Ray Allen you old. Marcus Thornton you pregnant. Nick Young, you can enter!

Last week in this here very same weekly Add/Drop series, here’s what I told you: Nick Young – 25% – I like him, I think you should grab him. At least until Jason Richardson comes back whenever that’ll be! The man is now 36% owned in Yahoo! leagues. Me thinks for a guy averaging 35.5 mpg/15 ppg/4.4 rpg/2 apg/1.4 3pm/1.6 spg over his last 5 he should NOT be just 36% owned. Hell, Ray Allen is 76% owned! Marcus Thornton is 77% owned! Hint, hint Allen and Thornton owners. I’m subtle like that. Yep, you’ll get some bad FG out of Nick but you have to take the good with the bad, those are the Facts of Life!, said Tootie. Anyway, most (all!) of these players you’ve read about here before. This Add/Drop post is simply a nice tidy weekend summary for you to peruse when thinking about who to grab, who to drop, who to trade, (inhale), who to hold and who to trade for! (exhale). As usual, ownership in your league is dependent on the size and culture of same (legalese, y’all!). This is a list of players who (whom!) I feel are underowned and trending up (insert happy face emoticon here) and who I feel are overowned and trending down (insert sad face emoticon here). Hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday! Let’s get to it, shall we? Please note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!


Ricky Rubio – 71% – Over his last 5 he’s at 10.2/3.2/8.6 with 1.8 spg and should only get better. Raise your hand if you dropped him. Ok, put your hand down. Now raise your hand if you read at hecmanhoops that you should drop him. I don’t see anyone raising their hand.

Isaiah Thomas – 61% – Averaging 32.6 pmg over his last 5. The nice stats are also there but I’m too lazy to type them. Hey, I do enough for you! Click the link but come back and finish the post if you do!

Amir Johnson – 54% – Still getting nice burn, no reason to expect it to stop.

Nate Robinson – 49% – Short shelf life but while not expired tastes oh, so good.

Earl Clark – 43% – Averaging 36.6 mpg over his last 5 and almost a double-double to boot! Or is it sneaker?

Brandon Bass – 42% – I said trending up, not necessarily good!

Sam Dalembert – 41% – Don’t be misled by his silly week this week. He’s also here because he’s trending up, not necessarily a must grab.

Wilson Chandler – 38% – Still not loving his minutes so temper expectations. Hard to be consistently productive with only 21.5 mpg. That’s what he’s averaging over his last 5.

Byron Mullens – 37% – Good on ya, mate, if you grabbed him. You still can! No, he’s not Australian! He’s actually American.

Avery Bradley – 37% – Getting starters’ type minutes or close to it. Can it translate into fantasy value? Meh, maybe. Maybe not!

Antawn Jamison – 31% – Trending up with Pau Gasol sidelined. His day to day production really depends on what side of the bed Mike D’Antoni wakes up on though. Imagine waking up next to that moustache every morning? Ewwwww.

Courtney Lee – 29% – See Avery Bradley an inch or two up depending on your screen. I think he can do better than what he’s done. Let’s see.

Jerryd Bayless – 29% – He’s very much in the rotation, just don’t expect his big run to continue. You may get dizzy!

Taj Gibson – 28% – More of a stash through the trade deadline type guy.

Al Harrington – 26% – If he’s healthy I could see him doing stuff to help you in the 2nd half. Who doesn’t like a guy who could help you?

Patrick Patterson – 25% – Averaging 28.6 mpg over his last 5 and seems to have finally fended off Marcus Morris for the majority of playing time. He aaaigght.

Jimmy Butler – 25% – Continue to ride until Derrick Rose comes back. Or move him now. He’ll definitely regress when it gets a bit more crowded. In Dynasty leagues, he’s interesting though.

Marreese Speights -24% – Averaging around 26 mpg over his last 5 along with 15.6/7.6 and a block per. I really, really think you could use that, said Chris Kaman.

Al-Farouq Aminu – 20% – Only averaging 22.6 mpg over his last 5 so I wouldn’t say he’s trending up.

Martell Webster – 19% – A very, very sneaky fantasy play. Keep making fun of the owner who has him. Go ahead. Swish.

Jeff Green – 18% – Averaging 14/3.2/2 with around a three and a block in 26 mpg over his last 5. If that floats your boat then float away! It looks good enough to stay afloat.

Kyle Singler – 13% – Averaging 10.5/5/1.2 with around a steal, block and a three in 33 mpg over his last 5. He’s getting burn, y’all! He may continue to get burn for the “ROS” as we like to say on Twitter. Abbreviations!

Marvin Williams – 11% – When choosing between Marvin and Kyle Singler, I’ll take Kyle and, no, it’s not because I’m white!

