You should Mull-ens picking up Byron.

When we last left our hero Byron Mullens the Joker had tied him up and left him hanging upside down to fall to his death into a pit of hot oil. Of course, the idiot Joker and his henchmen all left the scene before confirming Byron actually fell into the hot oil which I never really understood. I mean how many times are you going to catch Byron Mullens, tie him up, leave him in peril then leave the scene? It happens every week! They’ll never learn I guess. Sigh. Anyway, rumor has it that Byron is on the verge of returning from his ankle injury but I also read that he’s only running at 10%. Um, I don’t know about you but that doesn’t really indicate to me that he’s going to make a sudden impact. Like the movie! Anyway, part two, now is the time to go ahead and spec grab Mullens (19% owned) and his putrid FG but I’d temper expectations for the next few weeks. According to my Magic 8 Ball who moonlights as a Crystal Ball in Manhattan on weekends, this may be an uphill climb to 30 minutes of burn. Hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday! Most of these guys I’ve gone over so you’ll be familiar with them already and, as always, player availability depends on the size of your league. The list is simply guys who I feel are underowned or are on the rise. We cool, Joe? Ok then Snoopy, let’s get to it, shall we? Please note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!


Isaiah Thomas – 60% – Already owned in a high percentage of Yahoo! leagues but if he continues to get 30+ minutes of burn I think he’ll probably be owned more. Keep your eye on him! Just one eye is sufficient. Use the other eye to watch Nicki Minaj’s hat on American Idol or something like that.

Michael Beasley – 54% – Again owned a bunch of places already and I’m not sure he really deserves to be owned more but keep your eye on him just in case. I’m really not a believer though. If you do grab him then try to ship him out for value quick quick. You know before he goes back to sucking again.

Kyle Korver – 53% – I’m loving me some Kyle. Better hurry and pick him up. Hurry along now, hurry, better hurry. Go!

Kawhi Leonard – 50% – People really complain to me about Kawhi Leonard, they really do. If you pick him up don’t expect 15 ppg and explosive numbers. He’s like a fantasy snail. He accumulates the stats. That’s what he does, he’s an accumulator.

Spencer Hawes – 48% – Been playing pretty well but I’m not a fan. See Michael Beasley advice 2 inches above. Yes, that’s what I’d do with Spencer, too! Do I need an apostrophe after “Spencer” and before “too”?

Amir Johnson – 43% – So a stiff like Michael Beasley is 54% owned. Anderson Varejao who just had his knee amputated is 46% owned. Jason Terry who doesn’t deserve to wear those knee high socks anymore is 57% owned but Amir Johnson is only 43% owned? Okaaaaaay.

Ed Davis – 40% – See Amir Johnon’s blurb but insert Ed Davis and 40% owned.

Andre Drummond – 38% – See Ed Davis’ blurb which says to see Amir Johnson’s blurb but insert Andre Drummond and 38% owned. This is fun, I could do this all day!

Tiago Splitter – 36% – I had him in my Add/Drop post a couple of weeks ago when he was 16% owned. Good boy.

Al-Farouq Aminu – 33% – Rebound that basketball, rebound that basketball, R-E-B-O-U-N-D, rebound that basketball, rebound that basketball! Cheer it like the high school cheerleaders cheer it. It works better!

Tyler Zeller – 24% – Gone over him quite a few times. This is just your friendly fantasy basketball free agent alert reminder. Hell, I’ve gone over all of these guys so they are probably already on your radar. That’s what I do for you!

Eric Bledsoe – 23% – Eric Bledsoe much that it turned into a steam(er). You should have been there, it was good!

Devin Harris – 22% – Hey, didn’t you hear, Lou Williams is gooooooooooooooooooone.

Earl Clark – 22% – Come on, man, you know all about Earl Clark, who doesn’t know about Earl Clark! As if!

Derrick Williams – 20% – I warned you I didn’t love him on the blog and on the show. He’s proven me right since he keeps losing ownership percentage every week. That’s, um, not good. Upside is there though! Whatever that’s worth.

