Friday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

By: John Fortney – Staff Writer

The Return of Mr. Anderson!

The Toronto Raptors are slowly becoming a fantasy basketball plethora. If you are not sure about the meaning of the word, I don’t blame you. You can either google it, or you could watch “The Three Amigos” and then just thank me later. Jose Calderon (13/1/4), Ed Davis (18/10/6/1/2), Amir Johnson (9/5/5/2stl), Terrence Ross 18/7/1/stl, Alan Anderson (18/4/5/stl), and Kyle Lowry (11/5/11). Need I say more?…Ok I will. These are all very ownable lines, but the odd man out is beginning to look like Landry Fields (2/2 in 13 minutes in the start). Alan Anderson looks to be that heavy minute guy off the bench, and I could see him starting sometime soon. We all know what Landry Fields is, so hopefully we get to see what Anderson has in store for us. As for all of you Kyle Lowry owners, the past few days were a bit scary, but actually turned out to be very beneficial. Early in the week, Lowry rolls his ankle in the first half against the Nets. He is then ruled out for the game. Sh*t……. But wait! What? All of the sudden he is feeling better and good to for the second half. And by feeling better I mean (21points) feeling better. Next night, 26 points, 5 boards, 7 assists, 2 steals. Top that off with last night (11/5/11), and it looks like we might be getting the Kyle Lowry back that we all love. I’m holding on to him and praying. A lot…..

Here’s your best (and worst) of the rest…..

Rip Hamilton – 20/7 turnovers….That’s like a turd covered in chocolate sprinkles. In the end, it’s still a piece of sh*t.

Luol Deng – 3/1/4 Played through a hamstring injury so he should be fine after a few games.

Jared Sullinger – 7/15 Continues to be the main big off the bench. He’s a nice play if you’re looking for close to a double double on a nightly basis.

Glen Davis – 4/8/3 Back in the starting lineup. He should be in yours too.

Carlos Delfino – 17/3/5/2stl If you need 3’s and steals, he’s your huckleberry.

Devin Harris – 17/3/3 Continues to play well. Go ahead and stream if you want. Just expect to be disappointed.

Al Horford – DNP with a sore thigh/calf. This has apparently been bothering him for a while, but doesn’t sound too serious. He may just need a couple games off to rest. Lets just hope its a couple at most!

Zaza Pachulia – 4/6/2/stl Started in place for Horford. A very nice play while Horford is out.

Gerald Wallace – 8/3/4/1/1 Returned to the starting lineup.

Reggie Evans – 2/20/2stl Again. If you need rebounds.

Andray Blatche – 11/8 Still serviceable off the bench. Lets get him in the starting lineup PJ!

Maurice Speights – 10/9/2/stl Got a start with Zach Randolph out (back injury). I wouldn’t make too much of it. Sounds like Z-bo could be back in the next one.

Jarrett Jack – 20/2/10 With Stephen Curry out, Jack is a must-own. Throughout the universe.

Nene Hilario – 7/4/3stl/blk With a great matchup against his old team, he still manages to crap the bed. This cat should be riding the pine while Kevin Seraphin (18/7/2stl/blk) does work. The Nene for McGee trade has got to be one of the worst trades in NBA history, for both teams.

NUGGETS – “I’ll give you this cup of dirt, for your handful of mud….”

WIZARDS – “Deal!”

Bradley Beal – 23/3/4/blk Beal has become a must own in all formats. Add if you can.

John Wall – 14/4/12/2blk He’s Baaaack!

Wilson Chandler – 4/5/1/1/1 He will be a very nice play once he’s healthy and playing full minutes. Keep an eye on him.

Vince Carter – 29/3/2/2/1 Vince went all “Vinsanity” on us and took us down memory lane to the early 2000’s. Ah, good memories….Vince has been on a nice tear lately and is worth a look in 12 team leagues or deeper.

Elton Brand – 10/13/blk Quietly playing very well right now and could be ownable in 10 team leagues. I wouldn’t drop a good player for him, but if you need boards and blocks, he’s been a nice play for the last couple weeks.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you tomorrow!

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  1. I am pretty annoyed with Iggy, but I understand he still holds value. Would you trade him for P Gasol? What about Boozer or Vucevic? I am in first place, but just looking for value. I have Pek, Love and Varejao, so the PF/C is temporarily a little short. I have Mayo, Matthews, Korver on the wings so I have a little more depth there. Thanks

  2. Hey there John,

    Does that mean you are not so hot on the Nuggets? I am currently rostering Ty Lawson, Faried, and Galinari. That is why I was trying to move Faried. Need Galinari for his 3’s.

