rondo? I really wanted to dominate in Assist and Steals. Then gamble on the % with the other guys on wish for the best.

    I have been lacking in Assist, 3pts, and Blocks. I was thinking Granger would help me with my 3’s when he got back. There is also Felton on waiver as well that may help me more than Granger. Which do you think would help my team the best?

    Who do you suggest I moving? I have been trying to move Asik but no bites. So I thought Faired has some better value now.

    Also, could I get your email? Would like to keep on contact.

    Thanks again.

  22. @Alex: Do you need that kind of depth? I think he’s selling Shved and Davis high there so I’d lean toward holding.

    @Mitch: What Jarvis Varnado said, I’d grab Jack right now.

    @T$: Spenc208 is on track, I’d make the deal. Rondo for Faried is a steal IMO and I think your bigs are still pretty solid.

  23. Hey Hec, he wont budge off Klay and AK. He is however, offering to send some one back from his team as he has to drop someone to make the rosters work and is open to “evening” up the deal with one of his lower end guys. Here is his squad. Who would you ask for back??

    Here is his team:
    World Peace
    Anthony Davis
    Shawn Marion
    Brook Lopez
    Chris Bosh
    Kevin Martin
    Danilo Gallinari
    Marcus Thornton
    Vince Carter
    Thad Young
    Kosta K.

    Any thoughts?

  24. @hecman: Here is my lineup. Anyone you could see besides the obvious keeper players to drop for a Granger stash ??

    A. Aminu
    J. Lin
    M. Gasol
    P. Gasol
    L. Sanders
    B. Beal
    W. Chandler
    T. Thompson
    K. Durant
    P. George
    G. Vasquez
    Amir Johnson

  25. @SDPZ: Thornton makes for a nice upside 2nd guy there and seems realistic as a 2nd guy.

    @JR: Probably Chandler since it’s kind of crowded in Denver.

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