Turns out Ersan doesn’t Ilyasuckova afterall

On Saturday night I was just hanging out at home washing my hair, doing my nails and what not when around 6:30 I received an email from a friend of mine in the fantasy sports writing industry. This unnamed fantasy sports writing expert enjoys playing daily fantasy basketball and he had a “who to start” lineup question for me. His choices were Jason Thompson, Derrick Favors or Ersan Ilyasova. My initial response, being the smart ass that I sometimes can be was, “What is this, suck ass night?”. Hey, I had just washed my hair, I was feeling good! Anyway, my suggestion was to go with Ersan under the theory that he was due. Was just a hunch! I have hunches. Needless to say Ersan went out and dropped 27/14/4 with 3 threes and a block in 26 minutes that night. Needless to further say my friend couldn’t get to his computer in time to get Ersan in and didn’t win any money that night. Oops! Then last night Ersan followed up his Saturday night performance with 27/16/2 with a block, 3 steals and 2 threes in 36 minutes. Whoa! Back on the January 13 edition of my weekly Rotoinfo Fantasy Basketball Breakdown show (with co-host Michael Pichan aka the Fantasy Nomad) I told you standard leaguers not to drop him but you shallow leaguers to consider losing him for a hot free agent since he was only getting around 26-27 minutes of burn even after entering the starting lineup. I thought that was certainly a reasonable recommendation. Hopefully, you standard leaguers (12 teams!) listened (literally!) and didn’t lose him so quickly because this is exactly why I said to hold him, upside! If you lost him in your shallow league for someone like say Andre Drummond, c’est la vie, you’re still doing ok! If he’s still floating around on your shallow league wire then you know what to do! Doubt he’s there anymore though. Sigh. Here’s what else I saw on a slow night in fantasy basketball:

Avery Bradley – 7/1/1 with 2 threes and a block in 27 minutes. You fantasy owners who were stashing him all year having fun yet? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Jared Sullinger – 12/10/0 with a block in 26 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the farm, his arch fantasy basketball enemy, Brandon Bass dropped 8/6/1 in 28 minutes. I don’t think they are really enemies. I’d rather Sully over Bass but you already knew that. Do they call black people Sully? Is that even allowed?

Tyler Zeller – 6/10/4 with 3 blocks on 2-10 FG in 38 minutes. His minutes will regress once Marreese Speights is in uniform but 30ish from Tyler would be great. I think he’ll still be able to do his boards and blocks thang! Or thing if you want to be all proper about it.

Luke Walton – 7/3/7 with a steal in 18 minutes. C.J. Miles sat this one out with an illness and Wayne Ellington was on a bus to Cleveland. Greyhound! It’s safe to continue to ignore Luke.

Glen Davis – 11/3/1 with no blocks on 4-16 FG. His fantasy shortcomings shined brightly last night. Or is it shone? I can never remember. Anyway, poor FG and the lack of blocks are his shortcomings in case you didn’t notice. Accept it if you own him!

Arron Afflalo – 0/9/5 with a steal on 0-4 FG in 38 minutes. Zero points in 38 minutes!! WTF? Ah, just carry on. Shitty line though despite the boards and dimes. Small consolation!

Jason Maxiell – 11/11 with a block in 23 minutes. Nice line from Jason but he’s quickly losing ground, and by ground I mean minutes!, to Andre Drummond. I guess I could have just said losing minutes in the first place but what fun is that? Jason is still useful in deep leagues though.

Rodney Stuckey – 14/2/1 with 2 threes in 25 minutes. With the emergence of Will Bynum and Rodney’s chronic injury woes I’m sad to report that it’s best to leave Rodney on the wire outside of deep roster standard leagues and deep leagues in general.  I’ve thrown in the towel on you, Rodney! Insert sad face emoticon here.

Kyle Singler – 6/7/1 with a steal in 33 minutes. Kyle appears more and more to be a useful professional basketball player and a useless fantasy basketball player. Ok, semi-useless, I’ll give him semi-useless! Feel free to grab him again in deep leagues if you’d like since he’s getting burn lately.

