Big Baby’s got another Big Problem!

Hey, did you hear there was a big basketball trade last night? Yes, yes, Rudy Gay was traded! Ed Davis was traded! Jose Calderon, too! If you want to read all about the fantasy basketball implications of the deal you can click right on this here little link. You’ll be magically transported to fantasy basketball trade analysis nirvana. Or Nirvana if you’re a music fan. Well, now that we’ve covered the fantasy implications of the Gay deal, let’s take a look at what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Glen Davis – Will have foot surgery and will miss 8-12 weeks or, in other words, lose him! But you already knew that. The usual suspects to grab are Gustavo Ayon, Andrew Nicholson and, my preferred sneaky stash, Al Harrington. Hedo Turkoglu is also someone who should be considered for pickup if he’s out there. Someone has to score the ball! Just one ball, said Lance Armstrong.

Moe Harkless – 6/3/0 with a steal in 36 minutes. I doubt he’ll see 36 minutes again anytime in the near future but if he does he probably won’t do much anyway. He’s done nothin’!

Jordan Crawford – 3/1/1 with a three in 17 minutes. Must be still hurting if he only played 17 minutes with Bradley Beal out. It’s a shame, opportunity lost! If Beal is to miss I’d grab him anyway.

Nick Young – 18/4/4 with 2 steals and 3 threes in 36 minutes. Jason Richardson’s knee be sore, y’all! Best go grab Nick, this could be an extended points bonanza.

Rodney Stuckey – 14/3/2 with 2 steals and a three in 34 minutes. This could have been Rodney’s last dance with 30+ minutes of burn. I think it’s for the best. He just has never gotten it going this year with any consistency. Bah humbug! Is it allowed to say that outside Christmas season?

Marcus Thornton – 7/3/1 with 3 steals and a three as the dream season continues … for his H2H opponents!

Avery Bradley – 11/5/2 with 3 steals and a three in 29 minutes. I still like him the best of the bunch as a pick up. I assume he’s been grabbed wherever he should be but if not then go do the needful. No, I’m not Indian.

Courtney Lee – 9/0/3 with a three in 26 minutes. He’s my number 2, sort of like in Austin Powers but without the patch. Avery is my number 1. Groovy!

Leandro Barbosa – 7/0/2 with a three in 15 minutes. Yeah, I have to go over all these fools because things are still shaking out in the Boston back court. I’m just monitoring outside of deep leagues. You should too! I mean it’s not like the guy is a point guard and they already have Jason Terry and Courtney Lee to play shooting guard so I’m not sure what all the hype is about on Leandro in some circles that I’ve read.

Brandon Bass – 12/4/2 with 3 steals in 38 minutes. Jared Sullinger went down for the count early with back spasms so Brandon got extra burn. Nice to see he’s wiping the glass every 9 minutes he’s on the floor. Stream if Sullinger is to miss more time anyway. The minutes should be there at least.

Aaron Gray – 8/11/1 with a block in 35 minutes. Feel free to stream him until Andrea Bargnani and Jonas Valanciunas return. Opposing offenses are quaking in their sneakers at the thought of that rim fortress tandem returning.

John Lucas – 19/0/2 with 3 threes. If anything should happen to Kyle Lowry (as if!) then Johnny is your Huckleberry in Toronto. Until then he’s just a knucklehead. Or something like that.

Kyle Korver – 17/6/3 with 2 steals and 5 more threes. Please pick him up in shallow leagues. I really don’t like to beg. Really, it’s so unbecoming!

Ray Allen – 6/3/2 with 2 steals and 2 threes in 20 minutes. Too bad he can’t play at Boston every game. Wait, he used to! Half the time anyway.

Taj Gibson – 14/9/2 with a steal in place of Carlos Boozer who sat with a sore something or other. Jump on the raft and stream away if Carlos is to miss more time. Just don’t fall in the water, that would kinda suck!

