Friday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

Well, it looks like Chris Kaman went, so hopefully this Brand is here to stay!

See what I did there? That literally took me over a half hour to dream up. I’m kidding, it just Kaman to me……Ok, so that’s where we’ll draw the line….Elton Brand (8/13/2blk) got the start last night while Chris Kaman (8/3/stl/blk) was moved to a bench role. This should mean very good things for all of you Brand owners. I think we can expect close to a double double with a block or two on a nightly basis. I’ll take that all day baby. As for Kaman owners, not so much. I don’t see Kaman’s value returning unless we get a Brand injury, which could very well happen, since Elton has never been known to be unbreakable. I’m hoping it sticks fantasy wise, because I like Brand’s skill set a bit more than Kamans. Especially the blocks. As for the Dallas Mavericks, it didn’t make a difference in last nights game as they still lost the Tim Duncan-less and Manu Ginobli-less (8 minutes) Spurs. Greg Popovich just sent Tony Parker and about ten other randoms and got the job done. Just another day in the great state of Texas….or however the hell that goes…..

Here’s your best (and worst) of the rest…..

Ersan Ilyasova – 30/7/2/1/1 Ersanity continues! He looks like he has his confidence back and should be owned everywhere right now. Hopefully you held onto him.

John Henson – 4/1 Looks to be getting no run when Ersan is hot. I think he’s droppable at this point. He had a me excited there for a while.

Marreese Speights – 10/6/2stl in 18 minutes. He should be useful in deep leagues for now, but if Tristan Thompson (18/6/2/1/3) or Tyler Zeller (6/6/1) are ever injured or benched, he becomes ownable everywhere.

Kirk Hinrich – 25/2/4 Old Kirky was doing his best Stephen Curry (21 points) impression. Don’t expect this again anytime soon.

Jimmy Butler – 16/12/blk Got another start with Luol Deng out again. Should be short lived though, as it sounds like theres a chance Deng could play today.

Deron Williams – 12/5/6/2blk Bad News : Deron left the game after he banged knees with Marc Gasol and it did not look good. Good News : Deron is expected to play in todays game. Nervous were you? I like to keep it suspenseful. Better keep a close eye on D-Will in the meantime, but just in case he misses a game or two, CJ Watson (9/3/1) would be your guy.

Gerald Wallace – 1/3/4/1/1 I won’t lie, I gave him the boot in a 10 team league. I’m sick of staring at these lines and contemplating whether the steals and blocks are worth it anymore. He also doesn’t get many shots with Joe Johnson and crew letting shots go like the basketball is a hot potato. I decided I could do better and you probably can too.

Tony Wroten (11/4/2) and Darrell Arthur (6/5/1/blk) are making some noise now that Marreese Speights and Wayne Ellington are gone. Deep Leaguers should monitor them.

Jeremy Lin – 13/5/8/6 steals/blk I don’t mean to brag but I called this bounce back and actually happened to win a couple buckets of cheddar on the deal. Lin will give you some stinkers, but he has to be owned. Someone dropped him in a 10 team league of mine. I’m scooping him up directly. I mean look at that line, doesn’t it make you smile? Just a little? Thought so.

FART OF THE NIGHT: Greivis Vasquez – 2/1/6 Was absolutely awful and was benched in the 4th quarter, which was well deserved. I’m not worried though. He’s had a great season and has been very consistent. Hold.

Derrick Williams – 18/11/stl Should be a nice play til Nikola Pekovic comes back, and still useful until Kevin Love returns.

Greg Stiemsma – 2/2/6/2stl and no blocks? In a start? C’mon Greg if you’re not gonna block shots then why would I want to own you? Ta, ta, ta, taday Junior!! Time’s up. Moving on….

Ricky Rubio – 4/5/6 in 31 minutes. Line is decent but minutes are up. I think Ricky will come around, but it may take a few more weeks. Just warning you.

Mikael Gelabale (15/7/stl) and Chris Johnson (9/5/stl/blk) had nice games and could be useful in very deep leagues for a while. Or until Pekovic returns. Just make sure you grab the correct Chris Johnson because apparently there are like eight of them that play in the NBA.

John Wall – 14/1/5/2blk Returned to the starting lineup, but still played only 20 minutes. This a good step and the minutes will come. John Wall will soon be back in full strength for the stretch run!

Jordan Crawford – 19/3/stl in 22 minutes. Got a good game from JC and I see him sticking as a 6th man scorer type. I think he can be owned in 12 team leagues or deeper. Lets just call him “our poor mans Jamal Crawford”. Ok, deal.