Evan Turner – 23/6/7 with a steal, block and 4 threes in 45 minutes. Oh, that’s funny, here’s what I told you just yesterday: Evan Turner – 18/12/7 with a 3. As I’ve noted in the past, Evan is a streaky player, y’all. I advised a buy low recently and hope you did, I think he’s about to get hot again. Let’s see. That’s why they play the games! Was just another hunch. Educated hunch!

Spencer Hawes – 21/12/2 in 36 minutes. No threes, steals or blocks. Bummer! Why am I being greedy? Why???? I shouldn’t that was a great line from Spencer. He’s been better lately so let’s see if he can keep it up. Doubt it though so I’d look to sell him high off his last few games if at all possible. Yes, I believe in miracles!

Nick Young – 20/3/3 with 2 threes in 32 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dorell Wright played just 4 minutes. If you read the blog and listen to the podcast, you know I’m not a big fan of Dorell but this is embarrassing. Feel free to stream Nick while Jason Richardson remains sidelined.

Eric Bledsoe – 12/2/4 with a steal in 36 minutes. Yeah, Chris Paul is without a time frame for his return so you know what to do. Just don’t expect CP3 to be out too long, doesn’t sound too serious but I wouldn’t know, I didn’t interview his knee.

Monta Ellis – 18/5/10 with 2 steals in 44 minutes. If you’re wondering why your team looks fantastic on paper but your FG is in the tank then look no further than your boyfriend Monta. He’s top 5 in the NBA in FGA (17.5) while averaging a putrid .404 FG. Yep, that’ll do it! Just an FYI. If you want to move him then search out other teams with bad FG, convince them to dump that category and try to get full value for him in a trade. Other teams won’t give you full value. It’s like that, y’all!


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  1. @hecman: Superb wordplay lately. But you already you knew that. For assists, 3′s, and stls, is K. Lowry(on waivers right now in my league) worth picking up given the following roster? I’m thinking of putting Lin back on the wire. Anyone worth dropping for E. Davis long-term?

    T. Zeller
    T. Thompson
    K. Durant
    G. Vasquez
    J. Lin
    P. Gasol
    M. Gasol
    B. Beal
    E. Ilyasova
    A. Aminu
    L. Sanders
    P. George

  2. Who should get the start tonight: Amir Johnson or Robin Lopez? Should be Amir since Anthony Davis is back in the lineup for tonight, right?

  3. Roster after 2nd multi person trade of January goes through this weekend.

    PG – Irving SG – Dudley G – Conley
    SF – Melo PF – Pau F – Iggy
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Dwight Util – Jordan
    BN – Dunleavy BN – Bledsoe BN – (open slot from trade)

    FG% – 6th
    FT% – 11th
    3PTM – 2nd
    PTS – 5th
    REB – 5th
    AST – 2nd
    STL – 5th
    BLK – 8th
    TO – 12th

    I am a former Vasquez,Nelson,Mo, and Lou owner so APG will undoubtedly take a hit.Bigs still aren’t drawing trade interest, and I need those stats also.Barea is probably the best APG guy on WW but I don’t get the open slot until Saturday.

    Anything glaring you would try to lay the framework for now(A guy like Evan Turner came to mind but don’t know his price range)? Or short of injury, with so many moving parts am I better off waiting until Mid Feb so I can see where I am?

  4. Hec,

    Who would you suggest to try and trade for moving forward for the stretch run and playoffs? How do I improve this squad?? We keep 6 at the end of the year.

    Isiah Thomas
    Devin Harris
    Joe Johnson
    Klay Thompson
    Alonzo Gee
    Gerald Henderson
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Mike Dunleavey
    Al Horford
    Zach Randolph
    Chris Kaman
    Earl Clark

    Thanks for your help!

  5. Zomg…so the day I drop ersan I wake up the next morning only to find out the head coach gets fired ='[….then someone got him off waivers and now he explodes. Is it worth trying to get him back? The guy who picked him up is offering me isiah Thomas and ersan for my Larry sanders. Thanks as always for the advice hec!