Jimmy Butler – 18/4/6 with 2 steals and a three. Such a nice fantasy story, I think I may cry. Keep rolling with him until further notice or ship him out for better long term value. I think he’ll get squeezed when Derrick Rose comes back.

Sam Dalembert – Or Dalembear if you want to speak French and impress your girlfriend. Larry Sanders sat out so Sam got some extra burn but could he get you 5-6 boards and a block or two in 20ish minutes going forward? Sure.

DeAndre Jordan –  16/12/0 with 2 blocks. This is what his owners have been waiting for! Too bad they dropped him last week. Drats! That was his first double-double since January 1. Actually, forget points, that was his first time in double digit rebounds since January 1! Dayum. DeAndre been disappointing. Let’s see if he can serious burn. Doubt it though.

Matt Barnes – 0/0/1 in 6 minutes before being ejected. Back in the day when I used to sit in the blues at Madison Square Garden to watch Knicks games there was this one guy in our section who would always get drunk and then yell, “Hit him in the neck!” I really had no idea why but we would always crack up. Matt Barnes hit Greg Stiemsma in the neck! Carry on.

Derrick Williams – 5/0/0 with 5 fouls in 13 minutes. The curse of the T-Wolves lottery picks is alive! Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Alexey Shved – 12/2/3 with a steal in 21 minutes. Did you pre-emptive strike pick him up last Friday like I suggested? Let’s hope he can get to 30 minutes. Hard to say but fingers crossed. You can always lose him if he doesn’t.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 4/4/1 with 4 steals in 28 minutes. Really, it’s ok to lose him for a hot free agent. Really, feel free to let it go.  Sigh. Depending on the size of your league, of course!

Manu Ginobili – 9/5/6 with 2 steals in 21 minutes. I swear with the limited minutes this guy plays you’d think he was 45. Jeez, come on, dude. I’m not asking for much, 26-28 mpg is all we need. I’ll even put a cherry on top of my pretty please if that helps. Not sure it’s going to help.

Kosta Koufos – 6/4/1 with a steal and 2 blocks in 20 minutes. Makes for a pretty solid play, especially with that minutes hog JaVale McGee out. I’m joking about McGee. That’s what I do. I jest!

Roger Mason – 9/0/3 with a steal and 3 threes. Roger is only worth considering as a streamer when Eric Gordon sits as he did last night. Even then you probably still don’t want any part of him. Unless you’re related to him, then it’s ok, I understand.

Marvin Williams – 11/7/1 with 2 steals and a three in 36 minutes. Makes for an exciting streamer with Gordon Hayward sidelined! Can you feel my excitement! Actually, I’m talking about Derrick Favors. Nevermind.

Earl Clark – 5/8/2 with a steal and a three in 30 minutes. What, you thought he’d go 20/12 with 4 threes every night? Greedy!

Michael Beasley – 27/6/1 with 5 steals and a three on 12-20 FG. Right now it should B-Easy to trade him for value so do it. Softball!

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  1. Hi Hecman,

    about to drop Big Baby. who’s the better option between B.Beal and B.Knight? I’m worried about a time share for both players (beal+crawford and knight+calderon). who do you think is the strong play for the rest of the season?


  2. Aminu – Ridnour – Hawes

    Overall value for the rest of the season. Say you gotta make the call today to roll with one of these guys for the rest of the season…

  3. @Adrian: Considering Knight is healthy I’m leaning him. He should play the two and some PG.

    @Mark: Thought about it, he’s averaging 24 mpg over his last 5 so hard to keep up such production in limited minutes. He has been scoring though!

    @EddieEds: That order, I’m assuming Bynum is coming back.

    @Jess: I probably would.

  4. @Martin: I’d hold Turk for now, if he’s healthy I think he has a chance to contribute plus JJ Redick may be moved opening up even more time for him possibly.

  5. What do you think about Martell Webster? I dropped Big Baby for him- looks to be a decent source of 3’s, shoots lots of FT at a high rate- haven’t heard much from you about him.