    They have been getting slumped a bit recently. What do you think of them?

  3. Since Lou Williams went down for the year is d. Harris the first person to grab on atl. Or is their someone else I can consider since Harris just gut picked up ? Thx !!

  4. @zix9 – anderson now, but chandler could be really good long term depending on his minutes when healthy.

    @Me – I would try for vuc first, then boozer. Probably wouldn’t do the Pau deal right now.

    @T$ – I love Ty in the long run. Gallo and Faried should hold their value right around what they are right now.

  5. @tentyme – Harris and Korver will pick up the minutes. I like Harris a bit more for the pickup. Lets keep an eye on the situation.

  6. Is Darren Collison and Faried for Lowry over paying?

    My PG are CP3, Lawson, and Collison.

    I am also about to stash Rose as well.

    What do you think?

  7. @T$ – I like that deal. Collision is barely ownable in 12 team leagues and I like Lowry over Faried a lot. Your’e receiving the best player in the deal which is what you want.

  8. Hey there J,

    I just proposed him the trade. He’s thinking about the trade right now.

    Been trying to complete a trade forever, can’t work anything out with these guys.

    How come no one is hot on Collison? He’s putting up decent stats.

  9. Drop McGee for Aminu?! Hesitant to make the move, but Aminu will be gone soon (and I don’t see McGee’s minutes picking up much, if at all).

  10. Or I can drop Amir for Aminu since Jonas/Bargs will be back at some point (and hold out a bit more on McGee). Thanks!!

  11. hey hecs, would you drop Gee for Isaiah Thomas? he’s just sitting there on the FA list for some silly reason? Guessing Gee productivity should start dropping now that Irving back at full speed and Waiters sems to be getting the minutes.

  12. I like that deal. Collision is barely ownable in 12 team leagues and I like Lowry over Faried a lot. Your’e receiving the best player in the deal which is what you want. –

    Jfort – collison is putting up almost to 50 value in 8 cat leagues for the year and has been rock solid in January

  13. I have to chime in here but it’s getting ridiculous. There is no rating or ranking. Drummond should not be on any waiver wires in and standard 12 team leagues. if he is on waivers, your league is shallow or the owners are incompetent/not paying attention. I am sure Hec would agree.
    Read his columns people.

  14. This one time, I was sitting around a fire on a camping trip, and this guy told us a story about a league that had Drummond on the wire. Turns out… it was a dead league.

    *cue raven squawk in the distance

  15. Hec,

    I would like your thought on employing the sitting guys today to secure the win strategy.

    I currently have 5-4 lead in my H2H-9 cat league.

    If I sit my 3 guys today I have a very good shot at winning 5-4.

    If I go ahead and play them, I will probably lose to’s and thus lose the week.

    Is it wrong to sit the lads??

    He has Jamieson going today. I have Westbrook, Kaman and Clark.

  16. Is it a good time now or too early to pick up Rose or Felton for a weekly league, 8 team H2H 9 categories?

    If it’s a good time, should I drop Collison, Dragic, or Thad Young? Is Bradley Beal worth owning in this league or does he not contribute enough across the board?

  17. @T$ – Collision looks to be at his peak right now and I could see him tailing off if the Mavericks are out of playoff contention.

    @Drez1 – Hold Amir and drop Mcgee. Amir may keep the starting position when Bargs returns.

    @MaRK – Absolutely.

    @T$ – Drummond, then Splitter, then Brand.

    @Jack – Yes, Collision has been solid, I just think if an owner were to trade him, he would be selling high. I own drummond in a lot of my 10 tm leagues, so yeah i agree.

    @Boleros – I would drop Jordan. Kaman has been solid all year.

    @SDPZ – Go ahead and sit them if you dont think you can catch them in any other categories.

    @Daniel – I like Felton and Beal more than Collision right now. Grab Felton if you need Dimes.

  18. Hey Thanks a Million J-Fort. I will be picking both up for this week Drummond and Tiago this week. People in my league aren’t too fond of low min guys. I just can’t seem to move Collison right now.

  19. @T$ – No problem bud. There’s nothing wrong with owning Collision. Just sell him if you can. Selling high is the goal, but there is still a point where you need to keep guys for the stretch run. Good Luck!

  20. what is Ricky Rubio’s trade value once he gets up to speed. ie what shooting guards would you target 1 for 1 in a standard 12 team roto.

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