Pau! Right in the Gas-hole!

We’ve been down this road before with Pau Gasol and it just doesn’t appear to be in the cards this season for him and his owners. Last night disaster struck again in the form of plantar fasciitis, don’t try to pronounce it at home. What is plantar fasciitis? In short, your foot hurts when you have it, that’s all I know. As many of you astute fantasy owners also know by now, Pau may have torn the plantar in the fasciitis which means he could be out up to a month or even more. If he’s out for a month I’d lose him in shallow leagues, it’s just time to cut bait on him. Don’t even give him a kiss, just dunk his head into the water really hard and hold it down while he flops around until he lay still. That’ll be best for all! Oh, I’m so mean! Anyway, yes, the usuals, Antawn Jamison is most available out there so go grab him quick. Earl Clark should be owned everywhere by now but if he’s not then go do the needful. No, I’m not Indian but I eat Indian food! Metta World Peace should continue to do what he do when he’s not punching people in the head so that’s good news for you MWP owners and Mike D’Antoni should continue to look like an idiot with that moustache of his so, you know, the more things change the more they stay the same. It was kind of a slow night in fantasy basketball with only 5 games, here’s what else I saw:

Kyle Korver -10/1/8/with a steal, block and 2 threes. If 8 dimes, a block, two threes, a steal and low double digit points constitutes a bad game from Kyle these days you’re in pretty good shape! Little known fact, I had him and a bunch of others playing very well in my pre-season Sleepers post. Go check it out, it’s old skoooool by now.

Paul George – 29/5/4 with a steal and 5 threes. Playing out of his mind, y’all! People ask me all the time if Paul will lose value when Danny Granger comes back and my answer is naw. Yes, I say naw, not no. No is sooo boring. I’d trade David West high though!

Lance Stephenson – 14/6/3 with a block and 2 threes. I usually ignore Lance for fantasy but he’s been doing what he do lately, which is better than what he do (did!) the first couple months of the season! It’s called improvement! Don’t get too excited though, said Danny Granger.

Gerald Wallace – 9/3/4 with 3 steals and a three. Everyone hates Gerald! Everyone loves Raymond! Who is Raymond? It’s not Raymond Allen!! That much I know. As I mentioned last week, when evaluating Gerald’s value, look at him the same way you look at a guy like Kawhi Leonard. They are practically fantasy twins separated at birth these days! So what that means is if a guy like Kawhi is floating out there in your shallow league wire and you want to drop Gerald for a hot free agent who may not ultimately pan out, you can always fall back on the lesser name that Kawhi brings and get essentially the same stats. We straight, Skippy? That’s your new name.

Jared Dudley – 0/3/2 in 17 minutes. Here’s what I told you last Friday when I had Jared on the wrong side of my Add/Drop post:  Jared Dudley – 69% – More of a continued monitor situation. As I’ve mentioned, I think his best fantasy run is behind him. That huge run led to his ownership skyrocketing. No reason to launch yet but keep an eye on it anyway. I swear I don’t make these predictions, it’s my Magic 8 Ball, he sees into the future. He knows everything! I got him on eBay. Keep an eye on Jared over the next few games. Downward trending, y’all! But you already knew that.

Kendall Marshall -11/0/4 with 3 threes in 33 minutes. Hurry and grab him in standard and deep leagues. Better hurry now, hurry along.

Jerryd Bayless – 29/2/2 with a steal and 3 threes in 29 minutes. Jerryd sat at the top of the Bay(less) last night. Did you grab him?

Tayshaun Prince – 11/6/4 with 3 steals. Immediately stepped in and played 37 minutes which kind of made Bayless’s explosion all the more surprising. Tay should just be Tay. Let him be Tay! That’s who he is. Same Tay, different jersey. Or is it uniform?

Harrison Barnes – 7/1/0 in 17 minutes. He really just isn’t good enough, really. He isn’t. Not at this point in his career anyway. Sigh. You can lose him for a hot free agent if you’d like. Try to win!

James Harden – If I told you before the game the Rockets would drop 140 last night, what would you have put the over/under on points for Jimmy Beard? Whatever it is, you lost!