  6. @DanielC: Bad luck there, typical with Ersan owners this year. Since Larry is a hot commodity and will continue to be, I’d wait a game or two to see if Ersan and IT2 look for real before pulling the trigger on that. He’s definitely looking to sell both of them high.

  7. @Jay: Your dimes may lose but hopefully you’ll improve in TOVs to offset that a bit. I’d ride Bledsoe for now and just wait until February comes to see where you’re at.

  8. Sorry forgot to include this

    PG – Lawson, Felton
    SG – Kobe, Tyreke
    SF – Gallanari, Wilson Chandler
    PF – Ed Davis, Tristan Thompson, Bargnani, Speights
    C – Al Horford, Sanders, Tyson Chandler

    12 team Head to Head. I dont know how I ended up with so many big men lol, but any advice on Torontos situation would be great! i have some easy match ups this week and next so i can afford to keep Val and Barg on my bench.

  9. Hi Hec

    Bit of a crazy trade offer here. Guy in my league disgusted with his team is talking to me about a 5-5 deal. He only like to talk big trades maybe hes compensating for something I dont know but here is what he is throwing out there. 8cat roto daily

    Him – Batum, Tristan, Dragic, Ellis, Serpahin
    Me – Pau, Gay, Felton, Waiters, Pekovic

    I was thinking of asking him for Millsap instead of Tristan as a counter?

    Westbrook, Harden, Felton, Waiters. Tony Allen
    Pau Gasol, Gay, Favors, Leonard, Aminu, Amare, wilson Chandler
    Bosh, Noah, Pek

    Deron, Dragic, Ellis, Derozan, Kidd, Danny Green
    Batum, Tristan, Millsap, Jason Thompson, Fields, Dudley
    M. Gasol, Seraphin, Biyombo

    Wantd to get your thoughts. Im gaining in 3s, Assists, FG% (big need), steals. losing in poits and FT% with Tristan in deal. Better in both with Millsap but losing more in rebounds.

  10. @ala: In redraft leagues the Lebron side.

    @TG26: I like it for you even with Tristan but even better if you can pull off Millsap so go for it.

  11. @Kev_S: Yes, I would. Drummond is doing more already and hasn’t even gotten started yet.

    @SDPZ: Start with a Millsap type guy and go from there.

  12. When I get the open slot do you like grabbing another dimes guy due to the drop off from losing Nelson,Vasquez,Mo, and Lou with Bledsoe on bench? Or with only Melo and a bench designated Pau as PF eligible on my team grab another SF/PF or PF/C?

  13. @Jay: It’s best to usually just go best available unless there is a guy out there who can really fill a specific need for you adequately.

  14. First year playing fantasy basketball. Is it typically true that big men are easier to find on waivers and add value versus SF? I clearly didn’t draft my SF very well and now I’m struggling to find any good ones on the waiver.

  15. Hi. This is my first year of fantasy basketball but I live this site. Lots of great info.

    So anyway, I am in a standard 12 team league and was thinking about buying low on Love even though he is out 2 months, because. I think I have a good shot at playoffs.

    So this guy is trying to dump Love and Shved on me for Eric Gordon. Should I accept?? Or maybe give him Rubio instead of Gordon?

    Or should I try to lowball him and give him ak47 or big baby?? Or should I take no risk at all on Live given that I think my team is legit.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. “I told you standard leaguers not to drop him but you shallow leaguers to consider losing him for a hot free agent since he was only getting around 26-27 minutes of burn even after entering the starting lineup. ”

    Hec, I am keeping you honest here. You starting to sound a little like David A on rotoworld. Remember you also hinted and compared Ersan in your blog that he was more like Darren Collison doing his best impression of Chris Paul. ie you implied that he was just a mediocre player who shined briefly. That being said, I really enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the good work.

  17. @Noob: That’s reasonable to say. SF isn’t the deepest to begin with.

    @Armin: Thanks for the kind words! I don’t love it in a vacuum but feel free to list your team so I can get a better idea.