Lance Stephenson – 9% – Been playing well lately but should regress when Danny Granger comes back so if you want him you better hurry and grab him. Quick!

Jonas Valancuinas – 8% – Just a stash and pray right now. Nothing more than that. Start praying for Jonas. He needs all the prayers he can get!

Lamar Odom – 7% – Makes for a nice play while Blake Griffin is out. He stole the ball 6 times the other night. It was completely legal!

E’Twaun Moore – 7% – More of a stash through the deadline type recommendation. If J.J. Redick is launched he could end up with some nice combo minutes. Doesn’t hurt anyway to see if you have the room.

Leandro Barbosa – 4% – Probably should be owned in more than 4% of Yahoo! leagues. He’s not all that but he’s worth more than 4% owned!

Enes Kanter – 2% –  I had him in my Add/Drop last week. You see what he did the other night? Stash him in case Utah makes a deal! I’m talking to you! No, not you, the other guy. Ok, both of you.


Not all the players on this list are not all outright drops, more like they are downward trending so I just recommend you monitor them and keep an eye out for the hot free agents just in case. We straight, Skippy? That’s your new name.

Marcus Thornton – 77% – Like Ray Allen a name goes a long way, much further then it’ll get you in the standings though. Sigh.

Brandon Knight – 76% – The ownership percentages indicates he’s owned in a bunch of shallow leagues. Monitor and possibly lose for a hot free agent if Will Bynum and Rodney Stuckey cramp his style.

Ray Allen – 76% – Question for you: What’s the difference between Ray Allen and Randy Foye? … About 30%!

Jason Kidd – 54% – Been there done that, just reminding you.

Kris Humphries - 50% – I’m not really sure if Yahoo’s! ownership percentages are right. I mean they can’t be. Right?!They are! Why!!!!! No question mark needed!

Chris Kaman – 46% – Concussed! He doesn’t know where he is. He’s lost! You lose him too if you’d like.

Jason Richardson – 36% – He’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone.

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  1. Hey guys! Dead last in TO’s in a 12 9 cat roto league. Wondering if I should make some moves to attempt to salvage that cat, or just ride it out (since it will be hard to find low TO guys that are equally as productive in other cats).

    Currently in 2nd place, with way less games played then the 1st place team, so I might be ok if I punt it. If I do punt it, should I try to move my low TO guys like K.Leonard, Splitter, etc?

    My roster is:

    PG-Irving, Holiday, Lowry, Teague
    SG/SF-P.George, Kirilinko, Manu, K.leonard
    PF/C-L.Aldrige, Pek, Faried, Drummond, Splitter


  2. @Drez1: I’d just punt TOV and concentrate on making up the games. No reason to move Kawhi just because he’s good in TOV unless you can get solid or overvalue for him. He does other things that help.

    @RZA: I’d go Gasol, I do think he’ll improve without Gay there.

  3. [continuation of below post..]
    Weekly we have to fill 32 games.
    And in the playoffs will be 64 (2 weeks long)

    These are my main guys to fill the game limit.
    Al Jefferson
    Josh Smith
    JJ Hickson
    Kemba W.
    Jared Dudley
    Emeka Okafor

    I know I have lot of studs but I drafted Vazquez, Tad Young, Asik, Brandon Jennings, Lin, Favors, Rose in late rounds and flipped them for LBJ, Deron, Al, and Kyrie. So lost a lot of depth in mostly 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 deals.

    If I had one more option, would be perfect. Cuz right now either Okafor or Dudley are gonna be a keeper.

    So I am shopping Hickson, Kemba, and Al.

    The first proposed deal was the Turner/Favors for Kemba, which can include Dragic if I send my JJ Hickson.

    Dwight Howard owner is kind of wanting to trade him low… He wants Al or Kemba, still awaiting his proposal.

  4. Have a lead of .0006 in FG%,7 BLK away from moving up, 10 reb away from moving up.However, I am 13 TO away from getting out of the cellar, and .007 behind in FT% which Dwight kills. Start/Sit Dwight tonight vs CHA and Sunday vs Miami?

    Roster after major trade goes through on Monday

    PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Igudola PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Hawes Util – Jordan
    BN – Mullens BN – Dudley BN – Kirilenko

    Can move up easily in BLK,REB,STL,TO, Can move down easily in FG% and AST.FT% is .716(me) and next closest is .723.


    Are some names available on WW.Any stick out as drop/pickups?

  5. @FG7: Does he have anyone else he can move besides Favors if you included JJ? Favors is so spec right now. I like that deal a lot for you if Utah makes a move otherwise I’m not sure it really gets you anywhere.

  6. What about the Dwight return from injury and affects of it being a back to back and then 3 games in 4 days come sunday?Why risk FT and TO even more if he isn’t healthy.