Alan Anderson – 19% – He’s been in this Add/Drop post before and he probably will be again in the future. Get used to it!

Bismack Biyombo – 16% – He’s in that Tyler Zeller, Jared Sullinger, Tiago Splitter boat. Tiago is the captain right now. Tyler is second in command, Bismack is third in line, I don’t know what they call the third person in command. I don’t know the chain of command at sea. Sorry!

Jared Sullinger - 16% – I would drop myself for Jared if I could but I’m banned from playing fantasy basketball, said Brandon Bass.

Alexey Shved – 14% – Got dropped like a bad habit since he’s got hurt but you be clever and preemptive strike pick him up if you have room. You’re so astute.

Corey Brewer – 14% – Continuing to produce. He’s not flashy or anything. His jewelry probably is though!

C.J. Miles - 11% – Kind of the same theory I have on Alexey Shved approximately one inch above depending on the size of your monitor.

J.J. Barea – Just doing his thang. His thang isn’t all that bad. I think that came out wrong but maybe it’s just me.

John Salmons – Useful in deep leagues, useful, definitely useful, said Rain Man.

Lamar OdomRain Main thinks the same thing about Lamar as he thinks of John Salmons.

Landry FieldsRain Main is writing all these deep league add recommendations. He plays in deeep leagues!

Jimmy Butler – Continue to stream while Luol Deng remains sidelined. But you already knew that!

Marreese Speights – See Darrell Arthur below for what I think he can do. Don’t ask me why I didn’t just type it here first. I’m weird!

Dante Cunningham – Getting minutes but the problem is he’s Dante Cunningham.

E’Twaun Moore – Interesting deeeep league stash at the moment if you have room. Rumors are J.J. Redick may get moved because he’s an unrestricted free agent. If that happens Moore could fall into minutes. You’re so cheeky!

Darrell Arthur – I could see 20-25 minutes of burn and 8/5 with close to a block per. If that gets you excited than, dayum, you love fantasy basketball!

Enes Kanter – See E’Twaun Moore an inch or so above depending on the size of your monitor but substitute J.J. Redick with Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap.

Ivan Johnson – Makes for a decent streamer if Zaza Pachulia and Al Horford both sit out tonight. Ivan no speak Russian.


The players on this list are not all outright drops, more like they are downward trending so I just recommend you monitor them and keep an eye out for the hot free agents just in case. We straight, Skippy? That’s your new name.

Jared Dudley – 72% – Hurt his wrist so it’s hard to say if his limited minutes are injury related or new coach related. I’m just monitoring for now but he’s a drop consideration in shallow leagues, fo shizzle!

Jason Kidd – 68% – It’s about to get very crowded in New York, ya’ll. Who likes crowds? Not me!

Chris Kaman – 64% – With Dirk Nowitzki back and Elton Brand revitalized it appears Chris has seen his best days this season. Try to ship him out based on his season averages in  leagues where you can’t drop him due to a bare waiver wire and consider losing him in shallow leagues for someone getting more minutes. Sigh.

Jason Terry – 57% – He got Averyied! Or is it Averied? Neither sounds right but you know what I mean.

Anderson Varejao – 46% – Can be lost in redraft leagues. Pronto!

Brandon Bass – 42% – It really doesn’t seem like he’s going to come around. I’m on the verge of dropping him in a deep 14 team league with virtually nobody on the wire and that’s saying a lot.

Lou Williams – 39% – See Anderson Varejao 2 inches above. You were my boy Lou, you were my boy!, said John Fortney, my ace weekend fantasy basketball writer.


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  1. Hey brother, tried to trade Klay for Millsap, but the guy wants more back. Would you throw a draft pick back his way?? Or walk away?

  2. happy Friday!!!

    this trade just went down in my 14 team roto league(9cat). who got the better end of the deal

    Durantula for Westbrook & K.Thompson


  3. hec! matt barnes, aminu, or gordon hayward rest of season? h2h 9 cat. 14 team league. i currently have both barnes and aminu but hayward is on the wire.