Al Horford – 24/13/3/2stl Returned. Get him back in your lineup.

Ivan Johnson – 11/1/1 “Ivan the terrible” Got another start but this time it wasn’t against the lowly Bobcats. Add that in with him getting benched in the 2nd half and theres your crappy line. The Atlanta Hawks were getting slaughtered at half by 19, so Devin Harris (14/3/2/2/1) was moved to the starting lineup. Next up, was a 21-2 run that forced overtime, then double overtime, and lastly a “W”. Needless to say, Ivan won’t be starting anytime soon, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Kyle Korver – 27/6/4/3/2 with 8 threes! Hand Down! Man Down!! – Mark Jackson

– Kyle was absolutely infuego last night. My advice to the Celtics would be to defend the white guy from Creighton next time around, cause the kid can shoot the lights out!

– My advice to you is to snatch him up if you need threes and he’ll also sprinkle in some boards, dimes, steals, and blocks. He’s a very nice play in any format.

Jared Sullinger – 0/5/2/2stl and 6 fouls. Sully has fouled out nine times this year (which leads the league) and in six of his last thirteen games. Woof. If you own him just expect a lot of duds.

Greg Monroe – 31/12/stl This is why we love his upside. I expect more of these lines down the road.

Andre Drummond – 6/7/1/3/2 Can we all just start grabbing this kid so I don’t have to mention him anymore? With the boards and blocks alone he is ownable in 10 team leagues, and should only improve with an uptick in minutes along the way.

Chris Anderson – 2/2 in three minutes played. The Birdman made his Heat debut and could be useful if he ever reaches 20 mpg. Just keep an eye on his minutes. Or we can do that for you. Stay tuned.

$75,000 – Is the amount of money a Miami native made on a half court hook shot during the break after the 3rd quarter. $75k. Wow. He just drained it, and then was tackled at mid-court by Lebron James in a hilarious, but well deserved celebration. Just to put it in perspective for you, this guy made $75k on one shot while Lebron had to play an entire game to make his $214k. Needless to say, both brought the bread home last night.

Kevin Martin – 24/3/1/2stl K-Mart is heating up. If you need some threes and points, he may be your huckleberry.

Isaiah Thomas – 7/1/stl I’m not holding him in 10 team leagues anymore, but continue to monitor. If you can drop him for, say, a Jeremy Lin, go for it! Ha!

Derrick Favors – 14/5/2stl/blk This guy just passes the eye test. He is very salty defensively, and still needs some work on the offensive side, but looks promising. What more can I say? He is the future and I could see the Jazz moving Paul Milsap at the trade deadline. The Jazz desperately need some guard help and this could be the solution. Jamal Tinsley (6/3/6/stl) is their starting PG for cripes sakes! If that were to happen, Favors is a must own immediately.

Kobe Bryant (14/9/14/3/1) and Dwight Howard (17/13/2blk) led the way for the Laker win over the Jazz while Steve Nash (15/2assists) took a backseat view. This looks very good for Kobe and Dwight owners, but very bad for Nash owners, if this is a sign for things to come. Lets see how it plays out though….

Pau Gasol – 15/7/3/stl Came off the bench but was very productive. Pau thinks he is a starter and he should be, but I think he is a better fantasy wise coming off the bench because he get his touches down low. Pau hardly sees the ball when starting, so this could be a good thing for him. Who knows what Mike D’Antoni comes up with next though. It’s at least some signs of life for Pau owners so I’m just hoping for the best.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you tomorrow!


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  1. I am a team that needs anything and everything stat wise to stay even within the middle of pack in 12 team roto right now.

    DeAndre,Bledsoe,Dunleavy,S.Brown who do you put at 2nd util?

    Foye,Barea,Ridnour,Gee,Robinson,Seflosha,Odom,Maxiell,Beasley,Bismack,Arthur,C.Brewer are available in a 12 team league any better than the other 4?

  2. I’m trying to trade for Greivis Vasquez right now. What is a good offer I can send? 14 team h2h. 9 cat. currently in 4th place. the owner doesn’t want gordon.

    pg: deron williams, george hill,
    sg: james harden, monta ellis, eric gordon,
    sf: matt barnes, kawhi leonard, aminu
    pf: boozer, favors, ed davis
    c: gortat

  3. In a vacuum how would you rank the following: Aminu, Robin Lopez, Ed davis? And also, do you have a rest of season ranking or an updated current ranking list?

