Saturday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

By: John Fortney – Staff Writer (@jfort753)

I’ll take “Chicago Bulls” for $500 please…..Suck on it Trebek!

The Chicago Bulls are currently a mess with Joakim Noah, Kirk Hinrich, Carlos Boozer, and Derrick Rose all currently out, but the good news is that their replacements are very nice plays in the meantime…

Joakim Noah – Out indefinitely. The dreaded “Out indefinitely” label. While I hate the label, I don’t think it’s as bad as it sounds. The Bulls are resting Noah as a precaution to prevent a repeat of the last time he had this injury (Plantar Fasciitis), where he missed a few months.  I’m hoping we get back Noah in a week or so, maybe two. They won’t be pressed to rush him back though,  as they are sitting pretty for the playoffs and will want to have everyone healthy for the stretch run. In the meantime, Taj Gibson (19/19/2/3blk) is a great play and should start while Noah is out.

Carlos Boozer – Sounds like Boozer will return as soon as the next game on Monday so keep an eye on his status. Again, Taj Gibson is the play here to while Boozer is out. Even if he’s not starting, he should see 30+ minutes.

Kirk Hinrich – Ol’ Kirky is expected to return in a about a week, but until then, Nate Robinson (20/2/8/3stl) will be the man.

In other Bull news, Jimmy Butler (16/10/3stl) is playing very well right now and worth an add, but just remember it will be short term. I don’t think the minutes will be there once the team starts to regain health. Lastly, Nazr Mohammed was a DNP. Ignore.

PS – If you’re confused by the title, Google SNL, Jeopardy, Sean Connery. You’re welcome.

Here’s your best (and worst) of the rest…..

Amare Stoudemire – 21/6 on 10 for 10 shooting. Amare play well. Amare try stay healthy. Yeah, well see….

Ivan Johnson – 8/9 Useful in very deep leagues but will be useless once Zaza Pachulia returns.

Tyler Zeller – 7/8/1 in 24 minutes. Losing minutes to Marreese Speights (21/103/blk) but should keep the starting gig. I still like Zeller because of the blocks but wouldn’t blame you if you like Speights better. Especially for scoring.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 4/5/blk MKG took a hard fall and was taken off the court on a stretcher. A scary moment but it sounds like just a concussion. I expect him to miss at least a week. Bump up Byron Mullens (who is expected to return this week) and Tyrus Thomas.

Carlos Delfino – Left the game with a right elbow strain. Doesn’t sound too serious, so stay tuned.

Omer Asik – 19/15/1/1/2 If there ever was a time to sell high………

Eric Gordon – DNP Sounds like precautionary rest on a back to back. Should be back in the next one.

Dante Cunningham – 18/4/2stl Was red hot as the T-Wolves housed the Pelicans. Sell high candidate maybe?

Andrew Nicholson – 6 points, 4 fouls, 3 turnovers, in 10 minutes. Yuck. Still starting though and I’m blaming foul trouble and minutes for the awful stat line. Expect these duds once in a while, and hopefully not more.

Moe Harkless – 19/14/1/4/blk This came out of nowhere. I’m not rushing to grab him. He’s got to do this more than once a year.

Hedo Turkoglu – 2/1/1 in 5 minutes. The Magic are letting the young talent get most of the run. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hedo was moved at the trade deadline. I’m sure they could get a couple sticks of gum.

Tim Duncan – 8/5/2/blk Left the game after getting rolled up from behind and was diagnosed with a knee AND ankle sprain. Sounds like he avoided major injury. Phew…Hopefully you sold high! In the meantime, bump up Boris Diaw (9/6/2/stl) and Tiago Splitter (12/7/2/1/1).

John Wall – 21/5/9/stl in 36 minutes. Minutes are up and he is officially a full go.

Wes Mathews – DNP with the ankle sprain. Wes is surprisingly targeting Monday for a return. I would count on it though. Victor Claver (3/3/1) got the start but only 17 minutes. Ignore. Luke Babbit (8/5/blk) got most of the run off the bench, so deep leaguers could possibly stream him until Wes returns.

Stephen Curry – 29/2/8/2stl in 43 minutes. Returned in a big way and the ankle looks to be just fine. He’s a stud but will make you very nervous all year long. If you want to sell high, I support you.

Andrew Bogut – 11/7/2/3blk in 25 minutes. The Aussie is being slowly worked back in to minutes. Pray for health.

