By: John Fortney – Staff Writer

I hate to lead you all off with bad news time after time but it is my obligation. One of my personally favorite players to own and watch, Rajon Rondo, tore his ACL in Friday’s game against the Knicks. $%^&$%@#!!!!! Ok now breath…… You back? Ok. After a few cuss words directed at your computer monitor, next step is to fixing this problem. You can’t replace a player like Rondo but you sure can make some adds to ease the pain. I think the first two adds here are Avery Bradley (who should start at the point) and Courtney Lee (who should move to starting shooting guard). Next in line to get a bump in minutes are Jason Terry and Leandro Barbosa but should only be added in deeper leagues. As for the Celtics, I dont see them making the playoffs without Rondo and I fully expect them to trade what is left of the big three in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to contenders. Golden State needs a Center! Memphis needs a scorer! Works right? Ok, its not that easy but you get the point. Chances are, if they get moved, their value will decrease so if you can sell them high, go for it.

Rondo Owners : Here are some guys to check for on the waiver wire.

Raymond Felton – 8/3/2stl Returned for the Knicks last night. Make sure he isnt available.

Ricky Rubio – 14/1/8/5stl May have been dropped by a frustrated owner.

Jeremy Lin – 14/5/9/stl and 6 turnovers. Apparently it is a requirement to turn the ball over an average of 3-5 times a game to play for the Rockets. It starting to get out of hand but they are winning so I dont see anything changing in the future.

Eric Bledsoe – 11/9/5/2/1 A very nice play until Chris Paul returns. Stream, stream, stream!!!

Here’s your best (and worst) of the rest…..

Deron Williams – 27/4/11/2/2 Looks to be fine. At least we avoided one disaster.

Mareese Speights – 17/5/blk/stl Playing well off the bench and looks to be ownable in deep leagues. Maybe even in a 12 team league. I’d also like to thank Mo’s mother for giving him the most excruciating name to remember and spell. Instead of running to to check it now I just have it on a yellow postet stuck to my monitor. Good Grief!

Spencer Hawes – 4/5/1/4blk Got the start over Lavoy Allen (1/5) and didnt have a great game due to his matchup with Tyson Chandler, but the stats will come. He should be owned everywhere!

Alan Anderson – 17/2/3/2stl Getting the lionshare of the bench minutes and is a nice play if you need a shooting guard.

Greg Stiemsma – 11/7/2blk Stream if you need blocks.

Nene Hilario – 16/6/4 Left the game with a rolled ankle but returned. Don’t be surprised if he misses time though since old Nene has the pain tolerance of a 2 year old.

Gordon Hayward – 15/3/6/3/1 Hurt his shoulder in last nights game but X Rays were negative. Sounds like a shoulder sprain and he may miss some time. Of course it happens right as he is starting to play well…..

Ty Lawson – 26/3/6/4/1 I hope you bought low!

Fart of the Night : Demarcus Cousins 3/2/4/4/1 I didnt expect such a crappy game against a great matchup. Not even you DMC! Dont worry, he’ll bounce back.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you next weekend!

Oh, also, don’t forget to check out hec’s show tonight at 9:30, the Rotoinfo Fantasy Basketball Breakdown show. Just click on that little link and you’ll magically be taken there. Also can be heard on iTunes!

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  1. Hi John

    Im looking to add 3s via the G spot. My waiver wire has the following available. How would you rank.
    Bradley, N. Young, C. Lee, M. Webster, B. Gordon.

    Do you think Bradley is capable of holding down the PG spot or does Boston bring in another PG instead?

  2. Drop Isaiah Thomas for Bradley? Do you have any idea on how long CP3 will continue to be out? Trying to see if it’d be a good idea to grab Bledsoe for this week

  3. hahah…i changed my team slogan to “Rajon Ron-D’oh!”…great minds think alike…anyway, bradley was scooped up so i still have time to add courtney lee. are any of these guys worth dropping for Lee? Biyombo, Seraphin, Delfino, Foye? my guess is no especially since my team is already good on points and consistently top 3 in steals and threes already…thanks jfort!

  4. @tg26 – I like lee for threes. Bradley will be the starter but I dont see how they cant make a trade. They are going nowhere without rondo.

    @daniel – cp3 return is anyones guess. I would hold thomas. Still love his upside.

    @zix9 – go for it if you want. I dont like either personally.

    @allballs – hold off on lee unless you desperately need threes. Biyombo is the guy i would drop.

    @mfawcett- dont worry, he will be removed from that list asap so you can drop him. Probably tomorrow.

    @onair – niether. Just make sure you get al jeff. If I had to choose, I’d go barnes.

  5. Hey there JFort,

    Needs some advice bad. I was the in the #1 spot but been slipping the last 3 weeks due to injuries. Let me know what you what move you think I need to make.

    I’ve been super lacking on Assists, 3 pts. Also lost this week in boards although I’ve been pretty good in the boards cat.