  6. Hola Sir Hecman!

    Should I go for Bargnani or Aminu to replace Davis?

    Other free agents are:

    Andrew Bynum, Kevin Love — I’d like to pick up Love about 2 weeks before the H2H playoffs. Bynum…well, I’m holding off still.


    Byron Mullens
    Jimmy Butler
    Andray Blatche
    Patrick Patterson
    Courtney Lee
    Lance Stephenson
    Wilson Chandler
    Devin Harris
    Bismack Biyombo
    Reggie Evans

    I could use help in rebounds and blocks…so I’m leaning Aminu while he’s hot…with an eye on Bismack once we get to the H2H playoffs. (Bobcats play 4 games each of the three weeks. )

    As always, your advice is appreciated.


  7. Hey Hec,

    Should I drop any of:
    Jason Richardson
    Jimmy Butler
    Isaiah Thomas
    Devin Harris
    Amir Johnson
    Bradley Beal

    for any of:
    Matt Barnes
    Nate Robinson
    Nick Young
    Wilson Chandler
    Tayshaun Prince
    Alan Anderson
    Jared Sullinger
    Kosta Koufos

    My team is in shambles right now with Dwight iffy, Glen Davis out, J. Rich iffy, B. Beal iffy, etc.

    I’m probably not going to win my league (the 1st place’s team is ridiculous), but I’d like to make playoffs and have a shot at placing.


  8. Hey Hec!

    I am a Curry owner and I am getting sick of his injuries. Not sick enough to trade him but sick enough to want Jack as a handicap. Should I trade Deng for him? I think that might be too much to give up but I have a beastly team and the only other player I would be willing to trade for Jack is Dudley. What do you think?

  9. In H2H, how would you rank Bledsoe,Bayless,JimmyButler,Delfino,Harris,DannyGreen?

    They are all available in the wire. If you could only choose one, who should it be? Thanks idol Hec!

  10. @Boleros: Hola! Leaning Bledsoe, Harris, Butler, Delfino, Bayless. That’s kind of hoping CP3 is hurt a bit longer. If Bayless were to get dealt and start he’d shoot to first but I doubt that will happen.

  11. Hi hec!

    I’ve been offered Chris Bosh and Aaron Afflalo for my Brook Lopez.

    My team:
    Jarrett Jack, Monta Ellis, Deron Williams
    Paul George, Kyle Korver, Carlos Delfino
    Paul Pierce, Chandler Parsons
    Tristan Thompson, Amar’e Stoudemire, Kenneth Faried
    Brook Lopez, Roy Hibbert, Nikola Pekovic, Emeka Okafor

    His team:
    Mike Conley, Ricky Rubio, Ty Lawson, Jameer Nelson
    Vince Carter, Aaron Afflalo, Wesley Matthews
    Danilo Gallinari, Shawn Marion, Ersan Ilyasova
    Chris Bosh, Larry Sanders, Al Jefferson, Andre Drummond
    Andrew Bynum

    I’m currently in fourth, but catching up to first is not out of the question. (I had a bad start to the season; lately I’ve been going 7-2 and 8-1.) The person that’s requesting the trade is currently in second. What would you do in this situation?

    Thank you so much!

  12. I’m damn tempted by Vince Carter. The Vinsanity continues.

    Any of these guys on my roster you’d drop for him?

    Westbrook / Korver / Pierce / Duncan / Cousins

    Nash / Granger / Asik / Drummond / Pau / Hickson / Bogut / Pekovic

  13. i now have bledsoe, bogut, aminu at the end of my bench, should i drop any of them for granger or amir? thanks hec!

  14. @Katilyn: Hi! I think it’s fair. He’s clearly down on Afflalo but I’m not, he’s just hurt. That said, I wouldn’t deal for him unless I saw him fully healthy. Ask him to make it Wesley Matthews instead and you’ll make the deal now. Otherwise, I’d tell him you’re interested but reasonably need to wait to make sure Afflalo is healthy before deciding. Also, how will your blocks be without Lopez?