  4. What up hecmAn the man!!! So here is the story. Rubio and devin Harris are on the waiver wire. Should I add both or add one based on my lineup. Or just stay w my current roster. If so let me know who to drop and add.

    Curry jack Kemwalker beal
    Pierce supr gay aminu
    Noah boozer Mullens Adavis zeller mgasol

    Let me know and hopefully none of the players have been added

  5. In a points only,H2H weekly league.I have 2 spots with Jarret Jack and Larry Sanders in them on my team.Would any of the following free agents,score me more fantasy points from Jack’s and Sander’s spots on my team? Aminu,Spitter,Ilyasova,Drummond,Korver,Brand,Felton.I will have a 6 game lead in my half of the division, after this week’s games.Rose and Granger and A.Bynum are free agents also.Would now be the time to pick any of them up and keep an injured player or two on my bench for awhile,hopefully making me stronger for the playoffs,in the long run.What would you suggest?

  6. Hi Hecman…

    I got Kenneth Faried, Deron Williams, Monta Ellis, Tyreke Evans and Andre Iguodala on my squad. I can only put 4 of them in my line up…who would you bench (let us assume that DWill plays tonite)?


  7. @Jay – I would definitely stream Bledsoe as long as Chris Paul is out. Otherwise, Odom, Ridnour and Barea are very nice plays right now.

    @Brandon – I think we are seeing Asik’s true colors. I would wait for a few nice games from him and then see if you can sell him high.

    @50 Cent – See if you can package him with Aminu or Boozer in a 2 for 1 deal. I think you would selling high on both guys.

    @Luke Walton – Davis, Aminu, then Lopez. We don’t right now but that might be a possibility.

    @Lpeezy – I could see you adding rubio for Mullens but I think the rest of your team looks pretty solid.

    @HN – Yes.

    @Pumpman – Ilyasova, Drummond, and Felton would be very nice pickups but you cant drop Jack or Sanders. Anyone else you could drop? If you feel you can stash one of those guys, go for it. Just make sure you don’t lose that division. Those guys returning and producing isn’t always guaranteed.

  8. @DZL571 – I would start Monta, D-Will (assuming he plays) and both Nuggets vs the putrid Kings.

    @Katilyn – I prefer Davis but I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

  9. Hey J-Fort! What will a trade in Utah do for Kanter? Not sure if I should keep an eye on him.

    Also, who do you like between Aminu and Earl Clark?


  10. @Drez1 – Kanter would move to the first big man off the bench. Probably close to what Favors value is right now. Aminu definitely. I don’t think the Clark experiment lasts.

  11. @pumpman – yeah, you’re team is solid. I don’t think I would drop any of those guys. You could look into a 2 for 1 deal to free up a spot.

  12. Hey, J-Fort

    Imagine Big Al or Paul Millsap are traded…

    Should I send Big Al and Klay Thompson for DMC, G.Hayward and Derrick Favors?

  13. @Honey Nut Cheerios – That’s a great trade if one of those guys are moved. I like Cousins much better than Al Jeff anyways so I would be ok with that.

  14. @J-Fort: Thinking of dropping B. Beal for K. Korver. I could use his 3’s, even if he won’t be hitting 5 to 8 of them on a nightly basis. Thoughts?

  15. Hey guys , great thing you have going in here!

    I read your posts and listen to the podcast but this is my first time asking something.. Hec you gonna need to expand your staff if you want to keep up with the questions!

    My roster

    Isiah Thomas
    Tristan Thompson

    I want Howard but he wants to send Gasol + Aminu too for Cousins + Turner + Dragic.what should I counter with?

    His roster

    And the rest is sh*t

  16. Sorry im changing my question earlier.

    Which two should i keep?

    Ed Davis, Glen Davis, Robin Lopez or Derrick favors?

    Thanks hec!

  17. question for Jfort or Hec

    Now who do you like better ROS Kaman or Brand. Previously both of you said Kaman ROS but Brand right now.

    Is that still true?

  18. Should I trade my Asik – Turner for Aljeff – JRichardson? or Asik-turner fot AlJeff-HarisonBArnes?

    Asik and turner are currently hot right now… especially turner.. This offer got rejected before but he is willing to trade for it again right now.. :D

  19. I’ve been the beneficiary of some Tristan Thompson goodness of late.

    Is it a good move if I deal him for Kenneth Faried?