    My Team is:

    Ty Lawson
    Darren Collison

    Nic Batum
    Paul George
    Jared Dudley

    Glen Davis
    Elton Brand

    Available on the waiver right now is Bradley Beal, Isaiah Thomas, Danny Granger, Bradley, Jason Terry, Leonard, Delfino. Been eyeing Granger here.

    Also, everyone wants my Paul George or Batum. Got offer Al Jefferson for either of them. Should I move either of these guys?

    Please advise me on some help when you can! Don’t want to let this season slip from me. Thanks for any advice!

  6. Greetings JFort:
    Somebody in my league lost Rondo and is panicking right now. He offered me his Lebron for my Westbrook and Pierce. Is that a good trade for me???
    Thanks and keep the good work!

  7. Hec, the I don’t think the Celtics will trade pierce. It’s like trading Larry Bird.

    Garnett could be traded if he wants to. What do you think Avery bradley will do?

  8. Hey Hecman,

    Im shopping David Lee for a big man that can get me some more blocks. I’ve got offers for Al Horford and Brook Lopez. Who do you think would be better? I lose a lot of assists with David Lee gone, but Al horford gets a solid amount for a big man. But at the same, Al Horford is not nearly the blocking machine that is Brook Lopez. I also lose some board with Lopez.

    Also, I have Zeller, but thinking about dropping him for either Brand or Biyombo. Or should I just forego my dream that Andrew Bogut returns at full force?


    This is my team:

    Brandon Jennings
    Tony Allen
    Damian Lillard
    Kyle Korver
    Anthony Davis
    Manu Ginobili
    Luis Scola
    Nikola Vucevic
    Kyle Lowry
    Ty Lawson
    Evan Turner
    David Lee
    Tyler Zeller
    Andrew Bogut

  9. I was offered kosta koufos for lowry. which side would you pick? (lowry is injured and TOR they seem to prefer calderon. unless lowry gets traded.

    Do you see Lowry’s fantasy value going downhill?

    Thanks hec!

  10. @T$ – First thing you need is CP3 back. I wouldn’t move George for Al Jeff. Maybe Batum but your team is very solid. I would wait it out and hope Paul returns this week.

    @Bernard – Take the deal. You’re getting the best fantasy player in the game.

    @JackM – I like Bradley over Harris. I think Bradley can average 12/2/5/2 from here on out. I don’t love him but he can be useful.

    @boleros – zeller, PP, Clark, Kaman.

    @Nick – Yes, but who are you adding?

    @Fred – If you want to move Lee I would take Horford first.He’s the better player. Hold Zeller. He will give you the same amount of blocks as Brand. Brand is still risky as of now. Bogut will give you your blocks pending he returns. Stay tuned.

    @tententenen – Keep Lowry. His upside is too high. Hopefully he can get more minutes or the starting position in the future. I’m holding him and hoping for the best.

  11. Hey,

    So right now I’m in first place by 1.5 points and there’s about a 6 team race for the first seed but I’m looking ahead to the playoffs. My major strengths are rebounding and blocks where I rank first and second respectively. I’m generally in about 3rd-4th week in and week out in everything else. My main competitor has a very guard heavy lineup so he generally leads in FT%, 3PT, Pts, Assists and Steals. While I generally outclass him in the other 4 categories, I’d still lose 4-5 in a playoff game so that worries me alot. Any ideas on possible trades or what I can do to get in playoff competition mode? I’m not worried about making the playoffs but getting a good seed is probably a good idea to avoid an upset early on because of the closeness between 1-6.

    My team is;
    Russell Westbrook
    Deron Williams
    JJ Redick
    Darren Collison
    Jarett Jack
    Dion Waiters
    Danilo Gallinari
    Thaddeus Young
    Serge Ibaka
    Omer Asik
    JJ Hickson
    Tiago Splitter
    Kenneth Faried


  12. what up jfort. picked up zeller a couple of days ago because of the mins he’s getting and he’s been good. but im just wondering how things are gonna shape up now with marreese doing some good work. saw zeller’s mins go down along with a little dip in production past 2 games. just wondering who’s the better pick between the 2 now and moving forward too.

  13. Hey J-Fort, would you rather have Zeller or Speights? And do you think Bledsoe will get an uptick in minutes when CP3 comes back? Thanks!

  14. hi hec and co :D

    listening to the show now :)

    I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in avery bradley at all,
    neither barbosa, lee, terry or whatever,
    really bad players, fantasy speaking at least

  15. J-Fort, Hecman…i don’t know what to do anymore.

    I am the defending champion in my league. This is my thired season playing fantasy basketball.

    I lost Bogut and Jonas earlier in the season…had to drop them…luckily there were some good rebounders/defenders available.

    Lost K. Love a couple weeks back. Now I’ve lost Rondo too. Dropped both of them.

    I am firmly in third in my 12 team league. 1.5 games behind the second place team. 6 games ahead of the fourth place team.

    I’m hurting a bit in rebounding, and now will be hurt a bit in assists. My team has been struggling in blocks, hence keeping McGee around. I’ve been punting in TOs…but with Rondo out, I should be able to win more than 1 time in 13 weeks.