Michael Beasley – 24/5/2 in 33 minutes. Lindsey Hunter seems to like him as a scorer off the bench. Worth an add if you need some scoring, but I warn you, it could be a bumpy ride.

Fart of the night: Sacramento Kings who lost to the Knicks 120 – 81. The Kings were down by 49 points! at one point. Woof! Can someone show Keith Smart the door already?

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter@jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you next weekend!

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  1. Hey Hec,

    Check out my team, I am hanging around in 4th place in a 14 man league; What do I need?! I feel like my place is dropping quickly!


    Joe Johnson
    Brandon Jennings
    Brandon Knight
    Jeff Teague
    Ray Allen
    Martell Webster
    Rodney Stuckey


    Tim Duncan
    Zach Randolph
    Josh Smith
    Mareese Speights
    Roy Hibbert
    Luis Scola
    Lamar Odom
    Andrew Nicholson

    Who’s of trade value and what areas do I need to fill?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Who would you start Monday,February 4, from T.Gibson,Drummond,Okafor? Who would you keep long term from L.Sanders,A.Johnson,T.Gibson,Okafor,Drummond,after Monday?

  3. @TJA – Thanks, I love that deal for you.

    @marc – I would look to move Duncan when healthy for some guard help and eventually move/lose Webster, Knight, Allen and Stuckey.

    @Rob – No, not with the recent injury and the fact that Duncan will sit out games down the stretch.

  4. @rob – um definitely.

    @Chuckles00 – Taj, then Drummond, then Okafor. I rank them Sanders, Drummond, Okafor, Johnson, Taj.

  5. Hey Hec/John,

    The Lowry owner was no longer interested in trading him after that trade. Can’t say I blame him, hehehe.

    Is Jennings for Parker a fair deal? Need the bump in AST and FG.


  6. What do you think of Dwight?

    Do I try to sell him? My whole team is built around him and Josh Smith’s horrible FT%. If I should sell, what kind of value do you think he would get? (h2h 9cat 12team)


  7. Hi John,

    Here’s my roster.

    Westbrook / Kover / Pierce / Duncan / Cousins

    Nash / Granger / Asik / Drummond / Pau / Hickson / Bogut / Pekovic

    I’m pretty happy with it, but I’m tempted by the following free agents in my 10-team, H2H weekly points league:

    Speights, Taj Gibson.

    I’m planning to trade Duncan to avoid his health risk. I think I could get Al Jefferson for him.

    Do you think I should add one of Speights or Taj, and if so who should I drop?

  8. Start Rubio vs Portland, or IT2 at Utah.

    Other point guards are Lillard (at Minnesota), Westbrook (vs Dallas), and Jrue (vs Orlando). Good problem to have.

    Word to your mother
    Ice, ice baby
    Too cold, too cold
    Hey Zeus

  9. Should I add any of these players for the week?

    Nate Robinson

    Would you drop any of these players for them?

    R Lopez
    Isaiah Thomas

    Clark and Bayless do play 4 games this week vs only 3 games for the Chicago guys, but will Bayless still be in the starting lineup? And all of the Lakers’ games are on the road

  10. “I’ll take the penis mightier for $500″

    What can I expect from Ed Davis? He’s got a 4 game week or do I go with Korver despite only 3 games? h2h pts,reb,ast, stl,blk


  11. Hey JFort, Hec,

    my current team is: IS2, Bledsoe, Calderone, Tyreke, Zach, Melo, Nate, Gortat, Jack, Bogut, Rubio, Drummond, Tristan Thompson, KLove, Rose. I currently moved froim 7th or 8th to 4th. Thanks for your advice Hec, Anyway, been streaming Amir, and currently looking at streaming these players this week: Young, Prince, Taj, Speights, Clark, Bayless, Shved. Any of them worth keeping, who? And who would you play this week?



  12. Hey guys, would like to know your input and expectations on the UTAH situation with Millsap, Big Al, and Favors.

    Cuz someone offered me Tristan Thompson, Favors and Hayward for Big Al


  13. @FG7: 3 for 1’s in fantasy basketball usually aren’t great unless you’re super desperate for depth. Hawyard is also hurt right now so I’m leaning holding Big Al.

  14. @RevClyburn: Lots of nice options, I don’t know the number of games each plays so I’d need that info. Happy to see you’re moving up!

  15. @Francis: Yes, on the Duncan trade. I don’t see anyone worth losing for Speights/Taj right now. Make a 2 for 1 to get Al then add Speights if possible.

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