  4. Whats up Bro!

    Once again thanks for the ADD/Drop Friday: Question can you please look over my squad and see any gaps and possbile drops for better options…

    Jose Calderon
    Brandon Knight
    Paul Milsap
    Larry Sanders
    Alan Anderson
    Matt Barnes
    Thad Young

    First thought was pick up Michael Beasley for Barnes

    Thanks for all your help

  5. @Colin: I like him less than Shved but more than Beasley ROS>

    @Jay: Depending on the size of your league I’d say yes. He’s not getting the burn. Frustrating.

    @TG26: Leaning Mullens if you can carry his putrid FG but I don’t know if I’d make that move so quickly.

    @Adrian: The guy who got Durant.

    @robert griffin 3: I’d probably lose Aminu for Hayward if you don’t need Aminu’s extra boards.

  6. @SDPZ: Depends on the pick and depends on also the other big men who may be available in other leagues. Generally though I’d give up a late pick to get it done there were no other real big man options elsewhere.

  7. @SDPZ: Depends on the pick and depends on also the other big men who may be available on other teams. Generally though I’d give up a late pick to get it done there were no other real big man options elsewhere.

  8. But Hec, regarding the Turner / Hayward for Kobe that you answered in the below post, what if he demands Kemba/Morris/Dudley should I still do it?

  9. How would you feel about trading Harden, Millsap, P Gasol, Dragic, Thad Young, and Felton for Curry, Ilyasova, M Gasol, and Irving? Too much? Too crazy?

  10. 12 team roto league I have Dwight,Pau,Asik,Monroe already. With the injury risk to Dwight,Injury/play time risk to Gasol may need the 5th big.Especially since I am struggling across the board right now and have next to 0 trade flexibility.

    Biyombo,Arthur,Taj,Mullens,Maxiell best options on WW right now for a blk/reb big.

  11. Schedules. Wolves have an awesome closing schedule. I Just don’t wanna grab him if you don’t think he’ll avg 30 minutes. I think he will?

  12. hey man would you add devin harris or mullens and drop any of the following
    alan anderson

    9 cat h2h standard league, i punt FG percentage so mullens if he can get back to his earlier numbers is enticing
    thanks a lot man!

  13. @Alex: I’d still lean toward doing it, Kobe man!

    @Blake: Hard to say right now, I’d hold Dudley for a game or two, his minutes may make the decision easy for you.

  14. @Daniel: My eyes went all googly just looking at all those names. Break down what you gain and lose, I really can’t analyze it so deeply. Let me know and I’ll give you my thoughts.

  15. Hey hec happy friday!
    Should I drop wilson chandler for splitter or shved?
    im low on guards but thinking about punting assists. looking more long term what do you think?

    Heres what my team looks like:
    G: curry, crawford, richardson, martin
    F: Drummond, A.johnson, Horford, Ryan anderson,zeller, ilyasova, chandler
    C: dwight, gortat

    appreciate your advice hec!!

  16. also what about richardson and illyasova for john wall? trying to upgrade those two players for maybe a better guard, any other candidates come to mind?

  17. Hmmm so my thinking is:

    Harden for Irving
    Millsap, Young, and Felton for M Gasol and Ilyasova
    P Gasol and Dragic for Curry.

    I feel like I gain in FG% by losing Harden without losing points, gain 3s, and FT% where I am weakest. I don’t know if he’ll want to do a 6 for 4 trade though? Maybe he’ll like losing Ilyasova because we’re not sure if he’ll be consistent and Curry always has the injury-risk tag

  18. Would you trade away Matt Barnes for Favors, with the notion that Barnes could be trending down for the rest of the season (crowded rotation) and Favors could trend up with the possible trade implications? Need help in boards/blks/%s and am solid in 3s/stls.