Sam Dalembert – 35/12/2 with a block. Feel free to call him Dalembear if you want to speak French and impress your girlfriend. Hey, Kosta Koufos, look, they are selling souvlaki in the first row! Swish. Hey, Kosta Koufos, they are doing ouzo shots in the cheap seats! Layup. Hey, Kosta Koufos, look, an Olympic flag is hanging in the rafters! Dunk! I had Sam in my Add/Drop post last Friday and sometime last week had a projection of around 5 or 6 boards with a block or two in 20ish minutes but this is ridiculous! I’m still sticking to my original forecast with him now clearly in the rotation but go ahead and grab him and hope for more. Just don’t hold your breath. You’ll probably turn blue!

Larry Sanders – 12/7/1 with 5 blocks before exiting stage left with a hip injury. He’s traveling with the team though so it looks like he be aaaiight. Just a bruise! Be ready with another option tonight though. I wouldn’t count on him. Stream Sam!

Monta Ellis – 12/6/6 with a steal and three blocks on 6-21 FG and 0-5 from deep. Now shooting an even more putrid .397 FG. If you own him and your FG is in the tank, now you know why. Either dump FG or dump Monta on someone. Those are your two choices. Tough love!

Andre Iguodala – 8/5/5 with 4 steals and 2 blocks. He’s not scoring a lot of points but he’s definitely better a helluva lot better than me!, said Gerald Wallace.

Hey, ever play daily fantasy basketball? OMG, OMG, if you haven’t you have to give it a shot! It really is the best, you’re going to love it! Today, boys and girls, I’m going to give you a shot to play me heads up for free and win $5, it’s a great and cheap way to introduce yourself to playing daily fantasy sports. But nothing is free, hecman! Yes, yes, this is 100% absolutely free, internet friend! All you have to do is click on this blue link here and register then pick a team to play me at DraftDay. Registering and picking a team takes about 5 minutes. 5 minutes to win $5 bucks! That’s like $60 bucks an hour! Or something like that. Anyway, I have thrown the imaginary gauntlet down, internet friend! Are you up for the challenge? Can you take me out and take home $5 big ones? Maybe, maybe not, but you’ll have fun trying! Give it a shot. Oh, and by the way, if you already play at DraftDay, you can still play me and win $5 beans. It’s not just for newbies! Let’s get it on. Oh, and if you get addicted to playing daily fantasy sports, we have a support group for you. It’s called the Comments.

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  1. Hi Hecman,
    I’m going crazy trying to set my lineups for tonight. your input would be greatly appreciated.

    in my 10 team H2H league (7 cats, no percentages or TOs), if you had to sit one player from the list below who would you choose?

    in my 14 team roto league (9 cats), if you had to sit two players from the list below who would you choose?

    thanks so much!

  2. Hey hec,

    informative article as usual. A couple of questions for my 18-manager, H2H league:

    1) Kyle Korver or Boozer (trade), who’s better for the remainder of the season?
    2) Kendall Marshall, Alec Burks, Jae Crowder, Jermaine O’Neal, Garrett Temple, Darrell Arthur, Josh McRoberts, Jeff Adrien, or DeShawn Stevenson (FA), which has the most value remaining for THIS WEEK and which has the most value for the remainder of the season?

  3. Know this came up yesterday, but Thaddeus Young has done work for me. Trying really hard to convince myself to drop him, since both he and CP3 are pretty much out indefinitely, even though I love him on my team. He good enough to stash, or should I drop him for the likes B. Mullens (as your boy Jeff would probably suggest), A. Jamison, or others?

  4. @Adrian: Leaning sit Favors. Moore and Splitter in the other.

    @Thad: If you need to win now then I’d lose him for Mullens.

    @Steve: Thanks! Leaning Marshall for both this week and ROS. Korver or Boozer really depends on need. Korver if you need 3s for sure.