  20. Man, I need to get both Ilyasova and L.Sanders into my lineup somehow,after last night.Points only league. I have a lot of PG’s, I was thinking both Sanders and Ilyasova have a higher average than Teague these last 5 games, by 5 fantasy points or better.Thoughts?

  21. Hec,

    I’m sure the questions about Rondo will start pouring in. Here’s mine.

    Bradley or Lee top add (H2H PTS)? Have Jordan Crawford, Bledsoe (who I’d like to hold), and Jack (who I’d also like to hold). Am I dropping Crawford for Bradley? Is there a chance they blow the team up, or make a trade for a PG who would hurt Bradley’s value?

    Thanks, man. As always appreciate the advice and insight.


  22. So i took your advice Hecman, I added Rubio, but rather I dropped Beal. But I see why you would want me to drop zeller for rubio its bc both have crappy FG% and that would offset theyr lack of FG%. Am i right? anyhow, I know want to drop Zeller but for who….I know celtics have had some rondo-less news today.

    Jack and Curry, KembaWalker, Rubio
    Gay, Pierce, Aminu
    mgAsol, noah, boozer, mullen, zeller, anthony davis

    Should I stay or do something.

    Here is the wire: Ridnour, Jason Terry, Bogut, avery bradley, devin harris, or should i pick up BEAL again? Or any other waiver wire picks….

  23. @JR – Im ok with that.

    @Fosilov – I would try to get Lillard in the deal since you are sending Dragic.

    @Tententenen – I would keep both Davis’s for right now.

    @JackM – Yes we like Brand better now. I would leave Kidd along. Felton returned last night.

    @Spursfan – Barea

    @onair – I would do either. Just make sure you are getting Al Jeff. You’re getting the best player in the deal by far.

    @dethan33 – I would’nt. TT should hold his value all year.

    @Honey Nut Cheerios – Gasol, Aminu, but its pretty close.

    @Pumpman – They have been better lately but also have had nice matchups. I would play them all depending on their matchups night to night.

    @Colt Speedman – I like Lee as the top add there. See next post which should be up very soon.

    @Marc – I wouldn’t.

  24. Hey Hecman,

    Im shopping David Lee for a big man that can get me some more blocks. I’ve got offers for Al Horford and Brook Lopez. Who do you think would be better? I lose a lot of assists with David Lee gone, but Al horford gets a solid amount for a big man. But at the same, Al Horford is not nearly the blocking machine that is Brook Lopez. I also lose some board with Lopez.

    This is my team:

    Brandon Jennings
    Tony Allen
    Damian Lillard
    Kyle Korver
    Anthony Davis
    Manu Ginobili
    Luis Scola
    Nikola Vucevic
    Kyle Lowry
    Ty Lawson
    Evan Turner
    David Lee
    Tyler Zeller
    Andrew Bogut

  25. Hey Hecman,

    Im shopping David Lee for a big man that can get me some more blocks. I’ve got offers for Al Horford and Brook Lopez. Who do you think would be better? I lose a lot of assists with David Lee gone, but Al horford gets a solid amount for a big man. But at the same, Al Horford is not nearly the blocking machine that is Brook Lopez. I also lose some board with Lopez.

    Also, I have Zeller, but thinking about dropping him for either Brand or Biyombo. Or should I just forego my dream that Andrew Bogut returns at full force?


    This is my team:

    Brandon Jennings
    Tony Allen
    Damian Lillard
    Kyle Korver
    Anthony Davis
    Manu Ginobili
    Luis Scola
    Nikola Vucevic
    Kyle Lowry
    Ty Lawson
    Evan Turner
    David Lee
    Tyler Zeller
    Andrew Bogut

  26. Hi,

    WTFFFF is up with J.R. Smith now!!??? (other than the fact that the Knicks are SOOO FRICKIN CROWDED) Should I drop him and his atrocious FG%, 3PT %, and lately, barely any stats, and grab a Celtic who will benefit from Rondo’s injury? (Although, I am not sure if that would be Bradley, Barbosa, Lee, etc) Today’s game, none of them had even half decent stats in Rondo’s absence.


  27. Also, maybe drop J.R. Smith for Byron Mullens? Am I jumping the gun too quick on SMith? He seems to play really poorly with ‘Melo, and a pattern also showing that he plays pretty bad with Raymond Felton for some reason. (I used to have both Felton and Smith, but dropped Felton when he got injured)

    p.s. NOBODY in my league EVER even reply to trade offers, so that is pretty much useless.

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