  19. Hey hec so I was offered Matt Barnes and Mike Conely for my Ryan Anderson and Ricky Rubio

    My team is Pg: Steve Nash, Kyrie Irving, Jeff Teague and Ricky
    SG: Klay Thompson and Bradley Beal
    SF: Josh Smith and Chandler Parsons
    PF: Ryan Anderson Kennith Faried and Nikola Vucevic and my centers are Larry Sanders and Gortat I really need you’re help i’m a first year player.

  20. Thinking about picking up Mullens and dropping Zeller in a 12 team 9 category league. What do you think?

  21. @Rob: I think I’d hold. Rubio is a buy low here, he’s not Conley but he can come close to him with 30+ minutes and Anderson is head and shoulders above Barnes.

    @Doog: I’m not a Favors fan but under your theory it’s not a bad gamble. The possible gains far away the possible losses so sure, go for it.

  22. @Jshap: If you’re punting FG then Mullens for Dudley makes some sense. Especially if Dudley isn’t playing 35 mpg anymore which looks like the case.

  23. should i take this trade?
    only cats im lacking are FG% and BLKS

    my paul george & vasquez
    his thad young & CP3

    16 team 8cat H2H

  24. @Yumi: I think it’s pretty reasonable. Vasquez doesn’t seem like he’s going to slow down and George is a beast. Bynum will certainly cut into Young’s time if/when he comes back. I don’t see this deal helping your FG though.

  25. in a daily league for tonight, would you rather play WORLD PEACE or JIMMY BUTLER (assuming Deng is out)?


  26. Holy Kyle Korver batman!

    Hec, re Mullens its him saying he’s going to be active soon, whereas last Monday his coach said he was a long ways off. Mully also said that running in practice at 10% is not the same as playing a game, and his conditioning was way off. I think it may be a case of wishful thinking on his part, and totally agree that the uphill climb assessment is spot on :)

    and … holy Patrick Patterson batman!

  27. Slim pickings but need an add to make tonight for tomorrow. Anyone can answer.

    Butler vs Washington
    Speights vs Toronto
    Jason Thompson vs Denver
    Patterson vs Brooklyn


  28. Klay t for vucevic, good trade?

    Harden and OJ don’t shoot as many threes as earlier in the season. My threes cat is struggling as I have PGs who don’t shoot threes (Parker and wall).

    Since I have Bron, my FG has been half decent, but klay tends to sidebump my FG on his cold shooting days.

  29. Need a rec to fill a sg spot and its between j. jack, korver, or beal..

    my team:
    cp3, lillard, wall, j. teague, calderon,
    george, melo,
    r.anderson, jefferson, m.gasol, t.chandler, monroe, sanders, drummond

    8team 13 cats

  30. @Henry: I’d hold MKG. Long term he’s the better play.

    @Big Baby Hey Zeus: I’d go Butler obviously the way he’s playing with Deng out. Otherwise probably JT even though he’s been terrible lately.

    @Yum cha: In one league I’m in Klay was dealt straight for Boozer which I thought was reasonable. I think your deal is pretty fair, slight overpay probably but hard to get a plus there.

    @Boleros: Sure.

    @Hitmanwg4u: Right now Korver is out of his mind and is killing it so I’d ride him for his big 3s.

  31. @onaiR: Yes!

    @Andrew: Yes, agree on Mullens, doesn’t sound like he’s really close. Hence, you should just Mull-ens grabbing him right now. Ha. Yes, holy batman on Korver, love him right now!

  32. @onaiR: Oh, I missed it was Deron and not Nash. Hmm, Deron is coming on lately, it’s fair but I think I’d hold. Toss up though who wins it.

  33. In my league we have Personal Fouls, Ejection and Disqualifications as Scoring items… I know what the first 2 are but I don’t understand what’s a Disqualification?

  34. In the end I went with Patterson, couldn’t actually fit Butler onto my roster because of positional eligibility. In the end, it’s only for a day unless one these guys warrant a long term pick-up

  35. @big baby hey zeus: looks like Deng may play so nice call. Fingers crossed!

    @honey nut cheerios: after 16 techs you get suspended a game on technicals. Maybe that’s it?

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