  5. sorry, one last question for you. which tandem do you like better for a daily fantasy contest(for today)?


    thanks again

  6. Hey Hec, working on a few trades involving draft picks. How do you usually value them?

    I guess a first/third is probably worth more than two second rounders, etc. But there seems to be a big drop off in talent after the 3rd/4th rounds, and a few of the middle rounds where the talent level is roughly the same for a few rounds. So trading up from the 4th round, to the third, would probably be a bigger gain than trading up from a 5th to a 4th rounder.

    Do you have any strategies when it comes to trading draft picks?

  7. Yo Hec,

    Drop which/any of these for Kendall Hunter in a 20 team league?

    E’Twaun Moore, Jordan Crawford, Matt Barnes, Reggie Evans (love them boards tho!)

    I also own Dudley… is Marshall’s value moving forward at Dudley’s expense? I know he got benched last night…

    as always, thanks for the help and great reading material.

  8. @morskie1: Thanks for the kind words! I’d probably lose Evans for Hunter. I do think Dudley’s value takes a bit of a hit but keep riding him in that league and hope for the best.

  9. Glad to see the live chat is happening tonight. So, I am a lucky owner of Pau (after I trade Iggy for him a month ago…barf)and I am trying to figure out what I should do until he is back in 4-6 weeks. Is Sammy D worth a pickup? I could drop Ro Lo, but I feel like he is still more valuable. I picked up Clark a couple weeks ago, so I am happy about that. I feel like his trade value is pretty low, but I may throw out a few feelers based on his name. Would you trade him for a top 75-80 player at this point?

  10. @FG7: I’d give him same value. He’s a beast. Tiago would be droppable though.

    @Colin: If you can move Pau for anything top 75 or 80, I’d go for it. Nice grab on Earl. I’d hold RoLo, monitor Sammy D.

  11. no, you got it I meant trading Pau for something in that range. So you would trade him for Greveis, Hickson, Hibbert, Gortat, Faried? Thanks. Look forward to the chat

  12. @morskie1: Ha, yes. I actually didn’t even think about it either sadly. hahe.

    @Colin: Definitely I’d do any of those guys. See you tonight!

  13. @aaa: Wait for news on Pau before deciding but I might consider losing both if Pau is out.

    @trini: Leaning hold for now but revisit in a few days for Beal and JRich update.

  14. Earl Clark,L.Sanders,Dalembert,Drummond,Okafor,Granger, your top 2 for rest of my season. Nate Robinson, Dudley, Korver, Jack, best SG for ROS. Thanks!

  15. Awesome work as usual Hec,

    I dropped Elton brand for clark this morning. Should I drop Michael Beasely for Nick Young or Bayless? Really not confident with Beasely’s inconstancy, I could try to deal him out in a 2-1 deal, but it might take a while for a trade to fall through.

  16. Drop Dunleavy for a PF/C (Biyombo/Mullens really only options that stand out) to plug in or roll with this until I find a trade or Bledsoe loses play time?

    FT%,TO,BLK,STL can move up reasonably easy and Ast move down quickly.

    PG – Irving SG – Bledsoe G – Conley
    SF – Dunleavy PF – Melo F – Iggy
    C – Asik C – Monroe
    UTIL – Jordan UTIL – Hawes
    BN – Dudley BN – Howard BN – Pau

    Looking at standings, this is an owner that stands out as a potential trade partner.
    He needs 3s, REB,STL
    Teague,Deng, and really any big stand out as targets from my end
    What sort of offer do you like sending out?

    Lillard Allen Teague
    Evans Ibaka Deng
    Favors Chandler
    Pekovic Harden
    Nash Scola Miller

  17. Anything stand out for offering the other owner since I am not a team built with trade chips, and i have a lot of needs?

  18. @Lewbjob: Hard to say, feel him out, even a minor deal like Scola for Pau could help you at this point. I refer you to my trade strategy post from October, check it out for strategy ideas. Then feel free to get back to me. We’ll come up with something!

  19. Pau was drawing 0 interest when healthy, let alone now.Only offer i saw all season for Pau was for DeRozan. Howard also drawn 0 interest.

  20. @LewbJob: I know, I know. Sigh. You’ll need to make a move for a big man or hope Howard recovers fast but I’d try to move him at a discount at this point.

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