  18. @JackM: Ha, yes, that’s true, Jack, but to be fair, in that blurb I didn’t recommend he be dropped in standard leagues. I just made an observation. If I felt he should be dropped I would have said something like “feel free to lose for a hot free agent.” I stick to the podcast recommendation where I recommended standard leaguers not lose him. Hope that makes sense. Also, thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate that. Oh, and please keep me honest, I appreciate that too! You pay attention so nice work!

  19. Hey my team is

    Glen Davis
    Larry Sanders

  20. @Armin: Your bigs seem fine but it looks like moving EG or Ricky would leave you a bit short at guard. How about Mullens/Davis for Love/____. Just a thought.

  21. Hec,

    Thanks for your advise the other day, dropped Foye for Ed Davis and thinking about dropping Javale. But seems like he’s playing better tonight since Karl told him off, go figure. Why can’t he play like this every night?

    Anyway, team is in first, today. 12 team Roto points! His is where I stand, where do I start to improve overall? Yeah I know, everywhere, lol.

    FG% 10
    FT% 6
    3PTM 11
    PTS 9
    REB 11
    AST 9
    ST 9
    BLK 9
    TO 7
    Total 81

  22. @JackM: Assuming Rubio gets his minutes up to over 30+ I’m leaning him on both counts.

    @Andrew: He’s actually been playing well the last week or so I noticed.

    @RevClyburn: Nice work so far. Your team seems very well rounded, hard to control tovs so I don’t think I’d bother much with it. Who is bringing down your FT?

    @Jolly: I’d stash Pek.

  23. Hello,

    Zach Randolph + No.4 draft pick for Andre Drummond + No.2 draft pick. 15 teams dynasty league + I need some blocks.
    Need your advice Hec, thanks.

  24. Here’s my team:

    Point Guards: Parker, wall, rose (stash)
    Shooting guards: Klay, Harden, OJ
    Small forwards: Lebron, tyreke, Batum
    Power forwards/ centres: Pau, Amir, TT, Hibbert

    Hecman, how should I prepare for playoffs?

    I’m currently top of ladder and has a decent margin

  25. I should add I’m in a daily h2h 10 team league. I’ve been winning blocks, points, threes, and ft. But I don’t think my team is actually strong in threes.

  26. @momo: Partly depends on if you want to win this year. Zach brings strong FG, points and boards so you’re really just gaining blocks this year at the expense of points/FG. Also, it depends on what a typical 2nd round pick is in your league. Feel free to give more info but in a vacuum I’m leaning hold but am definitely open minded.

    @Boleros: Faried, Drummond, Asik, Splitter. I give Drummond the nod over Asik for 2nd half but really more of a toss up and at the moment Asik is actually probably the better play but I do think that can/will change. It’s risky on Earl but he does look locked in for now and Henderson has been terribly inconsistent so I might make that move, not a no brainer though.

    @Yumcha: You’ve already stashed Rose so that’s a good start to preparing for the playoffs. None of your PGs are really 3 point shooters so I see why you think you’re weak there but your SG/SF all shoot a bunch of them so I wouldn’t go crazy trying to add more. Nice Team!

  27. Sorry, forgot about important parts; I’m definetely not going to win this season. I’m 12 of 15 right now. Two bottom teams will be eliminated after this season and their players will be available in the 2013 draft as well as new rookies and all others.
    I got quiet young team + some injured players (Rose, Love, Bynum) and I think more about the future than this season. I also feel quiet safe and I’m aiming finishing at 10-13 place so I could get hight draft pick (snake draft from bottom to top).
    I like a lot what i get from Zach this season but I think this is a good time to make some trades thinking about future. I think about moving Zach or Boozer as the oldest ones.
    Dynasty leagues are so fun :)

    Thanks in advance and sorry about my poor english,

  28. I dropped Beasley and after last night’s game I am regretting it. Do you think that is an aberration in 22 minutes or will I regret it for the foreseeable future?

  29. @momo: Then I’d make the move, maybe you can ask for a number 1 pick or possibly give back a 5th instead just to push it a bit. Your English is fine. Thanks for reading!

    @Colin: I just blurbed about him in my latest post today. Short term it may hurt but long term I’m not sweating it much.

    @Francis: Granger, Dudley, Barnes, Bargnani, Hawes, Landry Beasley.

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