  7. Would you do this trade I get Teague Give up afflalo and Gortat.

    Current Roster
    Amir Johnson
    Roy Hibbert
    Robin Lopez
    Wilson Chandler

    He offered me originally Kirilenko and Gortat for Teague.


  8. In a trade mood still. I have Hibbert and George Hill – and i’m going to trade away Hill.

    1. Would you trade away George Hill for John Wall?
    2. Would you trade away George Hill for Iggy?
    3. Would you trade away George Hill and Knight for Conley and W.Matthews?
    * H2H POINTS

    Which of the trades should i go for? Or should i hold Hill?

  9. Hey Hec!

    If you were in first place and had a playoff spot locked up would you trade Dwight for Earl Clark?

    Just have a feeling Dwight will be shut down or aggravate his shoulder again. Thoughts?

  10. Still struggling with who to play again today. Amir Johnson has been playing really well and seems to get more steals and blocks than zbo. But would you still play zbo over Amir every time?

  11. What you think about trading Anderson and Al J for M.Gasol and Vucevic? I’m a little bit concerned about the rumor saying that Big Al is going to spurs.

  12. @Lewb: Your call. I’m cool with however you want to play it, you just gave me the impression you needed him to also help FG/R/Blocks and that’s more cats than the one he can hurt you in.

    @Nick: I usually just default to the best guy and stick with him for better or worse unless the history of matchups show otherwise.

    @Gonz: I’d see if I could do a little better by moving Dwight before considering that.

    @Jon: I think you’re giving up too much there for Teague.

    @Ifctor: Yes, on all of them.

    @Jarvis Varnado: That’s my favorite line from the movie. Here’s a funny, funny out take from the film if you loved Knocked up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FdJlKc4W68 warning it has profanity.

  13. Roster after trade goes through

    PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Igudola PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Hawes Util – Jordan
    BN – Mullens BN – Dudley BN – Kirilenko

    Drop Hawes for Foye to get the 3pt shooter that is seemingly lacking who can get some APG, and low TO I need? Or ignore the FT/FG% hit of late and keep Hawes for his blocks and try and get someone for Iggy or DeRozan who fits that decsription?

    Or would you have to see how close i am in categories to better advise me?

  14. @Ifctor: If you could move Knight, I’d probably go for the 2 for 2. Iggy or Wall depends on what fits best for your team. Both are upgrades on Hill.

    @Lewb: I’d probably hold Hawes. If you’re looking for threes, depending on what you can get, I might try to move DeRozan for a SG who hits threes so as not to upset the balance of the rest of your team.

  15. Please throw Marc Gasol in that bunch as well. Want to replace my Drummond with a Solid big and pick up a replacement for Galo. Plus Denver has bad schedule coming up as well.

  16. @Crystal: Al, Gasol, ZBO, Hibbs, JJ. Try for Gasol, if possible.

    @Lewb: Target teams not specific players. Check out my trade analysis post from back in October under Draft Guide tab for ideas.

    @decaf: For now, let’s see how it shakes out. Sigh.

  17. @MBunch: Lowry has more fantasy upside. Leaning Ilyasova over Amir. Not knowing how fast Rose will come along once he’s back I’d take Lowry and Rubio to be safe.

  18. drop drummond for singler ??? my only guards are vasquez,felton,ellis and bledsoe … Do you think kyle will be more valuable that drummond went down? maybe used in a lil diff way and get more min. as well. Or do you think someone else on that team will step up. Thx for the help btw…couple weeks ago Rhondo now Drummond what did I do to deserve this : )

  19. Hey fellas,

    Just interested in comparing my fantasy rosters to some of the others floating around out there. Currently first in my H2H league, I ended up dropping Marcus Thornton and Gerald Wallace this week for Earl Clark and Byron Mullens.

    (Additional positions included in brackets)
    PG: Chris Paul, Mike Conley, Damian Lillard, Raymond Felton (SG)
    SG: Kevin Martin, Kyle Korver (SF)
    SF: Kevin Durant, Nicholas Batum (SG), Earl Clark (PF)
    PF: Larry Sanders (C), Byron Mullens (C)
    C: Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka (PF)

    Best of luck to all with regard to the remainder of the fantasy season!

  20. Hey Hec!

    Should I offer Ryan Anderson for either Joe Johnson or Evan Turner? I am #1 in 3s and I need a SG. What do you think?

  21. Hi Hec,

    Would you drop Scola for Mullens? I had Mullens before but he had brutal fg%. Scola is so inconsistent, but theres times when he gets really good stats and his stats are actually better in many cats. What do you think?

  22. would giving up monta ellis and george hill for al jefferson be too much? I’m trying to improve my fg percentage and boosts rebounds and blocks. 9 cat. 14 team h2h.