    Courtney Lee is a free agent. Bargnani. Love. A Bynum. Bogut. are free agents too.

    My team is Curry, Lillard, Dragic, Vasquez, Affalo, E. Gordon, Korver, Parsons, Horford, Drummond, Ed Davis, Tyson Chandler, Aminu, and McGee

    The first place team is invincible in FTM, 3PM, PTS.

    The second place team is unbeaten in STL

    Should I grab Lee? If “yes”, at the expense of whom?

    Should I grab/hold/stash one of the injured four?

    Should I pray and hope for the best? ;-)

    Your advice and work is appreciated.

    Happy Monday!

  16. @patrickdrd: You may be right. Avery in 33 mpg last year was 12/2/2 type player as I mentioned on the podcast. Not exactly lighting it up but serviceable in standard leagues since he should get burn. Thanks for listenting!

    @King Jesus: Losing Rondo hurts but your team still looks pretty good, your guard depth is very solid. I think I’d just hold for now, you don’t have anyone to really drop. If Lee gets it going then revisit. Good luck and hang in there!

    @Drez1: I’m still leaning Zeller but could see each of them outperforming the other on any given night. For points though, I think it’ll be Mareese in any event.

    @Kent: Of the 5 cats that you think you’ll lose to the number 1 guy, what’s the one that’s closest? That’s the one I’d focus on gaining and go from there.

  17. Not really pleased with Gerald Henderson & Rodney Stuckey’s production lately; There are a few pickups that I’m pondering about to take their roster spots:

    Aaron Brooks– had a nice game the other day, should his PT go up after that ?

    Jimmy Butler– he’s been playing well lately with Deng’s injury, but does he have a solidified role off the bench when he comes back?

    Lance Stephenson

    And Jonas Valencuinas is said to have been shooting, is he worth stashing for the long run?

  18. Hey Hecman,

    Someone in my league has offered Ersan and Mike Conley for Millsap and Felton. I know you’ve written a lot about Ersan in the past and now he’s been posting solid numbers. Do you think he’ll stay consistent? Felton looked good yesterday but will he be consistent? As you know, I play in a weekly league so I’m always looking for consistency.


  19. Hi JFort:
    Easy question: What the heck should I do with Lowry??? Somebody in my league drop Calderon to pick up Felton. Should I just drop Lowry and pick Calderon or Rubio (who’s still available)??? As always, thanks Hec, for all the advice! Nice podcast

  20. @Daniel, Pff, too many questions… where should hec know? he isn’t a magician, you know?
    so you should make your choices and live (or die…) with them

  21. @Jfort/Hec,

    The wire is thin (18 team daily h2h)! Recently lost Lou Williams so now I have a rotating roster spot until I find a good long-term solution. Ideally, I need a PG until Mo Williams comes back, but could also use help to just solidify 3s, steals, or blocks, since there are really no decent pgs on the wire. I could drop Bass for any of the following players on the wire:

    Dalembert, Hedo, Meeks, James Johnson, Rivers, Belinelli, Zaza, Grant Hill, Dante Cunningham, CJ Watson, Shaun Livingston, Norris Cole, Aaron Brooks, Prigioni, Bernard James, Steve Blake

    My current team:

    Lillard, Knight, Mo Williams (inj)
    Kobe, C. Brewer
    Pierce, M.Barnes
    Millsap, Patterson, Bass
    Vucevic, Koufos, Brand

    Thanks guys!

  22. Jfort/Hec

    another blow for my team, losing Rondo. I already had Love and Rose out, holding on to them just in case I make it to the playoffs, and that’s big if. I picked up Hinrich, just to get someone in the position, and the WW is thin. Nobody wants to trade and I don’t have much to offer anybody. So, I need to concentrate now on maybe just 3 or 4 cats and hopefully 1 or 2 will just happen.

    here’s that team:

    IS2, Thorton, Calderone, Tyreke, Zach, Melo, DeAndre, Gortat, Jack, Hinrich, Rubio, Drummond, Tristan Thompson, KLove, Rose.

    Any suggestions? Avery is available, but if RUBIO would just wake up, I would be ok assist wise. What say you?

  23. @hecman he averages 50 more points, 11 more 3PT and 3 more steals a week than I do. FT% is unlikely but possible, he’s way too ahead in assists for me to even get close to him. That being said, would Kyrie Irving for Asik/Jack/Waiters trade be reasonable? I’d replace Asik with someone like Robin Lopez who strengthens my blocks/FT% and Waiters would be replaced with Bradley Beal. Irving would then take Jack’s spot. I’d go down a bit on rebounds but I’d get the 3PT, Points and Steals.

  24. @hecman I just dropped Dion Waiters for Andrew Bogut as I saw his awesome return tonight. Dion’s the least likely to get picked up and I always have Bradley Beal as backup if he does. Since I just added another elite big man, I’m looking to shop maybe Asik along with someone like Jarrett Jack for a more elite guard like Irving/Harden or perhaps a more FT happy big man like Bosh coupled with a decent guard.

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