    @Francis: I don’t see anyone worth dropping there.

    @Vince: If you want to think long term over short term then losing Bledsoe for Granger makes some sense.

  15. @eastcoast85: It all depends on value you get back. Barring injury to his back or a trade that shakes up the team, I think he’ll continue to produce. Shop him though, doesn’t hurt to see what you can get.

  16. @lpeezy: Hard to say since I assume Atlanta would be getting some players back but Zaza over Ivan.

    @JackM: I would, he’ll be more consistent at the minimum.

  17. Hi Hecman,

    I feel like I’ve got to move Duncan. I just think he’s going to sit out a lot of games down the stretch or be out to nurse injuries.

    His last game was a big one, so I think now is the time to be ambitious with trade targets. Could you please rank these guys in order of who I should go after first?

    Aldridge, Dirk, Griffin, Randolph, Vucevic, Jefferson, Noah.

    Or should I just ride it out with Duncan?

    Thanks man.

  18. My team: (12team – H2H points ESPN league)

    PG: Irving, Lowry, Jennings, Lillard, Knight*, Ja.Crawford
    SG: Batum*, Afflalo*, Knight*, Korver*, Kawhi*, Ja.Crawford*
    SF: Batum*, Afflalo*, Korver*, Kawhi*
    PF: KG* Pau*
    C: Hibbert, Pau*, KG*

    * = playable in more than one position.

    Any advice on who to trade away? What to trade for? Would love to get a 2-for-1 deal, so i get a waiver spot. I’m also considering trading away Lillard or Lowry for an equal good PF – who to target?

    Thanks! :)

  19. @Francis: Any of those guys works for me. LA, Jefferson, Noah, Dirk, Griffin, Randolph. The first three in particular.

    @@ifctor: How do you say hi in Norwegian? Just wondering. What place are you in by the way? Team looks nice but I think you could afford to use a PF as you suggest. I’d go for a top 20 type F/C who gets blocks and gives you solid FG.Good luck!

  20. How long is Bayless going to get numbers like last night? When Prince shows up, will he keep them, or will those numbers go way down?What have you heard about Curry’s injury? I’m still playing Jack, but always looking for some thing better, like Bayless or Bogut.Thoughts? Who would you stash on the bench between A.Bynum and D.Rose?

  21. Hecman,

    I was offered the following trade, was wondering if you think it’s the right move: Carmelo Anthony for Paul George and Paul Millsap.

    Here’s my team

    Guards: Wall, Rubio, Parker, Curry, Redick
    Forwards: Kawhi Leonard, Singler, Lebron, Melo
    Centers: B Lopez, Hibbert and Bogut

    My idiot commissioner left Technicals as a stat, so Carmelo really hurts me there. Was thinking about cutting Singler loose if I make this deal too. Any thoughts would help. You’re the man, Hec.

    – Danny

  22. Haha! i’ll help you out. English/Norwegian – Hey = Hei – Hello = Hallo. Pretty similar really :)
    Believe it or not, i’m in 8th place out of 12, 4 teams to playoffs, but im only a win away from playoff-spot.

  23. You know any Norwegian athletes btw? You had a cyclingpost some time ago, so maybe you heard about Edvald Boasson Hagen and Thor Hushovd?

  24. @Billy Bob: If Conley is healthy you have to temper expectation on Bayless. Jack is easily the better player right now with or without Curry in the lineup. I’d go Rose over Bynum.

    @Danny: I’d go for it. You add depth and lose Singler who is basically useless. Love George.

  25. @@ifctor: Ok, ok, thanks for the language lesson! Yes, of course, I know those cyclists. Both are beasts. I’m not a fan of Team Sky though, lol. I love Hushovd. Boasson Hagen is a monster too. Both tremendous talents. Hopefully, Thor is over his illness and has a good year this year.

  26. You have great knowledge in cycling also i see!:) Really hope Thor can take the Paris-Roubaix before he retires. Its really the only thing he is missing in his collection.

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