  23. @lakeshow: Al is clearly the best player but I’d try to get back a lesser 2nd guy in a 2 for 2, if possible. If you have a deep wire and want to overpay then ok since the wire guy replaces the 2nd guy you’d be looking to get back in the trade.

    @bear: If Beal is healthy I definitely prefer him.

    @kicks: Webster looks pretty locked in so sure.

    @BeardnBrown: Yes, love Durantula.

    @punchie: Sure.

    @Ipeezy: Don’t know, don’t know, sigh. Hopefully, he’ll get his minutes up. I’d stay patient.

    @Bill: If you can carry the poor FG then sure. Otherwise, hold.

    @Phanna: I’d try for a little plus there, Anderson has more value than both of them straight up. I like the idea though since you’re first in 3s.

    @alister: Yes!

    @JRyan: Nice team! Cheers to your continued success!

    @TommyG: Bad luck on Andre and Rajon. Yes, make the move for Singler at this point.

    @Crystal: Sure, go for it.

  24. Amir Johnson, 3 double-doubles out of the last 4 games. It seems the trade really benefited Amir. Ersan has fell back to pre-hot streak fantasy numbers. It only makes sense to grab Johnson and drop Ilyasova, right? I’m losing a minimum of 10 fantasy points a night there.

  25. @BubbaGump22: I’m cool with that. Amir just keeps getting it done. The only risk is if a big forward like Boozer gets dealt there combined with JV now healthy could result in less touches for Amir but, sure, go for it.

  26. Hey Hec, lost Drummond so I need some wire help. Pick 2 out of Taj, Dalembert, JV, and Andrew Nicholson (desperate for blocks). Thanks mang!

  27. I was offered Klay Thompson for my Igudola

    PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Igudola PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Hawes Util – Jordan
    BN – Mullens BN – Dudley BN – Kirilenko

    TO,BLK,AST,FG% can move up reasonably easily
    FT% is .717(me) to .724
    RPG I am 20 above and 43 below
    STL I am 5 above and 6 below

    Do you like taking it due to the increase in FT% and better TOpg and i get another 3pt shooter my team is lacking a bit? Or no because of hits to other categories, which closer to deadline may force 1 or 2 more moves for potentially both a REB/BLK/FG% type big and a low TO ast/stl guy? As I’m hearing AK may not be back until after ASB as well.

  28. Hi Hec

    Guy in the league looking to move Lebron. Hes looking for 3 players. His C are Hibbert and Robin Lopez.

    I was thinking of offering him Noah, Gay and Waiters for Lebron. I also have Bosh who I can offer instead of Noah but worried about Noah foot issue.

    Wanted your thoughts if this was too much or shoud make the offer. Also who would you deal Noah or Bosh? 8 cat roto

  29. Hey Hec! Looking to drop Matt Barnes or Kyle Singler to get (1) blocks and (2) rebounds. Who would you drop and pick up between Taj, JV, Biyombo and Zeller, and Nicholson? Thanks!

  30. @Teen Wolf: JV and Nicholson right now and hope for the best!

    @TG26: With the foot issue there I’d lean toward moving Noah. I’d go for it if you have the depth or a deep wire otherwise I’d try for a lesser 2nd player back with Lebron who can possibly contribute something.

    @Drez1: JV and Nicholson.

    @Lewb: I like Iggy’s game so leaning hold.

  31. Klay has better FT%,3PTM,PPG,TOPG
    Iggy has better FG%,RPG,APG,SPG

    TO,BLK,AST,FG% can move up easily
    FT% is .717 to .724
    RPG I am 20 above and 43 below
    STL I am 5 above and 6 below

    I am 12th in FT%/TO but have dumped some killers there.If I move Iggy should be in decent shape.Also don’t have a true 3 pt shooter beyond Mullens.

    Is it just the AST/STL drop off or am i missing something here?

  32. @Lewjob: The FG is a much bigger hit then you think. Klay averages over 14 FGA per game at under .420. You’ll have to forget gaining there with Klay and could possibly lose some points so factor that in when calculating your overall gains. Your call though. Good luck however you play it!

  33. My team is first or third in practically everything except for rebounds and fg% (bottom 4 in those categories), mainly because john wall, kyle lowry, and byron mullens dont have the best fg% (and Metta was destroying my FG% before I dropped his ass).
    btw heres my team

    Ty Lawson, Kyle Lowry, John Wall
    James Harden, Nicholas Batum, Kevin Durant, Danny Granger
    Al Jefferson, Marc Gasol, Earl Clark, Byron Mullens, Larry Sanders, Andrew Bynum

    I just dropped AK47 for Earl Clark but now im deciding whether I should drop Mullins for Amir Johnson.

    I know Bynum will help in those categories when he returns and would make Amir Johnson expendable, but amirs just too good to still be on the wire.

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